Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Shopping

I've been shopping and shopping and shopping already and I enjoyed it. My shopping list is almost done as I only have one more gift to buy for a goddaughter then after than I'm really done. It's always nice to shop on weekdays at the opening of the mall so there's less crowd and there are more stocks. However, I have to go to the mall this afternoon on a weekend because I need to buy a gift for one of my goddaughter that my SIL will see on Sunday at the province. I don;t see her often so I got her a special gift that I know she can use.

Of course, I got one for myself too. How can I resist 50% off on bags haha.. Talk about low EQ, I gave in to a new bag again!! OMG, I know my mom will freak out again when she'll see that. Oh well... at least I will give some of my old bags to my SIL or niece.

The nearby mall is having a midnight sale today and when I left, there are still many people coming in.. Wow... people are already buying all kinds of stuff for their kids and all. The toys section are always a hit! I happened to pass by the music store and there are also some people, maybe they are also looking for some musical stuff as gifts or for their own personal use. I will not wonder if Gibson 2015 Les Paul Less Plus guitars will be hot too because a lot of online and physical stores are having huge sales.

I looked into the file of gifts that I already bought and I know I will spend another whole day to finish wrapping them.... Shop now if you haven't started yet. Christmas is just 12 days to go!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Christmas Tree is Up

Finally, our small Christmas tree is up since last week. I didn't buy new tree and decors so I just have the old tree that we have for many many years already, in fact, I can't recall how many years already. The decors still look new so I didn;t bother to buy this year but I was tempted to buy when I saw some Christmas village and other cute decors at for department 56 whilst browsing online.

I have yet to finish  my Christmas shopping so I can wrap all the gifts for my family and friends. Well, at least I still have ample time to shop and warp all of them.

Ahhhhh.. Christmas is really just around the corner and with the cool breeze that we are having right now due to typhoon in the Visayas region it feels like it's gonna be a cold Christmas too.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Export Quality Christmas Decors at Takara Arts and Crafts

23 more days and it's Christmas already !!! Have you decorated your place with decors already? and have you done your Christmas shopping too?

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping for gifts that I will give to my family and friends but have not yet set up our Christmas tree... yay! Mom already took the decors out of our storage room but my brother failed to bring it home last weekend. Hopefully, we'll have it set up this week.

Anyway, we were at a town fiesta yesterday when a friend of ours mentioned about Takara Arts and Crafts that sells export quality Christmas decors. It was just near our place but actually never knew that this place existed.. lol poor me..

So off we go to the place and there are heaps of decors of different occasions. Not just for Christmas but for easter, mardi gras etc.)

A friend bought that cute Santa Claus while another friend bought a lot of wreath and other decors. I wanted to buy those nutcracker guys and Santa but I still have many decors at home. Maybe next year.

The decors are nice and we got some good discounts!

Finding the Value

Jewelry is something that can be fake and look beautiful or real and not look like it cost anything at all. After a piece is refined, you might not know of the value of your jewelry. This is why you should have it appraised by a professional like Jewelers Refining Group as soon as possible.

One of the reasons why you might need your jewelry appraised is for the insurance. If you have something expensive in your possession, then you need to know of the value so that you can report it to on your homeowner's insurance policy. If something happens to the piece, then it will usually be covered in the event of a burglary or fire in the home. After the jewelry is appraised, you need to take the documentation to the insurance company so that the office has proof of the value. You might have what you think are diamonds and they are really just pieces of glass. An appraiser can examine the jewels to determine if they are real. This is important for those who have gold, silver and diamonds because there are a lot of fake pieces that are passed as the real thing.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Decorating and all

It's been about 2 years ago when I had the inside of our house re-painted and it took around a week for our painters to finish the job. It was a bit messy job as we need to move almost all the stuff that we have inside our bedrooms, living room and the kitchen. Some of the furniture are repainted as well and that includes drawers, closet , tables and chairs.

The house smells paint all over and it's sickening so I have to stay at my brother's place to sleep for few days until the smell fades. Not an easy task to do for our workers and it's also not an easy task for my pocket as well but the result was more than good. I'm pretty sure that it will take another 2-3 years again before I have it repainted again. Cleaning the walls with soft cloth to remove the dirt and some grime will help as long as it will not look awful.

Now that Christmas is coming once again, I'm itching to decorate the house but my budget won't allow me to do so. Our tabletop Christmas tree that is more than 5 years old will be put up and decorated this coming days. The trimming and decor will be the same again as I just can't throw the old ones.

What bother's me is the big drawer that I have in my bedroom. Opening and closing it is a challenge so my eyes are glued for soft close drawer slides that I can put in my drawer when I have it repaired. Apart from that drawer, my closet needs some adjustments too as it's overflowing with clothes that I have. I guess I have to sort out clothes that I will not use anymore so I can either sell them or give them away.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Puberty Stage

No longer a baby....... That is what my 11-year old niece is now.

At 11 years old my niece is still a child but wants to be a little lady already. Dressing up a little different for the past few months as she has been picky with what she wants to wear. She often come to me and ask for my suggestion or approval if her attire for the day (example church day) is ok and suits her.

