Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Hongkong Trip: DAY 1

My mom, bro, nieces and nephews flew to Hongkong via Cebu Pacific last Dec. 21 at 8 am. It was at NAIA 3 so it was comfortable for us since it was big and more modern compared to NAIA terminal 1. We arrived early for our departure but we're greeted with a long line outside the airport.
NAIA 3 Departure Dec. 21
Ninoy Aquino Int'l Airport Terminal 3
HongKong Day1: HK airport Arrival
HongKong Day1: HK airport train
At Hongkong airport and train

My sister JOY and her family who arrived a day early in Hongkong greeted us at the airport.
HongKong Day1: Sis Joy and her family from Sydney greeting us
HongKong Day1: Sis Beng and Family from Riyadh
My older sis Beng and her family from Riyadh also came to fetch us at the airport.
****to be continued*** more photos soon

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm Back !!...

Hey all.. I'm back and I hope you all had a great Christmas.

My family and I went to Hongkong for a 3nights- 4day vacation from Dec. 21-24. We all had a blast and I have lots of stories and photos to share but I will be sharing them soon once I resized all of the photos.

My sister JOY and her family from Sydney is also here in Pinas for their 3-week holiday vacation. We met in Hongkong together with my other sis and her family from Riyadh. As soon as we arrived back home we went to nearby SM mall to buy some gifts fro Christmas and it's hard because we are rushing.

We've been out most of the times to go malling, shopping and dine out and it's pretty hard for me to get back to work because of that. I still have to check on the topic of diagnosing ADHD online but since I am still lazy I have a hard time concentrating on some of my online works.

I'm hoping that I'll have enough time again today so that I can re-size some of our Hongkong pictures to share to all of you.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Off to Hongkong

For sure by the time you'll read my family and I are in Hongkong for a short 4days-3nights vacation.

My Christmas holidays starts today...

Credits: Elements by Michelle Coleman, L. Teague

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Little Update

Hello all, I got so little time to blog these days because of the many occasions that are happening. I'm also busy finishing my Christmas shopping and just like today I went out again to re-book my niece and nephew's HK trip then later on did some shopping.

I have tons of photos to share but I got no time yet to download it form my camera but hope I can do that before the year ends hehe. I'm still giddy with our upcoming highschool reunion on Saturday and our Hongkong trip on Monday wahoooo.

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Hello all, I guess most of you are all busy with your holiday shopping and have attended some Christmas parties as well. My days are becoming busier because there are many events and occasions that has happened in the last few days and more events will happen in the coming days. I’m also noticing that I’m slowly becoming sluggish at work (which should not happen in the 1st place) and just wanted to go on a holiday hehe. Can’t blame me cuz the holiday season is creeping in me.

I still have to download photos from my camera’s memory card but there are times it’s slipping in my mind. Forgetful or just plain lazy? Looks like I need to keep my brain alert perhaps by playing free puzzles online. Nah…I guess my brain is just focusing on the forthcoming like highschool reunion on the 19th and our Hongkong trip on the 21st. Ahhh.. I can't wait!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Looking at the Sky: Before the Rain

I got excited when I looked up at the sky and saw the clouds like this so I hurriedly went on top of our garage with my niece. We took some shots of this awesome cloud formation and colors at the roof minding that we need to be careful bec. we might fall haha.

Minutes after that, it started to rain so our photoshoot was packed up. Have a great weekend to all!

A Unique Way to Warm your Towels

I was at the mall the other day and I noticed that people mostly women are in the home department maybe trying to buy some house fixture to improve some areas in their house. How I wish I could renovate our house but I have no budget for that.

I know you have found yourselves glued to home depot stores admiring all the nice home and bathroom fixture that they have on their showrooms. Bathroom fixtures are improving through the years bringing new, innovative and useful fixture for every household. Towel Warmers are for one, they are seemingly practical to have in every bathroom. Owning an electric towel warmer in your bathroom is a unique way to keep your towels warm and dry. I reckon not only towels are perfect for that but there are times when you can just hand your bathing suit and other delicates.

Just in case you’ll be needing towel warmers for your bathroom, a tour at online can be of help because you can find towel warmers of different brands and styles. They have top brands like Rohl, Mr. Steam, Jeeves and even Myson Towel Warmers and more.

However, there are many things to consider if you want to install one in your bathroom. Do you need to have an electric or hydronic type of towel warmers? Do you want it plug in or hardwired or with timer or not? What ever specifications or concerns that you need to find an answer just read their buyer’s guide and resources. Here’s one of the top selling Jeeves towel warmer, also perfect as a holiday gift.

Image Hosted by

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clean Up Day

I've been wanting to clean my room for a while now and finally I got some time this morning. It is seldom that I do general and thorough cleaning so it took me a while to finish it. Dusting and mopping and I also threw some old stuff in the trash. I still need to open my drawer and for sure there are some papers or bills not are needed anymore. I will also select some of my clothes and give it away but I've already done it last month where I gave jeans and blouse to my niece and SIL (yeah we almost have the same size).

