Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Project 365 Layout: MARCH Week 4

March: Week 4
Click Image for More layouts/ Credits and to see bigger

I am so glad that I am up to date in making a layout for my project 365 photos. Thanks to template, it makes my life a bit easier..LOL
I can't wait to have it printed over at ARTSCOW

Monday, March 30, 2009

WS: HK Tickets

PROJECT 365: HK Tickets
Went at Cebu Pacific Office in Robinson's Galleria on Sunday with my niece to purchase tickets for our Hongkong Trip this December 21- 24. I was hoping that I'll get the promo MNL- HK price of only P1,299 (excluding tax) but unfortunately it was fully booked already.

They said that only 9 tickets/flight are given. Anyway, i opted for the regular price which is way too expensive. I bought 7 adult tickets and 1 child ticket tickets courtesy of my 2 sisters (I paid mine wahhhh.. Cebu P. is also offering a lower price compared to other airlines and I hope there'll be no hassle.

We are just excited for our trip bec. we'll be meeting my other sisters and their family coming from Saudi and Australia in HK. And also our very first time to go to HK DISNEYLAND !! and of course it's a place for shopping galore wahooo..!!

We joined Earth Hour 2009

PROJECT 365: Earth Hour
MARCH 28, 8:30 -9:30pm As the world participated at EARTH HOUR. We also joined the rest of the nation and community. We turned off our lights and I bet our neighbors are thinking if Meralco cut off our electric.. LOL.. It's good we participated on this event.

Mel and Mike: Eliminated at the Amazing Race 14 Episode 7 plus Video

I can't get enough of my fave reality show and as usual i watched today's episode. LOVE THIS SHOW!!

RECAP: From India they flew to Phuket Thailand. They were given a picture of a gorilla as a CLUE and they need to find it. It's actually at the PHUKET ZOO, where they need to do some tasks. Picture taking with the tiger and they need to participate in the Elephant show.

After that they need to to go to the HERB shop, to look for their next clue inside a box.

100 barrels - where they need to load 47 empty barrels and put water on it
2 miles- they need to go to the temple and carry a team member using their carriage.

1. Tammy and Victor
2- Jaime and Cara
3. Mark and Michael - they should be the 1st place but they incurred a 1 hr penalty (30 mins for intentionally hiding the pump fr the 2miles detour and 30 mins. from asking the taxi driver to lead them on the next destination
4. Margie and Luke
5. Kisha and Jen
Mel and Mike: Eliminated at the Amazing Race 14 Episode 7

The Amazing Race 14 - Episode # 7 / Part 1 VIDEO more at Youtube


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photohunt:: Hands

Photohunt: No Pictures Pls.
Photohunt: No Pictures Pls., "ta Jen
My entry for Photohunt this week. Photohunt: HANDS

I dunno but sometimes my nephews and nieces will just run away, hide or cover their faces everytime they see me and my camera.. LOL.. Maybe bec. they are just tired of seeing me holding my camera or they are just too shy at the cam.. hmmmm..

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Dad's Birthday

PROJECT 365: Pancit
March-26 (Thursday)--Day-85
It's my dad's BIRTHDAY last Thursday and if only he was alive then he'd be 75 already. We had a small family celebration. I dreamt of my dad last night and I was talking to him but I didn't see his face. I woke up right after that and I uttered " Happy Birthday, Dad". I hope he is happy wherever he is.

My SIL cooked this yummy pancit paired with bread and we also had Halo- halo for dessert. We all got stuffed!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday Boy

PROJECT 365: Birthday Boy
March-21 (Sat.)--Day-80
My nephew, Hans Martin turns 12 last Saturday. Ahhh he is a big boy now and soon to be a teenager next year. Yay, how time flies so fast!

Christie and Jodi: Eliminated at the Amazing Race 14; Episode 6

Hey all.. as usual I never failed to watch Amazing Race 14: Episode 6 this morning at studio 23, 8-9am. This episode 6 is exciting as the participants flew from Moscow to INDIA.Luke can't help but to cry when he saw the poverty in India, makes him realize how lucky he was and his family.

ROADBLOCK: performed by only one team member, they need to get water and camel feed
-MOVERS- need to ride a bicycle and transport the barrels full of hay. They also need to look for the small metal elephant inside.
-SHAKERS- they need to put on colorful costume and dance in the street and ask for a tip in exchange for their next clue.

Only Mark and Michael did the Movers task. All participants did all their best to finish the task.

