Friday, June 23, 2023

How I Was Able to Fix my Blog

 Last 2 days ago, I was about to look for a particular post that I have published few years back here in my blog but to my surprise it was down !!!! I was shocked and it got me thinking what happened. Here is what it looks like when I tried to open this blog. 

At first, I have no clue what happened but I guess I need to tweak some settings in my server's dashboard and on blogger. Since my other blog A SLICE OF LIFE went down too last August 2022, so I thought I'd do or copy what I have done there. It seems that I need to add a subdomain or put www. before my domain. It means that I need to create a subdomain on my blog. Hoping that it will work, I just experimented. I don't know why I came up with the idea or adding a subdomain but hey it works.

Here's what I did, since my blog works or redirect before without www, I need to add now. 

1. In my blogger settings, PUBLISHING , I clicked the CUSTOM DOMAIN and added www before my domain name; and when I clicked the update button this message appeared. I just followed what it says. (Don't click save bec. it will not really work).

2. I opened my server's dashboard and clicked my domain blog and created a subdomain by adding www. and clicked save.

3. Then on the subdomain, on the right side, click the dropdown menu and I clicked the DNS to add a CNAME record

3. Click CNAME : ADD RECORD host: www and point to click save. 

I made another CNAME record; with the name and host as indicated on the error (in the blogger's dashboard). Yours will be different for sure

4. After that, I went back to my BLOGGER dashboard and on the custom domain I clicked the SAVE button and the error disappeared and it will update since you have made or added a subdomain. 

5. On the Redirect domain on the blogger settings, activate it or turn it ON. That's it!

I waited for an hour or so and boom my 4 blogs are up again. !!!

Saturday, June 3, 2023

What Do I Most Look Forward Regarding Festa 2023


 Ahhhh... Festa is here once again!! 

 What do I most look forward to this year? None other than, complete Bangtan! To see them all together for their 10th Anniv. will surely warm my ARMY heart as I already miss them dearly. Apart from that, I'm looking forward with excitement to hear their new song, upcoming personal projects, love messages for us, see the smile on their faces, new photos and other Festa '23 announcements and activities. 

Also, I want them to know that ARMYs will undoubtedly wait for their comeback as OT7. Nothing beats the music, love, inspiration, kilig and fun that they have given us over the years. It'll be my 3rd Festa and definitely not the last. I maybe 55 but they make me feel young at heart. 

Borahae ARMYs and Happy 10th to our wonderful boys!