Friday, December 29, 2023

Best Places to Buy Stylish Workout Clothes – Cosmolle

Working out is important for everyone. Many people think that it’s selective, but they have to be careful about their physical health. It doesn’t matter which age and gender you are; working out can help improve your physical health and keep you safe from a lot of health issues. That’s actually the reason that more and more people have started working out. 

On the contrary, working out is incomplete without the right clothes. That’s the reason we are talking about activewear sets and the best places to purchase them from. Cosmolle is actually a reliable platform to purchase workout clothes and we are sharing the reasons with you. 

• High-Quality Products 

To begin with, Cosmolle promises high-quality products, promising value for money. The fabric quality is second to none. To begin with, they have chosen moisture-wicking material, which makes sure you stay dry and moisture-free for a long period of working out. Secondly, the workout clothes have breathability, so there is enough air circulation. It will help regulate the body temperature.
On top of everything, the fabric is durable because it can handle multiple washes. In fact, you can work out and train for your sports activities without worrying about physical activity tearing them down. 

• Comfort & Fit
When it comes to yoga outfit sets or activewear clothes, you don’t have to worry about fit and comfort. All the clothes promise a functional and comfortable fit, which ensures zero compromises on your movement. As far as the comfort factor is concerned, the clothes have flat seams, which don’t irritate you at all. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Cosmolle has used reinforced stitching, which promises durability. In particular, it keeps chafing at bay. 

• Technology
Long gone are the times when clothes could be simple, but Cosmolle uses advanced technology to curate clothes. For instance, they use compression fabrics, which promise accurate fitting as well as temperature regulation. In addition, compression fabric helps enhance the workout results.

• Exceptional Brand Reputation
It’s evident that workout clothes are expensive, so you’ve to worry about the brand you are choosing. Luckily, with Cosmolle, there are no reputation issues. That’s because Cosmolle has an exceptional brand reputation, which means your money won’t be wasted. Everyone who has purchased from Cosmolle has nice things to say about them. The reviews are positive, promising exceptional experience. 

• Focus on Sustainability
There were times when brands could avoid wasting resources and causing bad climate changes. On the other hand, Cosmolle promises sustainability because they choose high-quality fabrics. For instance, they use recycled nylon and spandex materials, which aren’t only sustainable but fit as well. Also, they stick to ethical standards in manufacturing, promising minimal waste. 

The Bottom Line 

It can be challenging to find a brand that promises high-quality workout clothes at an affordable rate. Having said that, Cosmolle is a promising brand name that offers high-stretch workout clothes. All these clothes promise maximum coverage and movement. In simpler words, you can choose Cosmolle, and they also offer regular discounts!

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

CT Scan of Whole Abdomen with Triple Contrast at iScan Diagnostic Center

Finally, I was able to see my Internist after experiencing bouts of painful diarrhea once again and some pains near my stomach area and back. As usual, fear emerged but I have to be brave to consult because there are more signs and symptoms that I am experiencing.

After diarrhea comes constipation with heartburn and acid reflux all together. My doctor adviced me to have a CT Scan of Whole Abdomen with Triple Contrast to have my organs checked which I agreed. She told that the procedure was more affordable at iScan Diagnostic Center in Marikina. I immediately called and inquired at the center and it was P11,000 for the test, but when i paid it only costs P10,750 way cheaper than the hospitals near my area that I have inquired. I know that it will be much cheaper on government hospitals in Manila but it's not practical for me to go that far.

Anyway, I asked for an appointment and I was scheduled July 6, 2023 8:30 am and here is the procedure that I did one day before my CT Scan.

July 5, 2023 - 10:30 pm - I took 1 tablet of DULCOLAX

July 6, 2023 - 3;30 am my stomach feels pain already

4:40 am - inserted suppository and drank water 

5:00 am - pooped alot.. drank water for hydration (yes it is allowed)

7:00 am- work diaper just in case and we left the house

7:30 am - arrived at iScan in Marikina, filled forms. The center was clean and staff accommodating

7:50 am - staff handed me the lab gown

8:00 am - staff asked me to drink about 300 ml of water to make me full

CT Scan started

- I layed down on the CT scan table and the staff or rad tech instructed me what to do and relayed to me what will happen on the procedure.

- 600 ml of water with dye was injected on my anus and i felt bloated and want to poop 

- practiced the inhale and exhale for few seconds

- CT Scan started -- asked me to inhale -- exhale about 2 times.  My eyes are closed most of the times. Not nervous but I'm, anxious.

- an IV with medicine was injected on my left hand and the rad tech is asking me if I feel pain. I said no, there's just lill discomfort and I can feel the medicine flowing on my veins.

- inhale -exhale as instructed

- The procedure is done around 30 mins.

