Monday, May 28, 2012

Bro’s Mini Gallery

My eldest bother is a self taught visual artist for years now. Love for the arts and crafts runs in our family and it’s evident on the works of my brother. Actually, my other bro is painting as well but it was our eldest that has lots of paintings and other works already. He’s been showcasing them here at his mini-gallery.

Here are some of his creations.
IMG_3479IMG_3480IMG_3473IMG_3482IMG_3475You can see lots of things in here. From old LP (long playing) records, vintage bottles, old pictures of local celebrities, to coins, money and all things vintage. His friends and clients are coming and seeing all his stuff and bro loves to hear compliments about his works. It’s making him more inspired to draw and create art.

He also has an unusual collection in his place and i will not wonder if one day he'll add djarum black in his gallery just for the sake of collecting hehe. Seriously, he’s been collecting for many years now and continuing to acquire some old stuff that at times we don’t understand all the scrap that he’s getting. I guess he finds fulfillment and enjoyment in the things that he collects so we just need to support him.

Me and Sophie

Just in case you didn’t know I have a pet named Sophie and my little niece gave her the name. She’s a mix breed of Shitzhu and Dauschand. Actually, it was my brother who bought her from a breeder 3 years ago but when bro can’t keep her that’s when I decided to get her. It was a pity to see Sophie to get skin allergies before and to hear from bro that he wanted to give her up as he can’t keep up with the medical and vaccination expenses.

I got Sophie and took her to the vet to get her vaccinations. She became well again and always on her toes. She never fails to give me laugh when she’s doing her little antics. It surely melt my heart every time she wags her tail every time I come home and always lie down to get her belly massage. The only thing I regret is not having so much patience teaching her tricks for she only knows basic obedience. Other than that, she’s my baby and my companion every time I’m at home.
imageMom, who doesn’t like dogs that much, had a change of heart when Sophie came to our lives. She’s now fond of Sophie and she would even walk her outside even for a couple of minutes. Sophie has been a good dog, she’s no ordinary dog for she can be a guard dog too. Barking endlessly when she sees someone outside the gate and she can be cuddly and playful. Love her to bits!

She can eat both dog food and rice with fish or any meat (not scrap food). Her vaccines are complete; in fact, she has another vet appointment in June for her re-deworming and heartworm prevention vaccines. I sure hope and pray that she’ll live longer so we can enjoy her.

Lately, I came across pet forums and it is where I find lots of information about dogs and other pets. It’s also a good community where I can also meet lots of pet lovers. I can’t wait to learn more about dogs via this forum.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Horseback Riding

imageI can still remember the last time that I ever rode a horse was way back in 1988 when we went to Bagiuo. It was summer vacation and also a treat from my mom because I graduated in college.  I was not even wearing one of those riding pants
that riders wore and I could barely hop in the horse. I just remember that a man was pulling and guiding the horse and we just circled the fenced place. It was both fun and a scary experience that I will never forget.

I’m still dreaming that I can ride a horse in the future but knowing my fear of heights now, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this anytime soon. Maybe just for a photo opportunity, I may be able to do it.

It Served Us Well

This is our Toyota Tamaraw that my mom bought way back in 1992. It's still working and we're still using it most of the times especially if we have lots of stuff to carry or if the whole family needs to go out somewhere. It already served us well and I guess it deserves a pretty good highland all weather floor mat to prevent the floor from dirt and water esp. that rainy season is also coming soon.
imageIn fact, my aunt and uncle who came from the US will be coming home to the province this week and this vehicle will be used once again to carry their boxes. There are times that I pity the vehicle already and tell my bro to keep it clean and in good condition all the time because it had served us so well up to now.