Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Shopping

I've been shopping and shopping and shopping already and I enjoyed it. My shopping list is almost done as I only have one more gift to buy for a goddaughter then after than I'm really done. It's always nice to shop on weekdays at the opening of the mall so there's less crowd and there are more stocks. However, I have to go to the mall this afternoon on a weekend because I need to buy a gift for one of my goddaughter that my SIL will see on Sunday at the province. I don;t see her often so I got her a special gift that I know she can use.

Of course, I got one for myself too. How can I resist 50% off on bags haha.. Talk about low EQ, I gave in to a new bag again!! OMG, I know my mom will freak out again when she'll see that. Oh well... at least I will give some of my old bags to my SIL or niece.

The nearby mall is having a midnight sale today and when I left, there are still many people coming in.. Wow... people are already buying all kinds of stuff for their kids and all. The toys section are always a hit! I happened to pass by the music store and there are also some people, maybe they are also looking for some musical stuff as gifts or for their own personal use. I will not wonder if Gibson 2015 Les Paul Less Plus guitars will be hot too because a lot of online and physical stores are having huge sales.

I looked into the file of gifts that I already bought and I know I will spend another whole day to finish wrapping them.... Shop now if you haven't started yet. Christmas is just 12 days to go!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Christmas Tree is Up

Finally, our small Christmas tree is up since last week. I didn't buy new tree and decors so I just have the old tree that we have for many many years already, in fact, I can't recall how many years already. The decors still look new so I didn;t bother to buy this year but I was tempted to buy when I saw some Christmas village and other cute decors at for department 56 whilst browsing online.

I have yet to finish  my Christmas shopping so I can wrap all the gifts for my family and friends. Well, at least I still have ample time to shop and warp all of them.

Ahhhhh.. Christmas is really just around the corner and with the cool breeze that we are having right now due to typhoon in the Visayas region it feels like it's gonna be a cold Christmas too.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Export Quality Christmas Decors at Takara Arts and Crafts

23 more days and it's Christmas already !!! Have you decorated your place with decors already? and have you done your Christmas shopping too?

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping for gifts that I will give to my family and friends but have not yet set up our Christmas tree... yay! Mom already took the decors out of our storage room but my brother failed to bring it home last weekend. Hopefully, we'll have it set up this week.

Anyway, we were at a town fiesta yesterday when a friend of ours mentioned about Takara Arts and Crafts that sells export quality Christmas decors. It was just near our place but actually never knew that this place existed.. lol poor me..

So off we go to the place and there are heaps of decors of different occasions. Not just for Christmas but for easter, mardi gras etc.)

A friend bought that cute Santa Claus while another friend bought a lot of wreath and other decors. I wanted to buy those nutcracker guys and Santa but I still have many decors at home. Maybe next year.

The decors are nice and we got some good discounts!

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