Thursday, February 26, 2009

Proj. 365: Sponge Bob

PROJ. 365: Sponge Bob
These are the CD-Rs and DVD-Rs that I bought last Sunday in Greenhills that I will sell here at my store. I also had the time to look around and stroll the place. I was looking actually for a nice bag but found none. I just end up going inside watch store where I saw my fave Fossil watch and saw some new designs from Swatch watches.

Anyway, a customer of mine ordered for a Sponge Bob Cd so i bought some of it. I also have snoopy, Taz, hello Kitty and other characters but Sponge Bob is my fave cuz he looks so Sponge Bob cartoons is also the favorite of my niece, she watch it almost everyday. Dunno why kids love them so

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Achy Breaky Back & Fingers

Ouchhhh!!!!I think I have been sleeping with a wrong posture again. It's been days now that I woke up with an aching back and I am guessing that it is due to my pillows. I think I have to buy a new one or stack another pillow on top of each other to make it more elevated. My right fingers are hurting tooo.. maybe bec. of too much typing, and carrying my heavy DLSR camera.. Oh boy it hurts.. Sometimes at night I try to wrap it with a stretchable bandage. Ohhh poor me..signs of aging? LOL

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Shopping (sort of)

Hello everyone! how's your weekend?? It's a holiday here today, Pres. GMA declared it a holiday to commemorate the 23rd Anniv. of the EDSA People Power that happened in 1986. It's a hot hot day again and it was a sleepy day for most of us.

Anyway, I went to my fave shopping place yesterday after lunch to buy some CD and DVDs. I amazed with myself bec. I didn't bought anything else aside from the CD/DVD and underwear GREENHILLS is a popular place to shop for Cellphones, computers, jewelries like pearls, precious stones, export overruns, also bunch of fake items like Crocs (tons of them there lol), LV and other designer bags (lots of foreigners and balikbayans shop there too), shirts/blouses and many more!!

I took this photo on top of the overpass (LOL) before going home just using my canon point and shoot cam cuz i don't want to bring my DSLR.
PROJ. 365: Greenhills Shopping Center

Steve and Linda: Eliminated atThe Amazing Race Season 14

I guess you already know that I am a reality TV addict so you will not wonder anymore if from time to time I will post some of my fave and recently watched shows. Just this morning I was not able to open my store early bec. I stayed at home bec. the Live telecast if The Amazing Race Season 14 is on again. It was shown this morning at 9am till 10am.. hmmm can't remember what channel it was on LOL!.

Anyway, the contestants gave all their best again and I was on the edge of my seat again while watching the show. Margie and Luke, mother and deaf son team proved to be that they can do all the challenges. I thought that Mel and Mike (father and son team) will be eliminated when Mike waited for the wind to slow down to do the paragliding in Germany. Oh boy their challenges are so physical that they don't need any weight loss products to loose some

I was laughing at the PIE challenge when they need to throw pies on each other's faces. LOL. At the end of the pitstop Steve and Linda (married couple) was eliminated (EPISODE 2) bec. Linda made a wrong turn on the way down. Ahhh I can't wait for next week's episode.

Project 365: Australia in my Hand

PROJ. 365: Australia in my Hand
Feb. 21(Saturday)--Day 52

(Oh boy, I had a hard time with this photoshoot. Only had one hand holding my heavy DSLR on my right hand and this keychain on my left hand.) Anyway, this is just one of the souvenirs I had from my frequent visits to the Land Down Under. 3x in 4 years is a great opportunity for me. Thanks to my bro inlaw JOE and sis JOYD for always sponsoring me. I always had a blast while there. Dunno but it feels like it's like my second home already cuz I got my sis there.

Hey peeps, if you plan on taking a vacation, why not head at OZ Land.? The koalas and the kangaroos would surely love to see yah. hehe.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Project 365: Online Window Shopping

Project 365: After Crying
Gosh my 5 yr. old niece Reign cried during lunch time yesterday bec. she was being scolded by her mom for she doesn't want it eat. All she wanted was to drink Coke but of course we don't want to give one to her bec. she has an empty stomach. Dunno but she is so hard headed to the point that her mom already lost patience over her.

Anyway, after almost an hour of crying, she stopped (napagod siguro) so I came to the rescue to kinda cheer her up. I told her we'll go online window shopping for toys. There she saw that BABY ALIVE and her eyes lit up (hmm.. i have taken than photo). Although her aunt JOYd already gave her baby alive last Christmas she still wants one.. you know kids always want all

She also wants me to buy her life size Barbie doll house but I told her she needs to eat and be good. As if I will really buy her one (Kala mo naman ibibili ko talaga sya) lol. Oh well, I guess i just have to ask one of my sisters abroad to give her one when they will come home for a vacation, I know this isn't too much to put in their luggage as a gift for her.

