Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Presents

Wow, it's been a busy holiday for us and I'm actually liking it. My siblings and their family are home so we are complete this Christmas. This will be another wacky, happy, crazy bonding time with my family.

Gifts are wrapped and sitting under the Christmas tree already and we're straightening out some plans for the holidays. I just hope that you have also finished buying and wrapping all your gifts this year for it's only few more days and it's Christmas already. Actually, my nephews have given their wish list before we did our shopping so we have an idea what they liked. It's hard to think what they like so a wish list that includes guitar tab books for my nephew who love music and guitars will be very helpful. I know we can't give all what they like for Christmas but I'm sure they will be appreciate of what they will get as presents for Christmas for they also know that they can't have everything.

I'm actually excited and my mind and body is on holiday mode already. Busy holidays for us this year and I hope you are also having a grand time with your own respective families.

Have a wonderful holiday all!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Holiday Schedule

This year it's going to be a very different Holiday for my family. Two of my siblings and their family will be arriving soon to celebrate the holidays here in Pinas. All of us are excited already because we'll be together again after so many years. Actually, I could not remember when was the last Christmas when we celebrated it with the whole family sans daddy.

I looked over the schedule that my sis made and wow it's going to a super busy holidays for us starting tomorrow and up until the 2nd week of January 2014. I'm sure it's going to be super fun eventhough it will mean a lot of expenses. However, expenses will not count much as long as you spent it with the whole family where everyone is happy.

I'm not so sure if I can still blog till the end of the year so I will already greet you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! May the blessing of the Lord upon us all.!

Done with my Christmas Shopping

Yey, I'm done with my Christmas shopping and I'm almost done wrapping my gifts too.

I started buying gifts by mid November because I wanted to avoid the Christmas rush which is happening in few days. I don't want to experience the last minute shopping that I did last year for it's really stressful and time consuming. With the lesson that I got last year, I said to myself that I will do my Christmas shopping early this year and on my birthday shopping in November, I also did my Christmas shopping. It's a double shopping for me and what makes it great is that it's sale at the mall when I shopped.

I may not get expensive jewelry at Reeds for Le Vian jewelry as gifts but the present that I got for my friends and family will surely make them feel special. I'm getting excited each day as Christmas draws near.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pursue Your Dreams at Community College

Finding employment can be difficult. Many people feel like slaves to their wages even after they find steady work. This is caused by people focusing on money instead of joy. Intuition is a fancy word for that voice inside a person’s head that tells them what they truly enjoy. Sometimes it is difficult to find your intuition because so many other voices are stuck in your head. The voice that tells you to be logical and just work for the paycheck wins out sometimes.

Many people find that their intuition tells them they have a natural affinity for animals. They feel at peace on the back of a horse and enjoy the companionship of taking care of these majestic beasts. By following intuition, a person can learn a lot about themselves. Knowledge of oneself is a true form of power. True knowledge is worth more than money, diamonds, and gold. Finding employment doing something that you truly enjoy is possible. You can work with the animals you love and bring home a great paycheck. Check out a community college in Colorado and explore your options.

Another Trade That Focuses on Helping Animals

So you’ve figured out that you want a job that involves helping animals. Training horses and managing their care is just one way you could pursue a joyful career. A veterinarian or a veterinary assistant might be a great career path as well. If helping animals recover from injury and sickness sounds like a great way to spend your time, you should look into veterinary schooling.

Follow Your Intuition to Greatness
Becoming happily employed is a difficult but worthwhile quest. Some people spend their entire lives working at a job that does not fulfill their needs. Everyone has special talents that were meant to be used in certain ways. Open up your mind enough to let that small voice of your intuition become louder. Once you finally understand the direction you want to go, it is time to make a decision. Choose to pursue a career that will fulfill all of your financial needs and fulfill your mind, body, and spirit. Check out a community college in Colorado for more information.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Their Christmas Wishes

My 10-year old niece is growing up so fast that soon she'll be a teenager. Right now, she is enjoying her time playing, going to school and do what normal kids do. One of her favorite things to do apart from playing some games in the computer is to play with her MLP or My Little Pony toys. I am amazed on how creative she was playing alone at their house. She made some chairs and other stuff out of cardboards where she'll pretend that they are used by her ponies.

She has quite a few collection of My Little Ponies but still she wanted to have another one of different kind for Christmas.I guess one of her aunt will her a big one this Christmas and I can't wait to see her reaction when she open her gifts this Christmas. I know she will love any toys that will be given to her but she really prefer another MLP.. Oh well, she's a really MLP fanatic.

If my niece wants a toy that she really loves, my teenage nephew on the other hand wants a new guitar and/or violin. What? Those are kinda expensive but I guess his parents will give him any of those if they have a budget. I will not wonder of he'll ask for a yamaha flute one day for he is really inclined on music these days. Let's see next year if he's still into music.