Friday, December 4, 2020

Equipment Necessary To Train Your Horse

Once you have purchased your beloved horse, you will want to ride him. You need a variety of equipment, also known as horse tack, to make the job easier. 

What Horse Tack is Necessary for Riding?

For starters, a saddle and saddle accessories are essential. The breastplate is a saddle accessory that helps prevent the saddle from sliding on the horse, either backward or sideways. The saddle blanket protects the horse's back by creating a cushion between it and the saddle. It also absorbs sweat. 

Other tack includes:

  • Stirrups - These hang down on each side of the saddle to house the feet of the rider.
  • Halters or bridles - These include a headstall and noseband that go around the horse's head. This enables the rider to lead the horse.
  • Reins - Leather straps attach to the bridle to drive the horse.

Equipping a horse is sometimes called tacking up. The tack room is where the equipment is stored, typically housed inside the stable.

What Equipment is Needed for Training a Horse to Jump?

If you are interested in training your horse for equestrian events, you need horse jump coops. These are obstacles that help you teach your horse how to jump properly. 

There are a variety of horse jumping obstacles available. In addition to individual jump coops, you can also purchase combination fences that include a variety of equestrian elements, including ditches, banks, water elements and logs. The jumps are designed to be placed within a couple of strides of each other and should be set up in an order similar to those used in competitive equestrian events. 

Professionally constructed horse jump coops are the best way to train your horse to jump. They can also attract potential sponsors.

Owning a horse is an exciting and rewarding experience. Finding the best equipment will make the endeavor much easier for both you and your horse.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Keeping Fit And In Shape This Quarantine Period

This enhanced community quarantine period is taking a toll on each and everyone’s lives. We’re currently in the 6th week being confined in our homes. No one is allowed to  go out except to buy only the essentials like food and medicine.

Our lifestyle has changed a lot. The purpose of flattering the curve and to avoid further risk of catching the COVID 19 virus is being dealt with strictly. No mass gathering, our economy is being greatly affected as most of work and businesses has been suspended, malls closed except for the grocery and drugstores. Our movement has been put on limits except at the comfort of our homes.

How do we keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle at the comfort of our homes?

With all the mental stress and physical limits that we have, it is easy to binge on food, watch netflix and chill But we need to keep ourselves fit despite being at home.

1. Watch what you eat. Make sure that you balance a healthy diet.

2. Exercise.Can’t go outside to go to the gym?  Do some stretching, do yoga. There are lots of Youtube videos available that you can try out without the need to go out. Sweat out and burn those fats. It is also essential that you wear the right outfit during  your exercise at home, make sure you wear your cheap waist trainer to keep your waist in good condition and shape up properly as you do the training exercises.

3. Do spring clean. Cleaning is also a good form of exercise and also healthy to throw out those garbage and non essentials that have been piling up at your closet or garage.

Cleaning up your closet also is the perfect way to check your clothing and ensure that you got the right outfits that you still want to keep or upgrade your wardrobe once you have sweat out and burn those fats during the quarantine. Choose those best shapewear clothes that compliments your dress style and donate those that are no longer a good fit anymore.
If you feel that you need to upgrade and want to buy a lot more shapewear fit clothing, you can check out the  wholesale shapewear as they have a lot of cheap but quality made type of not just shapewear but other women clothing as well.

4. Spiritual. Reflect, pray and keep your faith stronger. Strengthen more your relationship with God.

Those are just some of the things that you can keep yourself busy in a healthy way during this period Hopefully we can all go back to the things as they used to be, minus the Pandemic Covid19 virus. Stay safe to all!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2019: A Year in Review

Year 2019 was a good and bad year for our family. I'm so thankful to the Lord for all the blessings the He showered us. Though there are trials and mishaps, they are just naturally part of our lives.

The good thing is that we continue to live, grow, be a blessing to others and have faith in our Creator.

I also have the opportunity to travel more, which I considered them as accomplishments.

January= Tokyo, Japan = never in my wildest dream that I can go there. Thanks to my friends for asking me to travel with them. The experience is soooooo awesome!

March - iloilo and Guimaras
May = swimming with fam in Binangonan Rizal
May = Bali, Indonesia
Nov. = KL Malaysia

My graphics online shop dropped its sale but still am very thankful bec a new business idea came upon me in September. I started selling clothes in FB and IG and it is slowly moving.

Bad news came in Nov when my brother's house caught on fire leaving them with not much. A lot of relatives and friends helped them to recover and hopefully with God's grace, a new house will be built.

I have bonded more with my highschool and elem batchmates and new friendships were formed. So thankful for them.

I ended 2019 with so much appreciation and love in my heart for all the blessings that came my way.

All i wish for now is good health for me and esp for my mom.

I am also claiming that 2020 is even greater in terms of my travels, business and family. !!!!

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! God bless us all!