Monday, February 22, 2016

Converting MP4 to WMV with the Movavi Video Converter Review

On the whole both MP4 and WMV are very popular formats – though MP4 may have the edge due to the fact that it is highly compatible with various devices. The popularity of WMV however comes down to it being designed by Microsoft for Windows – and so if you’re looking to edit uncompressed high quality videos on Windows then it is certainly worth converting your MP4 videos to WMV.

If you’re looking for a quick way to convert your MP4 videos to WMV without going through too much hassle or getting bogged down with technical settings – the Movavi Video Converter should be your first port of call. It is designed to make converting videos as straightforward and painless as possible, and you should be able jump right in and start using it without any prior experience.

To convert your MP4 videos to WMV using the Movavi Video Converter all you need to do is add it to the software, choose WMV from the list of formats, and click a single button to start the conversion. Alternatively you could also use the software as a MP4 to AVI converter, or for any other video format for that matter.

If you aren’t sure which format would be best for a particular device or platform, you can instead select that specific device or platform from the list of presets. When you do so the Movavi Video Converter will automatically use the best possible format and video settings for that device or platform when converting the video.

As you should be starting to realize, converting your videos is going to be really easy with this software – and the same applies should you want to convert audio or image files too. In fact, the Movavi Video Converter has tons of other helpful features that will allow you to extract the audio from videos, create animated GIFs, grab screenshots directly from videos, edit and enhance the video quality, and much more.

With all these options at your fingertips, you should be able to not only convert all your media files, but optimize, tweak and enhance them if required. Considering how often most people deal with media files nowadays, having a one-stop software that provides you with all the tools you could possibly need is definitely a good idea, and it will undoubtedly prove useful sooner than you may realize.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Mini-adventure in Sydney

Last February 8, I embarked into my mini Sydney adventure alone. I was staying with my niece at that time in Surry Hills and since she is at school that day, i thought I'll go out alone in the city. This is my 1st time to see the city all by myself so it's an adventure for me.

Couple of days before my adventure, i already Google mapped the area and when i will be walking so i have an idea where to go and how far it is. I started in the morning around 10:30 am and it took me about 15-20  mins from her place to St. Mary's Cathedral, which is my 1st stop. The cathedral was very nice and huge and stopping there felt I am blessed. Stayed there for around 30 mins.

It surely is a hot day and sadly I have not worn my sunblock nor I have a hat or cap with me so it was a little  uncomfortable.

My second stop is at Westfield area where the Sydney tower is. There are tons of posh and branded shops which i have not dared entering into like Cartier, Tiffany, and more. I just went to Zara, Cotton On and more..

I'm just so excited to be strolling alone so I decided to go to Circular Quay and Sydney Opera House again but need to ask for few directions to go there. Not long after, I reached the beautiful place by early afternoon where I had my lunch.

The sun is so hot and scorching so I decided to buy a souvenir hat for me to use for a while. Just strolled the place and took lots of photos again for souvenirs. Went back to westfield after an hour or so where I went back shopping for some shirts at Cotton On and H&M.

I even went to David Jones and Myers where I met my former neighbor back at home who is working at Myers' cosmetic section. I was so tired that time and ready to go home at around 5 pm but wanted to see her so I stayed for few minutes before going home.

Felt my right knee is hurting already so I slowly walked my way home in Surry Hills after 30 mins of walk from Myers. It was a nice journey for me since I'm not from there. Never will I forget this adventure of mine like other tourist perhaps do. Posted some photos of my adventure.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

When Is It Appropriate To Wear Mehndi Themed Fashions?

You may have heard about the hot new fashion trend known as Mehndi designs. However, you may not know exactly what they are, or what the fuss is all about. Perhaps you've been longing to purchase and wear some of these classic traditionally themed items, but have reservations about whether wearing them is "appropriate" for a person from the West. You should know that Mehndi fashion has a long and illustrious history, even if it is brand new in the Western world.

Where Does Mehndi Fashion Actually Come From?

If you are looking for the best in Far Eastern fashion, you can make an easy mehndi design. Some dispute this claim and insist that it originated in the Middle East. Some people claim India as the home of Mehndi design fashions, while others say Pakistan or even Malaysia. Regardless of the stories you might hear concerning the origin of this amazing new fashion sensation, one thing is very clear: Western women are adopting Mehndi designs in droves, and wearing them on every item they can. Some people might be wondering if this is really fair to the culture of the Middle or Far East.

It's Okay To Wear Mehndi Fashions

The fact of the matter is that it's perfectly okay to wear Mehndi fashions, just as it's fine to wear any item of clothing or any fashion accessory that truly speaks to your heart and your innate sense of style. It's a mistake to attach too much "cultural ownership" to any item of apparel these days. The Internet revolution has brought the world of fashion closer together, just as it has everything else. An item that is at the top of the fashion list in Paris might also top the charts in Tokyo. In other words, anything goes!

Mehndi Fashion Is Coming To A Town Near You

As this article goes to press, a whole host of companies, such as Craftsvilla and many others, are doing their best to bring Mehndi fashion to a town near you. Even if you can't find Mehndi designs in your local clothing store or fashion outlet, you can use the Internet to find all of the classic traditional items you are craving to own. This is one fashion trend that shows no signs of becoming a flash in the pan. If you're looking for the best in Far Eastern fashion, these new Mehndi designs are sure to fit the bill.

High End Stores in Sydney

On Monday the 8th of Feb.. i went on a day tour in Sydney along Westfield area to get a glimpse of these high-end stores where rich people can shop (except for Pandora where prices are affordable.

While walking endlessly, I passed by Gucci, Tiffany &Co. Bulgari, Armani, Cartier and many more stores. I did not enter at those stores because I know the prices are up to the ceiling and I could not afford.

 I do however enter Pandora store and saw nice rings and charms. I own a pandora ring and charmed bracelets so entering the Pandora store is quite an eye candy for  me.....would love to be back here again to explore the different stores.