Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was on my way to my shop the other day when I saw bunch of students wearing white uniforms that I assumed where nursing students. Their sight suddenly brings me back to the days when I was at their age wearing almost the same uniform and trying very hard not to put any stain on my immaculate clean attire.

The same situation happened when we rushed mom to the hospital few weeks ago when she got dizzy and had hypertension. The smell of the hospital and the busy medical practitioners with their lab uniforms at the ER were enough to bring all my Med. Tech. years back in my mind. They all look neat and as always exude professionalism. While going to the pharmacy, the scrubs worn by medical staffs caught my attention and I could not believe my eyes that scrubs are getting colorful and stylish these days.

I guess the medical uniform upgrades were welcome by many medical staff and now that online shopping is the “in” thing these days, it’s no surprising anymore that they can purchase scrub uniforms like cherokee and lab coats with ease. I’m not sure if I can go back to my old profession but just seeing medical staff who are enjoying their career is enough for me.

Monday, September 27, 2010


My mom called our helper today to do some minor repairs in the house. He's been our helper for 2 decades and we already trust him to do some works around the house even though we are away. Today, my mom asked him to clean all the window and door screen plus the leaking faucet in the bathroom. Actually, he is our handyman that can do different kinds of work.

If we're going to change the sink in the bathroom, I'll definitely tell my mom to choose one of those Kohler kitchen sinks which I reckon are more durable and stylish. Now that the minor problems in the house are being fixed slowly, mom is not worrying anymore.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Out of the Hospital

Thank God, mom is out of the hospital!

After 2 1/2 days of staying in the hospital bed, my mom is here in the house already so she can rest. Her hypertension was controlled with the new prescribed medicines by her doctor and I'm hoping this will not happen again. It was just sad and heartbreaking to see my mother too weak and complaining that she is dizzy.

Here she is now, eating, walking and even trying to do some things in the house. She's recovering fast but she doesn't want to just lie down and do nothing.

Chit-Chat Later

My dear best friend is coming later in the house for our much-needed “chikahan” (girl talk) over a lot of things. Not just because she wanted us to talk but she’s coming over to visit my mom who came from the hospital since Monday.

She’s my very best friend since we’re in highschool and knowing how we talk, few hours are not enough for us to update each other. I can read some of the things about her but still talking personally is much better so from time to time if we have time we visit one another.

I can’t wait the time she’ll be here and there’s no doubt that we’ll exchange thoughts about our online works, family issues and even business ventures. You see, it’s also good to have other income that is coming in the household and we’ve been hearing that there are some people who got successful when they buy gold coins
and other precious metals from US Gold Bureau. That is something we need to find out by perusing their website.

I also have ask her if she’s still planning on putting up a small store in front of their house even if she’s already earning online. Ahh.. I can’t wait for her to come.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rushed Mom at the Hospital

We took mom at the hospital last night after complaining of dizziness after having dinner. I took her blood pressure and it was 160/90 and it was not a good sign. I gave her the medicines that she's been taking as a maintenance from after 30 mins. it has no sign of going down. She is quite having difficulty so we decided to take her to the hospital right away at around 9pm.
The ER of the nearest hospital was fully packed that night but was taken care of right away. The doctor gave her a medicine 2x under her tongue but still he BP is high so we all decided that she needs to be confined already so that they can check her thoroughly.

She's still in the hospital right now and we are waiting for the xray and other laboratory results. I’m hoping that her doctor will visit her tonight so he can update us with my mom’s health status. I’m praying and wishing that nothing serious will come out of the results.

With emergencies like this, having a health insurance like NC health insurance is good to have. Since my mom is already 77, she has no more health card but at least she can get a 20% discount because she’s a senior citizen.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 Little Chatterbox

These are my 2 little nieces that are both chatterbox. This was during our lunch at Max's Restaurant in Megamall last December when sis Joy and her family came home for vacation. Reign and Bianca get along well together eventhough at times Reign is struggling to speak in English. Eventhough at times language is difficult but being kids, they enjoy each other through playing, teasing and just having fun.

