Wednesday, August 23, 2023

CT Scan of Whole Abdomen with Triple Contrast at iScan Diagnostic Center

Finally, I was able to see my Internist after experiencing bouts of painful diarrhea once again and some pains near my stomach area and back. As usual, fear emerged but I have to be brave to consult because there are more signs and symptoms that I am experiencing.

After diarrhea comes constipation with heartburn and acid reflux all together. My doctor adviced me to have a CT Scan of Whole Abdomen with Triple Contrast to have my organs checked which I agreed. She told that the procedure was more affordable at iScan Diagnostic Center in Marikina. I immediately called and inquired at the center and it was P11,000 for the test, but when i paid it only costs P10,750 way cheaper than the hospitals near my area that I have inquired. I know that it will be much cheaper on government hospitals in Manila but it's not practical for me to go that far.

Anyway, I asked for an appointment and I was scheduled July 6, 2023 8:30 am and here is the procedure that I did one day before my CT Scan.

July 5, 2023 - 10:30 pm - I took 1 tablet of DULCOLAX

July 6, 2023 - 3;30 am my stomach feels pain already

4:40 am - inserted suppository and drank water 

5:00 am - pooped alot.. drank water for hydration (yes it is allowed)

7:00 am- work diaper just in case and we left the house

7:30 am - arrived at iScan in Marikina, filled forms. The center was clean and staff accommodating

7:50 am - staff handed me the lab gown

8:00 am - staff asked me to drink about 300 ml of water to make me full

CT Scan started

- I layed down on the CT scan table and the staff or rad tech instructed me what to do and relayed to me what will happen on the procedure.

- 600 ml of water with dye was injected on my anus and i felt bloated and want to poop 

- practiced the inhale and exhale for few seconds

- CT Scan started -- asked me to inhale -- exhale about 2 times.  My eyes are closed most of the times. Not nervous but I'm, anxious.

- an IV with medicine was injected on my left hand and the rad tech is asking me if I feel pain. I said no, there's just lill discomfort and I can feel the medicine flowing on my veins.

- inhale -exhale as instructed

- The procedure is done around 30 mins.

- After that, I hurried went to the comfort room and there all the water with meds that were injected where flushed out of my stomach.

That's it..... procedure is fast and not painful at all. Went home with the CT scan plate and the result was emailed after 2 days but I didn't read it because I was too afraid..I just asked someone to get my printed result at the center.

RESULT: All of my organs in my abdomen area are normal. Bowel - grossly unremarkable.

I went back to my internist and showed her the result and she said it's normal. I was relieved but still I'm not satisfied because I feel some bloating, acid reflux and this time constipation.

With the discomfort in my stomach still there, I decided to consult a GASTROENTEROLOGIST this time. Will blog it later.