With her long hair, a headband usually keeps it neat. She's more comfortable wearing leggings or jeans now instead of dress or shorts but I encourage her to wear dress especially at church time but she's not confident wearing such. I guess when she becomes older, she'll know that dress can be pretty on her too.

Her mom bought her baby bra last year because her young breast is showing up already. A sure sign that she is going to puberty stage is when she got her 1st menstruation about 3 weeks ago. It's new to her because most of her friends at school already experienced it already so she knows what to expect somehow.

It was at night time when she called her mom to show the little red spots on her underwear. She's calm and not afraid of what she saw because she is kinda prepared already. Her mom already taught her what to do, change and put her sanitary napkin esp. when she's at school. And as an aunt, I also shared some of my experiences to her when I had my 1st menstrual period too. Her 1st experience was not bad at all so I'm sure the next months when it comes, she'll be more prepared on what to do. 

Now, that she will  be experiencing puberty stage, I know there are lot of changes in her physical appearance, moods and other hormone changes. I know that her mom will guide her and with high hopes, I am wishing that she'll become a good little lady soon.

Learn How To Save Money On Your Wedding Day

There are so many couples out there that do all that they can in order to save money on their wedding day. The problem is that it is really difficult to make a correct choice. You need to be patient and properly analyze everything that can aid you.

 The information offered in this infographic will aid you to basically save a lot more than you may imagine at first glance. There are many available solutions from baking your own cake to organizing barbecues. No matter what you choose, have patience and see how to properly save money. Your wedding day does not need to be a hassle. Use the infographic to learn what to do.

A Gumtree graphic - 15 Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding Day
 15 Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding Day is a graphic produced by

Friday, October 31, 2014

Buying Bloomer Shorts Online

Some little girls would rather wear dresses than shorts or pants. Wearing bloomer shorts under their dresses means they can stay modest while they climb around on playground equipment. Mothers who are shopping for bloomer shorts will find it convenient to shop at an online retailer that offers these shorts in a variety of colors and sizes. Sparkle Farms is one of these retailers.

Shoppers who are looking for shorts to be worn with school uniforms will find them in navy, black, white and gray. Sets of three pairs of shorts with navy, black and white shorts are available. Navy, black, white and gray shorts can also be purchased individually. Customers can also buy a set with three pairs of gray shorts.

Mothers who are looking for shorts to wear with play or party dresses can buy individual pairs of shorts in pink, purple, lilac, aqua or red. These shorts are all available in sets with three pairs of the same color.

Shorts are available in sizes 3 to 12.

Little girls will like the three sparkles that are on the cuff of every pair of these shorts. Elastic waists and no tags mean these shorts are not itchy. They are 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex. The spandex helps them keep their shape.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Computers everywhere

There is no doubt that we are surrounded by the computer devices from all sides nowadays. From one point of view it is definitely a blessing for all of the users. Our life depends on computers in a very high extend. Electronic devices are guiding the trains, planes, ships. We use them every day to check the weather or just have fun, when we play video games. Our businesses also rely on the computers. For example many shops are offering their goods only through the Internet. World banking systems are also based on the computers and our children are using them to learn. Today’s world couldn’t function without the electronic devices for sure.

How deal with it?

For the people that do not tolerate the computer devices, life is really hard. Most of the entertainment is created through the internet media. The only way to deal with high computerization in the world is to accept that and get used to it. Of course we don’t have to implement every new technology into our life, however sooner or later we will have to accept those some of those solutions into our lives just like everyone else. Staying behind the rest of the society will not bring us anything good. On the other hand, we should find the balance between the virtual life and reality. Too much involvement in the computers may cause that we will lose the contact with the reality. Then the situation may be really dangerous.

Kids and computer
The group that is the mostly influenced by the computers and the Internet are of course children. They are really easy to manipulate and because of that they being hurt so often. Nowadays, the dimensions of the Internet’s development are so numerous that it is really hard to follow all of them. Normal person is aware only of the things that are happening around him or her. Considering parents, people that have children should also follow the newest trends among the kids. Only then they will be able to recognize the dangerous things that in the future may cause dramatic consequences. Good relationship with kid is the crucial thing to get any information about him. Nowadays kids are more and more closed to their parents and don’t want to share their problems with them. Keep friendly relationships with the kids allow parents to get more information about them.

How to keep them safe?
Providing the security is one the most important responsibilities of the parents. Parents should keep them safe in the real life as well as in the Internet. Internet security may looks like very difficult thing to achieve, however there is nothing to be scared of. Education is the basic in this case. Well educated kid is fully aware of the all threats coming from the net like, spying, sexual predators or bullying. They should be taught how to avoid these kinds of situations. Parents who are not sure if their kids will follow the safety rules may install parental control software. This kind of computer program is able to set up almost total control over the user’s ability to use to computer device and the Internet. Parental controls can block access to the particular website, filter the email box or even reporting all activities that were performed on the computer.

If you are interested in the parental topic and Internet security problem, feel free to enter PCWebControl is parental control software dedicated for Windows operating system and can be successfully used in households, public institutions and private companies.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Taking Up Guitar Lessons

All of us has a passion for anything. Some are keen on cooking, singing, dancing, drawing, sports and some are into music. We always hear from people that if you love something, go for it and do your best to be good at it.

