Sunday, February 27, 2011


This morning, I'm allowed to eat lugaw so I had a small bowl and also drink plenty of water.

And now this is it! Start of my fasting. Lunch time, I only had soup from our nilaga dish and oh dear I'm so hungry already. Been drowning myself with water and gatorade as well.

I know I can do this. Later at 4 pm and 11 pm, I'll drink the laxative and I'm not sure if I still energy to get up go online. So I hope you'll say a short prayer for me for my upcoming tests tomorrow.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Preparation for My Colonoscopy and Endoscopy

As what I've posted I'll be undergoing both Colonoscopy and Endoscopy on Monday morning at Medical City. I'm quite nervous about it but fortunately I will be sedated so I'll be sleeping and will not see and feel any pain.

Anyway here's the things that I need to do tomorrow (SUNDAY) in preparation for the procedures.

>1. Soft diet for breakfast. Preferably lugaw only without any chicken or meat.

2. Liquid diet for LUNCH and DINNER. Yay! My doc said that I can unlimitedly drink energy drink such as Gatorade so I will not feel weak.

3. At 4 pm and 11 pm, I will take 60 cc (ml) each of Castor Oil (laxatrol).

4. Start fasting after 12 midnight. NO MORE food, No water and no other liquid!

I'm sure Sunday will be a tough day for me till Monday morning but I know with God's help I'll be alright and on my way to recovery.

Exploring Costa Rica Can Be Fun

Traveling is exciting and fun! It’s one way for us to relax, unwind and get out of the hustle and bustle of too much work. Everyone deserves a vacation alone, with your family or with friends. Traveling need not to be overseas all the time as you can explore your own country’s natural wonders.

Traveling lets us explore new things, new food, places, new culture and meet new people. It’s like you’re learning other’s way of life and admiring the gifts from God through the various places and tourists spots. When we travel to different places, perhaps the biggest indulgence that we can have is to enjoy the sceneries and even shopping from that place or country. I bet you’ll not go home without buying any souvenir, either a shirt, postcard or a keychain that will remind you of your visit there.

There are so many places around the world that we can explore. It’s always good to search on the net for possible new places that you can go or you can even ask some friends where is the best place they have gone so far and from there you can choose what is your next destination.

Time to Upgrade

I went to the mall alone last 2 weeks ago and I had so much fun. As usual I went to the shoe department but unfortunately I didn't find one that perfectly fits me. My size is 5 and mostly on display is size 6 and up which makes me sad. I guess I need to go to a bigger mall to find more shoe choices.

Anyway, it's always great to go shopping for personal stuff and finally I was able to upgrade my lingerie most specially my underwear. I bought 2 boxes of it and I'm letting go of the old ones.

Preferred Client

So I'm all set with the preparations for my tests on Monday. I went out yesterday and go to my bank. Since the 3 tests are kinda expensive, I just thought of withdrawing some my money inside the bank and not through my ATM since I have a limit/per day. I also don't want to hassle my SIL who'll be accompanying me on Monday to withdraw cash at the ATM inside the hospital. The bank is full and we're waiting in line for our turn.

I noticed another teller with a sign "preferred client" and some clients who just came in didn't fall in line but just go there to transact their business. I'm kinda curious what does it mean and when it's my turn I asked the teller what it was. I asked her if I can go directly there since I'm their loyal client but she said no. Ok, preferred clients as she said where doctors etc. or those who are busy or always in a hurry. They also have a different color (gold) on their cards that makes them preferred. Hmmmmm...maybe next time I can apply for that since I'm also a busy person lol.

Anyway, I remember when I was growing up, I wanted to be a bank teller and look for banking jobs but I changed my mind when I'm about to go to college.

Friday, February 25, 2011

No More Coffee? !!

Oh I love coffee!!

Been drinking coffee for over 2 decades already. I love my coffee with milk and sugar. Before, I use to drink 2 mugs a day (breakfast and after dinner) but reduced to 1 mug a day (breakfast) because I felt heaviness on my chest.

But now, I have fully eliminated my decaffeinated coffee for 2 days already because my doctor said that that COFFEE STIMULATES ACID in the stomach.!!! Maybe that's the reason why I'm feeling acidic and have frequent indigestion as well. I'm taking my doctor's advice and let's see what will be the effect of on my health. As a replacement, I'm drinking warm milk in the morning and maybe chocolate drink soon.

