Monday, January 31, 2011

Need a Spa

Oh poor me, I have no exercise for many months now and I guess that's one of the reasons why I feel sluggish at times aside from the cold weather we are having right now. I've also experienced body aches after waking up in the mornings and I think the bad posture and my bad pillows are the culprits. I bought a memory foam pillow and with the looks of it, it's not really helping me.

Anyway, been hearing from friends about their spa and massage treatment and I guess I already need one again. It's been a while since I went to massage clinic and had a relaxing but ticklish treat for my body. I have no spa at home and it sounds great to have one since I can just go in everytime I want. On the other hand, I'll not worry about buying any spa covers or clean it that's why I prefer just going out. Wish I can squeeze a time to the spa one of these days.

Disturbing News Lately

Lately, the news are very bothering, from the killings and burning of bodies of 2 car traders to bus bombing in Makati. We have every reason to be vigilant and extra careful but sometimes no matter what we do, crooks will really strike anywhere and anytime. I just hope that justice will be served and those responsible will be apprehended and sentenced to jail. They are putting innocent people in danger.

Aside from that, a news about 10 construction workers that died in the site shocked us anew. 11 people fell from i think it was 29th floor when their gondola snapped. It's awful to see those people crashed to their death. I think one survived and pretty sure he has broken bones and might be needing a aircast walking brace to help him recuperate better. The government and the company involved will shoulder all the expenses and I hope no similar incident will happen in the future.

Authorities need to give extra help to people and law enforcers should be more alert and aggressive in fighting criminals.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Dog Sophie's 2nd Birthday

My dear dog Sophie, whom I called my "daughter" celebrated her 2nd birthday on January 9, 2011. Actually we didn;t know the exact date of her birthday but when we got her 2 years ago from the seller, he said that she was born January of 2009.

This year, my SIL and bro, is also celebrating their wedding anniv. so I thought of celebrating Sophie's b-day at the same time. I ordered this cute and delicious cake from Cake Basket and just had a simple lunch with my family.

Sophie is a mix breed of Shitzu and Dachshund. She's not just a pet dog but a reliable watch dog for she's so alert when someone is outside our gate. I love her to bits and she's making my life happy.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Praying For Good Health

I'm very thankful for all the blessings that Lord has been showering me and my family all these years. My only big prayer is to give my mom good health for it's so hard to see her not feeling well. Last year, she was also confined at the hospital for few days due to hypertension and her medical carts shows that she's fit once again but still need to drink her daily dose of medicine.

Although I can hear my mom saying that's she already fed up drinking her medicines, she has no choice but to do that if she wants to be alive. She's also asking me to check on her blood pressure and fortunately we have a blood pressure gadget to use in the house.

I'm also praying for my health as well, I've been not too well in 2010 because of my digestion problem. I'm just too afraid and LAZY to go to my doctor for consultation.. arghhh.. I'll give my butt a slap for that.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Dream House Built

I’m just so happy for my sister Joy right now for they have finally built their dream house in Sydney. They’ve been living in Sydney since they got married and raised their children in a 2storey house for I guess 4 years or so when they decided it’s time to have a much bigger and spacious house for their growing family. I have been to their old house for a vacation and it’s nice but still they wanted a house that they can build according to their specifications and all.

The building started in May 2010 and with so much sweat and of course money, look, it’s finally up since Dec. 2010. Yey, it was big and beautiful, just by looking at the pictures that my sis posted at her FB account. It has big loan, spacious garage, laundry area, lots of room and walking closets that my sis dreamed of having. Fortunately, her husband is a builder and can install laminated bench tops on their kitchen area and that only means they can save a little bit on the labor and materials for the kitchen and some areas.

