Saturday, November 26, 2011

She's Got a Green Thumb

One of the many places that my mom enjoys is our front yard. Every morning, I could already hear her working there. Toiling the soil, watering the plants and even plating some flowery or fruit trees are just some of the things she enjoys doing. There are even times when I told her not to work so hard for she is not allowed to get too tired for she might end up with high blood once again. She always keeps on telling us that she loves what she is doing and it makes her livelier than just sitting and doing nothing. Oh well, she has the point but she needs to slow down a bit I reckon.

Just yesterday, she managed to trim off some of the dead branches on her plants and thinking of planting new plants soon. Her green thumb is evident for we also have fruit trees in the backyard: a mango tree, atis tree and calamansi plant. Since we love papaya, mom wanted to plant 1 or 2 in her small garden or if not on the vacant lot beside our house.

I reckon it would also be nice to add more garden furniture where we can sit and relax on the wing set and the garden bench that I found online whilst browsing Deals Direct and that made me more excited to have them as our next home project. There’s no doubt, my mom would be thrilled to know my future project and knowing her she’ll be the one to arrange them.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Clean and Neat

I was cleaning my room this morning and I can’t help myself to be frustrated on the way it looks. Sad to say that I’m not keeping it neat these past few days so I’m thinking of having it somewhat renovated in summer. First, I want the walls to be re-painted and have the bed and the drawers on their new place for a new look. I wanted the old pale pink turned into immaculate white paint. White paint will make it more look wider, neat and clean. I also need to de-clutter and remove some of the stuff I don’t need anymore but I’m afraid I can chuck some of my stuff for sentimental reasons hehe.

Anyway, if only I can have a room something like on the photo. A white drawer and room look so delicate and elegant. I was browsing online for ideas and the white bedroom furniture uk  that I saw at The White Company makes me drool and want my room to be like that. Oh well, I better need to start purging and organizing my room for it badly needs a makeover.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mom Turns 79


This is a very delayed post already.

Anyway, mom turned 79 on Oct. 18th and we gave her a simple yet fun birthday lunch on Oct. 16th at our home. It was just a family affair and as you can see she had a purple/violet theme on her birthday.

Actually, it was only last minute when I decided to ask my nieces and nephews to wear violet shirts that’s why not all are wearing the same color. It was so fun and not even those mothers rings can beat the happiness that we had during her birthday for almost all her godchildren are present to celebrate with her.

I’m just praying about mom’s health and that she will not be hospitalized or will not undergo surgery anymore soon because of her gallstones. Next year, when she turns 80, there’ll be a big party already.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Garage Sale / Ukay-Ukay

My sister overseas sent numerous boxes containing old clothes and other stuff to be sold in our garage. Our garage sale/ukay-ukay started on Nov. 18 and as usual when the gate opens at around 9 am, there where lots of people from nearby who came to see what they can find and buy. We have jeans, shirts, blouses, shoes, old toys, bags and more. Customers keep on coming till 7 pm.

Many customers are looking for old toys but we only got few, a woman even asked if we have corsetts but we don't have lingerie. We closed our garage sale last Sunday Nov. 20, 2011 and will resume next weekend again. We’re hoping that we’ll have more sales before Christmas.

Another Year Older

Celebrated my birthday last Wednesday, the 16th and I still feel young despite my age. I went out alone to shop. Went to Greenhills around lunch time and I was overwhelmed with all of the stuff for sale there. I strolled the mall and bought 4 pairs of shoes and hopefully those will not hurt  my feet anymore. Been looking for close shoes that I can wear when going out shopping or to travel.

Had late lunch only at Just ate chicken joy and fries and surprisingly, I loved it again. Have not eaten them for quite a while so it satisfied my hunger.  Bought a blouse at Plains and Prints and wanting more but my petite size hinders me from purchasing new styles.. arghh.. sayang… Stopped for a while at the chapel and said my birthday prayers. I had other loots and wished I purchased more. Oh well, I’ll be back there next time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Diabetes and Actos

Just about 2 weeks ago my aunt succumbed to her death due to complications of her diabetes. It was so sad to see someone suffer from a disease. I reckon her blood sugar levels was already uncontrollable because she became so weak and made her almost completely blind. I also blame the lack of finances to control and maintain sugar and other diseases that diabetes brought to her.

This made me recall about a diabetes drug that I once read because instead of making the patient well, Actos drug can make the patients suffer more because of the serious side effects it can bring. Blood in the urine, heart failure/attacks, liver damage and even cancer of the bladder are found out to some of the effects of Actos. As a result, the drug was pulled out of the market and lawsuits are filed. If you acquired cancer of the bladder due to taking actos, hire the services of lawyers to represent you legally in court for you can be compensated for the damage it has caused you.

Pre- Birthday Lunch with Family

I’ll be celebrating my birthday again tomorrow (Nov. 16th) and as a tradition I always prepare and celebrate my birthday with a simple lunch with my family or friends. year, I have 2 celebrations (one for family and one for friends) but this year I just opted to have one for my family. I’ll just go out alone on my birthday itself and shop till I shop hehe.. Let’s see if my plans will push through.

My SIL and I cooked sumptuous dishes last Sunday and they all loved them. I also loved my cake! I saw a design at the internet and had it copied and I love the result.

On and Off Internet Connection

It’s been a week already that my internet connection was on and off here in our house. There are times that I’m getting impatient with Smart for I can’t browse or even submit my works properly and fast due to poor and loosing connection.

I know I can report the problem to their technical support but sometimes it’s also a hassle to call them for it will take be about 30mins on the phone just to talk to an operator. Arghhh.. Now, Í’ll just wait for my connection to become stable and if not I’ll call them already.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dangerous Side Effects

I often hear from some friends that they have high cholesterol levels in their blood and I presumed that it was brought by eating too fatty foods. Mom was also known to have high cholesterol levels and her doctor prescribed some medicines to help reduce it. It was maintained but the bad thing is that it gave her some bad side effects. Aside from that, she was found out to have gallstones maybe brought about my drinking medicines for quite number of years already.

Fortunately she was not given a Crestor drug that can also help reduce high cholesterol levels and triglycerides on her blood for it was known that Crestor can cause serious ide effects, Some side effects are heart failure and heart attack. If you’ve been a victim of Crestor drug, file lawsuit against the manufacturer so you can get compensation for the damages it has done to your health.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Say I'm Sorry

We all make mistakes because we are only humans that are not perfect in this world. There are times it's hard for us to accept we are at fault and much worst it's hard to say our sorry straight out. However, there are people that can go straight to a person, admit that their wrong doings and say their sorry but for others they just send out gifts that say "im sorry" if they want to be more creative or shy.

Anyone can give out flowers, chocolates, cookies, basket full of fruits, etc. with a meaningful card along with it. I’m pretty sure if you do that nice gesture, you’ll easily be forgiven but make sure when you say your sorry, you should be sincere.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Away from Home

Two of my sisters are away from home. One is working overseas while the other one is already living with her family in Sydney. I'm pretty sure they always miss home and to keep them away from home sickness, we made it a point to call, text or send messages to each other. Since they are away, I'm always on the lookout for other conference calling service that can help keep in touch.  Thanks to technology for bringing relatives closer to each other and for making communication faster and easier.

Now, I think I have to chat with my sisters again to know what they are up to.