Taking up guitar lessons is one of the first steps if you want to learn how to play this musical instrument although there are some that prefer to study on their own without an instructor  that will guide them. But before you enroll in a guitar lessons make sure that you have the interest on that musical instrument to avoid wasting of tuition fee.

Getting a guitar like fender cd-140sce for you to practice on or use on your recital and all are easy nowadays.A lot of online stores are selling instruments and other accessories that cater to the music industry, so finding something for your musical hobby is not hard anymore.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Trying to be Good at it

At present, a distant cousin of mine is into music for some reason. Never realized that she will be into it because while we are growing up I have never seen her love music. She prefers to draw and sketch but now she wanted to try playing the guitar, piano (she wanted to own a 88 key keyboard), violin and also drums (wow). I guess she needs some pizzazz in her life because she's the type of a person that wants challenge and new things to explore.

I wanted to be like her but learning a musical instrument is not something I wanted to indulge at the moment but I wished to learn how to play the guitar.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Technology Allows Pizza Companies to Provide Better Service

With the struggling economy, pizza delivery has become a much bigger deal. People are looking to save money on dinner. One of the ways they have looked to do this is by ordering pizza. This has increased some of the burden on pizza companies, and it's forced them to look for better technology to aid in the delivery process.

The good news for today's pizza delivery companies is that they have good options. Companies like Covertex are providing pizza delivery hot bags that make it much easier for companies to keep their pizzas warm. This is especially important in bigger cities or in rural areas, where pizza delivery men and women often have to drive many miles to make their deliveries.

Cooktek delivery bags and other forms of technology are designed to ensure that the pizza keeps its natural warmth. Companies today offer many different types of bags, from high performance options that keep items hotter for longer to more economical options that will provide all the warmth that most pizza restaurants could need. The good news for smaller restaurants is that they won't have to break the bank to get the type of technology that the big boys use.
Overall, today's pizza companies have a tremendous opportunity to grow their market share. As more people turn to pizza in an attempt to save money on dinner, pizza companies will need to be prepared to take their product far and wide. High quality pizza bags allow pizza companies to deliver something hot and ready no matter where they are.

DVD night with HS friends

After working for the whole week, my friends most of the times get together to have some chat and to unwind. Last Sunday, we decided to have a potluck and watch DVD movie at a friend's house. We end up watching CONJURING, which turns out to be so scary and noisy night for all of us because of our screams! lol.

I seldom watch movies but I was compelled to watch with them eventhough I hate watching scary movie too. At the start and end of the movie, we're all seen covering our eyes and screaming. It was scary and fun night for all of us and we end our movie night till midnight.

Simple bonding with friends during the weekend can relieve stress and worries and to top of it all it can make us young with all the fun and laughter.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Get What You Need in a Bass

When you play the bass, you need a company that can give you exactly what you need in an instrument.Shop now at a company like and you'll never go back. This is the definite site for all things bass. When you're looking for boutique basses, need an amplifier, or any other kind of accessory, this is your one-stop place to shop.

It's All About Getting the Bass that Fits You
Playing a bass is a personal experience. It's not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Whether you are looking for the kind of bass that is the stuff of legends or you want a modern day wonder, you need to have a broad variety of instruments before you make your selection. Your bass should fit you and make you completely satisfied. If you are a collector, this is the site for you, allowing you to make new additions to your collection at home. Each instrument has a story, a unique sound, and a feel of its own. Explore your options and find out what grabs you.

Go New or Used
When you choose a company that specializes in all things bass, you can enjoy the option of shopping for new instruments or going for used. This is a great way to help you work within your budget or buy that hard to find bass that they don't make anymore. The next time you are ready to dive into the world of bass instruments, be sure to come to the right spot.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Local Celebrity Weddings

Weddings area always special sacred. This year, there are some local celebrities who are engaged and will tie the knot soon. The most popular couple Marian and Dingdong will wed in December and for sure it will be a grand one. Dingdon's proposal on TV (Marian;'s dance show) made their fans so giddy and excited but not

Senator Chiz Escudero and actress Heart Evangelista got engaged too and will wed on February 15, 2015 at Balesin. Controversies also sparked because another couple want to wed at the same place and date as theirs. My fave singer Yeng Constantino and her bf will also wed on February 14, 2015 too. Entertainment industry will surely feast on celeb weddings this year and next year and for sure other celeb couple will tie the knot soon.

Sometimes, giving gifts for brides-to-be is never easy but you can browse the net for possible gifts to give. You can find robes and lingerie for a bride here and other stuff. Give some time to search and choose the best that you know will match the personality of the bride.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Busy Designing

Oh wow...... in just a blink of an eye, September is here already. It only means that Christmas is just around the corner! For us, when the "BER" months step in, we can't help but to think about Christmas and Holidays. In fact, we have the longest Christmas for you could hear Christmas songs playing in the everywhere already.. Oh yeah, I'm not kidding!

I'm busy with my graphic designing lately and I have to tell you that I am more inspired that ever making some new digital papers, clipart, scrapbooking kits and more. My newly opened ETSY STORE JennyLDesignsShop last June 7, 2014, has been doing good and I never thought I will get some sales over the 2 months that I opened it.

