Thursday, May 28, 2009

Innovative Laundry Hamper/Container

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Laundry hamper has never been this stylish and innovative. Just take a look at this caddy from Caddy Concepts that I found which, aside from being a laundry hamper also serves as a rolling container or bin for any use. It’s lightweight and collapsible and for those that live in high apartments, it’s perfect to carry it because it has handle and wheels. This helps us carry our dirty clothes to the laundry room or just put in anything in it. Just another good product to make our lives easier.

Added Space

PROJECT 365: Added Space
Finally I was able to go out last Sunday in Greenhills to buy an External Hardrive. I got this 500GB Western Digital for 5,400 and even saw the 1TB at the same price but I didn't buy it bec. it has power supply and I am not sure if I need 1TB and I am too afraid to put too much files because I might end up losing them when the EHD suddenly crushes.

Anyway, I still have not transferred some of my files there yet, I need extra time to do it once again.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Project 365 Photos and Layouts

Oh yes.. I am surviving the Project 365 that I have!! Imagine, I need to take photos each day to represent my day and I need to scrap it afterward so that I can make a photobook out of it. I always say it's a very ambitious project that I started this year and I don't want to stop bec. I am already half way through.
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My April Layouts
I am glad that each day I was able to take photographs but sometimes I run out of ideas too that I end up just taking pictures of anything. There are also times that I take about 100 shots per session or more that sometimes I run out of memory on my Canon DLSR. I have 1 GB compact flash card that I use everyday and an extra Sandisk 4G Extreme III extra CF card that I use when there is an event/occasion or if I'm going for a vacation that requires more photos to be taken. I highly recommend using the Sandisk Extreme compact flash card bec. it fast loading, reliable and durable and because that is what I use.

You can visit my Flickr digital photography and digital scrapbooking galleries, links are located at the right hand side of my blog. If you haven't tried scrapping or photography, I hope you too can experience such rewarding hobbies!

My Nephew is Sick Again!

Project 365: Sick Again!!
This is my poor 11 -r old nephew Dither who is sick again (he's always sick!) since Monday. He vomits most of the times and complains of pain in the lower part of his navel. We suspected that he has UTI but lab results it's negative.

2 years ago his life was 50-50 when he got sick of Dengue fever. I hope he'll be fine and he'll be spared of a more complicated ailment. He was brought to the specialist yesterday so that more intensive tests will be done to him and he was known to be acidic so he must stay away from softdrinks, instant juices annd he was told to drink yakult and yogurt.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bath Time with Barbie Dolls

I caught my niece Reign bathing her barbie dolls in a big basin. I laughed because later on she hopped inside the basin and I guess she is pretending to be in a swimming pool with her barbie dolls.. LOL . She usually do this when she is bored. I called her and as usual she posed for me on the cam.

And So They Got Hitched

The wedding of celebrities Judy Ann and Ryan has been the talk of the town for the past weeks since they got hitched last end of April. It was actually a secret wedding and the public only knew about it the day they are being wed. They are really good in hiding it. Anyway, their much celebrated wedding was shown on TV last Sunday and I was able to watch it and it was really nice. Juday’s gown was simple yet elegant and the details are very nice and intricate.

They also have nice wedding theme where all of the attendees wore white. I know for sure their wedding coordinator searched for unique wedding favor ideas online like that of The Knot. It’s always good to good stuff online. It was a fun wedding and I could see the couple’s smiles radiating throughout the event.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

WS: Run... Here comes Sponge Bob!!

I was not feeling well yesterday but that doesn't stop me from taking photos. As usual there's my nieces and nephews that are so game to fool around with me.

I was experimenting with my shutter speed using the Tv (Shutter priority) mode so I asked them to run as if SPONGE BOB is chasing them (LOL) and hoping I can freeze their actions.. I think I did a good job if not the best.
Run... here comes Sponge Bob!!May-16-Day136v3

Saturday, May 16, 2009

She Really Loves to Draw

PROJECT 365: Photoshop DrawingPROJECT 365: Born Artist
Here's my 6 yr-old niece Reign who loves to explore her creativity by drawing. She started early at 2 years old and we are not wondering where she got her talent bec. her dad was doodling at age 2 too. On the 1st photo she was drawing a flower using the Photoshop. She just saw the program one time and asked me where she can draw and showed her the brushes and colors and gosh I was amazed when I saw her draw this flower there. I guess if she can explore more and when she grows up she I know she can even make angel baby shower invitations or thank you cards like what I am doing too using the computer.

Anyway, on the right side is her very 1ST drawing on CANVASS and we are so happy about it that her mom saved it for framing. She is talented, she can draw on paper using colored pens, pencil, crayons, use the computer and now canvas. I hope she can make beautiful art works in the future.

Photohunt: Painted

Image Hosted by
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One of the participants from Pampanga, taken at Aliwan Fiesta April 2009 CCP Complex. I am guessing that he was painted like this to look like a rock hehe. oh btw, i have another entry more colorful this time HERE.

