Friday, December 4, 2020

Equipment Necessary To Train Your Horse

Once you have purchased your beloved horse, you will want to ride him. You need a variety of equipment, also known as horse tack, to make the job easier. 

What Horse Tack is Necessary for Riding?

For starters, a saddle and saddle accessories are essential. The breastplate is a saddle accessory that helps prevent the saddle from sliding on the horse, either backward or sideways. The saddle blanket protects the horse's back by creating a cushion between it and the saddle. It also absorbs sweat. 

Other tack includes:

  • Stirrups - These hang down on each side of the saddle to house the feet of the rider.
  • Halters or bridles - These include a headstall and noseband that go around the horse's head. This enables the rider to lead the horse.
  • Reins - Leather straps attach to the bridle to drive the horse.

Equipping a horse is sometimes called tacking up. The tack room is where the equipment is stored, typically housed inside the stable.

What Equipment is Needed for Training a Horse to Jump?

If you are interested in training your horse for equestrian events, you need horse jump coops. These are obstacles that help you teach your horse how to jump properly. 

There are a variety of horse jumping obstacles available. In addition to individual jump coops, you can also purchase combination fences that include a variety of equestrian elements, including ditches, banks, water elements and logs. The jumps are designed to be placed within a couple of strides of each other and should be set up in an order similar to those used in competitive equestrian events. 

Professionally constructed horse jump coops are the best way to train your horse to jump. They can also attract potential sponsors.

Owning a horse is an exciting and rewarding experience. Finding the best equipment will make the endeavor much easier for both you and your horse.