Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Shopping

Wow, only few more days and it;s Christmas once again. This year it will be very different for me since I will be celebrating it here in Australia for the first time. I know that Christmas here can be different from what I am accustomed back home but shopping is always not to be missed.

 Before even flying here in Sydney, I already had my Christmas shopping in Pinas that i brought them here. I had them wrapped just the other day and now they are sitting down at the Christmas tree while the kids are excited to see them.

My sister and I had been busy buying gifts for her family too. We have been to a lot of shops looking for some Starwars stuff for her eldest son while some toys for her lil girl. Parents are busy shopping, all store are jam-packed looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. MIDI controllers, musical stuff, toys and other items are being sold like hotcakes in some stores.

By now, my nephew and niece are excited, they are even having a countdown till Christmas day to come for they know that they will receive gifts from their parents and from Santa as well. I'm pretty excited too as well as I know I can receive some gifts as well. :)


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Australian Vacation 2015

I was given a 3-month Australian Visa last Nov. 14th after applying for a Family Sponsored Tourist Stream. I'm more than happy and thankful after I got the news. My sister just had an operation so she needed me back in Australia to support her and help around the house.

I flew to Australia via Cebu Pacific on Nov. 22 and it's my Day 16th as of this writing. It was my 4th time to be here in Australia and I'm always excited to be here in Sydney. I had no problems with the immigration or during my flight. I just declared all the food and medicines that I bought and they didn't even bother to open my luggage which is good.

We have been to many places already. My sister and I have been shopping here and there already and the only thing that bothers me is my size..lol Most of the women's clothes are size 8 and up and I could only fit on size 6 which is sometimes equivalent to XS.. yay so I just had few items bought.

We have so many things and places to do around here in Sydney and I can't wait for more adventures.

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