Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Movies for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens in our town are very lucky as they have the privilege to watch any movie at SM at our town for FREE. This is a project of our town mayor and to avail of this, all senior citizens just need to get a Movie Card ID (for free) at the municipal hall that they can present every time they want to watch a movie.

Every Tuesday (1st showing time) is the schedule of seniors citizens. My mom is one of those senior citizens that can watch movies every week. She goes there all by herself and funny thing is that, she gets to see some senior neighbors who are also going to watch the movies so they became her companion. Senior citizens with age spots and even those that are having hard time to walk are enjoying themselves with free movie.

I'm not sure if other towns are doing the same for their seniors. My mom and others are lucky ones. Just today, was able to watch another movie.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

So I found myself looking at the mirror this morning after taking a shower and I'm quite stunned to see the gray hairs coming out once again. I just had my hair colored before my birthday this month and it's already showing? Yay. I guess I'll be going to the salon soon once again but repeated coloring of my hair makes it more brittle and dry but I have no choice to do it as it's also so unpleasant to see my gray hairs.

I noticed that fine lines near my eye area are getting pronounced as well and there are times I'm thinking which wrinkle cream is best? I'm not sure I'm getting a cream soon but I know that there'll come a time that I'll have to. I'm not getting any younger so I'm already prepared that my skin will have to change already.

Our Online Twitter/Digi-Scrapper Christmas Exchange Gift

My digi-scrapper friends over at Twitter had another Christmas Exchange gift. We've been doing this for the last 3 years if my memory serves me right and every year it's always exciting. Since we have "member" in the US and other places, we picked names using the online bunutan at Drawnames.com.

Glo, initiated this exchange gift last Nov. 3 and I think most of us have already sent and received the gifts from our "mommies". I got mine already and I already know who is my mommy. I didn't wish for any safe diet pills to make me slim since I don't need it anyway. I'll just share the pics later.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sports Buffs

My 2 older brothers are definitely sports fanatic most especially when it comes to basketball. They love to watch our local basketball (PBA) and they even have different teams that they are rooting. Funny thing is that when both of their teams are fighting for the championship, except a high energy, loud cheering and often chaotic time in the house while they watch it on TV.

If budget is not a problem, they purchase tickets and the watch games live in the court. Their experiences often are memorable because they always say that watching it live is giving them a different euphoria than watching it only on the tube.

Aside from PBA, NBA is not foreign to them. I often hear them talk about names of their favourite NBA players and sometimes saw them buy basketball magazines and such. Chiacago Bulls, LA LAkers are just some of the famous teams that they love to watch and follow. I’m sure we’re in the US, there’s no doubt that they also follow their teams on every play and would even buy tickets for the championship.

Yay! Black Friday Shopping!

Ohhh.. I can now feel the craziness about the Black Friday shopping in few more days in the US after their Thanksgiving. I have few friends in the US and they've been raving about how stores have their items for sale at low low prices.

Actually, I have lots of friends who are asking a friend of us to shop for them and then she'll just ship it here via the balikbayan box. As what I know they're planning to buy netbook, kitchen utensils, clothing and lots more. I'm tempted but I don't need those items, maybe I'll just wait for my friends "kalakals" (items for sale) after the Black Friday.

Oh how'd I wish I'm in the US also so I can experience the thrill during Black Friday shopping.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deadly Cancer

Just hearing someone with cancer makes me sad. I have 2 aunts who already succumbed to death due to breast cancer and I have the fear of my every time I think about it.

Those that are working in an industry where they are exposed to asbestos can also endanger themselves getting sick. Unlike breast cancer that can be genetic, mesothelioma is different as it is due to inhalation of asbestos. Asbestos is used in manufacturing industry and have been banned many years ago because of the increase rates of people developing cancer of the mesothelium. Victims can actually file for damages and a Houston asbestos lawyer
can greatly help them.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Skinny

Lately, a lot of my friends and relatives are noticing that I'm losing weight. They didn't like that I'm too thin and so do I.

Actually, I'm not dieting or trying to lose weight, it's just that my metabolism is faster than ever. If others are trying to shed pound and always ask "do diet pills work?", it's other way around for me as I'm trying to gain more weight to get my ideal weight of 94-96 lbs.

Right now I'm just 91-92 lbs.. Here's a recent photo of me taken just yesterday, my skinny body is not noticeable as I'm wearing a loose blouse.

Friday, November 12, 2010

iPhone TV!

Ok, so I’m still dreaming of owning an iPhone someday but not soon enough. I know it’s one great piece of a gadget where you can do almost anything on it but I reckon that I only want it but not need it. My friends are raving over it since they got one for themselves and with the looks of it; they are having a wonderful time using this gadget. Their kids are even borrowing it from them as kids also can play games through many applications.

To make their iPhones more exciting and more useful, my friends are purchasing apps at a very reasonable price. There are actually tons of apps that you can choose: from games, exercise, business, cooking and lots more. iPhone never ceases to amaze its users and now Iphone tv is making waves. iPhone users can now watch live streaming, online video, TV programs and pre-recorded videos in their iPhone units. Wow, amazing huh? I wonder what’s coming up next?