I will undergo some tests on Monday and I'm just so nervous but I know I can go through it well. So for now BYE COFFEE! :(

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Visit to the Doctor

I've been meaning to consult a doctor for a while now about my digestion problems but I've been too scared. A friend's story about her brother's painful stomach and with the encouragement of my twitter friends, finally I decided that I really need to consult a doctor.

I don't want to consult from a doctor in our area, so I thought it is best to go to Medical City where they have specialist on gatroenterology. I don't know any doctor from there so, I searched for their website and just look for a lady doctor that is an internist and gastroenterologist. I found one and I went today with my SIL at the hospital. It's my 1st time to enter Medical City and I was amazed how big and clean it was.
I was so very nervous because for the 1st time I'll be consulting a doctor about my stomach problems. I told my doctor about my problem and she advised me undergo some tests that can really pinpoint what's wrong with my stomach.

I'll be undergoing
1. Colonoscopy - wherein a tube will be inserted from the anus to check the colon and rectum for possible growth or tumor
2. Endoscopy -procedure that will examine esophagus , stomach, and duodenum
3.Ultrasound- to check my gall bladder, pancreas and more
4. Fecalysis- stool exam
5. ECG - which I have already been tested today.

It was already past 12 when I'm finished and since the hospital is just near Robinson's Galleria, so we decided to eat our lunch there and do some shopping hehe.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

McDo Night

I went home from a little shopping at around 6pm and asked my mom what's for dinner? She has not cooked yet so I told her that I'm craving for Mc Chicken burger and fries. I suggested her not to cook anymore and we'll just order at McDo.

I asked my brother to buy food and order whet they want and that will be our dinner already. Some ordered for champ, mc chicken, fries and more. Sometimes, we just got lazy cooking so Mc Do and Jollibee can be at the rescue. I finished my share quickly as I'm too hungry. I also ate fruit salad that I made since it's our town fiesta today for my dessert.

Poor Sophie

It's Sunday once again and I guess my dog Sophie can sense that we're leaving her in the cage for a while because we're going to church. We can't take her to the church so I make sure that I prepare her food and feed her before we leave. Just this morning, I gave her some chicken meat and she ate it slowly because she's kinda destructed with my bro who's putting some things on our van. Sophie knew that we're leaving at that time.

When she saw us leaving the garage, she cried softly and I could see in her eyes that she wanted to come with us. I just told her that we're coming back home in few hours and we'll play once again. I gave her a relaxing bath yesterday and as usual she's fresh and clean once again. I hope she'll not leave some of her dander so we can avoid any allergy or even an eczema. My niece is somewhat allergic and I'm not sure if she needs any eczema treatment or sorts for her skin. I just told her that she needs to stay away from Sophie if she can but she loves playing with her anyway.

I just love Sophie for she makes me feel happy everyday!

Our Town Fiesta

Today is our town fiesta and unlike the previous years, I didn't invite anyone. I'm just too lazy to do the cooking and the prep so I just gave my little share of money to my SIL for the food and they did all the preparations. I also made a fruit salad last night with the help of my SIL. We heard the mass this morning and saw the tiangge outside. I'll be coming back later to see what's for sale in there.

We had a sumptuous lunch, fortunately, I didn't need any diet supplements so I don;t feel guilty eating all the different dishes that my SIL and bro cooked. There's carbonara, hamonado, embotido, chicken cordon blue, sweet and sour cream dory and sauteed green peas/veggies.

The Amazing Race 18

Oh my goodness, just heard that the new episode of The Amazing Race is coming!! The Amazing Race 18: Unfinished Business will air on February 20th and if I'm right it will be shown on Feb. 21 (Monday) at 9:30 pm at Studio 23 here in our country.

Of course I'll be watching the show once again eventhough it was delayed unlike before when Studio 23 is airing it Live Via Satellite. I'll be on the edge of my seat once again as I follow the sometimes nerve wracking race of the contestants. Just seeing all the contestants run, think and argue on their way just to finish the task fast and be ahead of everyone make me feel exhausted as if I on the race as well. Contestant needs to be physically fit and should take vitamin c serum or any supplements to keep them healthy and strong for the race. It's not a joke to join this contest and right now, I can't wait to see the teams and what countries they are going.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lucky One! ??