PITSTOP: Jaigarh Fort
1ST- Tammy and Victor
2nd Mel and Mike, 3rd: Kisha and Jen
4th: margie and Luke, 5th Jaime and Cara, 6th Mark and Michael
Christie and Jodi: Eliminated at the Amazing Race 14: Episode 6


Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Awards

Chris gave me these and I am very thankful for her. THANKS a bunch Chris for remembering me and giving these to me. It is seldom that we came across other bloggers who appreciate what you are doing so this is special.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Join the Earth Hour 2009

A friend buzzed me about this, so I am sharing this too... Let's all do our part on March 28 for one hour. For more info read more at EARTH HOUR. If you have a blog, pls. make a post about this!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Proj. 365: The Graduate

PROJECT 365: The Graduate
March-18 (Wednesday)-Day-77
My bro woke me up early this morning and asked me to put make up on my 5 yr. old niece Reign bec. it's her graduation day. She graduated from KINDER 1, next school yr. she's PREP already. This means that school year is over for her now.

She was very cooperative and even giggled when I am putting the eyeshadow , she said she was tickled and told me that the eyebrush (ELF) is soft. I used the eyeshadow that Yen gave to me and a local eyshadow. Lipstick is a mixture of maybelline and avon plus i put ELF's pumping lip glaze.
(just used the P&S cam)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I only knew about Anthony Bourdain when I was in Australia for a vacation last year. When I have nothing to do, I always watch FOXTEL and there is when I watched the shows of Anthony Bourdain. He loves traveling and eating and that brought him to many key cities in the world.

I was browsing YOUTUBE earlier and found this new video where he went here. There are many clips on youtube about his experience here and I think I'll be watching them all later. He went to Manila, Pampanga and Cebu to taste all our wide array of Pinoy foods.

Anthony Bourdain, NO RESERVATIONS in the PHILIPPINES Part 1. Don't forget to view pts. 2-5 at you tube as well.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Christie & Jodi: Arrived last at the Amazing Race14 Episode5

Ok, It's Monday once again and as usual i got hooked on my TV just to watch my ever favorite AMAZING RACE Season 14. Watched it this morning at 8-9 am over at Studio 23.

Another day for racers and this time challenges are Detour: Russian Bride or SnowPlow.
ROADBLOCK: WINTER MARATHON : It was so exciting to watch the participants that chose to do the MARATHON bec. they have to run 1.4 miles to the pitstop only wearing their underwears..lol It was so cold and snowing but it's a race so they need to do that.

People are whisting, honking their horns when they saw participants running across the streets with their underwear.. lol Anyway, here is the result.
1. Margie and Luke- (they became 1st place 2x already)
2. Tammy and Victor
3. jaime and Cara
4. Mel and Mike 5. Mark and Michael 6. Kisha and Jen
7. Christie & Jodi: Arrived last at the Amazing Race14 Episode 5 but they are NOT eliminated

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Self Portrait

PROJECT 365: Self- Portrait
Reign (my niece) saw me taking photos for my photo a day so she borrowed her mom's camera and little did I know she was also taking photos of what I am taking.. hehe. I didn't teased her for doing that bec. I know she'll stop or she'll become shy.

Later on i found her taking photos of herself so my attention was put to her. Kids these days are very clever in using gadgets and gosh i guess in no time she'll be using DSLR already. She had fun taking photos of anything, she even took photos of me and my butt.. LOL.. She end up being my photo a day.
Having fun

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sick Again

PROJECT 365: Sick Again
My poor 11 yr. old nephew, Dither was sick since Sunday. He's been vomitting has fever and complained of headache. SIL and my bro brought them to his doctor and gave her some medicines for his tonsilitis. Today (tues.) he was not able to go school bec. he is sick again, he has no fever but still got a headache. Poor kid..

FIY, he doesn;t like to eat veggies or any meat while eating rice.. very picky! he can only eat rice with soup (SABAW lang talaga!!!) either tinola, nilaga or sinigang.. Dunno what's wrong with him really, if we force him to eat rice with meat or anything he'll throw it up..

Last year, he got sick of Dengue and has 50/50 chance of survival but thank God he survived it.Pls. say a prayer for his recovery this time. Thanks

Monday, March 9, 2009

My 2nd Photobook is here!

Micah's Phil. vacation Photobook
FINALLY!!! The 2nd photobook (8x8) 32 pages that I ordered at ARTSCOW last Feb. 11 arrived last March 5. The mailing system here is just too slow so it took about more than 2 weeks to arrive.
Anyway, as usual I am so happy and excited to see and open the photobook that I made. This is actually for my 14 yr old niece who took a vacation here last 2007 and this will be my gift for her this Christmas cuz she and her whole family will be coming home this Christmas. I am sure she will love this. Right now I am finishing 2 new photobooks for myself and other is for my niece.

