Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Take your Small Business to New Heights with a Virtual Office

A business owner should strive to run his or her company efficiently while saving money. Luckily, when taking advantage of certain methods, one can run their organisation with ease. One of the most efficient ways to run a company with greater efficiency is to use Virtual Office Chicago. Here are five reasons why a small business owner should use a virtual office.

Prestige: When renting a virtual office, one will enjoy an address that they can share with business associates and potential clients. When handing out a business card, one will impress people and create the illusion of success. This is an excellent and inexpensive way for a company to gain new customers when they can impress people with their upscale address. One must remember how important it is to have a solid address in a great neighbourhood.

Not bogged down: When renting a traditional office building, one will have difficulty moving quickly or expanding the office space. For an up and coming business with a mobile work force, this will present a problem. Fortunately, with a virtual office, one can move their location as needed. This is a massive advantage for a company with owners who want to do what it takes to make sure that the company remains successful. In fact, within a few months of signing a traditional lease, many entrepreneurs will regret their decision and count down the days until they can move.

Cost: Now, the main reason people rent a virtual office is to save money. With this option, one can cut their month to month rent and utility costs. Furthermore, with this style of office, one can have most of the staff work from home or another site. Without a doubt, a company looking to stretch their budget must consider using a virtual office. When saving enough money, the business can devote the funds to expand operations.

Eco-friendly: When trying to protect the planet, one should go with a different approach to their office. With a virtual office, one can only use their office when needed. In the process, the employees and owners will use less natural resources to heat and cool the building. Furthermore, workers will not have to commute as far or as often and will not pollute the environment by driving to the office. When having the eco-friendly approach, one will feel good and can impress current and potential clients.

Test: When looking to test a new market, one can rent a virtual office and gauge the interest of local residents. This is the perfect way for a growing company to gain an understanding about a new market. Remember, when looking to find a new area to do business in, one will spend a lot of money if they rent a traditional office.

A company must consider using a virtual office for their needs. When doing so, an entrepreneur can save money and provide employees with plenty of options. Remember, gone are the days of finding a big office and staying for years.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Early Preparations

July is almost done and it seems that days are slipping quite fast these days. In no time, it'll be Christmas once again where I could hear lots of Christmas songs in the air. Actually, Christmas is early here in the Philippines because as soon as the "ber" months (September, October, etc) step in, there's no doubt that the air will be filled with Christmas songs.

I can already picture in my head all those kids singing carols in front of our houses trying to receive some money that they can use. Actually, there's even more than that, carolers often times go the distance by joining singing contests where they can win lots of prices. Groups by then are trying to check on how they can save on loop pedal at musicians friend when the time comes for them to buy some supplies.

Ahhh.. it's so nice to think about Christmas time as there are lots of fun things to do.

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Current Favorites

These are my current faves for this year:

Social Media/Networking Sites/Apps etc.:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Viber,

Programs on TV:
Reality Shows:
Undercover Boss, Project Runway, Project Accessory,

Dog Whisperer, Padam Padam,

Local Shows:
Kris TV, My Husban's Lover, Please Be Careful With my Heart, Eat Bulaga, Jessica Soho, Rated K, Ang Pinaka, Gandang Gabi Vice,

I'm not really very adventurous when it comes to food so I only love simple and common foods.
Chicken caldereta, Mechado, Sweet n Sour Fish, Shrimps, Veggie Okoy, Champorado,
Moist choclate cake, Swiss Miss, Taho, Peanut Bar, Turon, Fruit Salad, banana chips
Floss by Bread Talk, JCO donuts, Cupcakes by Sophie's Mom, sorbetes (local ice cream),

Digital Scrapbooking, Photobook Making, Digi Designing

Zumba - just following a routine on Youtube, Walking, Cleaning the house (lol)

MAC lipstick: Housewine for everyday use,
Nars- duo eyeshadow
LÓreal - True Match press powder
Human Nature products - sunflower oil, facial wash

Long Champ Le Pliage
Esprit bag

Armani Watch
DKNY and Fossil leather oversized watch

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Discount Perfumes, Colognes and more

When most people think of perfume, they think of floral accents, fragrant fruits, fresh linens and elegant spices. They think of big names in fashion and celebrities that ostensibly smell as good as they look. Recent news revealed, however, that a new player is about to enter the perfume market. Notre Dame, the Catholic research university located in South Bend, Indiana, said they will be selling scents for both men and women who are fans of the school's Fighting Irish. The scent will also be featured in body wash, shaving gels, body lotion and lip balm. The football team is one of the most successful college sports organizations in the country, with an estimated value of more than $100 million dollars.

Norte Dame isn't the first institution to release a sports team related perfume. The Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers all have signature scents for their fans to wear before, during and after the game. Marketing experts believe that these scents create a greater emotional connection between the fans and their favorite competitors. While team related perfumes can cost a significant amount of money,discount perfumes from are always available for women who want a more traditional and elegant scent for nights out or summer walks.

No one really knows if Notre Dame's new scented campaign will be popular with the fans or not, but it is sure to draw the attention of Fighting Irish enthusiasts who already wear perfume and cologne on a regular basis.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Importance of Grooming our Pets

My pet Sophie before and after her grooming last June
As a pet owner, I have to make sure that my dog eats and drinks on a regular basis. My dog is a mixed breed of Shitzu and Dascund and she's been with me for the last 4 years.

