Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Mom Turned 77

This is actually an overdue post. Anyway, my mom turned 77 last October 18th and we just had a very simple family lunch together since the date falls on aSunday. My bro cooked his signature grilled chicken wings, liempo while SIL cooked pancit noodles.

At first I wanted to make my fruit salad but my sis Joy asked me to buy ice cream and cakes for our dessert. The kids obviously wanted chocolate so we got the Selecta's very rocky road for them and mango. For the cake we bought the Brazo de Mercedes, which is sooooo sweet and our all time fave Black Forest, both from Red Ribbon. We all drowned ourselves with fattening and sweet foods that day not minding if we ever need a weight loss pills in the future. It's my mom's birthday so we have all the license to indulge on good foods coz it's not everyday that we get to experience this.

My mom always received compliments from almost anyone that knows her or those that asked her age because she is still healthy eventhough she takes her daily dose of high blood pressure maintenance. She is still mobile, she still goes to the market, mall and cook, plus she still loves to tinker in her small garden in our house. I wish her more birthdays and good health.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finally My 6th Artscow Photobook Arrived

Just in case you didn't know I'm a digital scrapbooker and this is my hobby and what I do if I have some spare time. Anyway, I was so worried that this photobook will not come because it's over a month already. I assumed it was lost in the mail since we had a big typhoon here last Sept. but I so happy that finally my 6th ARTSCOW 39 pages 8x8 photobook arrived already.
My 6th Artscow Photobook.My 6th Artscow Photobook
This is a photobook that I ordered at ARTSCOW. I scrapped our highschool batch '84 motorcade and alumni night this year. You know what, I should have paid $31.38 (photobook $19.49+ 11.99 -shipping) BUT I only paid for the shipping $11.99 bec. i was able to avail the FREE 39 pages coupon promo. Wahooo!!
My 6th Artscow Photobook
Just in case you want to scrap your photos and turn it into beautiful photobooks, I recommend you to have it printed over at ARTSCOW bec. all books are hardbound and stitch bind.

Oh btw, even if you don't know how to scrap, you can still have your photos printed in photobooks. VIEW my other Photobooks HERE so you'll have more ideas.

Owning a Car / Vehicle

Last Sept. 25, the day before destructive Typhoon Ondoy hits our country we were able to purchase our new Toyota Lite Ace (not totally actually) as it is a second hand but looks like a brand new. My bro was lucky enough to have sighted this van being sold in a nearby town. Actually the owners, we presumed a well-off family was selling it because they wanted to buy a much newer and more spacious one. Anyway, my mom and brother purchased it from them and you could see that the van is not so much used bec. there’s still plastic covers on the walls. I guess we got a great steal on that one.

The last van that we had was similar to the new one only it is not power steering or power loaded and my older bro preferred. Owning a vehicle these days is very convenient most especially if you have family that loves to go around. In our case, we needed a van since we go to our business every day and it’s use to fetch the kids at school. We also need it if we need to travel to the province and fetch relatives coming home from overseas.

Buying a car or any vehicle can be a little daunting most especially when you have no idea what to get. I suggest that you list down what are your needs and priorities when you get a vehicle. Will that be for a family, do you need spacious one, do you need a car, van or a truck? Those are just some of the guidelines you can consider. It’s also good if you can read reviews online, the can be a great source for vehicle reviews.

Just in case you are itching to buy an 2010 as a gift to yourself and family, better check out the reviews that their experts have written over their site. In this way, you’ll have some good info and feel on what is in store for this car. Good luck on your purchase!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Corporate Reimbursement Services

For many employees working for a company they are also looking forward to be recognized once in a while when they have done a good job. It’s like they are being rewarded for a job well done, it doesn’t have to be monetarily all the time though. Some companies are implementing such thereby making a harmonious relationship with their employees. There’s an even more productivity resulting to this.

For those companies with mobile employees or those employees whose work requires them to be out all the time doing business for the company, a car allowance given is very much appreciated by the employee. Just imagine the saved money and time by the employee. With this kind of program the mobile employee can now reimburse the expenses to the company on a monthly basis.

Though it may appear to be a hard work to monitor a lot of mobile employees, companies can seek the help of a consultant reimbursement company like that of The Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc.. They have a customizable Car allowance program that can help calculate each of the mobile employees’ reimbursements schedules, mileage history and proper reimbursements. The employer then in turn has also an access to this records because they will also be given a user ID and a password.

