Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Decorating and all

It's been about 2 years ago when I had the inside of our house re-painted and it took around a week for our painters to finish the job. It was a bit messy job as we need to move almost all the stuff that we have inside our bedrooms, living room and the kitchen. Some of the furniture are repainted as well and that includes drawers, closet , tables and chairs.

The house smells paint all over and it's sickening so I have to stay at my brother's place to sleep for few days until the smell fades. Not an easy task to do for our workers and it's also not an easy task for my pocket as well but the result was more than good. I'm pretty sure that it will take another 2-3 years again before I have it repainted again. Cleaning the walls with soft cloth to remove the dirt and some grime will help as long as it will not look awful.

Now that Christmas is coming once again, I'm itching to decorate the house but my budget won't allow me to do so. Our tabletop Christmas tree that is more than 5 years old will be put up and decorated this coming days. The trimming and decor will be the same again as I just can't throw the old ones.

What bother's me is the big drawer that I have in my bedroom. Opening and closing it is a challenge so my eyes are glued for soft close drawer slides that I can put in my drawer when I have it repaired. Apart from that drawer, my closet needs some adjustments too as it's overflowing with clothes that I have. I guess I have to sort out clothes that I will not use anymore so I can either sell them or give them away.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Puberty Stage

No longer a baby....... That is what my 11-year old niece is now.

At 11 years old my niece is still a child but wants to be a little lady already. Dressing up a little different for the past few months as she has been picky with what she wants to wear. She often come to me and ask for my suggestion or approval if her attire for the day (example church day) is ok and suits her.

With her long hair, a headband usually keeps it neat. She's more comfortable wearing leggings or jeans now instead of dress or shorts but I encourage her to wear dress especially at church time but she's not confident wearing such. I guess when she becomes older, she'll know that dress can be pretty on her too.

Her mom bought her baby bra last year because her young breast is showing up already. A sure sign that she is going to puberty stage is when she got her 1st menstruation about 3 weeks ago. It's new to her because most of her friends at school already experienced it already so she knows what to expect somehow.

It was at night time when she called her mom to show the little red spots on her underwear. She's calm and not afraid of what she saw because she is kinda prepared already. Her mom already taught her what to do, change and put her sanitary napkin esp. when she's at school. And as an aunt, I also shared some of my experiences to her when I had my 1st menstrual period too. Her 1st experience was not bad at all so I'm sure the next months when it comes, she'll be more prepared on what to do. 

Now, that she will  be experiencing puberty stage, I know there are lot of changes in her physical appearance, moods and other hormone changes. I know that her mom will guide her and with high hopes, I am wishing that she'll become a good little lady soon.

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