Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sis Joy and Her New Found Hobbies!

I was with my sis Joy at YM few nights ago and we’ve been catching up with each other, talking about her kids and other chismis (gosspis). She’s also checking out our mom if she is doing good after being rush to the hospital about almost 2 weeks ago. I said we are scheduled to go to the doctor for my mom’s check up once again.

We seldom talk at YM lately so if we do, our chit-chats are endless and it covers wide range of topics as well. She complimented my finished Project 365 photobook and told me that she’s not yet finished with hers. Her interest in digi-scrapping and photography declined a bit and she became busy as well.
She’s got new interests and it’s about make-up, nail art and hair braiding! Ever since she likes to put make up and experiment on it. In fact, she bought lots of make up (Urban Decay, Mac etc) to try it on and she’s watching tutorials at Youtube to learn more technique. She’s also into nail art and saw on her blog a picture of her nails that she made. Quite interesting, I said.

She’s also into hair braiding and I saw from her blog that she’s already braiding her daughter’s hair before going to school. Good for her, she has new hobby that she loves already and I wonder what will be the next hobby that she will take.

I'm also keen on talking to her on YM once again to keep us updated. Who knows we might talk about kinda deeper topics like Louisiana Jones Act and our upcoming National elections. With that said I need to send her offline message right now. I know she in Facebook once again, probably planting? hehe

I'm a Nurturer

Accdg. to blogthings my personality is a nurturer.
A good listener, you excel at helping others in practical ways.
In your spare time, you enjoy engaging your senses through art, cooking, and music.
You find it easy to be devoted to one person... a partner who you do special things for.
In love, you express your emotions through actions.
Taking care of someone is how you love them. And you do it well!
At work, you do well in a structured environment. You complete tasks well and on time.
You would make a good interior designer, chef, or child psychologist.
How you see yourself: Competent, dependable, and detail oriented
When other people don't get you, they see you as: Boring, dominant, and stuck in a rut

In Case of Emergency

Accidents can happen anytime at the comforts of our homes and no matter how careful we are on everything that we do, still a small mishap will occur. In emergency situation there are times that we tend to panic but it can worsen the situation.

It’s also best to have home medical supplies in one common place so if you need them asap you can immediately access it. You can teach your kids or family members where it is located so if there’s an emergency they can help get it. Supplies can include tabs for headaches, gauze, anti-itch, insect bites ointments, bandage and more. Just make sure you keep it out of reach from small kids to avoid further accidents.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 10: Louie and Michael last but NOT Eliminated

Finally The Amazing Race is back. I missed it last week bec. they didn't air. Anyway, here's the Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 10: Louie and Michael -(Detectives) last but NOT Eliminated

From Singapore they flew to Shanghai China. Only 4 teams are left to race for the million.
ROADBLOCK: Make Noodles- They need to make 1kg of noodles
ROUTE INFO: Shanghai Fashion District- DRESS THE MODEL

ROADBLOCK: 2nd Roadblock - ASSEMBLE PUZZLE at Hongkou Football Stadium. This is a very hard task that they've made. The Cowboys finished the task 1st

PITSTOP: Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
Team Standings:
1. Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys) - yey I want them to win the race!
2. Brent and Caite - (Dating Models)
3.Dan and Jordan- (Brothers)
4. Last but NOT Eliminated: - Louie and Michael -(Detectives)


Friday, April 23, 2010

She's Turning 7

My niece Reign is turning 7 on May 2 and we're already preparing for her party. It's nothing big but it's already a tradition here to give kids party when they are 7 years old. I'm not sure of the cotillion will push through but for sure there will be 7 roses, 7 candles and 7 gifts. I'm also buying the cake for her and I made this 4 x6 b-day invitation that her mom will give to the guests.

It's already late when I remember to make a guest sheet book where her guests will write dedications. Oh well maybe when she's 18 I'll make her one haha.

Some Benefits of Apples

We always hear that "An apple a day will keep the doctors away" though I'm not really an apple fanatic I guess I should start loving this fruit because it gives so many benefits to our bodies. I did a little research and I have found out that:

1. It's a great source of anti-oxidants
2. It's rick in fiber that can help in our digestion.
3. It can clean our teeth also serves as bad breath treatments and it can help strengthens our gums.
4. It can lower our cholesterol levels
5. Good for people who suffers indigestion.