Should your company needs a car allowance reimbursement programs for your mobile employees then you definitely need to check out the services of The Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No Trick or Treatin’ This Year

I guess most of you are already pre-occupied buying your Halloween costumes or I have some friends who already had Trick or Treat at the mall but for us here we are not joining this year. Actually it’s not popular in our place and the only time the kids will be able to enjoy this event is either to go to the malls for their Halloween events.

Gone were the days where we clad our nieces and nephews with their preferred Halloween costume and we adults will accompany them at the malls to participate in the Halloween costume contests and to get their loots. Since Reign, my 6yr-old niece is the only kid left in the family here that’s why we are not excited or geared on joining any Halloween event.

I just saw her watching TV this morning and watching a local art show where they are making Halloween masks and other stuff. She then asked me
“Is it Halloween already, Aunt Jen?” I said “almost”.
She then proceeded on drawing a pumpkin on the paper and immersed herself on making some Halloween crafts. What about you are you attending any Halloween party? What are the Halloween costumes you bought for your kids?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Carrie Bradshaw Will be Back at Sex and the City Sequel

So have you been a fan of Sex and the City show/movie? I have seen couple of episodes before but never got the chance to fully finish it as the time slot and the day of showing always slips my mind when I get home from work. I guess most of you also have seen the Sex and the City the movie and I just heard the buzz that the new sequel is currently filming and it’ll be shown next year.

Who wouldn’t be magnetize by the story line and characters of each lady in the show? At some point in time we can relate at their character or the experiences that they had and we can’t help but to chuckle when we see ourselves in them. The 4 women: the sexual Samantha Jones (Kim Catrall), emotional and optimistic Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), career minded Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and party girl-fashionista Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) have engrossed us through their search for love, lust, career, happiness, social life and more.
Image Hosted by
Aside from us being enthralled with the story, we can’t help but notice their fashion sense. I bet every episode you are thinking what Carrie Bradshaw and the rest will be wearing but the most fashionista is of course Carrie. Her fashion sense is cute above the rest with her haute couture dresses, Mikimoto Pearls, which are classic! and Manolo Blahnik stilettos. She is just stylish and her style has often been emulated by other fashionistas. Ahh don't you just love her?

Just Wishin’

Hey all it’s a brand new week for all of us and actually this is the last week of October. Can you believe that? Wow it’s gonna be November on Sunday already and oh I’m really excited as many events will be coming soon.

I hope I can shop with my sister in law this Wednesday in Divisoria, actually it’s not for Christmas gifts yet but I guess I can grab some as well but I just need to buy myself some everyday tees and pants. Each year before my birthday comes I usually do a shopping for myself as a birthday gift. I have no special someone who can pamper me with that (bitter lol!) so I will do that to myself.

I’ll also schedule my parlor time as I badly need a hair treatment. You know I have these massive gray hairs in front of my face and gosh it is so gross to see them right now, so a hair coloring will hide them for some months. Arggh, I hate them (gray hairs)! Wish I also have a spa in the house but never thought buying one since it’ll be a hassle to change spa filter once in while so a spa treatment at the salon will be awesome as well.

I will also reward myself with a nice authentic Coach Zoe leather bag that I ordered through a friend in the US and I’m itching to have it in my hands already. Since it’ll still be shipped this week, probably I’ll get it by mid-December already yay! Ang tagal pa!!

Today's Flowers #63

Good Morning everyone.!! Another brand new week ahead of us. It's been a while since I joined Today's Flower meme so I thought of joining today. I don't dig taking photos of flowers that much so I don't have lots of them on my file but here's a photo of Anthurium that I took long time ago after it rained.
Image Hosted by

Gold Rush

I just got off watching The Amazing Race Season 15 and as always I got excited over it. It’s my fave reality show and I see to it that I will watch every week’s episode being shown here early Monday morning (Sunday night US time). Today they are still in Dubai and one of the tasks that they need to do in Detour if they chose this task is to weigh gold which is worth $500,000 worth of gold. Seemed easy but they need to think how they can do that because the exchange rate is changing every minute and they need to be fast.

Anyway, of course the Middle East is known for their quality golds and for sure many any investor will be attracted to invest in gold because as we all know the value is not worth it. Online you can buy and sell gold through Monex if you are interested.

Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 6: Mika & Canaan are Eliminated

Here's the Result of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 6. Still in Dubai they need to go to Dubai Creek Golf and Yatch Cub to get their next clue
ROAD BLOCK: Find water- Crack the Code
~ row the little boat and go to the ship and get the jewelry that they can use to crack the code
PITSTOP: Dolphin Bay Beach
Here's the team standing
Meghan & Cheyne
2. Maria & Tiffany
3. Sam & Dan
4. Brian and Ericka
5.Gary & Matt
6. Flight Time & Big Easy
7. LAST and ELIMINATED: Mika & Canaan - Mika was too afraid to go on the slide

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not Everyone is a Blogger

A highschool classmate of mine visited me last month here at my store and I guess I have already told you that she wants me to teach her on setting up her own blog. I actually taught her and made a blog at blogspot but with the looks of it she is not interested anymore because I visited the blog that we made for her and it’s over a month already and there’s no more update.

I guess she is overwhelmed on what to do and just thought of concentrating on her current job in an insurance company giving insurance quotes and forms. Oh well, not every body is a blogger anyway. I also presumed that she is busy with her real and present work.

I Guess She Gave Up

I wanted to de-stress and relax for a bit since it’s a weekend. We were supposed to go to the mall with my niece today for a quick stroll and shopping at a nearby mall. I told her that I wanted to buy a cheap sandal for everyday use but she backed out going with me since she knows that I am too picky when it comes to shopping. We ended up not going up but it’s good because it’ll minimize the tapping of barcode scanner
on the items that I will buy, hehehe and that will make me save.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now I'm Doomed! Google 404 Not Found Error on my other blog!!

I am restless and worried since this morning. I tried to access my other blog JENNYS-CORNER.COM and it gives this Google Error 404 Not Found Message!!!
Image Hosted by
I was shocked and could not believe what I saw it bec. i did not change any settings. I emailed my domain host and they told me the problem is not on their side:
With regard to your concern, please contact google support as they are the one who hosted your websites. Your domain is registered with us but you are using google's cname to host it. Thank you.
Now I'm doomed and don't know what to do!! A friend is helping me now and hope it will return back to normal. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!

Anyone had the same problem before?

Reign and Her Drawings

Thank God, the electric power went back to normal since last week. How can i forget the time when there is a massive blackout here in our area that started Oct. 7 - till about Oct. 9 or 10. You know how hard it is with no electricity. Anyway, here are just some of the photos that I took while waiting for the power to come back last Oct. 8. We were so idle that I saw my 6 yr. old niece Reign drawing something on the papers. I snooped around and saw she made princess as she calls it. Good thing is that she knows how to keep herself busy.
I made few drawings myself but I will not share them anymore since I don't know how to make a good one unlike my older brothers who are award-winning visual artists. Reign got her talent from her dad who also started to draw when he was 2. See Reign's drawings on a canvas using oil paint and at the computer.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Many Uses of Velcro Fabric Bulletin Boards and Fabric Wall Panels

These days more and more ways of designing our homes and offices have been surfacing thus making our rooms and places more appealing and aesthetic. A simple vase, an accent pillow or ottoman can bring life to a boring or plain room. I have also noticed that interior decorators have a way of mix and matching styles and decors. Designers have been very creative with their decorations and would lately incorporate not only artistic views but also functionality in their designs. Just in the case of fabric walls that you can use anywhere you like it.

A wall that seems unsightly to see or have its paint chipping off already can be transformed into a chic wall without putting much drain on our pockets and a wall renovation is minimized. A dash of fabric wall panels can do the trick and can serve as a decor or bulletin board as well. Just some of the many functions of these fabric walls are Velcro presentation displays as you can see at the sample below. It is perfect for demo or presentation as it can be mobile if you are on the go on tradeshows or meetings.
Image Hosted by
The Velcro Fabric Bulletin Boards, Cork Bulletin Boards and Acoustic Fabric Wall Panel by North Sculpture Company comes in over 100 multi-color boards and various shapes and it is custom made for you. It can easily be installed and comes with Velcro tapes or screws. There are just so many uses of these wall panels, one of the best approaches in keeping things organized. Can be used at homes (study area), schools, hall ways and more.