I wanted to clean the whole house but it is impossible for me to finish all of them today so I stopped and I will continue it by tomorrow or Saturday. It's a tiring morning for me and I can say that cleaning is one of the hardest jobs in the world, hehe. It's always our routine to have a general cleaning each year before the year ends to give room for new items that will be coming in. My sis and her family from Sydney will be coming home this Christmas so we also need to make our place more neat and presentable.

I guess most of you are also cleaning , purging or throwing old stuff as well.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We Bought a Capiz Christmas Lantern

It was 2 weekends ago when we bought one of the Capiz Christmas lanterns being sold at the streets near our house. The lanterns are made out of capiz shells and added with bright and colorful lights that are twinkling in sequence.

There are actually lots of different sizes to choose from and aside from lanterns shaped Santa Claus, candle, coconut tree with lights are also sold. Capiz lantern prices ranges from 1,000- 5,000. We bought ours for Php1,200 and is now hanging at our garage and we lit it every night.

Christmas here in the Philippines is not complete without lanterns (can be made out of paper, plastic, capiz, wires etc), this year we wanted to have a different lantern at home so we bought a capiz one eventhough it's a bit pricey.
This big Capiz Christmas lantern is sold for P5,500 but of course you can still haggle for the price. What about you do you have any lanterns hanging on your homes already?

A Godmother Once Again

My cousin was here yesterday and he handed me an invitation and he called me "ninang". He is actually asking me to be the godmother of her twin daughters and of course it's an honor to be asked. The baptismal will be on Saturday already so I hurriedly dropped by the mall to buy a gift for the twins. I'm actually having second thoughts of what to give but decided on something that the twins will use and I think it's cute.

I also strolled at the mall, fitting shoes but could not find what looks good on my feet. I also tried on some red blouse because our reunion requires us to be in red but it doesn't fit as well. I could have canvassed for glass tiles as well but I was pressed for time because I need to go back at my shop.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Holiday Mood

Christmas tree up, check. Christmas lights, check. Christmas cards, check. Christmas shopping, check. Wow, I dunno about you but this Christmas holiday mood is getting into me already. The days are also getting colder each day that sometimes I want to curl up in my bed and stay more.

I still have some few gifts to buy and hopefully by next week I’m done with all of it. You know sometimes, it’s not easy to think what gifts to give. My days will be busier once again:
1. Dec. 12th Saturday I have to go to the baptismal of my cousin’s daughters as I am one of the major sponsor
2. Dec. 12th afternoon I need to attend the meeting with my former hs classmates.
3. Dec. 14th, we’re going to fetch Micah at the airport from Sydney because she is coming home ahead of her family for their holiday vacation.
4. Dec. 19th is our highschool grand silver reunion
5. Dec. 21st is our Hongkong trip
6. 25th-31st – Christmas and New Year

Our days will be filled with things to do and we also wish that one day we can also go to Singapore or Thailand and who knows take on myrtle beach vacations. I guess your family has lots of fun things to do this Holiday as well. I hope you are as excited as I am for Christmas this year.

I Won at Chikai's B-day Bash

Ok this is a very overdue post already and sorry for that. Blame it on my laziness sometimes on uploading photos and my memory gap for forgetting to post it right away.

Anyway, my dear online friend CHERRY ROSE had a birthday contest last September and I was the top winner. My prize is not one of those modern sofas (but it would be nice if it is hehe) but I got this nice Guess necklace that I already have worn. It arrived from the mail last November and it is only now that I got to post it hehe.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Final Results and the Grand Winner: MEGHAN AND CHEYNE of the Amazing Race Season 15

It's Amazing Race time once again and here's the Results of The Amazing Race 15 Final Results and the Grand Winner of the Amazing Race Season 15 is MEGHAN AND CHEYNE (my fave team). They won $1 million.
Image Hosted by
The game was sooooo exciting, I can't wait for the Season 16!!

From Chezch Republic they flew to Las Vegas,
ROADBLOCK: Face first Raffel at Mandalay Bay

~Then they went to THE MIRAGE- where they join the cast of LOVE cirque de soleil. One member must be in a bungee cord and need to bounce to get the flower.
~ T
hey need to find out what is the most famous casino in Monaco where they need to go there. The answer is MONTERCARLO CASINO where they played CHIP COUNTING. Count $1 million worth of chips to get the next clue.
~They need to got to MGM and look for MR. LAS VEGAS, which is WAYNE NEWTON and he'll tell the finish line which is his home.

Here's the team standing: Top 3 of the Amazing Race Season 15
Meghan & Cheyne
2. Sam & Dan
3. Brian and Ericka

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Family HK Vacation soon!

I can already count on my fingers the days that my family will be away for a short vacation in Hongkong. It’ll be for 4days and 3 nights that we will be away this December everyone is actually getting excited over it. The kids are imagining how Disneyland will look like while we adults are thinking about our shopping!!!! I know it will be a blast and we are praying for our good health so our trip will be great. Ahhh I can’t wait.

