Tuesday, August 28, 2012

75th UAAP Games at SM MOA Arena/Smart Araneta

75th Season logo75th UAAP GamesI was still in college back in the late 80’s when I had the chance to watch UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) games live. It’s not even the basketball game but women’s volleyball game.

Last July 6, 2012, I went to watch the 75th UAAP basketball game with my cousin and her son who is going to play for the UE Warriors soon. The game was held at MOA Arena and I have to say that the arena was beautiful, spacious and of international caliber. I could not believe that I'll be that excited to watch the game between UE vs Ateneo. The atmosphere inside was incredible. It was noisy because of the loud cheering from the crowd and respective cheering squads supporting each team.

Right now, I found myself watching UAAP game coverage on ABS-CBN Channel 2 and Studio 23 if I get the chance. Wonder what team will win this year?

Have you experienced watching UAAP games or PBA games inside an arena?

Friday, August 24, 2012

All About Gift Wrapping

Ohh.. I just love wrapping gifts!I also have learned how to make paper bags manually and turn it into a bag where I can just put the gift inside then attach a tag and handle or I can make a wrapper that looks like t-shirt. It's fun wrapping gifts though I can be a little meticulous on the folding. For those that are not fond of wrapping their own gifts, ready made bags and boxes are already available.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Precious Photobooks

Just in case you didn’t know I’ve been a digi-scrapper way back in 2007. It started out when I wanted to dabble and work my way in JASC Paint Shop Pro and when I saw some layouts done by other scrappers. I thought it’s a cool thing to incorporate photos with designs or what we call digi papers and elements to make a beautiful page. At first, I made my own digi elements/papers for my layout but soon realized that I can get some for free or can buy on digi stores. Now, I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS3 (I will upgrade soon) to layout and design.

Since, we are on a digital age where we take lots of photos almost every day to preserve the memories of every moment, I decided to just make a PHOTOBOOK. I have it printed over at ARTSCOW, where I am also a digi-designer there. The great thing about artscow is that it gives its member free photobooks all the time so we only pay for the shipping which is around $9 each, which is a perfect deal already.

Here are my photobooks that I made through the years. I no longer print loose photos and buy albums anymore because I just make a layout and have it printed.


You can see details of my Photobooks at my SCRAPPING BLOG.

If you want to make photobooks but don’t know how, you can use MY FREE TEMPLATES at Artscow. All you need is to upload your photos at the site and drag and drop your photos at the templates, then have it printed there.

Don’t let your photos just stay in your computer/memory cards or on facebook/flckr accounts… PRINT THEM!!!


Monday, August 20, 2012

End of Ramadan and Ninoy Aquino Day

From Saturday up until Tuesday (Aug. 18-21, 2012) will be the long weekend for us here. Saturday and Sunday, being the weekend while August 20 (Monday) is the end of Ramadan (Eid al-Fitr or Eid’l Fitr) for our Muslim brothers.

August 21 in turn is Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino day and it was declared by Malacanang to be a non-working holiday. It will be the 29th year anniversary of the assassination of former Senator Aquino back in 1983. I remember I was in 3rd year highschool during that time when it happened and we even went to a place where his blooded clothing was on display.

Long weekend for students is heaven for they can play or watch TV endlessly at home or go out with friends since there are also 3-day sale at different malls. Other families even went out of town to bond with their loved ones. If long weekend is in favor for some students, some parents rather want their children to be in school.

For me, it’s just an ordinary day but it’s the time for me to finish all of my works. It’s also a good time to browse the internet endlessly while trying to find some good deals on clothes, shoes, Mens Flat Caps, vouchers for services or products etc.

I wanted ask some friends to go out and have some fun today but I just opt to stay at home because going out means shelling out some money and that is what I don’t want to do at the moment hehe. Anyway, there are some other day even if it’s not a holiday when I can go out. In fact, I’m staying away from too crowded malls too.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Can I Have More Space Please?! Haha

I’m a digi-scrapper/designer just in case you didn’t know and some of the things that I do when I have some free time aside from making photobooks or designing is to download freebies. There are many great designers out there who share their wonderful creations both for personal and commercial use. If there is a sale on digi store, it’s also the time for me to buy commercial used items that I can use when I make my own digital scrapbooking kits.

Since the other day, I was in a freebie hunt once again and I was lucky enough to find tons of PU and CU items that are ready for download.

Here is what my desktop looks like now. I know it’s a MESS but soon I will sort them and organize them. I have an external hard drive where I save all my layouts and my digi files. For now, it will stay on my desktop first until I finished my downloads.
imageRight now, it’s almost midnight but I’m still online for I’m just waiting for my download to finish and then I will hit the sack later.