The Ideabooks are Here

Just in case you didn't know I'm a digital scrapper. I have been addicted to this hobby for years now and I am still hooked on it up to this day eventhough my mojo is hiding from me lately. I have made about 6 digital scrapbooking photobooks already and will continue to make more soon. The new PB just arrived yesterday and will share some photos soon.

Anyway, here are 2 ideasbooks that was given to me by an online friend GLO from the US. Thanks mare !!! Almost all my co-digiscrappers are given ideas books as well. It was sent in a balibayan box and KATHY sent it via LBC. Kathy even put a blusher and a bracelet as gift. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christmas in the Philippines

As most of you know, Christmas spirit here in the Philippines starts very early as soon as the “BER” months (SeptemBER) step in and that makes us unique from all other nations. You can actually hear Christmas songs playing on the radio that wants to gear up people for the coming festive events. Christmas decors have slowly been installed in the malls and during these days almost all of the malls are already clad with colorful lights and glittering Christmas trimmings. As Christmas approaches expect more shine and sparkle on the streets and on some houses as well.
Image Hosted by
Eventhough the some people may feel a bit hopeless or depressed due the recent calamities; Pinoys will surely rise above every tragedy and will still make their Christmas a merry one. After all, Pinoys are always known to give a smile although they are suffering.

This year I decided that I will buy Christmas card early. I hope I can go to the bookstore by early November to buy Christmas cards so that I can post them (overseas) as soon as possible. I don’t want to receive it after the holidays like what happened 2 years ago when I post them a bit late.

Now, if you have no time to go out to buy, you can opt to purchase your own personalized christmas cards online. There are wide array of designs to choose as well. I recommend that if you decide to purchase this way, better order now bec. we all know that when holidays are nearing they will lots of orders.

Just thinking about the coming holidays makes me want to jump for joy. Actually, I’m already keyed up over it. What about you are you getting excited as well?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 5: Lance & Keri are Eliminated

Here's the Result of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 5
The 8 teams left flew from Cambodia to Dubai. Once there they need to find BURJ DUBAI, the tallest building in the world to find their next clue. They've proceeded to Dubai Dessert Conservation Center to do the
ROAD BLOCK: Find water-
need to find urns and fill their water bags
FAST FORWARD- finished by Meghan and Cheyne-
- DETOUR: Build a snowman or find a snowman
Here's the team standing
Meghan & Cheyne
2. Brian and Ericka
3.Flight Time & Big Easy
4.Gary & Matt
5. Sam & Dan
6.Maria & Tiffany
7.Mika & Canaan
8. LAST and ELIMINATED: Lance & Keri

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Coffee and Blogging

Coffee and Blogging, my 2 favorite things and close to my heart. A perfect combination. Just in case you didn’t know I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now. It was in January of 2005 when I first jumped in the blogging bandwagon with so much passion for writing and curiosity in my hands.

I was hyped up at that time and very excited to post some of my experiences that I wanted to share. Bravejournal, a free blog hosting company welcomed me there I started to create my little space on the web. Though it’s by far from blogger and wordpress, it remained one of my net house and will always be in my heart and I reckon will have a hard time deleting my account there.
Image Hosted by
My blogging continued for years and up to this date I have numerous blogs with different niches that keeps me oh so busy. It was fun as you get to know a lot of people who has the same passion for blogging. There are times it’s tiring esp. when I need to update or if I want to change themes or setting son them. I need to keep an eye on almost all of them especially on my blogs and I was lucky to have a good blog web hosting that will not let me down.

I see myself blogging for more years as long as I can type on my keyboard and have more things to talk about. Meanwhile, coffee keeps me company during night time, keeping me up and about.

Ahhh.. I think it’s time to sip another coffee. Care to join me?

Our Family Reunion

Pause for a moment and take a look at my Christmas countdown at the right sidebar and see how many days and hours left until Christmas. Aren’t you getting excited? I am and I guess you have read countless times already here on my blog hehe. Why not? Aside from being the most festive holidays is also the time for a family reunion to happen.

For us, if schedules will really push through then we’ll have a family reunion this Christmas time. We are all excited because my sisters and their families will be coming home from overseas and we’ll all meet in HK and we’ll all go home back here in Pinas all together. I hope all plans will push through because if that will happen then it’ll be the 1st time in 9 years that we’ll be complete once again.