More photohunters here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I need to buy an External Hardrive

Wooollahhhh... I just noticed yesterday that my pc hardisk which is only 160GB is really almost full. I have tons of photos, digital scrapbooking kits, digi-scrapping layouts and oh no I need another space to fill it up. I tried to delete some old files and old photos just to accomodate to files but I can't delete the others.

I'm actually searching for external hardrives and it looks like that Western Digital is a good choice. I am eyeing their 320 GB passport essential and their passport elite EHD. I am goin to buy this weekend already bec. I have no more choice.

Care to share what external HD are you using?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tammy and Victor WINNERS of the Amazing RACE 14 finals/Results of Amazing Race 14

From Beijing China, they flew to Maui Hawaii for the final destination. They need to go to Beach Access 118 and carry a 145lbs heavy pig to get their next clue. All of the teams had a hard time doing this and Margie and Luke was the 1st one to finish this task. They then went to Gregor Point and drive at BOUYFIELD and find their next clue among the bouy. The next clue lead them to Surfboard Fence at Hana highway-

ROADBLOCK: Only one member of team performed this.. They need to search the surf board bearing the pictures of the 11 tasks that they have done in all of the countries they have been too. This is hard bec. they need to have a sharp memory bec. they need to put the surfboard with pictures in order.

1st one to arrive is Margie and Luke but Luke had a very hard time thinking what is the last picture that he needs to put. Jaime on the other hand forgot what is the 1st picture while Victor has done it swiftly. Luke almost gave up, in the end he showed Jaime the 1st picture and in turn Jaime showed all the pictures to Luke that is why he was able to finish this task. Luke was so disappointed over this.

FINAL RESULTS Amazing RACE 14 Finals
3. Margie and Luke-
2. Jaime and Cara
Image Hosted by
1. Tammy and Victor
(Siblings/Lawyers)- WINNERS of the Amazing RACE 14 finals
!!!! they won $1 million

Hooray i finally finished watching this season and I can't wait for Season 15!!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Photohunt: In Memory

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In memory of my dad who passed away last Oct. 1989, we always gather at the cemetery during All Saint's Day to light some candles and offer some flowers for him. It's been 20 yrs. since he left us but of course he'll remain in our hearts forever. More entries of Photohunt: IN Memory.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Proj. 365: My Photobook Arrived

April28 (TUESDAY) Day-118
My 3rd PB that I ordered at ARTSCOW arrived after 3 weeks of ordering. I was happy again with the result. It's a 39page 8x8 photobook and it only costs me $16.49 since i used a 30page coupon code at check out.
MORE photos of this photobook HERE
PROJECT 365: My 3rd Photobook Arrived

Wasted Life

It always strikes me to see teens who have been living on the streets and staying up late with their friends drinking and sometimes the worst is taking drugs. I even saw one episode in our local TV, teens (girls) are being gang raped by their co grp. members. Their lives are wasted and it is alarming, i wish their parents should send them to a drug rehab centers that could rehabilitate them. I hope every gov't should also heighten their rules and laws about drugs to keep our teens from it.

Mellow Yellow Monday

This is my very first time to join this photo meme and here's my entry. Next time I'll have to dig up more yellow photos on my files. There are the yellow bell flowers the fell on the ground after the rains last Thurs.
PROJECT 365: After the Rain

Planning Your Trip Ahead of Time

We all need a vacation and how pleasant and fun it’ll be especially when you’re goin to spend it with your friends and of course family. Not all trips can be enjoyable and hassle free, there are some things that will happen along the way that we have no control of. Like for example, you wanted to stay in this nice hotel only to find out that there are no more rooms left when you get there. That sucks right? ‘Cuz you’ll end up looking for a new place to stay in. Lack of planning can lead to hassles like that.

So to spare you from any hassle (hopefully), you need to plan tour trip way ahead and do your research online. The net is one of the best places to read reviews, to learn more about the place and to obtain services like car service, hotels and lots more actually. If you are planning your trip in NY City soon, research about the place now. The means of transportation there wouldn’t be a hassle if you’ll try the Car Service NYC for they offer affordable, new vehicles that you can avail of. You can inquire about it online 24/7 and I am sure they’ll be more than willing to help you out.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kisha and Jen Eliminated at Amazing RACE 14 Episode 11

Watched tonight's episode over at Studio 23 and oh boy it was exciting as ever. This is the race for the final 3 teams that will compete for the $1 million prize.
The race goes on.. after arriving at the "pitstop" they need to find the Travelocity roaming Gnome at the different stops to find their next clue. Then they need to ride the electric bike and they will pass Tianemen Squre.
OPERA - They need to find the Chinese Opera House where they need to dress up like Princess and Gentleman and put make up on each other.
CHINESE WAITER -This is kinda hard bec. they need to get the orders of the Chinese customers at a restaurant and they will have to relay the orders (in Chinese) to the cook. After the food are cooked and served they will get their next clue
UTURN - it can slow down a team KISHA & JEN was u-turned by Tammy and Victor which i think is a very good move
- Only one team member will do this. they need to eat grasshopper, larva, scorpions, and starfish