I'm trying to fill my store with lots of goodies for my customers to choose so I'm busy all the time creating things. I have so much to do but there's little time. I'm excited for Christmas for a lot of people are buying and creating personalized stuff to sell and give as gifts.

I've been browsing a lot of site and Pinterest is a great source of designs and a lot of things actually and I've been frequenting that site too, aside from the social media formats. You also need to see MF if you need some musical stuff as gift or for personal use.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dog Care Tips For Beginners

Contrary to what so many people believe, it is not that easy to take care of a dog. It is a shame to notice the fact that various new dog owners do not actually know that much about dog care. It is not a good idea to offer a dog as a gift when the receiver does not know much about taking care of him.

The big problem is that different breeds have different needs. It is the pet owner’s obligation and duty to offer care and love. Basic dog care is the first step towards making sure that the pet will feel as happy as possible. If you recently bought a dog, received one as a gift or you want to get one, make sure that you remember the following.

Dog Collars And ID Tags
If you look at the remarks of the people at My Pawson, you will notice that there are so many that do not actually get ID tags when they get a dog. Never make such a mistake. Buy one and include your telephone number, address and the name of the dog on it. Also, buy a dog collar that is suitable for the breed and size of the dog you have.

Go To The Vet And Talk To Him
The first thing that you have to do when you get a new dog is take him to the vet. He needs to be checked up so that you are sure he is in proper health. Also, the vet will give you valuable advice about dog care and you have to take into account everything that is told during the initial check-up. Take the dog to the vet at least once per year. Vaccinations may be necessary.

Proper Shelter
Your dog needs to feel secure. If he runs outside, he needs a good doghouse. If he stays inside, he needs a good dog bed to call his own. A dog is a really clingy pet and will want companionship. Offering items that are his own and that he gets attached to is very important as this helps in feeling comfortable even when you are not around.

Proper Nutrition Basics

It is quite hard to know the basics of proper dog nutrition until you read about it. There are variations from one breed to the next but what is important is making sure that the dog has a balanced diet. This may include vitamin supplements. When the dog gets older, changes will have to be done. You do need to watch the dog’s weight as this is vital for proper health.

Dog Hygiene

This is obviously a main part of proper dog care. You have to learn how to clean the pet’s teeth, ears and eyes, whenever necessary. When abnormalities like discolorations or soreness appear, you have to go and visit your vet.

Dog Training Is A Must

While it is possible to train your dog alone, it is always a better idea to go to a very good dog trainer so that he can help you. Remember that a dog that is properly trained will actually feel better than one that is not. Dogs need discipline in their lives.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Finding The Right Dress Shirt

Going to church? Upgrading your wardrobe for a promotion? You'll need good dress shirts to send the right message. Here are a few basic criteria for buying the right kind.

1: Choose A Color
Most people shop dress shirts when they're trying to look presentable, and if that's the case for you too, make sure you stick to neutrals or light pastels. You can go bolder if you want to be daring, but under no circumstances should you wear something lime green to a job interview.

2: Determine Your Size
High-end fashion doesn't go by small, medium and large. You'll need exact numbers for the width of your shoulders and the length of your arms. You can also have your dress shirt tailored for maximum style.

3: Consider Patterns
As staples of the professional wardrobe, most dress shirts are retailed in solid colors. Do a little digging, however, and you'll find everything from stripes to hints of plaid.

4: Think About Style
Standard fits are loose in the chest area and tapered on the sides, so you can wear them alone or with a vest; slim-cut dress shirts are tight all over, making them perfect for fitting under a suit.

5: Debate Your Fabric Choices
Do you want something strong and thickly-woven for the winter? Oxford shirts are your best bet. How about something light and breezy for summer? Cottons and linens are the way to go.

These are just five things to consider when choosing a dress shirt. They may be understated, but they're absolutely essential for a modern, professional look, so contact us to find the perfect shirts for you.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Take a Hobby

Nothing beats having a hobby to make us relax, veer away from work, kill the time or stimulate our creativeness. There are practically heaps of hobbies to take and that all will depend on our interest ans likes. If you like being creative, arts and crafts can definitely stimulate your creative juices. Those that love to perform will find singing, dancing and acting engaging. Others are into item collections, which I also did in the past. Photography for those who love taking photos not just to keep the memories but also give a whole new meaning to a photo.

 If others are into those type of hobbies, others are into extreme sports or the great outdoors. They find joy and fulfillment when they come in touch with nature and the wild. The adrenalin rush and the excitement on what nature can offer entice a lot of individuals into camping, hiking, hunting and more. Those deer hunters and other animal lovers are even using trail cameras in recording photos or videos in their hunting areas. You can check out for trail cameras and more just in case you need one.

With all the hobbies available for all of us, we need to find one that is close to our heart.

Here Comes the Rain Again

Rainy season in our part of the world has arrived about a month ago and it's making everyone crazy. The sudden rush of rain can already make many parts of the country flooded and this scenario is something that we don't want to happen all the time. However, since most of gutters and street are clogged everywhere, it's almost always the sight that we will see and experience for couple of months here in the country.

