Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Micah !!

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My niece MICAH JEY turned 15 today, July 30, 2009!!! Wow she is definitely a lady now. We use to call her Mic Mic when she was a kid. She is now living in Sydney with her mom, JOY, dad and 2 siblings. Micah's in 3rd year in highschool now.

I already greeted her Happy Birthday over the phone. Just wishing her that all her dreams will come true. Happy Happy Birthday Micah! See you and your family in December !!!

Let's Party !!

We are always on the look out for holidays aren’t we? One of the most celebrated holidays aside from Christmas is Halloween. A lot of companies, bars and malls are throwing a Halloween party these days and the Halloween costume contest is one of the highlights. If you are hosting the party this year you can order you Photo Halloween Invitations at

Aside from the wide array of designs that they have, Holiday Invitations also offer free shipping and unlimited changes on your Halloween Party Invitations at no extra cost. You can even add a logo or your own unique photo printed on your Photo Invitations Halloween that can you send out. Your Photo Halloween Invitation can be previewed immediately using their instant preview. Start your planning now and have a spooky Halloween.

Lazy Twittermates !!?

I’ve been reading tweets of my friends at twitter and what a coincidence because I am also too lazy to blog today for some reason. I also tweet about it and I am guessing it must be because of the gloomy weather that makes us not to work. Others are sleepy because they have been staying up late finishing some tasks. The bottom line is that we want to work but we are a bit sluggish and we need our mojos back to keep us going.

Suzanne on the other hand has this tweet
“Munching chicharon on a rainy afternoon. Hindi ko marinig ang buhos ng ulan sa lutong ng chicharon! Ang sarap talaga ng cholesterol! Haha!”
She said that she's eating a crispy chicharon (pork cracklings) on a rainy afternoon and that she loves I jokingly told her that she is a glutton but she reiterated that she only loves eating haha. I see no reason now why she will not have an exercise since she’s been eating heartily. I’ll recommend that she needs to get a  treadmill like what another twittermate Tere had in her house. At least she will not go out in the gym anymore because she can readily exercise at the comforts of her home just like what Jim "Super Gym" Rosen has been promoting. He’s been known as the World's foremost Fitness Equipment Expert bec. he's been selling affordable and quality fitness equipments.

Lazy Daisy

Awww.. what's in me.. I'm lazy today....arrrrghhhhh...

I've got to get moving because I have to finish something. Mojo come back pleasssssssseeee!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yellow Ribbon of Prayers for Former Philippine President Cory Aquino

We already know that former Pres. Cory Aquino is still fighting for her life in the hospital due to her stage 4 colon cancer and a lot of healing masses have already been attended hoping for some miracles for her. A tactless rumor that she's already dead also spread through text messages and on the net. tsk. tsk.

Just recently a lot of her friends have been putting yellow ribbon on the streets of Manila and some ordinary individuals put ribbons on their cars and establishments.

Even twitter land has not been spared by those yellow If you want to put yellow ribbon on your twitter picture you can do. Add a TWIBBON on your twitter.

Budget Conscious

Lately, no matter what we do there will be emergency expenses that will come up anytime. Just last week, I paid something that is out of my budget and fortunately I have something in my pocket that will pay for it. Moreover, bills are coming in since yesterday and I am not whining about it because I really need to pay for it since I used their services. Sometimes, I just thought that I also need to lessen my impulse buying but hey I want to treat myself for my hard work. A recent purchase of a fossil watch and a Ralph Lauren bag from an online friend in the US makes me want to purchase once again… arghhh.. I’m just controlling myself because I need to save for an upcoming overseas trip.

For a more budget conscious individuals, they thought buying authentic products like watches and bags is too lavish of a hobby so they opt for a replica. Why not, If you are not that too picky? Imagine owning a designer watch or bag at a much lesser price. Some can pull it off and they might not be noticeable hehe. Just take a look at this site that I found they have Omega, Tag Huer and  rolex  watches. You might want to check them out bec. the prices are just awesome.

Sis is Moving Soon

My sister JoyD’s house is still up in the market up to this date. Many are interested but the clients wanted a lower price but they won’t give in. She’s also been busy cleaning the house and organizing things because every Saturday they’re house is open for clients. They wanted to move into a new bigger house and if I’m correct they’ve already found a perfect property that they can build their dream house. They are pretty excited over that but not until their house was sold that they can’t start building yet. I know this will be stressful for them because it’s not easy to move out, plus the cost of building a house is no joke these days.

Just imagine the expenses for building a house that you most wanted, how much more if you are renting a place in the city? Those that can’t afford to have their own house will find a way to make their place more spacious.