- After that, I hurried went to the comfort room and there all the water with meds that were injected where flushed out of my stomach.

That's it..... procedure is fast and not painful at all. Went home with the CT scan plate and the result was emailed after 2 days but I didn't read it because I was too afraid..I just asked someone to get my printed result at the center.

RESULT: All of my organs in my abdomen area are normal. Bowel - grossly unremarkable.

I went back to my internist and showed her the result and she said it's normal. I was relieved but still I'm not satisfied because I feel some bloating, acid reflux and this time constipation.

With the discomfort in my stomach still there, I decided to consult a GASTROENTEROLOGIST this time. Will blog it later.

Friday, June 23, 2023

How I Was Able to Fix my Blog

 Last 2 days ago, I was about to look for a particular post that I have published few years back here in my blog but to my surprise it was down !!!! I was shocked and it got me thinking what happened. Here is what it looks like when I tried to open this blog. 

At first, I have no clue what happened but I guess I need to tweak some settings in my server's dashboard and on blogger. Since my other blog A SLICE OF LIFE went down too last August 2022, so I thought I'd do or copy what I have done there. It seems that I need to add a subdomain or put www. before my domain. It means that I need to create a subdomain on my blog. Hoping that it will work, I just experimented. I don't know why I came up with the idea or adding a subdomain but hey it works.

Here's what I did, since my blog works or redirect before without www, I need to add now. 

1. In my blogger settings, PUBLISHING , I clicked the CUSTOM DOMAIN and added www before my domain name; and when I clicked the update button this message appeared. I just followed what it says. (Don't click save bec. it will not really work).

2. I opened my server's dashboard and clicked my domain blog and created a subdomain by adding www. and clicked save.

3. Then on the subdomain, on the right side, click the dropdown menu and I clicked the DNS to add a CNAME record

3. Click CNAME : ADD RECORD host: www and point to click save. 

I made another CNAME record; with the name and host as indicated on the error (in the blogger's dashboard). Yours will be different for sure

4. After that, I went back to my BLOGGER dashboard and on the custom domain I clicked the SAVE button and the error disappeared and it will update since you have made or added a subdomain. 

5. On the Redirect domain on the blogger settings, activate it or turn it ON. That's it!

I waited for an hour or so and boom my 4 blogs are up again. !!!

Saturday, June 3, 2023

What Do I Most Look Forward Regarding Festa 2023


 Ahhhh... Festa is here once again!! 

 What do I most look forward to this year? None other than, complete Bangtan! To see them all together for their 10th Anniv. will surely warm my ARMY heart as I already miss them dearly. Apart from that, I'm looking forward with excitement to hear their new song, upcoming personal projects, love messages for us, see the smile on their faces, new photos and other Festa '23 announcements and activities. 

Also, I want them to know that ARMYs will undoubtedly wait for their comeback as OT7. Nothing beats the music, love, inspiration, kilig and fun that they have given us over the years. It'll be my 3rd Festa and definitely not the last. I maybe 55 but they make me feel young at heart. 

Borahae ARMYs and Happy 10th to our wonderful boys! 



Sunday, April 9, 2023

Saving Will Benefit Us all the Time

It’s amazing to know that we are already at the second quarter of 2023. When we’re busy at work or at home, we noticed that time really flies so fast but if we’re idle, a day seems like forever. 

I can still vividly remember the year 2020 wherein the Pandemic crippled us in so many ways. Ahhh…I bet no one can ever forget that year. Every nation seemed frozen in time during lockdowns and it’s an awful sight and memory to even recall. On February 2020, I still managed to travel to UAE mainly to Dubai and Abu Dhabi with friends for a much-needed vacation while COVID-19 virus is creepingly spreading around the world. It was indeed a blessing for we’re still able to come back home safely before the lockdown begins in March. I can’t even imagine myself being stranded in a foreign land during those time so I’m very lucky and grateful.  

Our national and local government are so strict in implementing rules and guidelines at the onset of the lockdown to the point that we just need to stay home all the time. Buying food and other supplies where only assigned to my brother to lessen the chances of everyone being infected in our family. Those days are trying times for all of us; the news of widespread infection, thousands of deaths each day throughout the world, scarcity of food supplies are shocking and enough for us not to go out if not needed.  

Our business was forced to close along with other businesses worldwide. Many workers got laid off while some are asked to work on a schedule basis maybe just 2 days in a week or so. Ahhhh.. during those days, our finances are greatly affected and eventually the flow of income was non-existent that lasted for many months. The savings that we have at the bank served as a saving grace because it kept us survive the everyday living.  