Jommy Wins PInoy Fear Factor!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
JOMMY TEOTICO won at ABS-CBN’s “Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America” last night Friday, February 20. He is now the called the El Ultimo Participante after beating all other 11 participantes. He won P2M , house and lot and of course more opportunities will come his way (maybe modeling or artist).

I was really religiously watching every episode of this since late last year so I have seen all their struggles and determination in conquering their fears. Their challenges are really hard esp. the physical ones. I give good credits for Janna as well who fought till the end with Jommy. She has shown so much determination even beating super Manuel and other guys.

BTW, the last challenge required them to drive a car over a ramp (that will explode) and they need to have it flip over. The participant that will have his car go the farthest will win. It was a tense moment for all and when Jommy was declared the winner, he was so happy while Janna was into tears.

Anyway, they smashed a car in the challenge so I guess the Argentines or the crew signed up for an auto insurance quote no personal information for that. hehe. CONGRATS JOMMY, you deserve it!!

Blog's New Look!

I've been thinking of changing my blog's header and theme for a while now and just today, I finally whipped up a new header,. I decided to make it into a more neat and fresh look for change. I hope you like the change.
Here's the old look
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

I Need to...

...keep myself movin.. Gosh it's been many months now that my SIL and bro stopped playing badminton and I missed that already. We used to play in front of our house every morning before we go to our respective shops last year but that stopped when rainy seasons started. Now that it's goin to be summer (or it's summer already) we need to get back ourselves from doing that bec. bro already made a comment that I am getting fat.. lol. Oh yeah I am noticing that too, i need to get back into shape or else I might take one of those Leptovox.. ahhh and I don't want that to happen.

Oh well, I need to get up early again so we can start playing again. I'm gonna check if our badminton rackets are still in good condition.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Distasteful Comment/Remarks

What a day!! My day started with an annoying and very distasteful comment that I found on my other blog. My comments are moderated so I have to read it before I ill approve it. I was just shock that a co-pinay (i assumed it was a girl) and I don't know if he/she is a blogger made an insulting comment. I will not elaborate anymore nor I would put his/her comment here but I got its IP address and its location so I am banning her already. Anyway, he/she is not worth my time so I will not bother to find his/her identity..

I got another distasteful face to face comment this afternoon here at my shop. My customer of mine told me tactlessly that everytime she sees me, I am always in front of my pc here at my net cafe. Hello!!! Why do you care??? lol.. I told her that, my work involves using the computer, I make invitations, business card, i accept typing jobs, I do digital scrapbooking and I earn online. How can I eliminate using computer with my kind of work???

Oh gosh, maybe she thought I only do nonsense things in front of my pc.. I should have said to her that I am a dollar earner too.. LOL Oh well, we can't please all people anyway. She should mind her own business, i should have told her that she needs to take diet pills bec. she is already fat! bwahahaha.

Oh I'm ok now!!!lol


Meet Bell
Our sweet Siamese cat named BELL. He is actually a BOY but my silly niece bought him a pink collar belt. loL. I just so love this shot of him that I took. His eyes are really round and color blue. Everyday I got to play with him and he loves being scratched in the belly and on his chin. He'd sit on your feet everytime he'll see you. You know what he seldoms say meow and he actually don't want to eat

I Wanna go Shopping!

... that is if I have money to!! Kidding aside, I am planning to go to Greenhills this Sunday to buy some CDR and DVD that I will sell here in my store. Ever since diskette has become obsolete, blank CDs are very popular to be purchased aside from USB. CD are also very affordable now and very convenient to put your files in it.

I will also try to look for a laptop, I've been drooling for an HP Pavillion for a while now but it's a bit pricey. Aside from that I know for sure I can't resist to buy something for myself everytime I see the flashy digital signage of my favorite store. It's like they are vacuuming to get inside their Anyway, once in a while I try to reward myself with a pair of pants, a new blouse or a new pair of sandals.