Just like today, I was stuck in traffic because of the flood that followed after the heavy rain. The jeep that I was in made us (commuters) all transfer to a different jeepney. Later on, after traversing a different route and braving the flood, the driver decided to stop and made us all transfer again.. Wow, what a hassle. I walked for a while and just rode in a tricycle together with other women who are all going to the same route as I am.

I am afraid that this will happen all the time to think there's not typhoon yet in our place. I guess the problem with the flooded streets in our town will not be solved anymore as more establishments are being constructed and people are getting more careless with their garbage disposals... sad......

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

4 Great Accessories For Pet Owners

Bringing home a new kitten? Or maybe you're just looking to upgrade the luxury and lifestyle of your beloved companions. Whatever your reasons for shopping high-end pet supplies, here are just a few accessories worth your while.

If your pet is sleeping on a lump of blankets on the floor, it's time to give them something a little better in exchange for all their love and devotion. A pet-sized bed made of hardwood with a fine mattress will be enough to make any animal eager for bedtime.


Forget the cramped cages that most people use to carry their pets to the vet. Instead, find small dog carriers that also double as over-the-shoulder bags. Your spaniel will ride in style, and you'll also guarantee his comfort the entire trip.


Perfect for pets with strong attachment issues, a snuggler will keep them close at hand without sacrificing your need for movement and freedom. They won't need to drape themselves over your limbs and lap, not when they have a small, comfortable snuggler resting at your feet.

Climbing Trees
Save your furniture by investing in a high-quality climbing tree for your cats. Not only will they enjoy the texture under their claws, but they'll also appreciate the heights they can achieve by mastering the architecture and lording over you from on high.

If you own a pooch or Persian, it's your job as a pet owner to give them the very best. Consider these four supplies the next time you're looking for a special treat.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Back Designing: My Online Stores

It's been actually 2 years since I have made some digiscrapping kits and I missed it. I went back designing once again a month ago when I felt that sponsored blogging is coming to an end. Thankfully, I still have some talents on working on some digi designing for Artscow so I'm selling my digi stuff once again at their shop.

Apart from that, I opened my shop at where I am selling printable papers and digi kits. If you need some printable background papers for any of your projects like invitation, card and more you can check out my online stores.



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

These Four Classic Dog Tricks Are Fun and Easy

Your dog is an amazing companion, and they truly believe that you are the most amazing person in the world. Because of this deeply-held belief, dogs are willing to go above and beyond for their owners, and that includes repeating tricks. Dogs are natural entertainers, and they love to please their owners. With a little bit of skilled training with an electric dog collar you can easily teach your dog these five simple tricks. It is important to remember that all dogs are different, and some dogs will pick up these tricks a lot quicker than others. You must be patient and you must remember to reward their progress often if they are going to continually perform their tricks for you.


This should be one of the first tricks that you teach your dog. Even very young puppies can pick this trick up quickly, especially if you train them properly. You should use a verbal command in conjunction with a nonverbal command as you teach them how to sit. When you first teach them to sit, verbalize the command and use your nonverbal at the same time. Since it is unlikely that your dog will respond right away to your command, you will need to show them how. There is a spot on a dog’s back that, when pinched, will make them sit. It does not hurt your dog to do this, and they will immediately understand the command that you have given. The spot is just before their tail, on either side of their spine.


“Shake” is another easy trick, though it may require a bit more patience than “sit.” First, command your dog to sit. Once they have responded to your command, you can reward them as you normally would. Now, extend your hand as the nonverbal command and instruct them to shake. Again, it is unlikely they will be able to understand the command right away, so you will have to show them. Take their paw in your hand and use your verbal command again. After enough time and repetition, they will understand the command and will shake your hand immediately.

Roll Over

Some dogs may have a bit of difficulty with this one, but with a bit of time and energy on your part, your dog will be rolling over in no time at all. First, command your dog to lie down. You should have already decided on your nonverbal command, so use it in conjunction with your verbal. If they do not respond, take your dog’s front leg and gently roll them over while saying the verbal command. At first, they may be a bit resistant. Do not be forceful with them, as they will only become nervous. Allow you dog to trust you by working up to it slowly. When your dog is not resistant, roll them all the way over and reward them after they do so.


This is a little twist on “play dead,” and it is very easy to teach after your dog has already learned to roll over. Tell your dog to lie down again. Take your thumb and forefinger and say “bang!” Then, simply move them onto their side and instruct them to stay. This will take some time and patience, but it is an adorable trick when it is completed. With a little perseverance, your dog will be entertaining you with a wide array of easy tricks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teaching Kids How to Clean and Organize

Ahhh .. some kids (or maybe most of them) are just not fond of cleaning up after their play. For a lot of parents, teaching kids how to clean and organize their room is really a challenge to do since they always rely on their parents or their househelp to do the task for them. However, they really need to learn this task so they can be responsible.

Most of the times, parents force them to clean and organize to the point that they argue or fight over this task that often resulted in crying, shouting, scolding and even giving the kids sanction or punishment. Kids need to grow up and learn how to do things on their own for they can't be with their parents all their life.

Talk to your kids about this responsibility at home and tell them how important it for them to do it. Show your kids how to clean up and organize and for sure in no time they will have the hang of it. Give them rewards like paper stars, their fave food, a trip to the zoo and other simple rewards that can encourage them.