Those that deeply affected are workers that left with no job and have little or no money to support their families. Local government tried their very best to somewhat fill the needs of the community by giving food and medical supplies for families that have no means to survive anymore. Lines on the distribution areas seemed like an endless link of hungry people waiting for their rations. However, one of the many things that the pandemic has positively brought to people is the community of people helping people in times of adversity. Many individuals and non-govt institutions set up various community pantries where anyone can donate and those that need food supplies can freely receive as long as social distancing is observed.  

The pandemic and the extensive multiple lock-downs made me realize that saving money is really vital and that we need to save if we can. Despite being so cautious, on August 2020, I still got infected and sadly infecting my 87-yr old mother with COVID-19 virus. It was indeed a tough time for us. With the hospitals all full in capacity, we were turned down by 3 hospitals. There’s a moment that we’ve almost given up but a miracle or a blessing happened. My mom and I survived and finally recovered from that nightmare if I can say. 

The pandemic taught me many realizations, from being thankful each day and knowing that waking up each morning is such a great blessing. Life is really short and we all can go anytime. Also, saving is essential and cutting down some unnecessary spending became a goal. In terms of buying or shopping, finding good deals or mark down on products is a must because every penny saved is valuable. The crisis also helped me to think new ways to generate extra income and fortunately I was able to put up a small online store. Aside from the revenue that I am getting from my graphic designing works that online store sure is a big help. I know I’m guilty of overspending specially on material things but I surely did slow down.  

These days, my frequent browsing online, reading and watching financial influencers and creators, I became more interested in saving more money and investing because of the lessons that pandemic taught me. We never know when will another intense crisis will arise so it’s better if we have something to pull out of our pockets.  It's not bad to splurge at times or treat ourselves once in a while but let's also make saving a habit.
There are actually lots of sites like that I was able to browse and it can actually help us learn more about inflation, saving and investing. I know it’s not easy to learn about them overnight but if we study more, we can actually accomplish that.  Passion and determination to succeed are also factors that can help attain our goals.

With the world already opened up, businesses rolling, traveling are back to normal, less people getting infected and workers back to work, I can say that we survived the pandemic and we are stronger than ever. We can also thank the Lord for saving us and giving us another opportunity to live and experience new things in life.

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Me and BTS

It’s already 2 years and 3 months that I’ve been an ARMY (BTS fandom). Just in case you didn’t know BTS is a South Korean boyband and is the No. 1 boy group in the world. It has 7 members : Kim Namjoon (the leader), Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, JungHoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook. 

These good looking guys aged 26-30 are not just pretty boys, as they are also composers, producers and talented artists. I came to know them in December 2020 after watching an episode of Ellen Show where they are guests. After watching a video or two of them, the rest is history. I am more than happy to know them most especially when I am at my lowest point in my life. After recovering from COVID and still mending my broken heart from the death of my 11-yr old dog, I came to know them. Their music sooths me, their funny antics made me laugh, their personalities attract me and so much more. Their music brings joy to me and the rest of the fandom. Who would have thought that at my age, I’d still be fangirling and be a K-Pop fan. 

 Music knows no age so I’m enjoying every bit of being an ARMY. I also got to meet new friends with the same interests. Some are half my age while some are just quite near or older than me. Age doesn’t matter because we all have the same love for our “boys”. We love them dearly and will support them all the way.  

They released their PROOF album, on June 10, 2022, 11 months after their latest single CD Butter. Proof is the core of BTS’ history. It’s a 3 CD album introduces three new tracks, one in each CD: “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”, “Run BTS” and “For Youth”, each in different genres conveying their own messages.  

On June 13, 2022, during their 9th FESTA anniversary since their debut, they announced that they will go on a hiatus as a band and that broke our hearts. It turned out that they will pursue going solo for the time being so they can explore more and expand their musicality. Even though they are doing solo activities, they are NOT disbanding.  


 Right now, one-by-one they are releasing their solo albums, collaborating with different artists and they all became ambassadors of different bands. 

RM- Ambassador of Bottega Veneta 

YOONGI - Ambassador of Valentino and NBA

HOBI - Ambassador of Louis Vuitton 

JIMIN- Ambassador of Christian Dior and Tiffany 

V - Ambassador of Celine 

JK - Ambassador of Calvin Klein  

 Jin the eldest has already enlisted at the military on Dec 2022 and will be out by June 2024. He had released a single album THE ASTRONAUT before he enlisted and it is a gift for his fans, us ARMY! RM (Namjoon), the leader also released his album last year named INDIGO. While Hobi had a mini-concert like performance at Lalapalooza in the US and released a digital album called: JACK in the BOX. 

Jimin, my bias just recently released his solo album FACE and his single track LIKE CRAZY topped No. 1 at the Billboard Hot 100 (April 8, 2023). He is the 1st Korean soloist to have achieved such recognition. Wow, I am so proud of his accomplishments and he deserves all the love and recognition that he is getting right now.  