Friday Thoughts

1. Give me money and I'll go
2. Whenever
i see my DSLR, i want to shoot, shoot and shoot .
3. I wish
to have my 50mm lens fixed.
4. Goldilocks Brazo de Mercedez was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious.
5. To live in this world is the best thing to do.
6. Other than this one, my bestfriend's blog is the last blog I commented on.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finish some of my online tasks and that includes this life insurance quote online, tomorrow my plans include
a photoshoot with my nephew and my niece in the nearby town and Sunday, I want to go to Greenhills to unwind for a while!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Afternoon Photoshoot

I asked my 5-yr.old niece Reign to sit on the chair so that I can adjust the focus while I was setting up the tripod and the camera for our Photo-a-day photoshoot. She hates being photographed sometimes esp. when you told her to pose or smile but this time I got her cute smile when I asked about her big CRUSH in school... LOL that's the magic word.

Lil' kids know about crushes early these days hehe. She even told her mom once that her heart is beating fast (kumakabog daw ang puso nya) when she saw her crush.. lol

Never Get Lost Again

It was the blessing ceremony of the store besides miy net cafe yesterday and mom was invited by the owners to attend and to eat lunch there. My mom and sister inlaw showed up and they were introduced to the other guests. It was just a simple ceremony and celebration, the owner (who is renting the place from us) where actually waiting for more guests that will come fall the way from Manila but they got lost on the way. Haha, i thought they should need one of those Garmin GPS device so they will never get lost again. Sometimes technology helps when you are too shy to ask for

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Me and Bell

Project 365: Me & Bell
Haha.. at last I was able to set up a photoshoot of me and Bell (Siamese Cat). He was actually sleeping on our motorbike's basket when I got him. Ohh poor Bell, could not open his eyes bec. it was bright outside.

I am not into animals before but when he came (he was just given to my niece), we all wanted to play with him and feed him. Funny thing is that he seldoms say meow (i told them he must be gay lol) sabi ko nga baka bading Everyday we learn to love and take care of him and now I know how it feels to have a pet. We also worried about him when he is not on our sight. One day we can't look for him anywhere (how we wish we saw him through GPS lol!) and you know where we found him? He is in the engine our vehicle and we are so buffled on how he got there.

In Need of Blog Renovation

Hmmm.. I guess my blog needs a little bit of renovation.. I am thinking of changing the color theme and my header but right now I don't have any color in mind. I am always leaning towards to neutral and earth tone colors as you may have noticed on my main blog A SLICE OF LIFE but put some bright colors on my other blogs.

I will find time to whip up a new header in the days to come so that my blog will have a new and fresh look. In the meantime, I will just settle for this old theme. Hope you are not getting bored with it though.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is it Summer Already?

Gosh, today was soooo hot!!!

Gone were the days when we use to wear jackets and whine bec. it's cold. I guess summer will come too early and I am afraid this year will be a hot one. You know, 33-34C and humid and you'll feel so sticky. That's summer here.!! I could not turn the aircon on the whole day bec. I am also saving electricity hehe (you know there's crisis nowadays).

One more month and school days are over too and the kids will have their summer vacation. Beaches and resorts will full of vacationers once again.

Project 365 Layout: FEB. Week2

Click Image for bigger view and for other layouts

I decided to change the background for February. Hope I can finish this till the end of this year so I can have it printed again at ARTSCOW. This is what is keeping me busy all the time. I love scrapping and taking photos each day for the Project 365 that I am making. It's fun to have a hobby that keeps me company, at least I am productive

Blog Komik

My talented nephew KARLO, who is also the man behind PINOYBLOGERO.COM has launched his blog komik BUHAY KUBO recently. If you're a Pinoy, you're surely love it. He is the one who did those artworks and the stories. Go visit it!

Image Hosted by

Yahoo Group

Project 365: Yahoo Group
Feb.16 (Monday)--Day 47

Like I said, I am the photographer of our batch last parade and last friday's Alumni night. It was a bit tiring pala to keep on clicking that shutter haha but it was fun bec. everyone was so happy to pose for the cam. I am just thankful that I was able to be in the picture too ..LOL

Anyway, it took me a while to resize and upload almost 200 pics at our batch's Yahoo Group. I know my classmates were all excited to see their faces there.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Town Fiesta

Project 365: Town Fiesta
Feb.15 (Sunday)--Day 46
Every 3rd Sunday of February we are celebrating our Town Fiesta. There are lots of stuff that can be bought at the tiangge but this year I didn't go there.

We only have a simple celebration and simple feast. We had fresh lumpia, relyenong bangus, hamonado, calderatang manok, mangga't bagoong and fruit salad. I didn't invite any of my friends so I have no visitor that day. I just talked to my sis Joy and her family online.