Oh dear, I hope I will not be left behind.

Disturbing News

These past few days, it’s quite bothering to hear from news about road accidents, crimes of passion, killings, modus operandi and more. It’s always heartbreaking to see victims lie helplessly or lifeless in the place of the crime. One particular story that was on the news recently was the massacre of a family wherein a young child was even raped and murdered. How can you not be emotional and be angry to those killers and perpetrators of this crime? The criminals are not in their right minds when they did that, I just hope the victims will be given justice and those criminals will be put to jail.

The relatives of the victims should seek justice and exert their efforts in asking for legal help. We have government lawyers that can assist them for free. Seeking justice can be daunting but if you have the right evidences, witnesses and good lawyers that can back you up, then I guess you’ll be given justice. If you’re in San Diego County and need someone to represent you in court, then Kerry Steigerwalt, a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer can help you with your legal matters.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here Comes the Rain Again

Can you feel the cool breeze early in the mornings already? It's a sure sign that Christmas is just around the corner.

It's also been raining these fast few days so the weather is cooler than most of the days. Some of our neighbors are even collecting rain waters on their steel drum so that they can use it to clean their cars or garages. If the rain will continue until December then for sure we'll have a cold Christmas this year. It's much better than having a hot weather.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Too Lazy to Blog

Oh dear, I've been on blog hiatus since Saturday and it's only now that I was able to blog once again. There are many occasions that happened and I'm just still too lazy to post and even upload some of the photos. Arghhh.

Sometimes little vacation will make me a little bit sluggish and lazy but resting, shopping and doing some other works will definitely not make me bored. Work is a little bit ok these days but I'm sure the coming days will be hectic once again.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Coin Collector

My brother is once again organizing his collections in his small gallery. The big glass on one of the cabinets where he is showcasing his collections got broken while he was opening it few months ago. There are some old local coins displayed there and he doesn’t want some of his coins stolen once again by a visitor or buyer. Fortunately it’s not a rare gold coin on display or else he’ll be so furious.

Bebot/Twitter Christmas Exchange Gift

Me and my digi-scrapping and twitter friends are having another Christmas exchange gift this year. We've been doing this for 3-4 years already and I thought we're not going do to this year but fortunately Glo gave us a signal so almost all of us joined. We used drawnames.com to have our names picked out and where we can put our wish list. Our exchange gift is $35 + plus shipping this year.

I have to make my wish list so that my "mommy" will know what I want to receive this Christmas. I already have an idea on what I want and I'll be posting it here on my blog soon.

Christmas Shopping Soon

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m slowly starting to buy Christmas gifts for my friends and family. I want to be a little bit generous this year because I wanted to share my blessings that I’m getting from work. I sure hope they’ll like my surprise and be grateful for what they’ll receive. Also, if only I can give themgold coins
each that I can get from US Gold Bureau then I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

November and December are my shopping months and I have to make another shopping list for I’ll be going to the malls this coming days. My niece is even giving me a hint on what to give her this Christmas.

Another Blog Contest at Quicker8.com

Ohhh.. I want that Fossil watch!

I hope I can win at Faye's blog contest. She's been so generous to her reaaders and she's giving away new prizes this time. If you want to win any of the prize, join the contest as it ends on December 18, 2010. Check out for the mechanics

Prizes are:
1st prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
2nd prize - Fossil Ladies Watch
3rd prize -Kate Spade kikay kit (orange)

Turning Big 40

November is the birth month for my sister Joy and me. Mine is on the 16th while hers will be on the 25th. It’s quite special for her this year as she is turning big 40! and sis Joy is getting excited and anxious at the same time. I still don’t know her plans but for sure she’ll have a party at the house or maybe at a nice restaurant.

Her husband for sure is preparing a big surprise for her and she doesn’t want to be caught off guard. Will she receive another diamond ring, bracelet or maybe a gold bullion
this time? You see, her husband loves surprising her and I’ll not be shock anymore when her husband will give her a gold investment that he can buy at US Gold Bureau.

I just wish my sis all the love and happiness in the world. May she be blessed more.

Itching to Travel

My oldest sister is itching to travel once again and in fact, she called me one night, telling me that we're going to Singapore in December. I was kinda shocked to hear that from her and I told her that it's a bit rush for us to plan the vacation.

Overseas vacation needs a little bit of time planning plus we need to allocate a budget for that. So her plans was canceled and I just informed her that it's much better if we just leave next year. We still need to check on the schedules of the kids at school and hope that our plans will push through. Yey, now we need to save and be on the lookout for airline seat sales.

Yey, I Shopped!

Yes.. I decided to shop last weekend and it’s good thing because SM mall is having a Halloween sale. I was able to grab few jeans and tops for myself and I got 10-20% off on my purchases. I didn’t know that they’re having a sale so I was so lucky to have shopped that day.

I grabbed the chance to shop so I ended up shopping for more. Got few items for the kitchen and the bathroom but I wasn’t able to find futon covers that’s on sale. Now, I’m itching to shop once again and maybe next week I can go out once again. I’m going to give myself more reward for this year and hoping that I can find nice stuff as Christmas gifts as well.