Quick Errand

Yay finally found time to go out today after lunch. I've been meaning to have my leather fixed for so long and hopefully Mr. Quickie will do the job right for it. I wanted to throw that sandals hahaha because I have a hard time wearing it but it was a leather one so i thought of keeping it still. I also went to the crossstitch shop and have my old 2000 project framed. I will share the pic once I got it. Did other errands as well. It was so hot outside .. gosh

Proj. 365: Atis

I peeped in my window and saw our atis tree bearing fruits already. Mom planted it about a year or so ago. Looks like I have something to harvest in few more days but the only problem is that only one Atis fruit was left on the tree as one has already fallen. I'll be monitoring this one and hopefully can taste it soon

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trying Times

How many times we hear from people that they are whining about how hard it is for them to earn these days? It’s true because we all know about the global recession but we should not dwell on that too much as it will give some negatives thoughts. Just think how you can survive and earn more. Find ways. Some will opt to invest positively and even acquire a gold coin or other metals to their collections. We all know that gold in any form (bullion, coin etc) are very valuable. You can find rare gold coins at Monaco where anyone can invest

Monday, July 27, 2009

Have You Watched the The Michael Jackson Story on TV?

I wanted to watch desperately the The Michael Jackson Story last night (Sunday) that was shown on Channel 2 almost midnight but I was too sleepy already. I tried to keep myself awake in our living room so that I will not miss it. When the show started at about 11:15 pm, I hurriedly went to my bed to watch it but oh goodness me, once in a while I found myself sleeping. Funny thing is that I even slapped my face just to wake myself up but it was of no use. The cool rainy weather and my bed were so conducive for sleeping. Eventhough I really wanted to watch it, I just opted to just close the TV.

Too bad, I only watched the 1st few minutes of the documentary because I went to sleep already. My mom was able to watch it till 2 am. I told her that I will just buy a CD of that so that I can still watch it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Christmas in July !!

PROJECT 365: Christmas in July
I guess you might have noticed that my blog is into Christmas mode lately .. LOL. I just want to gear you up and make you excited for the Holidays that's why.

Kidding aside, I saw my niece Reign working something on the other computer the other day and when I peeped in her monitor, I saw her making a Christmas tree. I didn't bother her that time so she can finish what she was doing. I sneaked to get my camera to take photos of her but as soon as she saw the camera she told me not to take photo of her, thus resulting to the blurry photo above. I asked her why she all of a sudden made a Christmas drawing and she didn't answer. Maybe she saw it on cartoons that she is watching. Merry Christmas everyone .. LOL
PROJECT 365: Christmas in July

The Joys of Christmas

Planning a party can be tiresome especially if you don’t plan the things that you need to do. Just like any other occasion planning ahead is the best way to have a little worry free party. Christmas time is the busiest times of the year and if you are hosting a party there are many unique and exclusive Christmas Invitations Party that you order at Holiday Invitations.
Just take a look at their Christmas Party Photo Invites bec. you can add any photo or logo in it, and they also offers free shipping. Sending Christmas Party Invitations can be fun, magical Christmas starts as soon the guests receives it. It’s never too early to plan and order your Invitations Christmas at

A Bad Joke

One of the worst words women don’t like to hear is “oh your fat”, “how come your fat?” as it can demean one’s confidence even if you say it in a jokingly manner. For some it is just ok while there are some people that will take it so seriously that they will develop an inferiority complex. Oh dear, we should be careful with our words sometimes. There are many ways to have a body that we like we just need to be patient and disciplined like exercise, taking diet supplements like zyatonix and best of all is healthy eating and change of lifestyle. It really takes a lot of discipline and I commend those that have great fit bodies. Anyway, in the meantime we should keep our bad jokes to ourselves.

Friday Fill-Ins #134

1. Losing someone is not the end of the world.
2. Sitting here, listening to the sound of rain falling, I want to sip coffee and laze around.
3. Moist chocolate cake and sylvannas tastes so good!
4. Sometimes, putting others first is is a good gesture.
5. Hamilton Island and The Great barrier Reef in Australia are breathtaking, really.
6. Well, maybe there is a good reason behind everything.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to just relax at home, tomorrow my plans include cleaning my closet and Sunday, I want to eat bbq spareribs and chicken!

Not Feeling Well :(

Oh dear, it's the time of the month again and as usual I am feeling bloated and achy. I'm quite sensitive and irritable, blame it on my hormones.

Argghhh..I have leg muscle cramps right now and how'd I wish I can just lay down and just think of happy thoughts and that includes our upcoming Hongkong trip this December. I guess it's also fun to have a Disney
vacation in the US. Wow what a joy!