I missed Bianca already and her big bro Braiden and for sure after 2 years or so they'll be back to have another vacation here. They loved their stay here last holidays and for sure Bianca and Reign will have a grand time playing together in the future. I hope they can be bestfriends as well eventhough they are far a part.

I'm just imagining the time that they'll be teens already. For sure they'll be giggling, talking about boys, acne laser treatment, other beauty treatments/problems and life in general. I wish them to grow up kind, respectful and happy.

Satisying my Cake Cravings

After getting sick for a whole week last August, my appetite is surely back. While others are thinking of drinking diet pills to lose weight, here I am trying to gain some more weight. There are many instances where I craved for some foods and if I've got the money, I asked my brother to buy me food. Just like yesterday, I'm craving for a cake but I don't want to buy red ribbon or goldilocks this time because I'm already used to the same taste.

My brother suggested to just order a cake from a local baker that we have here if I want and I agreed. They ordered a small rectangle shaped 9" x 13" chocolate cake with caramel filling inside. The baker asked what is the occasion and bro just told to just put "have a great day" on it hehe.

SIL got the cake and delivered it to me here at the house right after lunch and here I am eating some of them for snack and I'm sure we'll eat this for a day or two.

Improving Appetite

I guess you have read my post about my 11-yr old nephew who is so fragile. He is still thin and might need human growth hormone to make him a bit taller for his age but I'm quite happy to say that he's improving lately. I guess the demands of being highschool already and seeing his classmates how they eat inspired him to eat more. In fact, I saw how his appetite changed when we ordered for pizza last weekend. He ate 3 slices of pizzas and he's even putting too much on his mouth as if there's someone that will get it from him.

We told him to slow down and eat properly because he can eat all he can. It's the 1st time I have seen him devour a pizza with so much gusto. I hope he'll get fat and have more muscles because we want to see him healthy. Last 2008 he was sick with dengue and got 50/50 chance of survival and that made him more thin and sickly. Anyway, with God's help he'll be more mature and healthier.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great Bodies at Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2010

I'm a little too late to know that Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2010 organized by Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine was already held last September 9, 2010 at Hall D of the World Trade Center in Pasay . I only learned about this when I saw some clips on TV and at You Tube last night. I'm not really aware of it anyway.

There are 69 hot bachelors and ten celebrity centerfolds with great bodies that took part in the said event. The Top 10 Centerfolds are Sam Milby, Fabio Ide, Christian Bautista, Marco Manalac, Matteo Guidicelli, Tom Rodriguez, Bryann Foronda, , Carl Guevara, and Rocco Nacino, and Joross Gamboa.
There are lots of screaming fans who want to see their bodies and for sure these celebrities have exerted lots of effort in exercising and how to increase muscle mass in order to achieve the bodies that they have for the party.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Precious Little Ones Kit Exclusive at Artscow

My designing mojo came back once again last month and fortunately I was able to finish another kit. This is my latest kit that I'm actually sharing for FREE on limited time only from Sept. 5- Sept. 18, 2010 at Art scow. PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES is what I called this kit where you can scrap all your baby (girls and boys) photos.

I also made quite a lot of quickpages where you can just drag and drop your photos. My photobook samples and templates will make you finish a photobook in an instant. Just click the
ADD TO YOUR KIT button at ARTSCOW, to get it FREE. After Sept. 18, it will be sold exclusively at Artscow.

If you don't have an account yet at Artscow, Sign up

Too Many Distractions

Oh dear, I still have pending online works but I can't seem to work on them properly because of Facebook, digi-scrapping sites and other sites. When I opened my FB account, I can't help but to browse all the photos and watch the videos that my friends are sharing. From time to time, I'm also commenting on some of my friend's wall and that is sometimes eating my time.