Ouch It Hurts

SIL has been complaining about the joint pain that she is experiencing on her knees lately. I always told her that she must have an arthritis already and it's also a sign that she's also getting old hehe. She then retaliates back by saying I'm getting old too because my varicose veins are hurting as well. Yay.. only shows that at our age pains and aches are coming out already.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Happy Earth Day 2010 to all! It's the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day! Let's do our share to help save our Earth, bec. we only have 1.

My Hat's Off To EMS Practitioners

A look back at my Med. Tech days in the late 80’s brings a lot of memories; the best part is during our 4th year where we were assigned at different hospitals for trainings for the whole year. We are trained in the laboratory to test different specimens from blood, urine, stools, semen and lots more.

We also experienced rushing to the ER to get blood samples for stat or emergency testing and waking up at wee hours of the night (if you’re on night duty) to get blood or other samples or do some testing. It was a nice experience and good training ground. Now that I’m no longer practicing my profession, I still have such great respect for those working in the medical field.

My hats are off as well to those medical practitioners who are serving or volunteering their services in disaster management and emergency cases. We have seen volunteers from all over the globe to assist on medical missions in earthquake stricken Haiti and other places. I’m sure they are highly trained and they have brought ample EMS Supplies to address the health needs of the patients. I just wish that many health workers will continue to offer their valuable Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to the people when disaster strikes again.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pesky Neigbors

I was working this morning when all of a sudden my mom get my attention and told me that there is a small fire at the vacant lot at the back of our house. My pesky neighbors did set a fire on dead leaves and tree branches once again which I always hate and later on the fire grew and spreading.

I was shouting them put off the fire! and saw some women holding pails and pouring water on the fire. Now they see what they have done! I was too irked, they are not thinking how harmful it is to the environment when they set the dead leaves /branches on fire. Not only that, if the fire will not be controlled, our houses will be burned! Good thing firemen came (with little water on their truck though hehe) and put the fire out.

Yay! If only I can lecture them. Sigh... Oh dear, thanks for making me rant here. I better end this now or else it will add up some wrinkles on my face. I don't want to put a wrinkle cream just yet. Boo!

So if you are like my neighbors who always set dead leaves and tree branches on fire, pls. STOP ok, you're just adding heat to our environment and contributing to the destruction of our nature.

Monday, April 19, 2010

No Amazing Race 16 Episode 10 ShowToday?

I woke up a bit early this morning to get ready for my fave The Amazing Race Season 16 that is aired over at Studio 23 every Monday at 8:00 am (Pinas Time). I was just so excited and waited for it to be shown but it's already 8:15 am and there's no Amazing Race 16 Episode 10 being aired.

I remember Kaje, who also loves watching The Amazing Race that she heard over that the episode today will not be shown this week, so she was right. I'm not sure why but I hope that it will resume next week for I'm just excited now the finals are near.

Anyone knows why there's no Amazing Race 16 Episode 10 today?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Been Cooking Easy Cooking Recipes

I don’t know what got into me lately that I once again am holding pots, pans and other cooking utensils most of the time. I’m again unearthing the cooking diva in me that was once buried for a long time. What triggered it I guess, was my palate getting sick and tired of the same old dishes that we are having from day to day. It’s kinda boring already as it seems and my taste buds are looking for something new or different. It may not be gourmet or restaurant type of cooking but those comfort and easy to cook will be fine with me.

One day, I found myself scouring for Easy Cooking Recipes online and at Youtube and printing them out so I can at least have a guide. There are also simple dishes that I wanted to cook but lack time before and these days, I’ve slowly cooking them if I crave for them.

Last Holy Week, I also made a menu from Holy Monday till Easter Sunday, and since we are accustomed not eating meat on Holy Thurs and Good Friday, I made veggie dishes in those days accompanied with friend fish. Cooking is time consuming so when my niece is around, (since it’s summer vacation for them already) I’m asking her to help with the cutting of the veggies so that my meal preparation will be cut short.

I prepare easy cooking and with ingredients readily available at the supermarket. I’m the type of person who loves eating viands with sauces. Ahhhh they are just my favourite. I also love chicken very much and fortunately I was able to learn how to cook Buffalo Wings that I only can eat at a resto. I never realized that it was just so easy. I have posted the recipe already at my recipe blog and been compiling some more of the recipes that I have tested and liked.