Here are some photos to share:
Right, they are on the finishing touches already but some areas still need some attention as what my sis mentioned to me when we get to chat the other time. She’s also already doing her furniture shopping and quite excited over it. She’s been scouring magazines, online and even forums to get some ideas and inspirations for the house. She’s been telling me about Matt Blatt furniture and I guess she’ll insist to get a piece or two of their designs. Knowing my sister's taste in decorating their home, there's no doubt that it'll be neat, cozy, contemporary and full of love.

I can’t wait for them to finally move to their new place this year and settle there. They’ve got a big house and that means more space for the kids to move around and for her to Wishing that one day, I’ll get to see their new place and bond with them once again.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Welcoming 2011

My sister in law and I went to the market early of Dec. 31 to buy some fruits and additional tilapia fish that we'll grill. The fruit section was already jampacked when we got there. As usual, we have to walk slowly and look for nice fruits that we can put in our table. I found myself buying all the fruits at one store as I don't want to shop fast because the crowds are getting thicker.

Geez.. the prices of the fruits are so high every Dec. 31st, sellers always do that so they can have double earnings tsktsk.. Anyway, got that watermelon for P50, pineapple for 65, apples 20, etc. I was happy with the fruits that I purchased because they are all sweet and nothing was put to waste.
I made my specialty fruit salad while my SIL do all the other food preparations. We had litson kawali, grilled fish, vegetable salad, cake, fruit salad and more. Our family's tradition changed this year as we ate our Media Noche early at around 8pm and not the usual 12 midnight. We gathered around wearing our usual red shirts and ate our feast. The kids were all excited, no one even slept after eating our dinner. They entertained themselves playing the computer, singing, jumping outside or just being silly. This year we didn't have too many fireworks as we don't want anyone to get injured. The kids just play with tamborine, play the guitar and banging covers of pans. My nephew also set up a large speaker and a player setting the volume to the max. It was noisy We could hear firecrackers outside as early as 7 pm and it became louder as the 2010 draws to an end. My bro lighted some firecrackers and fountain while the kids had their sparklers. It was noisy and smoky but we had so much fun! After the clock strikes 12, we welcomed the year 2011 with a loud bang! After lighting fireworks and watching some from our neighbors, we then again ate our feast. Happy New year everyone!

Seeing and Riding aTricycle for the First Time

It's been a year since my sister Joy and her family had their holiday vacation here in Pinas. I'm sure the kids also miss the fun stuff that they did while they are here for the very first time. I remember Bianca and Braiden riding our tricycle and see the delight on their faces because it's the first time that they see a vehicle like that since there's no tricycle in

Here are some pics of them riding the tricycle in January 8,2010, I'm sure theywould love to experience this once again.Just the other day, my mom and SIL told me that they were able to spoke to them at YM while I was out. I hope I'll get to speak with them soon as Bianca is a real chatter box. I also miss talking to their older sister Micah, who became my shopping buddy while she was here for a vacation. She's still beautiful, I guess there's no more visible acne on her face right now and I think she still need an acne scar treatment to remove some dark spots.

Anyway, I miss them all and I hope they can have another vacation here maybe after 3 more years or so.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Post Christmas Party with Former Highschool Batchmates

Finally, I'm posting some of the events that happened during the holidays and here are some photos from our Post Christmas party with my former highschool classmates. It was last Dec, 29, 2010 when we had our Christmas party at CH2 resto in Antipolo City. I came with my friend Helen and Lolit and it was around 7pm when we arrived at the venue. It was still early so we had the chance to take photos. It was nice meeting my former batchmates once again to have fun and reminisce our HS days.

The gathering was also made special with the attendance of our batchmate who came from the US for a vacation. It's also nice to see some batchmates who attended our gathering for the first time and also to know that one of them is into printing business and another one working as a staff in the Senate. We all have different careers and status in life but when we're all together we're just like teens from highschool having fun!