Anyway, I'm closing them now before I lose all my time for work. I also need to continue my digital kit designing in a while because I'm almost half way done.

Everyone Loves Toy Story 3- 3D

My sister and BIL was here last June for a vacation from Saudi Arabia and it's always fun when you have balikbayan relatives because from time to time they can treat everyone. Just like one weekend, we all watched Toy Story 3 3D movie at SM malls. Before we went inside, my nieces and nephews took turns posing at the big display of Story outside the theater and Reign was so excited to pose with Barbie.

Toy Story was worth watching and even us adults enjoyed it. Disney-Pixar's animation and effectsare just awesome.

Accutane Lawsuit

It's always been my dream to have flawless skin and I guess I'm not those fortunate ones. The white and black heads on my face are somewhat unsightly to see and I never consider it having removed by professional derma doctor. I'm also battling with a zit or two at times and I know how embarrassing it is to have an acne anywhere in the face. I tend to think that people are always looking at my zit and think it's gross.Oh well, at least I don't have those big pussy acne.

For people who suffers severe acne, they have no choice but to see a doctor to have it check. Some doctors may prescribe Accutane, which is form of vitamin A that can alleviate severe acne symptoms but actually it has side effects. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are just some of the severe ailments that anyone can get from using Accutane and due to this there's a Accutane Lawsuit
that you can file if you have suffered from these severe side effects.

So Fragile

Every time I see my 11-yr. old nephew, I can't help but to feel a bit sorry and think why he is thin and fragile for his age. He is in first year highschool already and he's often mistaken to be a grade 3 or 5 student because of his physique. It was something that he dislikes hearing most of the times and I can't blame him being sad at times because of this.

Anyway, there are times that I told her mom to let him go to the store for errands because he'll not learn to be on his own. His parents, particularly his mom, always thinks that he'll be injured or something bad will happen to him when he'll go to school alone or will run for a quick errand. I have to say that it's a bad thinking and I guess that's also the reason why he has not matured up to this day.

Oh least last summer vacation he played basketball in the neighborhood with a friend. I wish he'd play more sports, be more active and who knows my sister overseas might give him rubber shoes when she'll send another balikbayan box. I also wish there'll come a time when he'll eat more and be more matured.

No More Discount on Whole Cakes at Red Ribbon

I was craving for a Red Ribbon cake last Sunday and to appease my craving, we stopped by Red Ribbon bakeshop near our house and I told my sis-in-law and mom to buy junior size my fave Black Forest cake. We always buy at Red Ribbon and my mom uses her senior citizens card to get a discount.

My mom would normally get Php60 pesos discount for the whole cake when she uses her card.
To our surprise, last Sunday, my mom was not given any discount anymore for the cake. The staff said that BIR told them not to give anymore discount for the whole cake but only give discount on cake slices. Hmmm.. reasonable enough.. Oh well at least mom will still get a discount if she'll eat there.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Worth Keeping

I dropped by my sister’s blog and facebook acct. today and read that she accompanied her friend at the jewelry store to shop for gold rings for their upcoming wedding. I was in awe to see the massive gold jewelries that are displayed at the store. There are tons of necklaces, earrings, bracelets on display and with that kind of collection it’ll be hard to choose which one you’ll like.

What I love about Saudi gold is that they don’t fade in time unlike other gold that’s why if I have the money, I sometimes ask my sister to buy me. Lucky for me though because there are times, she’s just generously giving me a pair of earrings or bracelet. Gold is something definitely worth keeping, gold jewelries and even gold coins
have great value in the market and those who wanted to invest in gold in form of coins or bullion will find US Gold Bureau a good source of it.

I wish I can buy new gold bracelet or a pair of earrings for my birthday this year.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Off to the Doctor

After many months of being rushed to the hospital because of hypertension, my mom is always going to her doctor regularly (once a month), for her check up. She's getting scared that it might happen again so even if she's not fond of going to see her doc, she has no choice but to go because it's also for her own good.