BTW, here’s one of my favorite chicken dish. It’s the Sweet and Sour Chicken and oh dear it’s yummy. I will try to post the recipe if I can later. What about you what’s your gave dish?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Aspiring Beauticians

I love reality TV shows just in case you didn’t know and aside from the Amazing Race I also love watching America’s Next Top Model and those shows that involves tasks about fashion and beauty. I think it was the Cut show where the contestants are given an assignment to cut, color and put a style on the hair and makeup on their models. It’s such an entertaining show bec. you’ll get to see stylist’s talents.

Not all aspiring beauticians or cosmetologists can join shows so many just enroll themselves in beauty schools. Regency Beauty which is a cosmetology school can help beauticians learn new techniques and skills. They can use knowledge that they acquire from the school when they have their own salon.

Sophie's Complete Make-Over

My dog Sophie's hair is getting too long and entangled already bec. there are times that I'm a bit lazy to comb her hair regularly. So last March after she recovered from illness (she became anemic), we went to the vet for her complete make-over. She was at the vet for hair and nail cut and of course spa (hehe). The vet put her to sleep because she's a bit handful when she was being groomed. She was at the vet in the morning and in the afternoon my SIL and bro got her from the clinic and we were so shocked to see her new look.

I was laughing so hard when I saw her and even asked my SIL if that is really Sophie..lol I called her name and of course she came to me.. Ahhh poor dog, her vet made her bald..lol. This is her before she was groomed. Sophie btw, is half- Shitzu and half-daschund.
(before) Aug. 2009
after she was groomed in March 6, 2010, she's more like a Daschund here lol

The first night that she was at home, she was so restless, uncomfortable and uneasy. I saw her going in circles, licking her feet and looks so confused. We asked her doc about it and told us that she is just adjusting bec. from being furry to a bit bald..lol

Here is she now after 1 month, thank God her hair is growing back and I'm already combing it every after bath. She also had her immunizations done. She already got anti-rabies, 6-1 booster, anti-fleas and more. She is healthy now for sure and having her is like having a baby bec. of the finances.. Yay.. love her to bits! She's my baby..lol
Here she is now at April 12, 2010 with a sharp look lol and I think her long hair will grow back by June, can't wait for that!

Safety is First

It’s been my routine to open my TV in my bedroom when I wake up and before I even get up from my bed to get the latest news around the nation and the world. Since the national elections are coming up, topics about it always surfaces but what makes me and is giving me goose bumps is when I see multiple car accidents happen each day on the news.

We never really know what will happen to us and we can only pray hard so that we’ll be far from accidents. No matter what we should always see to it that our vehicles have insurance just in case something happens. There are many companies who are offering cheap car insurance available only if we do our research by scouring the net and getting one is quicker than ever. Just also remember to always drive safely on the road as its getting scarier to drive each day due to reckless drivers.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dreamin' of Singapore

Since the Universal Studios in Singapore opened to the public about a month ago and a friend of mine traveled there, my desire to go there grew even more. Actually my sister has a friend who is already residing there for many years and she told us that we are very much welcome to stay in her house if ever we decided to tour Singapore.

Wow that would be a good chance since we can cook food in the house and that only means that we can save plus we don;t need to rent any hotel while we are there. We are actually planning to go there by December but with the looks of it, it may not happen bec. of some unforeseen events and circumstances. I'm just too eager to pack my clothes of my luggage (wish it was a Kipling one) and fly over there. Oh BTW, Amazing Race leg 9 is on Singapore too!

I remember our Hongkong trip with my family last Dec. 2009 bec. we had a blast, wish we all can travel overseas once again if God permits.

Have you been to Singapore already?

Manila International Auto Show 2010

I was watching Unang Hirit, a morning TV show this morning and they featured the Manila International Auto Show 2010. It's being held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City from today April 15- 18, 2010, entrance fee is only Php50.

So if you are car enthusiasts (i know a lot of men are), you'll see lots of different car models and more. top car manufacturers will surely display some of their top car for visitors to enjoy. There'll also be fun activities at the show as well but I'm not sure if there are Nascar jackets being sold or displayed in the show.

