Friday, September 28, 2012

Sophie’s Make-Over


My Shitzu-Daschund mix-breed dog Sophie got her full grooming make-over just over a week ago. Actually, she was scheduled by February but since I accidentally cut her skin  (ouch!) while I’m trimming her coat and I already saw that her coat is not in good condition anymore that is why I decided to take her to her vet asap.

It was hard and sad for me to leave her at the grooming clinic as she was crying when I put her on the cage. I know she doesn’t want to be left there. Since she’s not easy to manage while she’s being groomed, groomer always sedate her with the assistance of a veterinary.

After few hours, Sophie is fresh and clean already while sporting her summer cut doggy look Still groggy from sedation, I have no choice but to cuddle her and assure her that she’s still beautiful even though she’s BALD.. hahahaha. I remember mom and cousin asking me if “She’s the same dog?”

Don’t worry bebe your coat will grow back in few more months. Promise, by Christmas time, your coat will be long again.


Poor Sophie, she looks so sad.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Desktop Publishing

Apart from the net cafe that I have, I also make all sorts of invitations, business cards, flyers and other desktop publishing services. That was before but not anymore. Actually, I became too busy with my blogging and digital scrapbooking kits designing that I already decline orders from customers already. It's sad but I have to prioritize and choose what gives me more income. My SIL is the one manning the store all the time and she is the one accepting typing/printing jobs, scanning and photocopying.

Also, there are many alternatives for customers to order their business anniversary cards and more online.Who knows in the future, I might go back to that business of mine, which I loved before. Right now, I'm sticking to what I am doing for not only it gives me moolah but it makes me happy.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Meeting with a Cause


It was on Sept. 8 when I was invited along with my other HS classmates to attend a birthday celeb and a meeting. It’s always fun to see them from time to time as they are crazy and fun. One of our classmates is always generous to accommodate us all in their beautiful new house.

We had sumptuous dinner and afterwards had great fun singing at the videoke. They are drinking alcohol while I satisfy myself with chips hahaha. The celebration was not just pure pleasure for we planned of raising a fund within our batch. Those who have money can contribute whatever amount that they can so we can help our other batchmates that are in need.

The next meeting is not planned yet but I’m hoping I can be part of it again. We all wrapped up at around 1:30 am.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Can’t Get Enough of Fairy Hobmother

Just in case you’ve been in my other personal blog, you might have read that a very generous fairy landed on my blogs and rewarded me for the good job that I have done.  Actually, I’ve been stalking Fairy Hobmother for a while now, jumping from one blog to another whom he (yes he) has showered with gifts already. I was intrigued and wishing fervently that he’d pick my blog/s as the next recipient of his generosity. I'm just so happy when I got an email and he finally noticed my blogs after praying, wishing and waiting patiently.

He’d probably also sensed that I’m looking for a new washing machine that’s why he’d contacted me. I was spinning and could not hide my excitement for the gifts that he gave me and it’s already a very early birthday gift from him.

Thank you Fairy Hobmother, I wish that you'd not get tired of spreading joy and happiness to all the bloggers who worked hard. After all, we need not just a good pat on our shoulders but also some moolah to spend for shopping.. Teehee!

Make your presence known here. Leave your comments and your blog’s URL for he is on the lookout for the next blogs that he can sprinkle his fairy dusts!

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Zumba Exercise

I’m not an athletic or a fitness buff person but having a work that requires me to sit for a long period of time, I definitely need to be mobile once in a while. Apart from that, I’m not getting any younger so I better be in shape or fit or I’ll be sedentary for life.

It would be nice to attend fitness gyms or clubs just like what some of my friends are doing but I feel too lazy to join or go out just to have an exercise. Thankfully, there is YouTube for I can just watch and join my fave ZUMBA class and have my morning exercise just at the comforts of our living room. If I have time or if I’m inspired to do some exercises, I just follow the zumba class at around 9:30 am up until 10:00 am. That 30-min. exercise daily or every other day can already make me sweat and my heart pumping.

Here is my fave ZUMBA exercise from Lindsay Jay with Waka-Waka song as dance music. The moves that she used here are very easy to follow and very upbeat so I'm having a great time following it over and over again.

