Friday, April 12, 2019

Ways To Treat Yourself As a New Yorker

If you’ve watched the hit comedy TV series “Parks and Recreation,” then you know what it means to treat yourself. They even have an annual day dedicated to it. The truth is that most people are so worried about pleasing others and getting ahead in their careers that they don’t take the time to reward themselves for all that hard work. If you don’t take care of yourself then you won’t be able to keep doing the things you do.

Have a Spa Day
Going to the spa is one of the most relaxing things you can do for your body. Your body becomes tense when it is overworked. Take this day to get a professional massage. While you’re at it, get a manicure, pedicure and a facial. To top it all off, get a makeover and fabulous new hairdo at hair extensions salons NYC. After a day of pampering, you’ll be recharged to take the world on by storm.

Go On a Day Trip
One of the best ways to escape the daily stressors in your life is to get away for the day—literally. Plan a day trip for yourself filled with the things you love to do. If you like nature, go for a hike in a nearby forest or park. If the weather is nice, drive out to the beach for a day of tanning and hitting the waves. You can even venture out to a nearby city for a day of sightseeing.

Splurge On a Shopping Spree
Going on a shopping spree is the definition of treating yourself. Hit up the local mall or outlets for a day of endless shopping. Be sure to stop by your favorite stores first. If there’s a purse or necklace you’ve had your eyes on, but it is slightly out of your price range, splurge a little and buy it. While you’re at it, buy a flattering dress for your next night out.

Life in New York City is chaotic. If you find the time to treat yourself, it becomes more manageable.

Keeping Your Family and Home Secure

There is nothing more important than keeping your family and your home safe. Having self-defense items such as a personal ballistic shield can protect your home from armed intruders intent on doing harm. Read on to learn more about this indispensable home safety device.

What Does a Shield Do for a Homeowner? 
Made of lightweight material, a ballistic shield can stop a fired round before it strikes the person holding it. This form of protection, similar to those used by police departments across the nation, can also prevent a homeowner from being physically assaulted. Having a barrier like this can provide you invaluable safety and discourage the criminal trying to take your things. It can easily be stored until it is needed and there is no fear of little children harming themselves with it. It is simple peace of mind at your fingertips.

Why Does a Homeowner Need a Personal Ballistic Shield? 
There are more than 2.5 million thefts in this country per year, and 66 percent are break-ins. In over a third of the home burglaries in the United States, the offender is armed. In 26 percent of the robberies when the homeowners were present, they were injured in the attack. Don’t let yourself be put in this position. Locating a ballistic shield for sale may not only protect you if you were to become part of those statistics, but it can also give you security and piece of mind that you won’t become a statistic.

A security measure like this tells the thief you are prepared and could diffuse the situation before it starts.

You never want to think that your home will be broken into and that your family and belongings could be put in danger. An ounce of prevention can stop this from happening to you. A ballistic shield can keep you and your loved ones safe and deter a criminal from causing you trouble.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Combating Seasonal [and Other] Allergies Like a Pro

When allergy season rolls around, don’t get caught unprepared. These tips will leave you feeling fine come allergy time.

Get Tested
Allergies affect 50 million people in the United Sates, according to the ACAAI, while WebMD states that seasonal allergies alone affect 35 million. In short, many people have them…. yet never know because they never test for them. The best way to identify allergies is to see an allergist or immunologist, who can perform fast, non-invasive tests and offer various treatment options. Even if you’ve already had an allergy test, get another later on, as new allergies can pop up over time, while older ones subside or vanish.

Know the Symptoms
While you should get tested regardless of whether symptoms are evident, being able to spot the signs always helps. While some symptoms are similar to a cold or flu, such as sneezing, redness and a runny nose, the big difference is that allergies typically do not cause fever (making the term “hay fever” somewhat inaccurate). Also pay attention to your breathing, as shortness of breath may be the result of allergic asthma.

Avoid Allergens
Once you know what you’re allergic to, stay away from it. Let people know what sets your allergies off to so they don’t accidentally bring you a plant or other item that makes you sick. If dust is an allergen for you, make sure to keep your most frequented spaces clean.

Get Treatment
After testing, your allergist will likely prescribe medication that should make your body more resistant to allergy triggers, including inhalers, pills, nasal sprays and creams for skin irritation. Alternately, your doctor may instead recommend immunotherapy, which strengthens your immune system over allergies (e.g. through weekly shots). Some more holistic treatment centers buy advanced allergy therapeutics software to help identify which organs are directly affected by your allergies and use acupressure to treat them, but research Advanced Allergy Therapeutics carefully before committing, as its legitimacy is hotly debated.

With a little planning, allergy season can roll by almost as smoothly as any other season.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Advice for Seattle-Area Parents Considering Private Schooling

As a parent in the bustling Seattle metropolis, the process of enrolling your children in school can be so exhausting. You likely want the best for your kids, which can mean high-quality education in a thriving environment. However, the world of private schooling can be expensive, competitive and time-consuming.

The Competition of Admission
Based on results found by the Seattle Public School system, nearly one quarter of Seattle students is enrolled in a private school. In nearby cities, it can be quite competitive; a recent survey found that only 2,155 students are enrolled in 14 top private schools in Redmond WA. With an average acceptance rate of 66% in the area, as compared to the national average acceptance rate for private schools of 85%, you can see that it may be difficult to enroll your child in private school. Thankfully, there are many options outside the traditional private school methodology.

The Range of Private Schools
When you start looking at private school options, you may quickly realize that there are several different styles of private school. All of these types of school prioritize different education methods, as well, so it is important to familiarize yourself with them.
Here are a few:
• Boarding schools often focus on developing a community-style environment for their students, who usually live and eat on the school property.
• Montessori schools are set up to emphasize each student’s unique learning talents and therefore can offer a more personalized education for students and their families.
• Religious schools vary in their teaching styles, but all have an association with a particular religious organization. If religion is a strong part of your life, a religious school may be a good choice for you and your family.

In familiarizing yourself with the diversity of private schools, you can better prepare your child or children for an excellent future.