I guess I'm one of the many who are not worrying about how to shed off those pounds and don't need to even read lipozene reviews online. I guess my very fast metabolism certainly helps the food that I eat to be burned easily or it is because of my digestive problem. Whatever it is, seriously I have not gained over 110 lbs. in my life and fortunately I'm petite so I guess it matches my body type.

I'm also trying to gain weight right now but I guess my appetite and my metabolism doesn't want that to happen. I guess I just need to eat and eat but hoping that I won't get too

Friday, February 18, 2011

We Played Badminton

I bought badminton set last 2 weeks ago at Toby's and it's only today that we're able to play outside. I've been meaning to have exercise for a long time as I'm having a sedentary lifestyle once again. Working almost 24/7 in front of my pc is not doing me good so I have to move to keep my blood flowing and mobile.

This morning after I woke up my brother asked me to play badminton with him. I'll be going out to have my dog Sophie a walk anyway, so I thought of playing for a while too. We played for only about 30 minutes since it was a bit late but the play was enough to wake up my senses and give me some sweat. We're hoping to play badminton once again everyday if we can, they just need to wake me up a bit early that my usual waking hours.

Now, I feel good and after a little bit of exercise, I'm ready to sit down and work again.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Friend's Birthday Dinner

A dear friend in highschool texted me if I can attend at her birthday dinner on Feb. 5 and fortunately, I don;t have any appointment or major works that time so I happily went to their house. Actually, my 2 other friends with Lhen's husband went to their house all at the same time.

All along we thought that there'll be other visitors but to our surprise, it was only us. Dinner was sumptuous and of course it was not complete if we didn't have lots of chika chika. Our talks were endless and if not for a friend's husband who wants to go home already then for sure we'll be chatting till midnight or so.

I went home early around 11 pm and my mom was even shocked to see me go home She thought I'll be home by 3 or 4 am but I told her that it was not a big reunion. Anyway, I had so much fun with my friends and we're hoping to get together again maybe go shopping, eat out, play badminton or go out of town. I can't wait for that.

I Love my Twittermates!

My co digi-scrappers and I used to talk about anything digi-scrapping and more at our forum before but when all of us got a twitter account then that where we talk everyday.

We can talk about anything under the sun: be it digi-scrapping, parenting, health issues, work, tutorials, travel, gadgets, iphone 3gs cases, shopping and whole lot more. Our private witter also serves as our place to vent out and ask for prayers if you need some. It's a support group and I'm so thankful that I found these ladies that keeps me company all the time. I never imagined I'll be tweeting to the max since 2008 and thanks to Twitter for it's our private haven of sort.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog Hopping to the Max

Oh my goodness, I was blog hopping to the max tonight. I started with one blog at around 8:30 pm and hopped to another and another up to this time (11:30pm). I have not done this for a long time but all the blogs that I've been to have been interesting.

Have seen some blogs about that talk about how to make money online, where to find the best diet pill, photoshop tutorial and tips, but what makes me more interested is when I saw a blog about another designer that makes digi-scrapping stuff. Upon seeing her blog, I was glued and have been reading all her posts and viewed all her designs at the store that she's in. I was impressed with her work and I'm inspired to do good in my designing talent as well.

Fortunately, I have some free time to blog hop tonight but I guess in the next few days, I can't do it anymore. Blog hopping is also fun as you can read other people's experiences, insights, ideas and in the end you can even learn and be inspired.

A Surprise Visit

It was almost lunch time when someone at the gate is calling my name. I'm not expecting someone to come but I was surprised to see my bestfriend Race visiting me. Good thing is that I'm just about to cook my lunch when she came so I had a companion to have lunch. We just had pork bistek and tilapia fish for lunch that we shared.

As usual, her visit is not complete without us talking about our work and almost anything (the usual chika -chika). We also wished to have an iPhone with a fancy and colorful iphone case that our friends already had. We're laughing because we'll only buy this phone if it's only php 10-15k in price hahaha so it only means that we don't want to buy anytime soon as iPhone's ranges from 35k up.

We're also hoping to meet our dear friend way back in highschool soon to reconnect with her after over 25 years. The 3 of have not been together after our highschool days and I'm sure we'll have a great time in our future meet up.

My bff left after few hours as she needs to prepare for their bible study later on. Eventhough we talk regularly at Twitter, still we have lots of things to talk about.