I bumped into one of my aunts few weeks back and I abruptly asked her if we’ll have another family reunion that will happen this year. She sadly told me that she’s not sure about it since it’s pretty hard for to gather all of us again as some are not cooperative enough. Too bad no reunion will happen this year but seriously we had a hard time thinking of what family reunion gifts to give for the raffle.

BTW, here’s our family reunion photo way back in Christmas 2007. Not all families are shown in the photos here though. Each family has color coding so we’ll have an idea what clan they belong. Honestly, I can’t remember all of their names, lol. My family belongs to the white clan in the photo.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Who knows maybe in few more years, we can all get together once again and hope this time I will not run out of in my mind?

What about you, do you always have family reunions?

Recently Acquired

For many months of scouring local online buy and sell site to look for a possible replacement of our old van, finally my brother gave up looking for one. Those that are posted are either overpriced or does not meet the requirements that my bro is looking for. He even took the time to visit vans for sale but aside from having lots of scratches, not complete car accessories
, there's this one seller when bro asked for proper car documents the seller was not able to show right away. Yay we stay away from transactions like that for fear of buying car-napped vehicles.

Anyway, we thought we're not going to buy a nice second hand van not until my mom and bro spotted this Toyota van at a nearby village. They checked the inside and the motor plus the papers and they liked it so they bought it right away that is one day before Typhoon Ondoy came. Right now, my bro is pimping this van and had it checked at a nearby car mechanic shop.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Been Sick

Thank God, I'm fine now.

After having a fever last night I am back on my toes once again and whipping some few blog posts here and there on my several blogs. Early morning yesterday, I already felt cold and some pain in my mouth. I did not mind it so much thinking it was just ordinary and proceeded to go to my store after lunch. More hours passed and I am already getting irritable as I am getting fever already and have difficulty in swallowing. I closed my story early around 6 pm and hurriedly go home with my mom and SIL.

At dinner time I have no more appetite to eat but I forced myself to take a bite or two and drink lots of water.
I was feverish the whole and thought I had tonsilitis, I just drunk mefenamic acid and ascorbic acid and it proves to be helpful. At around 11:30 pm i felt so hungry that I boiled an egg just to have something. I felt quite ok in the morning and just continued my water therapy.

Today, I just stayed at home taking more rest and I'm so happy I'm alive and kickin' once again!!

I'm Very Much Excited Over the Coming Events

On Sunday (18th) it’ll be the 77th birthday of my mom and right now we are already thinking of what to cook for her special day. Nothing big celebration really cuz it’s only a family Sunday lunch affair. November will also be super special since my sis and I will be celebrating our birthdays too. Though our age is not in the calendar anymore, birthdays are special and a little celebration always makes it more fun and memorable.

December will never be left behind because we are all excited on our HK trip. It’ll be the 1st trip of the family (not everyone though) overseas so we all know that it will be fun. The kids for sure have a blast at HK Disneyland while us girls would definitely hit the shopping areas. I guess I'll also look into those
wall candle sconces if they are much cheaper there.

Aside from all of that our 25th Silver Highschool Reunion will also happen on December and I know this will be a fun gathering most especially when many will attend. Ahhh ... I can't wait for these to happen!!

My Blogging Evolution

I have couple of friends and relatives who just recently knew that I’m into blogging and they were quite amazed at how it really works and how can I receive extra moolah for that. I even told them I have multiple blogs that I keep on my shoulders and I reiterated to them it is no joke and it’s a lot of work to do. I have friends that I taught on how to make a blog and even have a sister who is also doing a part time blogging eventhough she is busy.

Blogging is fun as you can share almost anything that you wanted plus it’s a bonus when you have constant readers. I started blogging way back in 2005 in a free hosted blog format and that is at bravejournal and would you believe it is still up and I was able to update it from time to time.

Slowly I opened blogs at blogspot and later on at Wordpress, my blogging has evolved through the years if I can say. As my blogging progresses my choice of moving a step further from free hosted to owning domain name and own hosting as in the case my WP blogs have come to a reality. Choosing what domain name and where to purchase took me a while as I need to know a lot of details about how am I going to redirect my free hosted blogs to my domain names.

Thanks to all those tutorials online and with a lot of researching and asking some friends I was able to redirect my blogs to my domain names though there are times I was a bit frustrated especially when they are not redirecting properly.