There are lots of food, drinks and chismax. Games, raffle and videoke made the party even more fun. My name was called by the organizers and they asked me to join one of the games (passing of round bubble gum using a plastic spoon). I happily joined the game and it was so exciting and riot. Fun fun fun... our team also won. Yey.
The Mummy Game
The night is endless. We danced, sing, take photos and let our hair down. I danced the swing with Nemia couple of times and eventhough it was tiring, made me extremely enjoyed the night. Unfortunately my p&s cam "died" (lens error) in the middle of the party so I only have few photos taken.
I won a raffle
Girl batchmates
We enjoyed the party so much that it was already 3 am when we all went home. I sure hope we'll have another party soon and for sure I'll be joining once again!

Ohhh No..

Yay, I woke up this morning with a little zit just below my nose (right above my lips). At my age, I still experience having an acne once in a while most especially if I'm stress, have my period or when I don't clean my face thoroughly before going to bed at night. I'm still fortunate that I'm not looking for the best acne treatments in the market today as it will disappear in a matter of 3 days or so.

Right now, my zit is still there and I don't want to prick it so I can avoid having a scar. I'll just wash my face carefully tonight and hope that it'll just dry up easily.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Christmas 2010

I know this is a little bit late but I'm sharing some photos of our Christmas celebration. Been too busy and a bit lazy to download and put watermarks on photos that's why it's only now that I've posted some photos here.
Anyway, Dec. 24 before going to at the 10 pm Christmas eve mass, we already had our Noche Buena around 8pm as the we are all hungry already. We decided not to cook that night so we just bought pizza at Pizza Hut and Yellow Cab, bucket full of chicken and cake. We heard mass after dinner and came home around 12 midnight and just had coffee before going to sleep.

Christmas day, we all prepared to go to my bro's place to celebrate Christmas day. Some relatives and godchildren of ours came to receive gifts. We call it "manuhan". It was our tradition to have Christmas day lunch at my bro's place, go to our relative's place to exchange gifts and all.

Christmas day is special as we have lots of food on the table. It was my SIL who cooked most of the dishes while I only prepared the fruit salad, which is my specialty. Everyone had a feast and after eating too much during the holidays, the thought of having diet energy pills came to our mind but fortunately I didn't gained that much.

It's also our family's tradition to open gifts after Christmas dinner. The kids where all just so happy opening their presents. Eventhough we didn't exchange expensive gifts, there's so much happiness and love in our hearts.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Domain Soon

My sister who recently just got into blogging was thinking of buying another new domain with a different niche. She found blogging fun as she can post all their family's photos and experiences, plus the fact that she can also monetize it on the side.

Not sure if she'll going to find another dedicated hosting company or she'll stick with her existing web server. Just hoping that she'll find fulfillment in blogging just like me and can share more thoughts and photos at her blogs.

I'm also thinking of adding new domain soon and I hope I still have lots of powers to maintain all of them.. yay!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Overflowing Designing Mojo

Wow, I dunno but my designing mojo since December is overflowing. Due to that I finished 2 kits and tons of templates of photobook, cosmetic case and lots more for Artscow.

I've been designing and making templates non-stop that I'm too lazy to blog hehe. It's good though since I'm also earning a little with commissions that I'm getting from my sales at Artscow. I'm doing what I love (designing and scrapping) and on the side I'm also earning from it.

I've also joined their bi-weekly contest and my kit LOVE IS IN THE AIR is on the 2nd place already and I hope it will stay so I can win $50 for it. I'm planning to join again this coming Saturday so I have more earnings aside from the commission.

Check out my scrapping blog for my designs and templates from my ARTSCOW gallery.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year.. New Hope... More Work

Hey all, Happy New Year! I hope you had a blast!

This is my very first post for the year 2011 and eventhough I'm still in holiday mode, I have to make to post.I had a very long holiday together with my family and friends. I have lots of photos to share from Christmas and New Year and I hope I find time to upload them.

There are so many expenses during the holidays and fortunately I have little savings so borrowing money is not my option. I'm so thankful for all the blessings that I received in 2010 and hoping that work will pour once again.

I sure hope that I can get back on my regular work schedule.