Anyway, I will relax and rest after lunch so that I will not be cranky at the rest of the day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm a Watch Buff

I want another watch! Yes, I know I already purchased one last month but I'm a watch buff you know. How can I resist having another one to add to my collection? I’ve been browsing online watch store, been seeing nice styles from Guess, Fossil, DKNY, and other brands and my eyes are just feasting over them. I also found myself one weekend at watch section of SM looking at the displays. Funny thing is that the saleslady told me I can fit any if I want, so seeing the opportunity I tried on some styles without buying any hehe. Oh well at least I have an idea now what is my next style that I want to buy.

I already have lots of silver and gold watches and I am eyeing leather type watches this time for a change. I know if I will buy a genuine one, the leather strap will also last for years  is offering. They have been making fine reptile leathers that are carefully crafted using their HIRSCH Rembordier technology. This technology made their leather water resistant, durable and non-allergic. They can ship leather straps, metals straps, sports and other watch accessories almost all over the world in n 2-3 business days. With over 18,00o styles to choose from for sure their customers will get what they want.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Bro's Jackson 5 LPs and Michael Jackson BAD CD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usPROJECT 365: Jackson 5 LP albums
I saw 3 Jackson 5 LP collections of my older brother. Actually my bro is into buy and sell of LP records and when Michael Jackson passed he already has no intentions of selling it anymore. LP collectors are sometimes Jackson 5 and other Michael Jackson LP. Too bad he already sold an old Michael Jackson LP before he died, it should be in our collections too.

This BAD CD is a collection of my brother and one night when MJ just passed away, we listen to his songs. Have you collected any of his albums?

Temporary Walls

Renting a place these days is costly especially that each year owners increase the rental fees. There are times people can’t cope anymore with the rent costs. I’m pretty lucky that I am not renting a place for my store and we have our own house. I can just imagine those that are renting in apartments or condominiums. I reckon they need to have a steady income so that they will be updated in paying their rent.

How much more if you are renting in major cities like in NY City? A small space can have a hefty rent. Some young professionals can’t really afford that so they allow others to share with there place but sometimes they lose their privacy already. One of the best options that they can do is to put pressurized walls. Temporary walls are walls used as dividers and don’t require any nails or screws thus making it easy to remove if not needed anymore. You can seek the help of City Wall NY to install it for you and they will customize it for you like painting it with color that is exactly the same with the existing one. They can make T-shaped walls, L-shaped walls and more. Check them out if you need one.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Lost Hundreds of Photos !!

Talk about being unlucky once again! My other back up desktop computer acted strange one day and I blamed it to my nephews who uses it to play online games. I always told them NOT to download any other games, files or play with the settings or else I will get angry and will not let them use it again. They did not follow my instructions so a nasty virus attacked it.

The pc run so slow that I already hate using it. Not quite sure what virus was in the system because it even disabled my antivirus and the worst thing is that MS Office is not working as well. I have no option but to reformat the pc. Arghhhh..

I transferred all the files at the D section of the computer before proceeding to reformat it. Reformatting was successful, I have also installed some of the drivers. I went back to the D section only to find out that I missed transferring one folder of our precious photos!!!!!! Wahhhhhhh. I was angry at myself. I know I transferred all of them there, but I can't find some of photos we have since 2004 or 2005. At that time, I wish I had an online storage so that in accidents like this, I have still have a back up. I asked friends if I can still recover it but it looks like that I can't already because the pc is already reformatted.

Lessons learned. Back up your files. Now I also have an external hardrive.

My Embarrasing Experience !

Hahahaha i still could not forget what happened to me last Saturday!

Around 4 pm we have a meeting for the forthcoming 25th High School Silver reunion in December. I only left my shop around 4:30 pm and when i rode the jeepney my sandals' strap loosened. I thought it was just minor boo boo so I didn't mind it but still I got a bit worried. Finally, I reached the destination and oh my gosh right after I went down the jeepney, the strap of my left sandals finally went off. Eeeeekkkkkkk... What to do? what to do?

How can I walk with only one sandals??? Argghhh this is so embarrassing, people are looking at me!!!. I literally have to drag my left leg with my broken sandals on so I can reach the nearest sidewalk store who sells slippers. I also have to stop while walking because I look like I have an idiot ...LOL.

Finally I saw a shoe repair stall and have my sandals fix but it will take minutes for the rugby to get dry. Oh no.. I am running late at our meeting. Good thing is that I saw another stall and just bought a rubber slippers. That saved my day! I still have my sandals fix and I was able to get it just last Sunday.