Anyway, I know there are still people who are keen of owning blog or a site but don’t know where to start. I suggest you do research online. Make your own blog and choose the right company by reading reviews. Be patient and in no time you’ll be blogging crazy like me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Michael Jackson's New Song "This Is It" was released

So finally after 4 months after Michael died, Michael Jackson's New Song "This Is It" was released. This song is the lead single of the 2-disc CD set and will be on sale at the same time because his THIS IS IT movie will be released on Oct. 28th by Sony pictures.

So for MJ fans out there here's your chance to grab his music once again.

Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 4: Zev & Justin are Eliminated

Here's the result of the Result of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 4

The 9 teams left flew from Vietnam to Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA. In Cambodia they went to FCC Foreign Correspondent Club to get their next clue. That led them to Hotel Royal.

DETOUR: Cover or Wrap
~COVER: they need to sell helmets
~WARP: need to find a woman wearing the same scarf
ROADBLOCK: They need to perform the MONKEY ACT

Here's the team standing
Sam & Dan
2. Flight Time & Big Easy
Brian and Ericka
4.Gary & Matt
5. Meghan & Cheyne
6. Lance & Keri
7.Mika & Canaan
8 Maria & Tiffany
9. LAST and ELIMINATED: Zev & Justin (they came in 1st but because ZEV lost his passport and can't find it, they have been eliminated)

Of Business and Productivity

I was often told by friends and few acquaintances that I am “lucky” to have my own business for I can be my own boss and have all the time in the world. Sure that is the case but owning a business is not a joke and you gotta be prepared on what is in store for you. You’ve got to deal with the operations, licenses, taxes, services, inventories, man power, goods and others stuff. I am in no way a business expert so it’s always a delight to be acquainted with other business owners.

Just thinking about how big corporations or stores operate with lots of products, services and people made me dumb founded and in awe. Getting the right people and having proper management tools or solutions like that of iMagic
inventory software are just some of the keys that probably will make any business successful aside of course from being determined and focus on your goals.

Thanks to those who have come up with solutions that can help small to big scale industries in overseeing the flow of their goods. These softwares can actually make inventory more manageable thereby increasing profits and productivity. Investing a little with these tools can be life-saver on businesses where they need to account all of their stocks up to the last item.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh Blackout !!!

I will leave you with this photo and video before the power will go off again. It was around 7 last night when another shutdown happened. Nothing else to do so I took a video of my nephew and niece and they are still having fun despite the fact that it is hard when there is no electricity.

As you can see we only have candles and flashlight at home to use in this emergency. We don't need to buy a generator in our house since blackout is just an isolated case.
Here's a video of my niece and nephew during the blackout.

4 Hours Rotational Brownout

Note: this is the post that I wanted to publish when the lights went off again this morning.I'm posting it anyway.

Yay, I just heard over the news right now that there will be
4 Hours Rotational Brownout in some parts of Rizal, Pasig and other areas still due to the fire on the Power Plant. So we'll be expecting yet another boring and hard day for all of us here.

I have some photos and a video that I took last night while we are under the dark. Ok gotta post this one now because the power might went off.

MCITP Certification for IT Professionals

Who would have thought that we’ve come to this age where computers and technology will go hand-in-hand? It’s an every changing world and we must also keep ourselves abreast with the evolving times especially on info tech or information technology. These days we have seen almost everyone have one way or another used computers while some are literally using it everyday just like in my case. Though I spend most of my waking hours using the computer and the Internet that doesn’t mean that I am an IT expert already.

I have a little know how on basic troubleshooting but when it comes to software or hardware and other applications; I immediately resign myself from doing that. I have my professional computer technician anyway who can fix all of my net café computers just in case the trouble is already beyond my understanding.

I have a pure admiration to all those IT professionals who have great knowledge about computers, troubleshooting, software/hardware and other terms that they themselves have mastered. A simple course in IT and simple application of it after graduation are not enough to make you a fully certified IT technician or expert.

IT world is fast developing and to keep them at its level, IT experts must also undergo trainings and have certifications. One such important certification is that of Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification or the MCITP certification which you can only achieve by attending boot camps or training program.