RESULTS Amazing RACE 14 Episode 11

1. Tammy and Victor
2. Margie and Luke-
3. Jaime and Cara
4. Kisha and Jen -
ELIMINATED -they almost made it to the final 3 if Jen did not chose to pee 1st ..LOL

Manny Pacquiao wins at Pacquiao vs Hatton Fight 2009

MANNY PACQUIAO WINS the fight wooooooooooohoooo!! Ricky Hatton knockout at 2nd round!!! Pacman's really the best! Congrats to Manny Pacquiao, you made us all proud again!!He is now the IBO JUNIOR WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION of the world!

Hatton was hit by Pacman's powerful left punch and was knocked out at 2nd round 6 secs. bef. the round ends. Poor Hatton he can't even stand after that punch.

The Ricky “Hitman” Hatton VS Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao fight was held at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada USA May 2, 2009 (May 3, 2009 Phil Time)

I was at the edge of my seat while watching the live streaming at TEAMPILIPINAS.INFO . Here are some of the screenshots I took while watching.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Manny being interviewed after the short and fast fight
Image Hosted by

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Further Study

I remember few years back when I was still trying to learn my way around my computer; I have been contemplating on taking a 3-month crash course on multi-media/web designing but never got the chance to really take it up bec. I became a bit busy. I reckon there are a lot of working/self employed individuals like me who wanted to pursue a further study but don’t have ample time to go out to attend a regular school.

The Internet has become so useful these days that there are many online Universities like Capella who are accredited and offering courses that you can take to let you earn an online degree
hat you can boast of. Some of the courses available are Accounting, Marketing, IT, Public Safety and lots more.

Cant Wait to Read This

PROJECT 365: Love Can Wait.. tagal naman hehe
My teenage niece Kathleen is actually reading this book when I saw it. She is such a bookworm and really have a passion for reading. I know it will greatly help her bec. she is actually taking up Film at the University of the Phils. I hope one day she can also write great stories tnd film hat can be also be published.

I got curious about the book so i told her I'll borrow it as soon as she finishes it..
Hmmm..maybe I can learn something from it huh.


Argghhh it's the time of the month once again! I feel so bloated right now, legs cramping, feet so cold literally and my mood is just so erratic. Blame it on my hormone but that doesn't stop me from blogging or doing my online stuff bec. I need too.. I just need to take control over my PMS or it will eat me whole. Oucchhh..

Tourism Maybe Down...

We all know that swine flu virus is wreaking havoc on many people esp. in Mexico and that has dampen their tourism industry for sure. They have been known for beautiful beaches and serene sceneries but their tourism may be down for now bec. of the Swine flu scare but in no time they will rise up again and gain their popularity back. I am sure if things will be back to normal there’ll be lots of tourists flocking there again and reserving for their all inclusive mexico vacation packages that Karisma hotel is offering. Let us all pray that this health problem will go away as fast as it can.

Photohunt: Walking

Image Hosted by
Our theme for this week at PHOTOHUNT is Walking.

Here is a photo that I took over a year ago at one of our vacation. It was in Kangaroo valley in Sydney and my BIL is walking hand in hand with his son while his uncle follows.

My NSD Shopping

Boy, oh boy, It's NSD (National Scrapbooking Day) since yesterday and I have been window shopping on my digital scrapbooking sites online. I already bought 2 kits from Bren Boone over at Scrap Orchard and 1 kit at Shabby Pickle for only $1 each.

Actually there are many sale right now from 30-50% off on kit but I am keeping my eyes closed to most of them since I don't want to splurge much on them. It is enough that I have some to satisfy my digital cravings. If you're a digi-scrapper like me then i hope you already know this NSD sale going on.

A Lympnode on Her Left Armpit

My SIL has been noticing this small lump on my 6 yr. old niece for quite sometime now but she never thought of it as serious bec. she thinks that it will just go away. She was alarmed lately bec. it is still there and when I saw it, it was a lump which is not that hard and when we asked Reign if it hurts she said, no. To keep my SIL at peace she and my bro brought their daughter at their pedia went to have it checked. The pedia wasn't sure about this bec. she was just a gen. doctor so I suggested to bring her at a specialist.

What is alarming is that the doctor saw not only a lympnode on her left armpits but, some on her bodies and he suspected of possible TB. He immediately ask for a certain test on her and after that he'll give the diagnosis. I just hope it is nothing serious bec. it's really hard for kids to get sick these days.

I remember when my other nephew (Reign's brother)got sick of fatal Dengue fever that he was hospitalized for many days and he was even put on a catheter
on the hospital but we are happy he survived it. The hospital that he was confined at is high tech, clean and has good service. I know they only acquire good hospital equipments like that of Allegro Medical in AZ. They have been in the business asn online medical retailers since 1996 and have been offering their clients only the best.