Monday, April 12, 2010

On My Digi-Scrapping

Just in case you didn't know yet, I'm into digital photography and digital scrapbooking for a while now. I've been making photobooks since last year and had it printed over at ARTSCOW which is based in Hongkong.

Anyway, just recently finished my PROJECT 365 that contains over 365 photos for the whole year or 2009. That only means that I tool photo each day and put it on a layout on a weekly basis (1 page per week). There are times however when I forgot to shoot or simply just too lazy to take a photo but managed to finished the whole year.

The wait is over and I finally got my 60page 8x8 PROJECT 365 photobook where I only paid $20.49 bec. I used an Artscow coupon code. If not I should have paid $42.++ Here are some photos of my Proj. 365 Photobook. You can see more of my photobooks and details at my SCRAPS AND SHOTS blog
Digi-scrapping requires a little bit of patience for you to be able to finish a single page. I have friends and relatives who wanted to try this craft and I always tell them that digi-scrapping is just like any hobby you gotta have passion and patience for it. If not, you'll be bored.

I have digi-scrapping friends who make photobooks for a fee as a sideline and make pb as gifts. If you are patient and love working on photos then digi-scrapping will be a good hobby to consider because you can scrap any photos and turn them into beautiful art.

Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 9: Carol and Brandy- (Dating) last and Eliminated

Here's the Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 9: Carol and Brandy- (Dating) last and Eliminated

From Malaysia they rode a train to Singapore
FAST FORWARD: Traverse Singapore Flyer - which is 541 ft high (SCARY!)
Dan and Jordan- (Brothers) finished this task so they went straight to Pitstop
DETOUR: Pounding Drums or Pounding Pavement
Carol and Brandy- (Dating) was U-turned by Brent and Caite
ROADBLOCK: Count Chain Links = (521)
ROUTE INFO: Mega Zip Line inside Sentosa Island
Marina Barrage

Team Standings:
1. Dan and Jordan- (Brothers)
2. Brent and Caite - (Dating Models)
3. Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys)-
4. Louie and Michael -(Detectives)
5. Last and Eliminated: - Carol and Brandy- (Dating)


Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Want Some Coupons Please!

It’s weekend once again and it sure is a different day for me. Mom woke me up a bit early this morning before she’s going to the market and asked me if I can take her blood pressure. Just in case you didn’t know she was rushed to the hospital last Friday bec. she got so dizzy and her bp was too high. Anyway, I took her bp and it was 140/80 so I told her not to go out anymore.

Fortunately my niece is in the house so I was able to ask her to go with me at the market this morning. Yay, I never knew that prices of meat and veggies are quite high already so now I know how difficult it is for mom to budget the money that I gave her for our 1-week market allowance.

Right after coming from the market, I arranged the stuff and put them on the fridge, I cooked Chicken Caldereta for our lunch before leaving for the church to hear mass. We had our lunch here at my bro’s place. No, malling for me today because it was too hot to go out anyway plus going out means spending again.

It’s better to just stay at home bec. when I got to the mall, I might just buy something that is not necessary. Unfortunately, we don’t usually use coupons while shopping here in Pinas. I’m sure those that love dining out will love to use Restaurant coupons to save everytime they eat at their fave restos. Some restos here only give discounts from time to time.

Oh I just love Jollibee and McDonald’s coupons that they gave out before 2 months ago as I was able to get a discount when I ordered my fave chicken burger from McDo. How I’d wish Yellow Cab and Pizza Hut will give out Pizza coupons as well so I can save extra money the next time I crave for some pizzas.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Graduates 2010

Almost forgot to share these. It's school break now for the kids and they've already started their summer vacation even before the Holy Week starts.

My 2 nephews graduated from elementary last March 26th and they are happily posing with their lola (grandma) after the graduation rites. Dither even got a special awards, Best in Math (yes he is good at this subject) and Loyalty Award.

meanwhile, Reign graduated from pre-school and she'll be already Grade 1 this coming school year in June. Yay, they are all growing up real fast and I just hope they'll do go in the next school days. Oh BTW, my other nephew Jerel graduated from college as well.