Christmas and Me

Nothing beats the festive atmosphere during the holiday season. The colorful lights twinkling at night, vibrant decors everywhere and the upbeat Christmas songs will set you in the mood for Christmas. I have many fond childhood memories during these times especially when my mom wake us up during Christmas Eve to eat and see what Santa has left in our stockings. Our joys are priceless, I still clearly remember all of them up to this date. Wish I am a kid once again because I always thought Christmas is so magical and always fun.

Anyway, I can’t turn back those days but I can sure replicate the joys that I had when we attend Christmas parties. It’s always fun to receive Party Christmas Invitations where we can attend, exchange gifts and just simply have a joyful holiday. Ordering Christmas Party Invitation is part of Christmas preparations. These days we can simply order Christmas Invitation from Invitations Shoppe. No more hassle because you can just choose among their unique designs and they will be shipped for free. Invitations Christmas at can be personalized like putting logos or photos.

Early Bird Catches The Worm?

Wow I am early today. I woke up at 5 am after my alarm sounded. Still sleepy but I dragged myself out of my bed. Opened my laptop hoping to catch some "worms" but as of this time I could not find any.

I'll be waiting.. like they say patience is a virtue. Have a wonderful morning all!! I will be updating later and will share pics as well.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I won at I ♥ Faces! Photo Challenge!!

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Oh yeah I did . I got the 7th place at the I ♥ Faces! Photo Challenge and I was so happy because it's my 1st time to join them. I joined the Pets Category last week and when I checked the winners I was included. I'm happy even though there is no monetary prize, just the fact that my entry was selected among the hundreds who joined made me tickled pink. Here's the top ten winners

In the photo is our pet BELL who unfortunately left our place and never went back.

CompTIA Certification

A lot of people nowadays are trying to find ways to enhance one’s skills by attending seminars or trainings related to their field. There are lots of competitions so it’s always best if you have other certificates that you can boast of. I guess you have read about my last post about computer based training online for computer technicians and just one of the many perks of training online is that students are able to hone their skills and knowledge on a variety of subjects like troubleshooting pc through online videos offered by K Alliance. K Alliance has also acquired ProTech Diagnostics as part of their computer diagnostic tools.

This year, K alliance was featured in an article by Reuters. The news said that K Alliance is now a member of CompTIA's network of specialized trainers and that only means that their students are rest assured that they are getting quality and certified tech education from K Alliance. Having acquired the CompTIA's membership, K Alliance has been proven that they are teaching high quality CompTIA certification courses to their students since CompTIA has a very strict standard. So if you are in IT field and still need more chances to improve your capabilities this CompTIA certification is the way to go.

Trick or Treat

Few more months and it’s gonna be Halloween again and are you excited in receiving a Halloween Invitation where you can attend together with your kids? I remember the days when we use to dress up my nieces and nephews and then we’ll head on the mall to join a Halloween Party. We are lucky sometimes because we won once as the best Halloween Costume in one of the events in Shangrila many years ago. We still have the plaque as souvenir.

This year we are not sure if we are going to attend but it sure looks fun again to dress up the kids but if we are going to receive Halloween Party Invitations then maybe we’ll go. If you are going to hold a Halloween party soon then you obviously need some Halloween Party Invitations. You can order personalized one from / as they have exclusive designs aside from the fact that they can even create special design for you.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sound Tripping: Your Love by Jim Brickman Featuring Michelle Wright

I'm taking a break and it looks like I'm into blog marathon today. Anyway, here I am almost midnight already and still blogging since noon. I guess you might have noticed already that once in a while I post some of the songs that always touches my heart.

Tonight I am leaving you with Your Love by written by Jim Brickman and sung by Michelle Wright. Of course this is an old song from Jim but this is one of my favorite. Love love the way he writes songs and play the piano. Night all I'm hitting the sack now.

Sunday Blogging

Hey everyone, how are you all? Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

As for me, it's gonna be a blogging marathon Sunday as it seems because I have quite a few of online tasks that I need to finish before the deadline. Sayang naman if I will just let it expire. Blessings poured last week and I want to make the most of it since it's not happening always. I am hoping that new batch will pour this coming week so I better hurry or else I will be flooded. I want to grab as many as I can but sometimes, eventhough I am almost online 24/7 it seems I still need more time hehe. "Strike while the iron" is hot as they say and I am doing that right now. I am just so thankful for my works.

Anyway, I went out yesterday with highschool friends and I will just make a separate post about it. Have a great Sunday y'all !!