I know many of us will have a family vacation this holidays and no matter where you go we should take the most out of it and enjoy. Just take the moment to bond with your family and friends since it’s a holiday. Just in case you don’t have plans of going out this year bec. we all know that it’s fully book already, you can perhaps browse for your future family vacation. With the wide array of vacation packages like seaside suites or hidden beach resort that they have there’s no doubt that you’ll find a package that will suit tour budget and travel needs.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday: Gloomy ??

It's only my second time to join this photo meme and I never realized that capturing the sky can be fun and can relay "message". Just like this photo that I took while we are driving home one mid afternoon. The sun is still up yet the clouds are getting dark as if they are signaling a rain about to fall.

Our weather here is getting cool each day esp. in the early mornings with some rain showers every now and then in the afternoon. Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Gift from my Twitter/Bebots "Mommy"

Lookie, what arrived last Sunday! It was the gift from my Twitter/Bebots "Mommy", wahoooo!!! We had an online exchange gifts back in September and here's what she got for me, a Clinique Happy perfume which is on my Christmas wish list.

Thank you mommy!! but there's one problem. I still don't know her name yet because the LBC package has no return address or her name on it and that makes me more excited and puzzled. If you are my mommy, please introduce yourself to me so I can personally thank you. I know MAI will be saying she is my mommy, LOL.

This Clinique Happy perfume will be added to my perfume collection. Ahhh I love the scent! The gifts are coming in MORE please hehe!
My gift from my "mommy"

Is Acura for You?

When it comes to purchasing a new car or any vehicle for that matter we may sometimes caught in a tangle. The decision on what is best for our lifestyle, budget, and maintenance capability are just some of the factors we might consider before even going to a car dealer whether online or offline. The color, make or type can also add to the confusing especially if you are not the only one deciding on what to acquire.

I reckon you need to sit down and think about what you want; an SUV, mini-van, truck or a car then the colors and manufacturer will come in next. I know it’s pretty hard to choose because there are wide array to choose from that’s why it’s always best to look around first, maybe you can test drive first, then make a decision.

There are many cars that you can opt to choose, aside from Toyota, lexus, there’s acura make. The 2010 Acura RDX maybe for you if you want a sportier and stylish on its own. You can always find good reviews of Acura online that can aid you in choosing what model that can suit your driving needs.

If only we can afford to have one of the latest car models then I will grab the chance but since we have bought a second hand van few months ago then getting a brand new one seems not a priority.

We Should Keep First Aid Kit/Supplies Handy at Home

Having small kids in the house can be a little worrisome because they are always prone to bruise and bumps and other minor accidents if they are not properly taken care of. We may thought that they are behaving in one corner and little did we know they are already messing some of the things that even if we put it in a safe corner they still can get it.

My nieces and nephews when they are still small have experienced falling off from a chair, knocking their heads etc. on the walls so we always have our first aid kits handy. My niece who was around 3 yrs old got accidentally burned her fingers with hot water and oh dear she was really hysterical. We can’t always prevent freak accidents from happening no matter how careful we are.

Not only at the house should we need to have first aid kit because we also must bring it when we travel for unexpected injuries. It’s like being ready at all times. Should you be needing First Aid Supplies, AB First Aid Store can be helpful in keeping your supplies at home, clinic, ambulances, hospitals or more come in handy.

I remember the devastating Ondoy typhoon last September and if only every household have a 72hr. kit I guess it would have been better. What about you do you have first aid kit at home?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meeting with Former HS classmates

It was last Saturday when our highschool batch had a meeting at our former Highschool campus. We are actually ironing some things for our forthcoming 25th Silver HS reunion this Dec. 19th and oh boy are excited already. I made our invitations and I'm currently making a layout for the tarpaulin that we'll be using at the venue.
@ Figaro
It's always nice to see them each meeting and discuss some things. After the meeting we decided to eat some snack at Jollibee and later on a classmate of ours invited us for a coffee at FIGARO in Sta. Lucia. The night was fun-filled, more chicas and jokes are shared and on the 13th we'll have our last meeting.

Later than night eventhough it's already 11 pm, I still went with 3 of my classmates to go to the wake of one of our classmates. It was 12 midnight that I arrived home safely.

WOW, it's December already! The countdown is on!

Car Reviews and more

Now that the Internet has become a part of us almost every single day, it’s a great tool for us to use to research everything that we wanted to know. From simple e-mailing, research on projects, health and beauty tips, to online shopping, paying bills and more, there’s no doubt the net is the best source of information.

Eventhough the economy is a bit tight and still sloppy; there are some people who can still manage to make a car purchase. I guess they are taking advantage of the car companies’ marking down some of their cars due to slumping of the car industry this year.

It’s always best to read reviews about any car that you want to purchase so that you’ll have an idea on some of its features aside of course from actual inspection of the vehicle. You’ll find helpful in finding good reviews of different car models and brands.

Whether you are itching to buy a new Mitsubishi evolution, acura
or the ford escape hybrid, the full reviews from their editors will be of help to you in deciding which car is suitable to your needs and budget. Before purchasing a car whether brand new or used, it’s always best to ask someone, read reviews and then compare and make a wise decision.