Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things to Do Early 2012.. A must!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas with your family just like me. 2012 is coming in 2 more days and I’m listing down things that I need/ must do in 2012.

1. Go to my dentist. I think I will try the services of my highschool classmate who is a dentist.
2. Anti-cervical cancer injection. I’ve been meaning to have this but been putting off so I badly need this.
3. Hopefully have another stomach check up. My constipation is not going away eventhough I eat papaya almost everyday. I guess I need to increase my fruits and leafy veggies intake as well.
4. Start my Project 365- Photo-a-Day project. It means I need to take photos each day.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas all!


3 more days and it’s Christmas already. May you all have the best Christmas ever together with your families and friends. Even if you don’t have lots of food on the table to share on Christmas  or you don’t have new clothes what matters most is that you’ll spend this special day with your loved ones. Be happy everyone.

Some of our countrymen will have a sad Christmas because of the Sendong tragedy but I’ll pray for them.

Last Shopping Day

I just love Christmas shopping. Seeing all the shoppers at the mall buying gifts for themselves, godchildren and their loved ones makes me more excited as well. I was at the mall yesterday to buy a gift for my niece and I easily found what I think she wanted. She loves makeup and looking for the best eyelash growth product at the beauty section of the mall is quite tiring for there are lots of customers. I didn’t buy her makeup though but I got her something else. I will not tell what I bought because I think she's reading my blog from time to time. I’m pretty sure she will use it all the time. But since she is on vacation overseas she’ll be able to open her gifts on January already.

I guess some of you are not yet finished on shopping and wrapping all your gifts so better hurry up. Don’t forget to hang the Christmas stockings of your kids too so that Santa will stop by and leave his presents hehe..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sad News

I was shocked to read at my Facebook news that my uncle in the US passed away today. He’s been suffering for a long time and his diabetes is the culprit for the numerous complications that he had. It was so sad because Christmas is just 5 more days and his close relatives will be mourning.

He’ll be laid to rest in the US this December 24th. I just pray that uncle will rest in peace now. No more pain and suffering for him. We’ll miss him and eventhough we’ll not be physically present in his wake and burial, our deepest condolences goes to her immediate family.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Movie and Shopping Date


We’ve been meaning to watch Breaking Dawn since it opened on November 18th but with the university schedules of my nieces, it was only last Dec. 7th that we had he chance to watch it. We watched at Robinson’s Galleria theater and I think only 20 people watch it that time hehe.

Eventhough we’re a bit late watching it we still had fun. We love the movie and my nieces even got excited while watching. After movie, we did some shopping. I had a good time bonding with them as I feel young when I’m around them.

Christmas Shopping All Done

Yey, my Christmas shopping is all done today and all I need to do is to wrap all of them tomorrow or the next day. Actually, I have some hard time thinking what gift to give to some people but thankfully after strolling the malls for many days and looking for ideas, I was able to buy the perfect gift. Since my older bro already stopped smoking this year, so that means he will not receive perdomo cigars that his friends normally give each year.

Anyway, my 8 yr. old niece was so excited for Christmas to arrive already. She asked me how many more sleeps before she receive and open her gifts. She also made a letter for Santa and her long list of request was replace with a short one when I told her that she has too many requests hehe.

I hope you finished your Christmas shopping as well.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Shopping


Took my mom, SIL and her daughter for a shopping last weekend and thankfully there’s not much people yet buying. I bet the store will be full by mid December esp. when they already have their Christmas bonuses.

I’m still thinking of what else to give to my mom. Actually, she doesn’t need expensive or lavish gifts. Since she loves gardening, I think it’s also nice to give her some wind spinners that she can decorate her small garden, I’m sure she’ll love that aside from other gardening stuff.

We strolled the mall and buy some items for myself and for them and I guess mom also got tired walking in and out of the stores aside from feeling cold. It was raining the whole Sunday but that doesn’t stop us from shopping.

PBB House

I’ve been watching Pinoy Big Brother since it started so I was happy when I was able to have pictures at the fa├žade of the PBB house in Quezon City on Dec. 3. We just came from a Christening occasion and at a friend’s house nearby when I asked a friend to take us there before we go home.

Here’s a photo that afternoon.

Ashley’s Christening

Attended the Christening of a friend’s daughter on Dec. 3. I wasn't able to come to the church so I just made it at the reception at Max’s in Sct. Tuason.