Helpful Tool for Designing

I have always admired people who are designers whatever field it might be clothes designer, product designer, website designer and lots more. They have so much vast knowledge and ideas in their heads that they can out in actual use. Those that are in technology field have so many tools in their hands in creating a great design. Designers who are into prototyping will find ForeUI V1.35 helpful. EaSynth Solution Inc., a software publishing company which is based in Beijing, China just currently released this easy-to-use screen mockup tool that can create UI (user interface) prototypes of your website or desktop applications.

While browsing their site for more information about this product, this new released version has easy to use interface like the with mouse drag-and-drop, single click or double-click to name a few. Just one of the many advantages of ForeUi is that it provides various UI themes for mockups and that including Wireframe, Windows XP and Mac OS X themes. ForeUI is available for free download so you can have a feel of what this software can offer and if satisfied you can easily buy it an affordable price. Run the demo online as well so you can see how it works.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Camera Critters

bugs-life2Camera Critters
Been a while since I joined Camera Critters. Anyway, I am not quite sure what insect is this, it just caught my eye. Happy Weekend everyone!

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Image Hosted by
There are times that I feel like I am just unlucky in so many ways. It had me thinking for a while how and why it is happening to me.

Frustrated that I am but thought that I don't need get drowned in that negative vibe. Sure we all get frustrated and at some point when we want something to come or happen it just don't want to come. There are times when we can feel down or blue but little did we know some things are not happening because it was not meant to be. What are we going to do? We wait.. wait.. wait...

I feel like waiting is just too long... I just can't do it... a window closes... but hey I can see a beam peeping and a ray of light shining through another window. I see another hope!

I am relieved, I can breathe now. Now I am overwhelmed.. God truly loves me because I wait. Now blessings are pouring in. I am all open arms to embrace it. Thank you Lord.! "Really, Good Things Come to Those Who Wait"

Next House Project

One of the most used rooms in our house is bathroom and sad to say that is one place that is hard to clean and maintain. Talk about some housemate that is not keen in keeping that place more comfortable but I know someone who is so obsessive on cleaning this area that she sometimes go overboard. She wants no stain at all! It’s impossible but she’ll never get tired of keeping it dry and sparkling clean.

Anyway, if I had my way around the house, I’ll definitely take charge of renovating it since for the time being it seems it has been neglected for a while. Bathroom fixtures are getting modern each day and it’ll be great to have ours renovated and updated. From the water faucets, mirrors and other accessories, if I can replace it a.s.a.p then I’ll do it. Our tiles have been stained and how unsightly it is too see. With my desire to have our bathroom get a much needed lift I’ve found some nice fixtures at better bathrooms .

Just looking over their site, I already had great ideas and far more than that they have a clearance sale goin’ on their site right now. I have been to quite a few of hotels when we travel and I always enjoy when they have comfortable and wide spaced bathrooms. The bath tub and the modern shower systems add to my excitement.

I'm Getting Excited For Christmas

Oh yeah I am… Why, if you might want to ask? It’s because aside from the cheerful ambiance during that Holiday. We are all prepared to go on a vacation in Hongkong with the whole family (well, almost!) before (Dec. 21-24) Christmas. We will also be meeting my sisters and their family from Riyadh and from Sydney in Hongkong and after our mini vacay there we’ll all be going home back here in the Phils. to celebrate Christmas. There's no turning back because I have already purchased our tickets last MARCH.. yes that early! It's gonna be fun so I can't wait!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Photohunt: Rocks at BLOW HOLE

Photohunt: ROCKS
My niece stepping on the rocks
Photohunt: ROCKS
Blow Hole, Kiama Australia
The water coming out is the result of pressure of the waves. A loud sound will be heard and after that a massive spray of water will come out.
Blow Hole, Kiama Australia
I'll have the pleasure to tour you on one of my many places that I visited together with my sister and her family in Australia. This is at Kiama where the famous BLOW HOLE is located. Blow holes derived from "where the sea makes noise".

More photohunters here.

The Perks of Travelling

Just one of the perks of having a relative overseas is that you’ll have the chance to travel to visit them. True enough, my sister and her family who is in Sydney had already sponsored me to have a vacation there not just once but thrice already. Talk about being lucky because that is an all expense paid trip and all I need to do is pack my clothes and board the plane. It was always a breeze to be able to travel there and my last one was in 2008 and I hope that will not be the last one hehe.

I remember we had lots of out of town trips while I was there and how convenient it was for all of us to hire a car or a mini-van if we can’t bring our own car. Right from the city airport there is a car service that we hired to tour around the city during our Port Mac Quarie vacation where it is impossible for us to bring a car.