There’s Always Sunshine After the Rain

Hello all! Been quiet here for the past weeks.

As you all know monsoon rains left the country with so much destruction. I guess you have seen photos on Yahoo News and other websites about the damage it has caused our country. Manila was like a waterworld while the cities and other provinces surrounding it also looks like a mini ocean already where people are riding rubber boats or bancas while crossing the flooded streets.

We have seen lots of act of kindness and heroism. Pinoys are always helpful to those in need. Storm Helen also came this weekend and I’m not sure it has left the country already. Some parts of La Union and other provinces are still in water and I just wish that they can recover soon.

Today, I woke up with the rays of sun shining on my bedroom window and I could not help but thank God for that. It only means that more people can enjoy the long weekend with their families outside their homes, plus it’s also the time where we can dry our clothes outside and clean our places.

We’re so thankful that we are not affected by the recent calamities but our hearts go to all those affected. In these times of trials in our lives not just here in our country, I will not blame if some people wanted to secure their own life and their family’ safety first by reading and inquiring at www.equote.com about different life or even medical insurances.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Singapore Vacation: Day 5- Jurong Bird Park

Day 5 of 6 - July 6, 2012 (Friday)
Jurong Bird Park
Ion Mall
Orchard Road
Wow, this is our last day in Singapore.

After our tiring day at Sentosa Island the previous day, today, we went to Jurong Park. At past 9 am we are already at the place and we’re ready to see all the birds and flowers inside.

We’re greeted by the beautiful flowers esp. different varieties of orchids upon entrance and it make us more excited to go inside to see what more is in store for us. The penguins warmed our hearts and wish we can hold one of them. The peach flamingos are just awesome!
IMG_8945We watched the bird shows. Sis J and nephew Karlo were even got as volunteers in the show. The Breeding and Research Center inside was so interesting.
Lunch time was at Bongo Burgers while others ate at Hawk Café. After lunch, we boarded the train/tram to take as to the LORY LOFT where we had the opportunity to feed the birds. At first, I was anxious about the birds stepping on my hand but the experience was awesome!
See,.. 3 birds are on me! Yey!

Next stop at AFRICAN WATERFALL AVIARY then it was time for us to leave.
We took the bus and off to ride the MRT. We rode our car service on our whole trip in Singapore, so it was our 1st experience to ride the bus, which by the way is nice and MRT. Gosh it took us an hour to get to ION MALL so we got to nap in the train ..lol. I guess it must have circled us or we took the wrong bus.

Anyway, we strolled at the mall trying to find a good bargain since it’s the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE but it seems that the prices are still high compared to the bargains we have here in the Philippines. We end up buying NOTHING at Ion mall.
Going home is rush rush rush that time because our service is fetching us in few minutes so we need to walk along Orchard road and Lucky plaza where our service will meet us.

Gosh, we bought some souvenirs there in a flash. It was RUSH SHOPPING. My goodness, I have never shopped that fast before. Too bad the shirt that I bought for niece is too fitted for her. The fast shopping didn’t helped at all.. lol

Even if we’re tired we already packed our luggage and we feared that we’ll have an excess baggage again.

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Crazy Rock/ Heavy Metal Music

It’s fun to reminisce the days while I was growing up. I was just around 8 or 9 while my older brothers are in their teens or early 20’s when our house looked like a concert area. Older brothers will play rock music on our turntable using the LP records, they’d turn on the volume full blast and they will also do the head-banging thing, lol. The popular rock singers/bands back then were ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Flloyd, Jethro Tull and more. Ahh.. just imagine all the noise in the house when they are playing their music. It was crazy!

I also remember our eldest brother playing the electric guitar and the piano and there are times when their friend will bring their drum set and play loudly at our garage. It was a riot. These days, they still have a guitar and an old piano a relative gave us but we wished that’s a yamaha cp50
that can play high quality sounds.

Thankfully, their rock crazed teenage years have passed that’s why my ears can already hear only sweet music.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

Heavy monsoon rains wreak havoc in Metro Manila, QC, Pasay, and other neighboring cities and provinces since last weekend. Lots of families have evacuated, lots their loved ones and their properties.

If you have enough you can donate to the victims of the calamity. They need it very badly. Our family is spared by this tragedy so we are very thankful.

Right now, it’s still raining from time to time but I heard on the news that water already subside on some areas. Lots of areas are still submerged in flood waters. No classes in many areas too.

Be safe everyone.