Sometimes, I see her about to complain about the medicines that she's drinking every night and day but I told her it's better to take medicines instead of being confined in the hospital. At her age of 78,I guess there's no more insurance company that will give her any health insurance because they know they are prone to ailments already. 

Oh well as long as she'll be going to the doc, drink her medicines and live a healthy lifestyle, then I guess she's doing good.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meet Up with Caryl and Jacq

Haha, this was a very late post already, been so lazy downloading and watermarking photos lately that's why. Anyway, Bebots Caryl and Jacq came all the way from Hongkong and Singapore for a vacation in the country last July. We had lunch at CYMA, a Greek inspired resto in Greenbelt in Makati and had coffee afterwards at Coffee Bean shop where we had non-stop chika that day.

Here are some of pictures at the meet up.

My Bathroom Woes

I have always been disappointed with our bathroom for it was a bit small for my bathroom needs. It would be perfect to have a bigger one but since the space in the house is not big anyway, so my dad who actually collaborated with the architect had no choice but to make it just fit.

I always wish to have a spacious bathroom where I can put different bathroom furniture. It’s pretty exciting to see lots of new contemporary styles and designs of sinks and shower enclosures and more over at I believe that even a compact space can have a solution, for there are wall cabinets that can be perfect for storage in the bathroom. In the meantime, I have to deal with the bathroom that I have and just maximize the space properly.

I guess it’s not yet too late for me to dream of a good spacious place where I can clean and groom myself. Maybe one day when I got some budget for renovation, I’ll definitely consider having our bathroom done first since it’s the most used room in the house. I already know where to get supplies when needed and I know more styles will be coming for home owners to choose. I also have to pay close attention the cabinets and the lighting inside the bathroom for they are essential as well.

My Love for Watches

I love watches and I never fail to always pass by any watch store when I go out malling just to take a peep at the new styles of watches available or if there’s any sale going on. I have to say that my love for watches only started when my relatives from the US started to give me watches as gifts. I collected all of them and I excitedly wear them alternately over time.

Watches are good accessories and there are styles and designs that will suit your attire or look. These days, I was fascinated with all those big watches with leather straps that were usually worn only be men before. I’m also planning to buy another watch this year as a birthday gift for myself and I hope my online friend will have new watches for sale so I can pick one.

I also happen to find some IWC Watches
at Lussori. I love the pick color and the style but oh my gosh, my eyes lit up when I saw the hefty price. It was branded and luxury watch that costs thousands of dollars, probably if I got rich I can purchase one of those. Lussori sells luxury, elegant and some of the world’s rarest and most unique timepieces that any watch lover would love to have.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Thoughts

I can't believe it's Friday already. Been too busy working here at home not minding that days passed by so easily. It's my brother's birthday today and there's no major celebration but we prepared food for snack time.

I was over at Facebook earlier trying to unwind a bit when I saw a video of starving kids that my SIL shared and I was crying so hard and wished that poverty and hunger is never in existence. My hard breaks argghh.

Anyway, I hope I can finish lots of tasks for today so I can have extra time to digi-scrap or whip up a digi-design later on.

Bro's Birthday

It's my older brother Joji's birthday today and he turned 45 this year. Yay, he is already getting old. I made some buko fruit salad last night with my sister in law and SIL will cook spaghetti for merienda today. I will not be able to be there during snack time because I'm here at the house finishing some works. I just told them to save some spaghetti for me so that I can eat it for dinner tonight.

Happy birthday bro!

Advance your Military Career

If you have a friend or a relative who is in the military and serving the nation, I know you are so proud of them for have courage to serve the country and leave their families most of the times. It’s already a good and admirable action that they have carried out and they should be given due respect and benefits.

Military people have the privilege to study eventhough they are in still in service. With online schools ready to accept them, military people can just choose which of the many online military degrees
that they want to pursue. It can further enhance their military career and will help them once they are out of service.