Our Own Safety

We are not safe these days. Morbid as it may seem but that is the truth. How many times have we heard on the news about kidnappings, and burglars coming inside the house killing family members, theft and more? I have had a scary experience with a burglar long ago and still in my head, your can read at my “can we really be safe” post?

Many have been persuading us to put alarm systems in the house but with the price of it I don’t think we can afford it yet. I hope with the measures that we have made in the house, I hope we'll be a little safe if not totally. We also have the habit now of double checking the locks before we leave the house. Have you experienced any theft or robberies? Care to share?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello Kitty Shoes for My Niece

Ahh my 6 yr. old niece whom I called a little Imelda Marcos had a nice shoes once again to go to her shoe and slippers collection. Her mom bought this pink Hello Kitty shoes at SM about 2 weeks ago because she'll use it for her dance performance. Fortunately this was on sale that's why she got it.

She was actually too picky about shoes and slippers and most of the times she'll be the one to pick the design that she like and most of the times she will get what she wanted. I can't actually count how many shoes she has now. Her aunts already know her weakness so everytime they send a balik bayan box or something, there's gotta be shoes in it for her. hehe

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Migraine and Strained Eyes

I remember my worst migraine attack few days back, it was so painful that I almost cried and I literally locked myself in my room with no lights on. My head is throbbing in pain near the nape area going up plus near my eyes. The pain was intense that I was sensitive to light too (reason why I don’t want light on) and I felt like throwing up. I controlled myself not to drink a pain killer but it’s just too unbearable that I had to drink 500mg of mefenamic acid and wishing it will take effect immediately after swallowing.

There are times that I experience such together with my eyes being strained. My work requires me to be in front of my computer for about 12 hours or more and I am guessing that contributes to that. Good thing is that I am wearing my reading glasses now or else it could have been worst. I can’t eliminate using computer everyday bec. that is where I earn, I just need to be extra careful or should I say I need to refocus or rest my eyes once in a while.

Although my vision is not that bad because I only use glasses when I need to read something some have persuaded me to wear contact lenses or better yet have a lasik surgery. I guess at this point I don’t need them but for those that can’t live w/o their glasses lasik is one alternative.

Kids' Simple Joys


It's always fun to watch kids at play, they always look so innocent and so carefree. I heard my niece Reign (in the middle) and her classmates' laughs one afternoon so i went outside to see what they are doing. One is riding a scooter, the other is riding the bike and it looks they are enjoying their play.

I went over to them with my camera on hand and I got pure smiles, giggles and sweet laughs from these kids. When I told them that I will take photos of them, they just smile and pose with so much delight. I even had to show their shots on my camera and afterwards they asked me for more shots.

I Don't Want to be in Trouble

The other day my bank called me. I got a little bit worried because someone might be withdrawing money in my behalf so I asked it immediately. Fortunately that is not the case. She told me that my credit card will be delivered soon and I need to get it personally or I will give authorization just in case I am not there to get the card.

It got me thinking because in the 1st place I didn’t apply for any credit card in my bank. She told me that I had been given a privileged by my bank to have a credit card because they said I handle my account well. With that I don’t have to submit any papers and the 1st yr of my annual fee is waived already. She said not all are given the opportunity like that. Hmmmm…. so I am a good client huh..

Anyway, I’m still waiting for the credit card to arrive and if it is my hands already I will try my very best not to use it. I know there’ll be temptations esp. if I’ll bring it during my shopping. If ever I will use it, I’m keeping my fingers so that I can pay the interest on time. I know if I will not pay it or if I will run from that responsibility a collection agent will run after me and I don’t want to end up like that hehe. Companies these days are very strict in collecting debts so they hire collection agency like American Profit Recovery to collect money for them. So for those running away from their debts better watch out and be responsible enough.

Shopping Divas

I guess I can permit myself to shop for items that I like since I work hard. Rewarding myself is a must or I’ll end up a one cranky lady who just like a kid will throw a tantrum when she can’t get what she I recently bought a DKNY watch and an RL bag from a friend in US and I am already using the watch that she sent. I’m still waiting for the bag (can’t wait!) though.

This online shopping has kept me and my other online friends glued to almost every sites where we can find great deals and bargains. One of our US friends is generous enough to get all our loots from the US and to send the items through a balikbayan box. I know my friends are guilty over shopping at GAP and ON stores lately. I was browsing stuff there and almost put some at my cart at Old Navy when I suddenly stop and thought I don’t need such items at the moment.