Just recently, cbt planet, an IT training provider, announces that they are including MCITP on their roster of trainings in 2010. A great opportunity and one of the good training ground for students who are willing to subject themselves to rigorous education in achieving one of the most well regarded certification in the IT industry. An edge that they will definitely want to have.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Massive Blackout , No Net Left Me Unproductive

We are all stunned last night when the power went off. I thought it will just be for a couple of minutes or so but it's not. We heard at the news later on that a power plant caught fire and that causes the massive blackout in the areas of Rizal, Pasig and some parts of Manila.

We lost power last night at 9 pm - till 5 am this morning. Then 11 pm till 2 pm again. When the power went back, I went to check my net connection at my store but we have NO NET !!!! I called Smart and told me that the base which I am connected is having troubles too and the call center agent told me that it will take about 24 hours to be repaired. What???? What a lucky day.. I end up closing my store very early at 5 pm.

I went home and luckily we have power. I hurriedly submitted 1 online task , did some EC droppings and Adgitizing, but at around 7 pm the power went off again and it came back just now at 9:30 pm. I guess there'll be rotation of blackout on different places and we are expecting more if this till Monday.. arghhhh!

Wishin' I'm an IT Professional

You know lately it had me thinking that I wish I took up IT course way back in my college days. Never has it crossed my mind that it will become in demand in this computer age, so far from the medical course that I took up and never used as well. I reckon being an IT professional these days have lot of opportunities when it comes to getting a job. With the every changing world of technology as well, IT professionals will have the chance to improve their skills and talents through trainings, seminars and more.

This reminds me of my nephew Karlo who is going to graduate (hopefully!!) from Mapua next year with an IT course. He’s been making websites for some companies and has good knowledge about computers and all. All I wish for him is that he’ll be successful in this kind of field. For sure if he’ll just strive hard and be aggressive with his studies and in finding a job, I know he’ll be successful in it.

Though there are also stiff competitions in this kind of field but he must equip himself with proper credentials and of course skills. If you happen to be an IT professional and wishing to enhance your skills esp. about Microsoft Technologies, I suggest you enroll in one of those Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) training camps being offered by cbt planet, These kinds of seminars will not only hone your skills but give you an edge in the IT world.

This intense training for Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) training camps are guided with professional and expert instructors giving valuable knowledge to all their students. Their camps are situated at Atlanta, Georgia and Sarasota, Florida providing the enrolees nice facilities that is conducive to learning and training. They have announced new schedules of training for the year 2010 and just now it’s never to early to inquire.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Efren Peñaflorida as one of CNN's Heroes.

I am so proud to hear this news that a Filipino, Efren Peñaflorida made it as one of CNN's Heroes. Efren turned hero of the streets by helping gang members get out of their rotten life and other street children by helping them read and write only using his pushcart classroom.

More stories about him at CNN Heroes
Let's all VOTE for EFREN Peñaflorida.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Save and Spend Wisely

After the destructive typhoon that has greatly affected us here in our country we can’t help but to talk about this often even here on my blog. Sure we have experienced floods and typhoons in the past but this one is really very different bec. of the enormous flooding submerging houses in thick mud and flood waters. These I can say will stick to our minds forever as the recollections of those who died will never cease.

Now that many are still suffering and getting hungry each day bec. they lost their properties, we (my family) always feel that we are so blessed that we are not greatly affected. One of the things I learned from this event is that we should always be thankful for all we have no matter how big or small it is.

I am positive that those who are affected will greatly learn from this calamity and they need to be optimistic that good things will still come to them. Losing hope will not help them in anyway.
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Spending unwisely is not a good thing to do these days since we need to save more so when crisis and emergencies will arise we have something to pull out in our pockets. I have known a lot of flood victims who are getting calamity loans to start anew by re-building their torn houses or buying new furniture etc.

Since I am not that crazy shopper and I know how to have control on my spending and I don’t have any loans, I am not so worried about my finances at this point. For those that have been spending or have loans/credits left and right without much thinking, you better watch out because one day when you least expect it a collection agency will call you and bug you with all your dues. Better think twice before you get drowned with debt, it’s like a quicksand too, you might not get out of it.

Choco Overload

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We received yet another plastic bag of chocolates sent by my sister who is working in Saudi. She never fails to send us some especially when one of her friends are coming back home here in Pinas for a vacation. I am the one who divide these chocolates among my siblings. We are actually spoiled when it comes to chocolates and even dubbed my family as chocoholics.