Town Fiesta Parade

Project 365: Town Fiesta Parade
Last Sat. there was a parade here at our town. It rained so hard that we thought that the parade will be cut short but fortunately rain stopped. Of course the much awaited in the parade are the celebrities. Celebs that was on the parade was Eric Fructouso and Gene Padilla who got soaked in the rain, i wan't able to take pics of them bec. I don't want my camera to get wet. of course .. Teens went ga-ga when they saw Rainier, Ryza Cenon and Jackie Rice, they are pretty in person while Rainier is good looking as well.. He has that smiling face talaga.

There's also Krista Ranillo Krista - daughter of Matt Ranillo III. Gosh she is soooo skinny and almost flawless in person.. The parade took about 2 hours and it was fun. Anyway, my SIL even sell mineral water and chichiria etc in front of our garage. MORE PHOTOS HERE

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Project 365: Advance Valentine's Day
No daet today as usual.. LOL took these photos last Feb, 12 and I really loved it!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scrapping Addict !!!

Ahhh.. I think I'm turning into a bad blogger lately. Sorry for the lack of updates her. I was just sooooo sooooo busy scrapping lately. My mojo is really overflowing with lots of layout ideas so I am just taking advantage of it. It is seldom that it happens so I'm making the most out of it. I was also so inspired to scrap because of the great result of my PHOTOBOOK that I have ordered at ARTSCOW.

I have finished another photobook for my niece and I have ordered just today. I ordered a 30 page 8x8 photobook but I added 1 extra page and a friend of mine gave me a code that's I only for the book and it's already FREE SHIPPING. I only paid $12.49 which i think is already affordable bec. I asked a local printer here and their 20page will already cost over P1,500.

I am so glad I have found Artscow, every new member can also get free prints and other credits. If you refer a member you'll also be rewarded with free credits like free prints etc. I will share my photobook when it arrived again. Okie docs. Right now I am starting another photobook for my mom this time. I am making her 75th birthday photobook.. Wow I am really an addict now!!

Try ordering yours now, even if you are not a scrapper you can still make your own photobook bec. they already have background templates over at ARTSCOW!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CCC: 49th Alumni Homecoming Parade

It's a fun fun day for me last Sunday. Woke up so early aroudn 5 am to prepare our Alma Mater's 49th Grand Alumni Homecoming's Parade. So happy to met my former classmates in highschool again, we are batch '84 (now you can count our age hehe!) and we are also celebrating our SILVER ANNIV. this year (we will have a grand reunion soon).

It's a fun filled day, time is not enough for our chit chats. I brought my DSLR cam so I became the official photographer of our batch. Hard to be one bec. I always end up not in the photo.
Project 365: CCS Highschool Batch '84

I miss my Nifty Fifty

It's been over 2 weeks already that I broke my nifty fifty (Canon 50mm 1.8) lens and I am missing it so much. I guess it's also a blessing in disguise bec. now I have lots of time using my new 18-200mm which I always use as my everyday lens. I am planning of buying one again since I don't think it will be fixed anymore.

I just need to find a store that has it on sale and aside from that I want to get a UV filter and a lenshood. I already called Henry's in Quiapo and it costs P4,000 while the lenshood is not available since my lens is still new in the market. My photography hobby is already getting expensive hehe!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Photobook

Project 365: My Photobook (Digi-Scrap)Photobook
Just in case you haven't been to my scrapping and main blog, I decided to post this in this blog. You can cli

I ordered it at
ARTSCOW last Jan. 11 and they shipped it on Jan. 24 and I received it last Feb 4. I opened the neat package that came from Hongkong and I was really SATISFIED with the results!!!! None of my journaling were cut off and the printing was just amazing. The book was STITCHED bind so it hold s all the pages neatly and safely.

I ordered a 20 page 8x8 photobook but I added some pages so it was 24 pages. The cover is hardbound and the pages are thick papers I am extremely overjoyed with the outcome and I will definitely order once again. Actually I have made another book for my niece and I will order it soon. Ahhh what more can I say... I love my photobook!! Order yours now at ARTSCOW!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Birthday Guestsheets

asher guestsheet 1 asher2
asher guestsheet 3
Hey all, I guess you have noticed my lack of updates here. It is bec. I am quite busy with scrapping and updating on my other blogs (you know i have multiple hehe)

Anyway, I made these birthday guestsheets for my online friend Mai. Her son is celebrating his 1st year b-day on March 1st so she was pressed for time from all of the preparations. She asked for help and I am free that time so I volunteered to make and I was lucky enough to whip up 3 layouts. I made them at Photoshop using the available kits that I have. Mai liked what I made and I am really happy for that. Mai will have it printed 5x7 so that her son's guests will write their wishes on it.