What about you, what is your form of exercise?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Want a Pandora Bracelet!

I fancy bracelets more than necklaces. I do have a silver bracelet with heart shapes and ball charms in it that I bought from a friend last year and it has been my favorite every since. I also recently bought some silver and dual toned bracelets at Forever 21 couple of months ago that I wore together with my silver charmed bracelet.

I though I was ok having those fave bracelets that I have right now but when I saw a Pandora bracelet with beautiful pandora charms from a friend's IG (Instagram) account, oh boy it made me drool.! Knowing that she can afford almost anything she wishes, I was left admiring this bracelet. Look at how nice it is, I hope I can also surprise myself with this kind of bracelet on my coming birthday or maybe Christmas!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Floods and Non-Stop Rain

Typhoon Karen already left the country yesterday but it's still raining non-stop for the last two days brought about by the monsoon rains. Due to that, massive flooding in Metro Manila and nearby provinces happened leaving people no choice but to evacuate again in the evacuation centers. Those that stayed at their homes have to brave the knee, waist or even chest deep waters at their homes. Ahh.. so sad.

Lately, all things have changed. With continuous rains even if there's no storm for sure it will be flooded in many areas. It only means that we have no more trees in the forest and mountains that can hold rain waters. Aside from that, esteros, creeks or river are already polluted with garbage and even squatters that prevent the flow of water.

I just hope there is still hope and solution to this problem not just in Metro Manila but I guess the whole country already.

Today, pre-school and elementary both public and private schools have no classes as what our mayor has announced last night due to flooding in many areas.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kids and Music

The other day, I heard my 9 year old niece loudly singing at their house after she came home from school in the afternoon. I quickly get up from my sit to see what she is doing and I was smirking when I saw her singing in front of the computer. With headphone on her head she didn't hear me coming so she's a bit shocked when she saw watching her. Apparently she's watching Charice on Youtube singing her own "Pyramid" song. It's one of her fave singers at the moment and singing her songs makes her excited even though I teased her sometimes.

Our family is not that musically inclined but it is nice to see them sing and from time to time play the guitar as what my niece and older nephew are fond of doing. When I was younger, I wanted to learn how to play the piano and the guitar but for some reason after experimenting or tinkering with the musical instruments that we have, it never became my passion or I never grown to love them.

If my nieces and nephews will develop likeness or passion in music then I have to support them especially now that we can purchase music instrument online.

Waiting Patiently

Yesterday, I went out to meet a friend at her clinic but I still have to wait for her after she finishes her client. Soon after, we proceeded to the bank to open a joint account that we need for our HS batch’s fund raising. We are both unanimously nominated to do the task and we are honored that they trust us to take care of the money.

I thought that we can just finish opening our account for few minutes only but the new account section was overloaded with other clients so we have to wait. Arghh.. waited for 30 mins for our turn but when it’s our time, our passbook will not be released because my friend only got 1 valid ID and the rest of her Ids are all expired.. yay! We are pleading the tellers to just accept 1 ID because we have also personal accounts in that bank but they are very strict with their rules that’s why it’s not accepted.

I don’t want to come back again today, so I just signed and authorized my friend to get the passbook today after she submitted another ID at the bank. Thankfully, it was released.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Medical Alert Systems

It’s pretty hard to get sick these days most especially when you don’t have any savings to cover up your medical expenses. My mom is turning 80 this Oct. 18th and we are so happy that she’s still very mobile despite her age. She’s been taking her daily medicine for her high blood pressure and mom’s quite obedient in doing that. I can say that she’s still healthy in the sense that she can still do whatever she wants or go to some places she needs to be in.

Even though I can see her well, I can’t help but still be worried for her. Last year, she was hospitalized for a week. Tests have been done and after ultrasound, it was found out that she has several stones in her gallbladder. The doctor gave her medicines with hopes of melting the stones but it was not effective. I was convinced that she needs an operation but she refused for she feared that her body might not bear the procedure.

Right now, she feels no pain but at the back of my mind, I know the time will come that emergency will arise. She’s been a little hard headed about the operation but I can’t really convince her about that. I’m also on the lookout because there are times that her blood pressure goes up without warning. It may seem funny but she has this handheld bell on her bed so that she can ring it when she needs me at night. Her room is also half open so I can hear her just in case. I just hope that I’m not in a deep sleep when that happens.