Tools for cleaning and organizing can be very helpful as well. There are clear plastic containers available where they can put their toys after play or their writing tools. Colorful containers with characters or other designs can be used. Trunk Chest and other similar containers or lockers can be a good place where they can put all their belongings. They can even put labels or stickers on those storage boxes to make it more fun

Let them do the clean up and storage so that when they also need something they know where to get it. Lastly, always remind them that task if you know that they are forgetting it again and always give them support and encouragements.

Laptop: a Graduation Gift

Two of my nephews graduated this year from highschool and their parents are very happy and proud of them because of what they have achieved. They survived 4 years of highschool life learning and gaining educational experience. I know they have fond memories of their higshchool life and they will forever cherish them until they alive because for me and maybe for a lot of us, HS life are the best and worth remembering.

As a graduation gift, my nephew Dither got this beautiful HP laptop from his parents just a week ago. He has done great in highschool for he has good grades and even received numerous awards and certificates. He definitely deserves to have a gift for all his hard work.

He'll be replacing his old handdown laptop from his cousin and will use this new one for his studies in college soon. I just pray and hope that he will use this with care and responsibility for it can really help him with his studies and research.
This coming school year of this year, both of my nephews will embark into a new journey of their educational life as they will form a foundation for their careers in the future. Dither will be taking up Computer Engineering and we all know that he will be good in his studies for he is studious student and I hope he will carry that trait up until his college days.

Wishing him all the good luck and hope he'll gain more experience (this is for sure!) in college.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Why parental control for internet is necessary?

Watching over children is a never ending story as far as parental responsibility is concerned. Over the decades parents were worrying about their closest and were trying to control them to keep them safe. One thing that is changing constantly in terms of threats that youth can be exposed to, are the types of the danger. About 50 years ago parents were worrying mainly about the education of their kids, about their manners or if they looked properly. Two decades ago the problem was more about bad influence that the environment could have on their children. Nowadays the problem is much more serious. First, because of the fact that all previous risks are still relevant and the second, because the age of globalization and computerization brought new threats that can have serious impact on the youngest’s physical and mental condition.

What are nowadays threats?
Recently we can speak about the trend among young people that is about being constantly online. It is nothing dangerous itself but it is strictly connected with purpose of using the internet. If the kid is searching websites in order to get some knowledge for school course or is just interested in some case, it is absolutely proper way of usage the web. Situation is completely different when kids treat internet as a place where they can do whatever they want to keeping in mind that nobody controls them. Then a lot of really bad things can happen. Every day children can accidently or not enter into demoralizing websites with pornographic content, brutal sites full of violence, humiliation and pedophilia. Children that are exposed to some of those issues can grow up as a mentally ill people that may have really big problems in the future. Very often young people become addicted to the Web and cannot normally exist without it.

How to fight with those threats?
At the beginning as with every problem concerning children, first step should be always education. Parents should try to educate the kids in order to raise their awareness about dangerous things. It can be done by an honest talk, showing how things should be done and what to avoid. Parents should build a respect and use it to become a role model. Next tier is school education. Education system should root real life values in the pupils. Teachers should also be very sensitive about every violation of those values and react immediately. After the education process, the next very important issue is control. Kids sometimes do not take into consideration what parents and teachers are trying to teach them. Of course trust is very important aspect of relationship between kids and parents but sometimes some strong reactions have to take place. Very good example of controlling that doesn’t affect the relationship could be parental control software. At least in this sphere parents and teachers can be 100% sure that the kid will not do anything wrong.  Kid may be even not aware that software is blocking web pages that consist of inappropriate content. Software like this is also able to put filters on email box or even allow to use the computer only in particular hours.

If you want to gain some knowledge about parental control software visit:

PCWebControl is a software that introduce very practical and easy to use tool to set up parental control on home PC or laptop, school and corporate computer devices.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014 Graduates

Another year has passed and students have learned new lessons and have gained new experiences. Two of my nephews graduated from Highschool this year and we are so proud of them.

One graduated with second honors while the other one has several "best"certificates because of his exemplary achievements in extra curricular activities for his school. It was indeed a happy moment for all of us when they graduated last March and now they are going on a new path coming school year 2014-2015.

Dither passed 2 university exams but he is set for enrollment on his preferred Uni this coming April 21st. He will be taking up Computer Engineering course while Hans on the other hand, is not yet prepared on what course he will be taking.

I'm wishing them all the good luck and may they continue to study harder when they are in college soon to earn a degree that they want.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Taking up Business and Music Management Course

My niece came home from Sydney last week for a short vacay here. I've been accompanying her to various places to shop and dine. We had a pretty hectic schedule but I was more than glad to be with her all the time eventhough it was tiring. We had a great time and we're close more than ever. I've been advising her on some life issues and she's open arms to hear all what I have to say and I hope that she'll listen because it's for her own welfare.

We've been to quite a lot of stores and shopping malls to shop and have some fun. Just last weekend, before she fly back to Sydney,I accompanied her to a music store to check on some guitars. Actually, she is looking for a nice acoustic guitar that she can use back home as she is studying business and music management at the University.