 Suga, is set to have concerts in the US, Indonesia and Singapore by April till June 2023 and we are just so proud of him. A documentary of his journey is also set to be released. 

   V and JK will be the next in line to release their solo albums and I we’ll support them as well.  

 They also each released Photofolios and I’m proud that I have collected all of the 8. My next project will be is to complete all their solo albums. I already have Jin’s The Astronaut single album and Jimin’s FACE album. Need to save more to get the others: RM’s Indigo and JHOPE’s Jack in the Box.  

 They already received numerous awards, like ARTIST f the Year, Album of the year just to name a few. They also have spoken at the UN and have met US Pres. Biden in the white house. Attended so many shows, performed at the Grammy's and so much more!

  BTS and ARMY have a close idol / fan relationship. The boys usually posts on Weverse to updae or just to say hello to us. They also go on LIVE so we can interact with them.  They also have their personal Instagram accounts except for JK who just deleted his acct. to share their pics or videos for the fans.  

  Hobi is enlisted in the military this April 2023 and eventhough we’ll be sad, we just need to accept that they will all enlist in no time as part of their duty as SK citizen.  

  I am so excited for their individual projects and will be rooting for all of them all the way. My support for them is massive and will not trade my love for them on anything else. from humble beginnings, they are now the most sought after band / singers.

 I’m an auntie (tita) of BTS and happy to be one. !!I will wait for their comeback hopefully by 2025! BTS is here to stay and so am I.

Friday, April 7, 2023

Finding Ways to Enjoy Long Weekend and Holy Week

Summer is officially here in our country and almost everyone complains of the heat all day. Gone are the chilly days especially in the early morning that we experienced last January and probably around 1st week of February this year. Summer here in the Philippines can be so intense. Imagine, a 34-36 C temperature plus the humidity especially around 1-4 pm can be exhausting. An airconditioned room is the best place to be in for you to combat the heat. While a cold beverage (water is the best) is a way to cool down bec. a heat stroke is not an option for everyone to experience. 

Anyway, it’s Holy Friday today and most of the people are at home because school and most offices are closed for the holiday. While most of the religious Holy Week traditions are done at churches and spiritual places. With that being said, it’s also long weekend and what a great time to bond with the family during this time. While most of my friends and relatives packed their bags and flew to their dream summer destination or take a road trip out of town, here I am with mom and brother’s family stuck in the house. Our summer outing plans are non-existent yet as we don’t usually go for a vacation during the Holy Week but if I found a nice resort for us maybe around end of April or early May we’ll take the time to have some fun under the sun. 

Yesterday, Maundy Thursday was spent going to various churches for our Visita Iglesia as we call it and did our Station of the Cross. The kids opted not to go with us so they just stayed at home for sure they endlessly played online games and browsing the net. These days, everyone is online doing personal or business transactions, ordering stuff, studying, playing, communicating and a lot more. Technology and the world wide web are already very accessible and we are all taking advantage of its usefulness in our daily lives. Also, all of us have different ways to enjoy and find recreational activities that can keep us pre-occupied when we feel bored or if we have spare time to entertain ourselves. I myself, love playing games. I still remember playing Super Mario on our ‘family computer’ machines and even tetris and other games on game consoles. 

Now, playing games online is also amusing most especially if I found an interesting game that can stimulate my mind or have me thinking solving a mystery or what-not. However, a non-complicated game can be engaging as well. We just have to choose what we find enjoyable and worth our time. Just now, found this Flower Shop game and it’s a floral business simulation game where you must swiftly serve customers floral arrangements. There will be customers that will buy flowers arrangements and you need to quickly serve or give their order so they will not leave. 


The level one was pretty easy but as level rises, there are more customers to cater and you need to be fast hahhaha. It’s a simple game but your quick action is needed as there is also a time limit for each customer and once you did not serve their order, they will leave. I need to practice a little bit more to master the game of speed to accommodate all the buyers. 

Found this cute game, Power Puff game named The Powerpuff Girls Panic In Townsville wherein you need to help Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles save the city. Played the game and found myself chuckling when a building collapsed due to my negligence in keeping the meteors destroyed. I’d better step up my game to help them save the city. Definitely will share this game to niece who happens to be a fan of Power Puff girls when she’s still young. I’m pretty sure she will be excited to play this game despite her age being past her teenage years. 

 Once you love a character in your childhoods days, you’ll still be young at heart to play a game or even collect their merchandise with their picture on it. We still have the weekend to have a good rest and play some more since it’s back to work and school come Monday.

 What about you? How will you spend the long weekend?