Eventhough there are times that I need to tighten my belt a bit, that doesn’t hinder me from browsing nice items online just like this coat that I found at Style Hive. It is perfect for our cool weather right now especially those working in the office where it is cold. It’s fashionable and funky and I know fashionistas would love to get hold of this trench coat. Owning one can simply lift your fashion sense.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Try This Cool Photo Flickr Widget

I was browsing the photo blog of Angie (her photos are stunning!), the co-founder of I ♥ faces! blog when I saw a cute and cool photo Flickr widget that she has, I clicked it and I was prompted at

It's pretty easy to customize, you just need to put the URL of your fFickr RSS feed, set the size/dimension and your background color, hit the button and voila it will generate the codes for you. It's also for FREE. I already replaced my old badge on my side bar with this now (reduced size of course).

Oh BTW, try putting your mouse over the images and it will scroll.

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Litratong Pinoy: Tuyo (Dry)

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Hindi ba kaaya-aya pagmasdan ang mga bulaklak sa ating hardin? Nagbibigay sila ng kulay, ganda at kakaibang pakiramdam sa atin pag nakikita natin sila. Pero pag sila ay TUYO na tinatanggal na natin sila at tinatapon.

Nakikita nyo ba ang sarili nyo sa larawang ito? Hindi ba't noong bata pa tayo ay sariwa (LOL) at maganda pa ang kutis natin pero siguradong pagtanda natin eh mangungulubot at matutuyo rin ang ating mga balat gaya ng bulaklak na ito?


Isn't it nice to see flowers blooming in our garden? It can add up beauty and a different feeling when we see it but when it dries up we end up cutting and discarding it. Can you see yourself in this photo? When we are still your we are fresh and vibrant and for sure when we get old we'll end up having dry and wrinkled skin.

A Career in Beauty

My mom was a former beauty stylist way- way back and she even took up a course about it when she was in college. She then had a small beauty parlor in our place where her customers can go to. It was a fulfilling job for her since she can practice what she loves doing.
These days a lot of beauty school are sprouting since it is one of the lucrative jobs as long as you are dedicated and have a passion for beauty. Just in case you are looking for a school where you can hone your skills you can enroll at Regency Beauty for they have lots of branches across the US.

Sound Tripping: Always Be My Baby By David Cook

Break time I just had my lunch for today!! As usual I'm taking a break from my work to freshen up my mind. Sound trippin' relaxes me for a while. This time I'm listening to Always Be My Baby By David Cook and his voice lingers in my ears.

I remember when he came here in the Phils. with David Archuleta for a one night concert their fans where screaming at the top of their lungs when they saw him also at a local TV show Eat Bulaga and Sis. Here is the song with it's lyrics. Come sound trip with me.

Say Ahhhhhh.....

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My niece and nephew having fun one weekend. Silly kids, they are showing off their red candies and their red tongues. Too bad my niece's teeth easily got rotten because she loves sweets hehe. I guess to matter how many times I say not to eat sweets, she will never listen as she loves it so much. Oh well, I was once a kid too so I think I'll leave her alone. LOL

It Would Have Been Good

The profits that I am reaping from my online works have proved to be so beneficial to me and my family. I am so glad that I was able to enter into this since 2007. Thanks to the encouragement of my online friend Che who have told me to be patient and to continue. Now that there are many online jobs that we can enter into, I reckon it would have been also good if I know how to trade since it is also profitable. It’s not my forte and I know there are lots to learn but these days there’s this stock options screener software that can help anyone who is into trading and those that want to try investing in stocks.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

ANG PINAKA: Classic Pinoy Street Foods

As usual I watched one of my fave Sunday show ANG PINAKA over at QTV 11 and tonight they listed ANG PINAKA: Classic Pinoy Street Foods. Their guest co-hosts are Andy Manzano and Andi Smith (hosts of Q-tube)

10. Mais (corn)
9. Mani (peanuts)
8. Puto at Kutsinta
7. Isaw
6. Tokneneng at Kwek-kwek
5. Banana Que
4. Sorbetes (Dirty Ice Cream)
3. Taho
2. Fishball
1. Balut

My favorite is the Mais and Taho. I miss eating balut and isaw.. What about you what is your favorite street food?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Niece's JAI HO Dance Rehearsal

JAI HO song became so popular that you can always hear it on the radio and danced by so many. I thought of knowing what JAI HO means and here is what I have googled. JAI HO means "may victory be yours" or "victory/triumph to thee" .