The salesmen are accommodating enough to show her different guitars and that includes acoustic and telecaster fessler guitars. My niece is just a novice guitar player and wanted to learn more. Here you can see she's trying out a guitar but she's picky and pickle minded on what guitar she really wants.

Short Vacation with Family

Yay.... we're back home after a short but sweet vacation at my dad's hometown in the north.

My sister and her hubby plus my other niece came home from Riyadh and Sydney last week for a short vacation. We traveled to Tarlac Wednesday early morning at around 4pm and arrived there at 8:30 am to attend the fiesta and coronation night. We stayed there until Friday afternoon.

I'll be posting more pics and share more stories about our short vacay later....

Thursday, February 27, 2014

When Kids Use their Gadgets all the Time

A lot of teens are using their gadgets most of the times that sometimes we hardly talk to them anymore. It's sad most of the times especially when they are too busy playing games on their computers and other gadgets that they don't have much time to have a good conversation or laugh with their parents or siblings. I even see some kids using their gadgets while eating or when they are our dining and that is disturbing already. I wish their parents can teach tell them no gadgets while eating because all activities have its own time.

There's an instance while we are dining out with family when I have to remind my own nephew to just take his earphone off his ear and just talk and mingle with his cousins. He seems to be so uninterested with what is going on so just listen to music can take his boredom off. There's no wrong in entertaining yourself  but if you are with your friends or relatives, I guess it's just a respect not to use it for long.

Isn't it disrespect when someone is talking to you and you have a loud sound on your ear? I bet most of the kids are not listening or didn't even know that someone is already talking to them.

Anyway, this teenage nephew of mine is always sound trippin' and I bet he'll trade going to the mall for he likes to be alone to listen and play. Ahhhh... I guess I need to buy him a Beats by Dr. Dre headphone for Christmas. but I'm afraid that he'll not stand from his pc anymore hehehe.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sickie Mom

Every time I see this photo it's sad to remember when mom got sick just a couple weeks ago. It all started when mom went home from our shop one night with severe diarrhea. I already knew that it was alarming because my SIL told me she was going to the comfort room for more than 6 times or more already. Mom told me that she only ate 2 bobs of corn for breakfast and after that she started to have a diarrhea.

Since she's already 81, it's already hard for her to manage that. I told her that we'll going to the hospital but she insisted that she is fine and I was already getting angry because she doesn't want to go to the hospital. When she vomited twice already, I already forced her and thankfully she agreed to go to the hospital.

We rushed her to the nearby hospital but the ER was jampacked with lots of patients. It's good that her diarrhea and vomiting didn't acted while we are there because for sure it will be a mess. The doctor examined her after around 20 mins of waiting and told us that she needs to be admitted because of possible low fluid /electrolytes in her body.

We agreed and later on she was admitted where dextrose and other medicines are given to her. Mom stayed for 3 days and up until now she is still recuperating for her stomach feels like bloated and sour.

I'm praying that her health will be stable now. She's still on medication for 2 weeks for some stomach pains and after that she'll return to her doctor for follow up.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Vetting the Previous Owner of a Used Car

If you find a used Mazda 3 in Kansas City that’s being sold by the owner, it’s important to not only vet the car itself, but to vet its owner as well. Even if you find the used car at a dealer, if you look carefully you can find signs that will tip you off as to how the previous owner treated the car. Even though the previous owner will never touch the car again after you buy it, their impact on the car will be felt in a few ways.


One of the most important traits you want in a previous owner is cleanliness. Before a used car is sold, whoever is selling it is probably going to thoroughly clean it to make a good impression, but some things can’t be cleaned. Look for any clearly visible stains on the seat cushions. If there are a couple of obvious stains, there are going to be several more less obvious stains you’ll find after the purchase. Also, if the previous owner smoked, getting that smell out of the car is going to be near impossible. Unless you yourself are a smoker and don’t mind the smell, avoid a car that’s been regularly smoked in. If the seller doesn’t make any attempt to clean the inside or outside of the car, that should raise some red flags.


You also want a previous owner who took good care of their car. If you ask them vague questions about how they cared for their car, they’ll probably try to give you the impression that they took good care of it, whether they did or not. Instead, ask them specific questions like how frequently they changed the oil, what kind of oil the engine needs, or what the ideal tire pressure is. Simple things like not changing the oil or driving with deflated tires can lead to expensive problems in the future.


Finally, if you’re buying directly from the previous owner, you want to be sure that they’re being honest. If you feel at any point that they’re acting suspicious or withholding information from you, walk away. If they are upfront about any minor or even serious issues with the car, rather than leaving those things for you to discover on your own, they may be worth doing business with. So don’t buy a used Mazda 3 in Kansas City until you are fairly certain it is coming from a good previous owner.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why Kids Love Music

Anyone knows a kid who doesn't like music? I bet you can't find one.

Play a music and any kids will dance in front of you with delight on their faces or may even hum a tune or sing a song. Kids enjoy music a lot because music is universal, it's everywhere. These days, a lot of kids shows play songs that make children sing and dance along with their fave cartoon character. A party is not complete without music too. Imagine a party without music and for sure it is soooo boring.

