Friday, September 23, 2011

Awake at 2:00 AM

Mom has been sick for about 3 weeks now and I have been taking care of her at the house since then. Fortunately, my SIL was just next door so I have a hand in taking care of mom. SIL has been running errands back and forth to the market everytime mom craves for something.

I’ve been sleeping at the floor at my mom’s room for about 2 weeks but since she can already walk a bit, she asked me to go back to my own room. Even if I’m at my own room, I’m still sleeping at the floor so I can hear her when she needs me just like today.

At around 2:00 am, I heard mom calling me and amazingly I heard her. She asked me to her blood pressure as she is not feeling good. It was 150/70 and that is already high. Every after 30 mins. I'm taking her BP and right after this post, I’ll check on her again.

To keep me awake, I decided to open my computer and make this post. Now it’s past 4:00 am and I’m still awake. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sleeping all

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New HP Desktop for Me

Yey! Love it!

Been using my Dell laptop for 2 years now at the house and I already find it too small and slow for my computer needs so I decided to buy another HP desktop just like what I’m using at my shop. Actually, I wanted a bigger monitor so it’ll be more comfortable when I’m designing digi kits and digi-scrapping.

It was on Aug. 30 when I purchased this HP p6290d desktop pc at TCA computer shop in Greenhills. There are several HP desktop with different specs and I’m having a hard time what to choose when the salesman showed me this model and thought the specs is great for my computing needs. It’s much faster and has wireless keyboard and mouse plus it’s already wifi ready so I got this.


HP p6290d desktopIMG_0934

HP p6290d desktopI just love TCA Greenhills for they have different brands of desktops, laptop, computer monitors, and other gadgets/accessories. I’m looking forward on purchasing more gadgets on their store in the future. Now, with my new desktop I’m more productive and inspired to work. Yay, I need to open my laptop from time to time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally, I’m a Phil Health Member

phil healthI’ve been encouraged by friends and relatives to become a member of PHIL HEALTH for the longest time already but I’m just too lazy to go to the nearest branch and file my application. I also don’t want to go to that office for I hate long lines and waiting.

I’m being stubborn and lazy and I regret it ! If only I have applied long time ago, I should have had discounts when I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy at Medical City on February. I should also have used that to get more discounts when my mom was confined 2x in the hospital last year and just 2 weeks ago. I hate myself for that!

Finally, my sister-in-law brought my application and hers too at the Phil health office and voila only just after 45 mins. or so she already got our Phil Health IDs! Wow that was just easy and I should have known that. I need a slap on my butt for not doing it much early.

Anyway, at least my SIL and I are already members now. I paid the whole year (July 2011- June 2012) which is only P1,200 (100/ month) and soon I can  already use it to get discounts when my mom and I will have some health problems.

Now that I have a Phil Health card, the option to compare life insurance quotes is my next agenda and if ever I can afford to have such then I’ll get one.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Career in Beauty

All of us have a different career path that we want to take. Just find your strength and your passion, for sure you’ll go places. If your have a knack for beauty and wanted a career in cosmetology, there are many beauty schools where you can enroll.

One of the leading beauty schools in the US is Regency Beauty and they’ve been in the business for over 50 years. They are continuously expanding, in fact, more branches of their cosmetology school is now open for students to what to study and hone more of their skills.They have state-of-the art facilities, high quality standard of teaching and accredited faculty members who are ready to help you learn more techniques about cosmetology that you can use when you set up your own salon.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sickie Mom

Mom had fever last Wednesday afternoon and complained about her throat and dry cough. We just her paracetamol and it helped a bit. It was only on Friday morning when I accompanied her to the doctor because it was getting worst. The doctor gave her some medicines and some instructions. Saturday, her condition is not improving much and she’s throwing up most of the times and I think it is because of her dry cough.

Thinking that she’ll become more weak and dehydrated so my bro and I brought her to the emergency room on Sunday 12:30 am because she can’t sleep due to her cough too. The doctor advised us that she’ll be confined because they’ll administer dextrose on her.

I arranged the room for her and she was confined at a private room of the Manila East Hospital. Her main complaint was the nagging pain on her stomach and the doctor ruled it was acute gastritis. There are lots of medicines that she’s taking and even though she didn’t want to take them she has no choice. She stayed for 1 1/2 days at the hospital and eventhough she still feels pain in her stomach, mom asked her doctor let her go home. We were out by 7 pm of Monday, Sept. 5, 2011.

Sis Beng and Joy from overseas called and checked on our mom. Now, mom is recuperating in the house, taking lots of medicines for her acute gastritis, upper respiratory infection and also on her hypertension.

She’s scheduled for an ultrasound of hepatobiliary tree on Friday and another visit to her doctor. most of t times she complained about the medicines that she’s taking.. Ang dami naman kasi eh. 4-5 medicines/ each meal .. grabe! but she need them  to get well.

Today, she ate quite well during lunch and her meryenda and hoping she’ll recover soon with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.