Anyway, last Wed. is the last rehearsal day of my niece Reign and her classmate. My sisinlaw even hired a dance instructor to teach them how to dance
JAI HO. They have been practicing for almost a week now and finally they got the dance right.
My niece Reign is on the right and she is graceful and can really dance well. They'll be dancing this on school Fri. (actually they have done so already)

I even had the chance to dance with them while they are rehearsing and oh boy I got tired after that. LOL
Jai Ho Dance Rehearsal
PROJECT 365: Jai Ho Dance Rehearsal
Jai Ho Dance Rehearsal
(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I breathe,
(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I still believe,
(Jai Ho) You are my destiny,
Jai Oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!! I'm leaving you with this song from Pussy Cat Dolls JAI HO..I know you'll be dancing and grooving when you watch this.

Learning Toys for the Kids

I often hear from mommies that the biggest and special gift that they have ever received is their babies/kids. No wonder about that since babies are little angels sent from above, of course not literally. How’d I wish to become a mom for I know it’ll be so fulfilling and no amount of money in the world can replace the feeling that it can bring.

Parents are always delighted to see their new bundle of joy and one of the responsibilities of parents is to raise them well. Not only has that, parents served as the first teacher of kids in teaching them how to walk, how to talk and other kids’ milestones. As the kid grows older it’s always best to give them toys so their minds will be stimulated more. It’s always fun to see kids explore their environment and the things that they can touch and feel.
Image Hosted by
Say for example this Smart Builders’ musical piano where kids can explore to hear music but they can also build blocks and more. There are many learning toys that you can found at Megabrands that can help in your child’s development. I remember my nephews and nieces got tons of educational toys that they can tinker when they were growing up.
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Yay, there's a Fire in Our Town!!

Yesterday, it was around lunch time when I hear a loud siren coming. Yay it was a fire truck coming from a nearby town that will help. I looked over and gosh there I saw thick black smoke emitting from the burning place. We have no clue yet where is the fire and if a house or establishment was being engulfed. I went to the second floor of our place and that is where I took these photos.

Later on some more fire trucks are keep coming in from different nearby towns to help. We also learned that houses have been burned not very far from our place. It's really scary at times because we can lost everything on fire. We should always check our electrical connections, cooking burner hose and not using octopus electrical connections.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins

1. The last thing I ate was hotdog and egg. (oh yes for my
2. A DKNY watch is something I recently bought.
3. When it rains, it really pours.
4. My Mom was the first person I talked to today.
5. Hugs are something that I need.
6. Pillows for extra comfort.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching TV, tomorrow my plans include finishing some tasks and Sunday, I want to sleep the whole afternoon!

Harmful Effects of the Sun

We all know from the experts that we need the sun because to helps in the production of Vitamin D but the best they say is in the early morning only till 10am bec. by then the sun is already harmful. If we are too much exposed to the sun however will pose a big treat to our health. Here are just some of the harmful effects of the sun. The UV (ultra violet) exposure can be the cause for our wrinkles (yay!) and have you noticed that your skin feels so dry when exposed too much and that is bec. we also become dehydrated. Aside from that we can also develop freckles and too much exposure to sun will make our skin easily be bruised.

I also learned that it can induce formation of small moles and the worst thing is that too much exposure can lead to skin cancer. When I was in Australia I noticed that the people during summer (or not) are advised to wear sunscreens bec. they have high incidence of skin cancers. In fact, my brotherinlaw’s dad died of it. Anyway, that’s why when we go out or when we know we’ll be exposed to too much sun we never failed to put sunscreens on.

Another way to protect us from the harmful rays is by wearing hats or using umbrellas if we can. Just imagine being exposed to sun w/o any protection. We should not too much risk, sports buff are also at risk while playing but here there’s sports sunbrellas now that can be used when they are resting. This is a huge one that can fit whole family. This is also called Sports Sunshade Umbrella which can protect us from the sun, rain and wind and can be easily be set up bec. it’s just like an umbrella.

You've Got to Watch This: Evian's Roller Babies Commercial

I was watching TV this morning and they featured this: Evian's Roller Babies Commercial and this is soooooooo cute. The babies can roller skate, of course it was computer generated but they are just awesome. It had me laughing till now...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Little Treat To Myself

Click.. click.. type here... type there....

Been spending most of my times blogging and working so hard and I guess it's but good to treat myself sometimes since I deserve it anyway. My online friend FAYE, got some nice stuff on her flickr and at her blog. My friends and I were all feasting to see her items for sale.

From Coach bags, wallets, Fossil watches and more how can I resist not to buy one? Without further thinking I bought this nice DKNY watch at nice low price and Faye sent it from the US to here. Happy with my purchase, I already used it last weekend. I am still waiting for the bag that I ordered, hopefully this 2nd or 3rd of July it will be in my hands already.

Check out Faye's for sale goodies HERE.