It’s always scary to have family medical emergencies for there are times that you can’t help but to panic. Thankfully, Medical alert systems like that of LifeNet in the US can help save lives. It’s good to know that simple gadgets are easy to use by patients most especially by elderly.These machines/gadgets can become Personal alarms for the elderly for it has large emergency button that can be press easily and it will alert LifeNet EMT’s 24/7.

Gadgets can be worn as a pendant or as a wristwatch.

medical alert systems
I just wish I could handle my mom’s medical emergency when it arises. Praying for her good health always.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Duplex Home Renovation

Lately, I’ve been talking to my bestfriend about a lot of things. She has been in an indeterminate state on whether to keep her job or be a wahm once again. I’m praying along with her and wishing that God will guide her on the decisions that she will make soon. Juggling work (office and online works), house chores and being a wife and mother are very hard thing to do but she needs to work double time for her kids schooling and other expenses.

The reasons that she also wanted to be a wahm is that she wanted her life less stressful; away from office problems that she no longer wanted in her shoulders. Apart from that, she’s been dreaming of starting her duplex home renovation project that she’s been telling me about since last year. However, since she still lacks some funds, it has been set aside for a while. Their house badly needs a makeover and I am very sure that her mom will love the idea of the renovation because it will give them more working space and a fresh new look on the house. 

Since I always go to their house from the time when we are in highschool, I noticed that their flooring, which has only cement material, needs a change too. With all the various sources of flooring materials at home depots and even online such as at, she can now opt to choose from laminate, vinyl, hardwood or tile flooring. They also have special pricing on their products therefore; anyone wanting to renovate a house or build a new house can get some great deals at Corter’s. 

Being meticulous on all the things that she does, I’m sure my bestfriend will only get the best for the home project that she’ll start soon. Summer next year will be a good time to get it going. Ohhhhh, I can’t wait for her dreams to come true for I will be so happy for her. This house renovation is long overdue already and with all the hardwork that she has done, she and her family need a more comfortable home to settle in.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello September!

Oh dear, it's September already! August just slipped away so fast huh. More BER months are coming and in no time it'll be Christmas soon. It's funny because as soon as Sept. 1 came, I already heard Christmas songs on TV and on the radio and it only shows how we Pinoys are crazy over Christmas! We have the longest Christmas season as they say.

I;m just so excited over the events that will happen in the coming months and it only means that I need to work extra hard to save. Anyway, just poppin' in here to welcome the September.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quality Woodworking Machinery Needed For Best Work

Our town has been known as one of the major supplier of woods, panels, doors, jambs, cabinets and anything wood related. There are many contractors and makers of chairs, tables, cabinets and more using different kinds of woods. Woodworking shops are almost everywhere and they have been delivering finished wood products almost all around the country for residential and commercial use. If you are into wood working industry, aside from employing good artisans, getting quality machinery that can help you with the cutting and fabrication are very essential. Manually cutting tons of woods is just too impossible for it can take long hours and hard work just to finish cutting.

These days, as technology advances, more advanced and hi-tech machinery have been invented to make fabrication and manufacturing faster and accurate. Computer aided cutting machines also make precise cutting and designing thus helping woodworking shop owners cut their production costs and time. These machinery like the cnc router that can cut wood, non-ferrous metals and plastics with precise cuts not only bring cutting wood materials to a whole new level but gives cutting edge technology two thumbs up from the woodworking industry. 

If you are looking to buy new and late-model or used woodworking machinery, Machinery Masters Corporation offers a lot of machineries that you can use in your shop. Check out the available machines like edgebander, panel saw, molders, presses, ripsaws, sanders and lot more that are for sale. All machines have photos and descriptions that can aid you in choosing the best machinery for your shop. 

Aside from the wide array of machineries in their catalogue that are available for purchase, you can also advertise and sell your own machinery and that is free of charge. Simply fill out the form in their website and submit your request. With over 60 years in the woodworking, metal and plastic industries, Machinery Masters Corporation sure knows how to provide their client not only quality machines but service as well.