There'll be more chocolates coming soon this month because 2 of my nephews and nieces went there for a 2 week vacation. For sure they will bring back tons of chocolates once they come back. I told them that we want kisses, M&M and Cadbury chocolates. Yay, if we didn't stop eating chocos we might end up looking for a fat burner, hehe. More chocos please!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 3: Marcy & Ron are Eliminated

Here's the result of the Result of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 3

Like I said before you'll be seeing results of the
THE AMAZING RACE 15 here on my blog as I love this show. Still in Vietnam, 10 teams did all the exciting tasks again.
Flight Time & Big Easy
Meghan & Cheyne
3, Gary & Matt
4. Brian and Ericka
5. Sam & Dan
6. Maria & Tiffany
7.Mika & Canaan
8. Zev & Justin
9. Lance & Keri
Marcy & Ron

Of Prayers and Meditation

All Filipinos have been praying so hard in the last few days so because we all know that we have been devastated by a very powerful typhoon Ondoy killing lots of people and damaging millions of properties. At the onset of another storm, Typhoon Pepeng which is believed to be a super typhoon as well. Everyone are praying that Manila, Marikina and Rizal will be spared from another surge of rains and flood waters. I think that God has heard our prayers and this new storm luckily didn't wreak havoc on the already battered places like Marikina nd Rizal.

We are so happy and thankful about that but at the time that we are rejoicing those in Northern part had received the mighty winds and rains of the new typhoon and it's sad to hear. Although our country have received a lot of beatings from natural calamities, we are still optimistic that we'll stand on our feet again. Pinoys are very prayerful and it always help us through times of difficulties.

I'm sure not only Filipinos believed in the power of prayers bec. we've come to know that Tibetans and Nepalese have their own religious ceremonies and rituals esp. during the in Ancient times wherein they chant and use musical instruments.Gongs
, singing bowls and more are often used in their ceremonies and in their meditations for peace and harmony. These days you don't need to travel to Tibet or Nepal to get authentic handicrafts bec. at you can already order them.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Panic Buying or Just Getting Prepared?

Hello everyone!! Typhoon Pepeng entered our country and we all prayed that it will not be as destructive as Typoon Ondoy. It is said to be a super typhoon for it carries strong winds and rains and it's already battering northern Luzon. We definitely don't need any rains anymore as we already had enough of that since last week.

I went to the grocery the other day and yesterday and I am not sure if people are getting paranoid of the typhoon because the grocery supplies of Puregold especially the sardines and other canned goods are already out of stock. I guess people are just getting prepared for this typhoon so they stock lots of foods and other necessary things needed. I also noticed that the candles are one of the things that people buy just in case there will be power blackout. I lined up at the counter at the grocery for almost an hour (imagine that) because of the tons of shoppers lining up with their carts full of supplies. I reckon nothing beats being prepared.

ATM at the banks have long lines as well while other banks are still offline due to what happened last weekend. I know with the grace of our Lord things will come back to normal soon. Be safe everyone especially those where places will directly be hit by Typhoon Pepeng.

NOTE: For those wishing to donate for the victims of TYPHOON ONDOY or PEPENG, you can send your donations via REDCROSS, they have paypal payments now. Don't hesitate to give to the less fortunate.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Learn More About The Importance Of Having A Good Credit Score

I reckon most of you have loans at banks and other agencies, or perhaps you have debts from your credit card companies. There are individuals who are good payers where they pay their dues on time and consistently while others are not capable of doing so. Not paying your loans or very late payments will not only incur penalties but it will also greatly affect your credits score and if you have poor rating chances are you will have a hard time getting loans in the future.

I can say I am lucky that I can boast of my credit score because actually I don’t have any loans on my name right now and have not used my credit card. However, I can’t blame those that have credits because we are in an economic crunch esp. these days that typhoons have hit us so badly. Many people will apply for calamity loans and more so that they can use the money for house/car repairs etc.

If you are thinking about getting loans soon and worry about your credit standing, you can get your free credit report card and credit scores at CreditScore.Pro. Learn more about the importance of having a good credit score, credit score and mortgage rates etc. before even applying for a loan. at their site. Credit scores are used by banks and other lending agencies in learning your paying capacity. Also learn how you can protect your credit and how it can affect your loan status.