Amanda & Kris: Eliminated at the Amazing Race 14 Episode 4

Episode 4: Amanda & Kris: Eliminated at the Amazing Race 14
I am so glad that Amazing Race 14 was shown early this morning at Studio 23 from 8 am till 9 pm so I was able to watch it and I not late to open my shop hehe. Teams made their way in Moscow where they were greeting with tasks. Stacking fire woods and later on Speed Reading.

Here's the result:
Team no. 1 Christi and Jodi,
Tisha and Jen,
Tammy and Victor
Margie and Luke

5th Jaime and Cara
Mel and Mike
Amanda & Kris, bec. they were U-turned by Margie and Luke

Friday, March 6, 2009

Meet Snoopy!

PROJECT 365: Meet Snoopy
A family friend came yesterday with her dog SNOOPY. We didn't have a pet dog so we are all eager to pat HER. Yep, she's a girl and I thought that her name doesn't fit her..lol She was actually afraid when she saw us, her knees are trembling, probably bec. we are new to her sight.

She looks adorable and sweet and wish we have a dog pet too. She was a bit shy, I found her just sitting in one of the small area rugs in our gazebo when I took photo of her.

Proj. 365: Testing ELF makeup

PROJECT 365: Testing
March-4 (Wednesday)--Day-63 (2)
My ELF make up arrived the other day. My older niece testing her ELF make ups that we ordered. She loved the concealer and the mascara. I will try it on myself too one time and I will post pic too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brad and Victoria: Eliminated at the Amazing Race 14

Ok here's another update of my favorite the award winning reality TV Show the Amazing Race. I was able to watch again this Monday and as usual I stayed at home from 9 am till 10 am to watch the show at Studio 23.

My eyes are glued and would not let go of the tasks that they are going to do this Episode 3. Just could not believe how Tammy and Victor did the "Vampire Remains" task. They were walking in circles bec. they missed the arrow and they were so frustrated. I was in turn laughing at the task where they need to do some gymnastics moves.
Here are the results:

1st: Mel & Mike, 2nd: Amanda & Kris, 3rd: Kisha & Jen, 4th: Margie & Luke
5th: Mark & Michael, 6th: Christie & Jodi, 7th: Jaime & Cara, 8th: Tammy & Victor
Eliminated: Brad & Victoria

After 25 Long Years....

I was a bit shocked and so happy yesterday afternoon bec. around 4 pm there was a lady coming inside my store. I looked at her and immediately recognized her face and the 1st thing that I blurted out loud was her name!!!

It was Lourdes, my friend and one of my buddy buddy way back in 4th yr. highschool. Although we have sent text several times, it is our 1st time that we saw each other after 25 long years and it is really good to see her!! After that never ending stories where exchanged among us, just imagine the endless chit chat that we have.

I showed her photos and encouraged her to attend meetings or gatherings of our highschool batch bec. I told her she should not miss the fun! We were like highschool while we are talking bec. we also reminisce our crushes lol! I am just too stupid not to take photos of us together bec. it slipped my mind.. gosh.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby No More

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Got this photo from my Sis JoyD's flickr account. Bianca has grown so fast that these days her said she is into Barbie dolls and other girly girly play already. She also turned 4 last Feb 21 (Happy Birthday sweet Bianca!) and there's no doubt that is no longer any baby anymore. In fact, my sis removed the baby bedding and her cot last year that she is sleeping in her bigger bed now.

I remember when she was born I was there in Sydney so I saw her in her few days after being born. She is a very sweet and she sleeps most of the times w/o any hassle and now that she has grown already her mom told me that there are times she doesn't want to get a nap in the afternoon..lol

PC Clean Up

PROJ. 365: Computer Clean Up
It's Clean Up day for me last Friday. Every now and then I try to "clean" the computers for rent here at my net cafe. I usually delete files and even programs that customers installed ( i don't allow it but they sneak sometimes) . I also update antivirus, check for malwares etc. but most of the times they still ends up being infected.

I also checked for not working headsets or wires etc. Some customers just don't care, some try to change settings, make vandalism etc. it's hard to look after what they are doing. There is also instances that I ask customers to stop opening porno sites bec. it's a public place and my lil nephews and nieces are just near buy. I also tried to REFORMAT one of the pc, bec. it is soooo slow eventhough it is virus free, I did it successfully but failed to reconnect it to the network. That gives me a headache so I sent it to a technician friend.