Enough of that Question, Please

Up to this date, I've been receiving questions from anyone (relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc.) about when I will get marry. For heaven's sake, will all of you please refrain from asking me that? Before, I used to get pissed off but these days, I just laugh it when I answer them. My answer is always "bukas" (tomorrow), I will get marry.

I know it's exciting to look for wedding dresses, invitations and other wedding stuff but not all people will have the privilege to tie the knot.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting Help

Having acne is always embarrassing and often uncomfortable. Much worst is when your acne is not reacting to any medications that you’ve been putting or taking. In the past, those that have cystic acne have been prescribed to take Accutane to cure it but it was later found out that this drug has severe side effects. Inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, or ulcerative colitis are just some of the diseases that can be acquire when you take that drug.

With all the studies and complaints being received, the drug was banned and an Accutane lawsuit are filed by patients that believed to be affected by this drug. So if you know someone who has been a victim of accutane, you can seek legal help and claim damages for that.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Scam Wrecked Your Credit History

Scams to deceive the public out of money are an ancient practice that the unlawful and unscrupulous have engaged for centuries. Scams are commonplace among those who are desperate for cash. Fortunately for the consumer, states have laws and will hold thieves lawfully accountable for their misdeeds.

If you discover that your credit history has been tainted because you were taken in by a scam, contact:
• The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
• Consumer Protection Agency (CPA),
to make a formal complaint. No one likes to be taken advantage of, but it happens every day. Never be embarrassed to report that you have been taken in by a swindle.

If you fear that contacting the government or another powerful watch-dog group could only make your problems worse, keep in mind that the law was enacted to protect the consumer, not the thief. Authorities are aware that unscrupulous characters for unscrupulous means operate “sting” operations.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the Military

I spotted a neighbor of ours whom I've not seen for a long time last New Year's Eve lighting up bunch of fireworks. He's too brave to do that, he's just opening up a cigar lighter while holding a firecracker on his hand and throwing it before it explodes. Boo! Fortunately he's not hurt by doing that silly thing.

I guess the tough trainings when he joined the PMA (Phil. Military Academy)while handling guns and even spyderco military knives made him so brave. I remember him so frail back when he's in highschool but now he looks more matured. I had a chat with his sister before and with the looks of it, he has enjoyed his schooling in PMA eventhough he can only come home several times a year to his family. I wish him luck with his chosen career though.

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's the Year of the Metal Rabbit and I hope this will be a good year for our country and for my family as well. I'm wishing for good health.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

1. Balikbayan box arrived from sister in Riyadh. Yey! She also included a brochure of gadgets and it was tempting.
2. 2 Photobooks that I ordered from Artscow arrived already. I hope I can make another soon.
3. Done with my boy's digi-scrapping kit I named "COOL DUDE", It will be my entry on Saturday's bi-weekly contest at Artscow
4. Done with photobook templates. Been making these templates for days now.
5. I marinated beef tapa yesterday and cooked it for dinner. Mom and the rest loved it. I'll be making tapa again next week. Yum!
6. Thankful for our health and so happy that no one in our family needs an opiate detox or rehab of that kind.
7. Sophie being a good guard at the house. So thankful to have her as a pet.
8. Feeling good today eventhough I feel cold the whole day ... brrrr.
9. New found blogs and sites that are interesting to read.
10. Blessings from the Lord.
11. 53rd Birthday of my SIL.

Of Digi Designing and more

Been busy these couple of days as I'm making new digi kit for Artscow. Just today, I finished the photobook templates that I've been making for days now. It was a sigh of relief after finishing those templates as I need it on Saturday. I was ahead of my schedule and I'm giving myself a good tap on my shoulder for accomplishing that.

I'm not all work if you may ask 'coz from time to time the television is on while I'm working so I still know what's happening to our country and of course the latest celeb gossips hehe. Also, before I retire at night, I'll see to it that I watch the news and some shows to keep me abreast with what is happening around. Been affected by the recent misbehavin' of a local celeb as he was sexually harassing some other celebs. He really needs some help and he admitted that he's an alcoholic so maybe he can join an inpatient rehab centers of sort so he'll be rehabilitated.

Anyway, I sure hope my work will pour once again this year and I can't wait to make lots of digi-kits once again. Actually, I have listed all the themes that I'll be working on soon.