I also make sure that we go to her vet all the time depending on her vaccine schedules. Just last Sunday she got her redeworming and mange/ticks shots. Her vaccine shots are up to date and I'm very sure that she is a very healthy dog. I'm also giving her vitamins that she takes almost everyday. Sophie can eat both dog food and table food but sometimes if she doesn't like the food, she will not eat hehe.

Just last month, I decided to have her long coat cut for it has some tangles already. She's not happy with the grooming part that is why she was sedated to let her groomers clean her thoroughly.

We need to have our pets groomed so that they will be clean and healthy.
I guess she's not happy with her new look. Poor baby

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to Choose a Good Dentist

Going to a dentist in Raleigh, North Carolina, is important if you want to maintain your oral health. Studies show that people that go to the dentist twice a year will have 50% fewer cavities throughout their life. The worst part is that if you put off your dental work for too long, the repairs will get more expensive, but how do you choose a dentist? Here are a few things that you can look for when finding the perfect doctor to look at your pearly whites.

Positive Signs

There are not a lot of people that revel in their dental appointments. Because you probably don’t look forward to the dentist, you want to make sure the dentist you get has a personality that meshes well with yours. Your dentist should be someone that you can talk to. You should feel confident that you can talk about your oral health with your dentist.

Besides personality, you want to make sure that you dentist will do a good job. Not all dental work is created equally, and you can’t necessarily judge dental quality by the price. One of the best ways to tell quality dental work is to find out how much time dental procedures take. If the dentist is taking sufficient time to fix a cavity rather than using the assembly line approach, you will probably be pleased with the work.

Finally, make sure that your dentist is meticulous about examining your mouth. A good dentist not only examines your teeth, but he also looks at your jaw, gums, lymph nodes, and all of the areas around your mouth. A good dentist will also chart all of his findings so that he can refer back to the information at other appointments.

Negative Signs

When choosing a dentist, beware of excessive advertisement that offers free gifts and other bonuses for signing up for a preliminary checkup. Many times, these dentists want to get a large amount of people to do their first exam so the dentist can make money, not care for the patients down the road.

You should also be wary if the dentist tries to specialize in non-dental treatments as part of the practice. Some dentists will try and sell you vitamin supplements or herbal treatments as a side job. It shows that they are after profit, not cleaner teeth.

Finally, it can be negative sign if the dentist tells you that you need a lot of extra work that a previous dentist did not mention. For example, if your dentist tells you that you should completely replace all of your amalgam fillings, you should probably continue your search for a dentist elsewhere.


If you are in need of a dental exam, you won’t have a hard time finding a great dentist in Raleigh, North Carolina. By watching for signs of a good dentist, you can enjoy a healthy mouth for years to come.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We Need a New Van!

With the upcoming travels that we will be having this December, we definietly need a new van already. The old Toyota van that we have already have lots of problems. We can't just buy a car for we need a bigger and spacious vehicle that can carry almost all of us when we travel out of town.

Right now my older bro is on the lookout for a new second hand van and we wanted a newer model and probably a much bigger space than we had before. He’s been looking online but I guess we need a big budget if we want something more big and new. If only we can afford a mercedez benz van that I saw but with our limited budget I reckon we can only settle for a Toyota one. There was one time when bro and mom make an ocular inspection of a vehicle but the registration papers are not that “clean” so they opted not to buy it.

You know these days, we have to be careful because we can’t erase the fact that they are vehicles who are carnapped being sold by some crooks. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wait.. I need to play the lottery.. I might win.. hehe!

My Mom is a Handy Woman

When it comes to home maintenance, my mom is the queen; a handy woman as well since dad is not here anymore. I commend her for doing some guy’s works despite her age but of course she asks help from our helper especially if the work is already heavy for her. There are days when we need to do a major house cleaning as she can’t stand filthiness. You’ll hear from her if she knows you’re sluggish on doing the right thing. We don’t mind it at times because we know it is for our own good.

Anyway, weekend is coming once again and have you noticed that the days are coming so quickly? I’m going to the grocery tomorrow to buy some disinfectants like Lysol and even maxforce fc magnum roach killer because we’ve scheduled to do a thorough cleaning on the garage over the weekend because we saw some roaches already. Yikes! Mom told us to clean the area, so we have no choice but to do it.

Speaking of house maintenance, the lights on our back yard and on the other side of our garage is already dim so we need to change the bulbs there. You know we need to change them as it is scary at night here in our area. I just hope I can find the perfect lighting accessories over the weekend. maintenance is actually endless; when something got broken another one will follow.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Design Thoughts

A conversation with my niece the other night left me thinking about how focused she was in terms of the carreer path that she wants to take. I can't remember having those kinds of thoughts when I was at same age as hers and I command her for that. Just wishing that all her dreams and aspirations in life will come through and I know with that kind of thinking and her passion, I know she can go places and achieve what she wants to do.

Her designing (graphics) skills are very much on high level as she is making sure she is doing the best she can. I am sure she'll do great on her presentation folder printing to show to her clients. I guess she also needs to hone more of her skills by attending workshop, continuous studies and practice. Not all have the ability to have good designing skills so she's gifted with that.

Pensive Mood

I was in pensive mood last night after seeing some loads of documents that I've been keeping for years already. Browsing these documents for a while brings a lot of memories that unearthed some deep feelings and aches for sometime. It is not something that I wanted and hoped for but looking back at what I have done and said made me chuckle a little bit but knowing what I am feeling that time makes it reasonable.

Am not going to put it in detail because it will just bring wound fresh again. It's been a decade already so I might as well bury it deep deep deep down.