Craving For Conti's Mango Bravo Cake

I've been hearing about Conti's Mango Bravo cake from friends online for a while now and it was just last February that I was able to taste it. During our Bebots/Twitter EB/get together last Feb. 19th at Astoria, Rache and Faye (via Litz) brought 2 boxes of these Mango Bravo and I was excited to give it a taste and oh boy I loved it.
Without thinking of weight loss product or feeling guilty about eating sweets and I know that I'm not on a diet, I got a slice of it and munch on this sweet and oh so yummy piece of Mango Bravo. Much more with my delight I was able to bring home a slice of it so that mom can have a taste.
Unlucky for me, Conti's bakeshop are located only on few places like in Makati, Paranaque, Global City and in Greenhills. I wish they'll expand their branches more so that their cakes are more easy to find and purchase.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mom's High BP

My niece woke me up early this morning and told me that my mom is getting dizzy and she suspects that her blood pressure is getting high once again. Still feeling sleepy, I got my mom's highblood pressure and it was already 160/80 which is already high. She said she is dizzy too and that she needed to drink her medicine for her hb pressure.

I'm not quite sure why her bp suddenly shoot up that high since she is drinking her meds on a daily basis. I took nap again after checking her but my SIL and bro wake me up once again and told me that we should bring mom to the hospital right away.

Hurriedly, I changed clothes and got some of my things and we rushed her to the nearest hospital. Mom told us that she is so dizzy and that she wanted to throw up too. Her BP was 190/80 already and the nurses hurriedly put oxygen on her and told me to buy some meds at the pharmacy. We suspect that she got so tired yesterday and it was so hot that her bp went up high like that.

After few minutes, her bp became more stable from 190-140 then to 120 but still she's dizzy that's why the doctor gave her meds for that. The doctor also wanted her to be confined in the hospital but mom didn't want to eventhough I myself wanted her to stay there.

Anyway, we took mom home before lunch and thank God she is quite stable now. She already ate and she's not dizzy anymore. I still have to monitor her blood pressure from time to time too and we'll keep an eye on her through the night.

Perks of Owning a Car

It’s no surprising that a lot of people want to drive their own vehicle. Owning a vehicle can get you to a lot of places comfortably without using the public transport. You can go out anytime and anywhere you wish to go and can have a privacy.

These days you can opt to buy used or brand new cars depending on your budget. There are also car owners who are meticulous when it comes to maintenance and looks of their car. Some put nice mug wheels, car floor mats, spoilers and more or have it modified according to your liking and you’ll find CarId a good source for that. Whatever vehicle you prefer owning one requires responsibility and that includes driving safely on the road.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Friday Procession 2010

Let me share some of the photos that I took during the Good Friday procession that we have here in our Parish.

Every Good Friday, we always join the procession and the highlight of the procession is the burial of
AMBA (statue of dead Christ). There are many devotees who will try to join the procession and would try their best to hold the rope connected to the AMBA being pulled.

AMBA being brought back in the church. Take a look at the people who are trying to come near and have their towels or handkerchiefs blessed.

The procession usually starts at 5pm and my family always try to join the procession. The procession will start at the church, Amba and other religious images are paraded around our town and it will go back to the church.

Spending Within Our Means

How many times I’ve heard from many people that the economy is not good and money is not coming in as much as they like. These days we always try to find ways to boost our profits or income and ways to save more money. If you can, put money on your bank and always check your interest or your CD rates if you can. It’s always hard when you don’t have any savings because when emergency arises, it’s difficult to produce money in an instant.

Not all people have someone to turn to. We can always tighten our belts a little bit; it’s just a matter of self control. We should learn to lessen your shopping but if you can’t, minimize the use of your personal or business credit cards bec. sometimes this can worsen the situation if not properly used. Credit cards are not that evil for those that know how to use it for they can be useful in times of emergency as well. Just learn to prioritize and use it responsibly. It’s also always best to read, compare credit cards and know within yourself if you really need one or if you have the capacity to pay it in the future.

I myself been trying not to use my CC, actually I have not used it ever which is a good thing for me. As a reminder always spend within your means.