There are even pregnant women who play a lot of classical music like that of Mozart while their baby is still in their womb and this is also one of the reason why some kids developed a keen interest to music.. My own sister did this and true enough her daughter was interested in music and is not taking a course in music in Sydney. Most of the kids these days are exposed to music early on their life. Some parents even enrolled their kids to music schools during summer or school break once they see their child has an interest on music. Get a cheap hammond keyboard if you can afford and let your kids practice to hone their skills.

It's always fun to see kids enjoy what they love and as parents you have to encourage and support them as much as you can.

Music can also enhance creativity and learning, watch how kids or even adults work on something when there is a soothing music on the background. I have to say that I love hearing instrumental music when I need to focus on something or even when I need to write a long article.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beating the Cold Virus

The cold weather these days made a lot of people sick. Temps varying from 20’s- to the lowest of 15.+C  in Metro Manila and  C at Baquio and higher areas made a lot of Filipinos pull their jackets out of their closets. For a tropical country like ours with normal temperature of 30C almost every day, a sudden drop of temperature will be too cold already. The weather bureau said that this cold season will last till mid of March.

Though the very cold weather is a welcoming change for all of us, there is no doubt that many are still complaining because a lot of people are getting sick already. I never thought that I will be affected by the cold virus but when my niece got sick for a week due to colds and cough, I had already an insight that I might catch the virus. Indeed, after she got well, I started to sneeze and later on I got sick already.

I took some strepsils to ease the itchy throat that I am having while I also drowned myself drinking lots of warm Salabat (powdered ginger) with honey, calamansi juice and lots of water for I know I need to flush all the viruses inside my system. I also see to it that I cook warm soup dishes that can ease my clogged nose as well. I got cold feet and even had fever for almost 2 nights and I had to do the sponge bath on myself to lower down the high temp in my body and also to make me feel fresh.

A cold medicine (Neozep) also helped in my recovery and I remember the 2 nights that I have clogged nose that made me breathe through my mouth. Open-mouth while sleeping is so hard for it dries out my mouth and of course the air is not filtered unlike when it passes through my nose. Ahhh.. it was just so hard.

Right now, I recovered already and I was only sick (but not totally down) for almost 3 days because I made sure that I drink lots of fluid and eat right kinds of food. Ahhhh..... nasty virus, I hate you!!

If you have coughs and cold already, remember to drink lots of fluids, eat healthy foods and rest so you can recuperate fast just what happened to me.

Monday, January 27, 2014

KPOP Generation

During my younger years, singers/band like Depeche Mode, Tear for Fears, Spandau Ballet, Madonna, A-Ha, Rick Ashley, Menudo and Duran-Duran  just to name a few ruled the 80’s music scene. The music trend that time was New Wave with dances that mostly uses hand while dancing. It was such a fun era where music are heart-warming, relevant, have good message.

80’s music still ruled and up to these days, there are still songs that are being played on the radio and singers who are reviving the songs giving their own rendition and touch to it.

Though every one has its own taste in music, I have never been inclined to pure rock or metal songs and even rap. I simply could not tolerate the sound and the noise in them though there are some mellow rock songs that are still pleasing to the ears and made it through all the charts.

These days, my niece is into KPOP music that is popularized by Korean singers. I’m not so sure why they are into it but I guess those Koreans have a certain charisma because the way they sing and project on stage can make all the girls go ga-ga on them. Not to mention their fashion sense. Some young ones are trying to have a Korean haircut/style and Korean way of dressing. The way they sing coupled with focusrite scarlett 18i6 equipments and effects, good looks and fashion style can always melts every girl's heart.

Oh well, I also remember going ga-ga over those Puerto Rican members of MENUDO where Ricky Martin, Robby Darosa etc. are part of it.

I wonder what songs or music trend will the next generation of teens will have after 5 or 10 years. All I know is that every generation has its own charm and trend that only those that are “born” within can only know the meaning.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

American Idol Season 13 Auditions

Wow, another season for American Idol this year and I'm quite excited. I remember the nerve wracking performances of Jessica Sanchez and Philip Phillips at the finals and I was rooting for Jessica to win, not that she has a Filipino blood but she has a great talent. Eventhough a lot were disappointed with the result because of Philips' winning, I have to say that he has his own following and great talent too.

Been watching the auditions of AI13 on TV and again there are heaps of great talents that JLO, Keith Urban and Harry have unearthed and I hope they will shine once they go to Hollywood for more steep competition. Georgia has some promising singers and some I would say want to follow the footsteps of Philip Phillips with their country voice and guitar but I know they need to be unique and be themselves. There are heaps of martin acoustic guitars at musicians friend just in case some aspiring guitar players want to acquire their own guitar.

It's also funny to watch bloopers and those that have been rejected because of their outrageous or out oft his world performances. I know they just wanted to have fun on the show and not really want to be in AI because they really have no voice in the first place.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bring it on 2014!

Wow, I have been on a long hiatus, though I have been blogging on my other niche blogs. The holiday is gone and 2014 is here now.... so .. bring it on!

Our Christmas break is so much fun for my 2 siblings and their family who are residing overseas went home to spend the holiday with us. Nothing beats all the memories that we have gained during our family reunion last year.

I'll be sharing more photos and stories soon and I hope I'll have more time to post all of them here.