Hair Talk: Concealing my White Hairs

If there is one thing that I hate in my hair right now and that would be my white hairs. Argghh…. They 1st sprouted about 3 years ago and it’s just few strands on top part of my hair so what I did was to pull it out but it turns out to be itchy when they grow back so I didn’t do it again. To my surprise my white hairs grew in numbers and it became very visible just near my forehead and all over. Ahhh that is unsightly to see so I have no choice but to have a hair colour to conceal them. I went to my professional hairdresser and had it done in the salon and the result was good.
From then on, I’m having my color done in the salon every 3-4 months bec. if i will not do that my white hairs will be very noticeable and that’s always the 1st thing that you’ll see in me. I just hate being told that “oh, you have white hairs already”. Right now, my hair color is deep brown which I had it done in Feb., so by June I’ll be going back to have it done again. I have once coloured my hair on my own but it’s messy and time consuming so I always go back to the salon so I can relax as well.

I’m not very adventurous when it comes having different hair styles bec. I have thick and coarse hair so I just keep it long with some layers on the side. I always envy those long wavy Hollywood celeb hairstyles and wish I can do that in my hair. I also wished that to chop off my hair and keep it short but I’m too afraid to have it done.

Anyway, we often see celebs wearing different kinds of hairs styles and colors and those are really needed so that their fans will not be bored with the looks. Simple hair extensions can already make a difference and those bangs can definitely attract attention.

Oh well, my hairstyles over the years are pretty boring (same old cut each year) and wish I can find a great hairstylist that can do wonders on my hair. What about you have you tried different hairstyles? What about coloring your hair?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 8: Steve and Allie last and Eliminated

Here's the Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 8: Steve and Allie - (Father/Daughter) last and Eliminated

From Seychelles they flew to Penang, Malaysia and did these tasks
DETOUR: Buddhist Tradition or Chinese Tradition
SPEED BUMP: Serve Tea at Tropical Spice Garden- only Jet and Cord did this
ROADBLOCK: Smash Coconuts and make a traditional Hindu offering
PITSTOP: Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Team Standings:
1. Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys)- from last place on the last episode now they are 1st place once again for the 3rd time
2.Carol and Brandy- (Dating)
3. Louie and Michael -(Detectives)
4. Brent and Caite - (Dating Models)
5. Dan and Jordan- (Brothers)
6. Last and Eliminated: - Steve and Allie - (Father/Daughter)


Palm Sunday 2010

Hi everyone... I'm back blogging after Holy Week. Been offline for 2 days and it sure is refreshing as I was able to do some other stuff.

Here are just some of the photos that I took on Palm Sunday. With our palaspas on hand we went outside of the church after the mass to have it blessed with Holy water by lay ministers.

PALM SUNDAY, is a big event here in the Phils. All Catholics gather in the church to commemorate the entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. We bring our PALASPAS or decorated palm fronds to church to be blessed after the mass and later on we put in our doors at home that is believed to drive bad spirits.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

No egg hunting for us, it's not in our family tradition.

We heard Easter mass this morning and had a very sumptuous lunch at my bro's place. We had pork and chicken bbq and pork nilaga and for dessert it's fruit salad, our old time family favorite.

I'm back to work and back online once again. I'll be sharing some of our Lenten photos.

Bluehost for my WP blogs

Just in case you didn’t know yet, I’ve been blogging for 5 years now and so far so good I’m still very much into it. From bravejournal, to blogspot and to Wordpress blog formats, I think my blogging has evolved through the years. I never did realize that blogging can be fun as well as rewarding for me as the years go by.

I had my share of ups and down in the blogging world, I have once in my early year of blogging encountered a not so nice commenter that ended up with our misunderstanding. Anyway, we can’t please everyone with our posts and there will always be someone that will disagree privately or someone that will always voice out their opinions. That’s part of blogging.

I have also encountered downtime on some of my blogs that will send me furious or irked for sometime. Thanks, I have always found solution on them by asking or tweaking it myself. Webhost plays an important role in websites and blogs, for they are the life of any blog.

Right now, I have 2 Wordpress blogs (this blog not included) being hosted by Bluehost and so far so good, I don’t have any headache about their hosting. Sure there’s one time it is down for couple of hours but by nephew contacted their technical and within the same day my blogs are up again asap. If ever I will make another blog in WP then I’ll not have any second thoughts of bluehost hosting it. You can read bluehost review and find coupon codes as well at alreadyhosting.com if you are interested in having your blog or site hosted there. Just some features are unlimited hosting space, domains and file transfer.