Friday, October 29, 2010

Gold Investment

A cousin of mine is asking me to go with her at Ongpin in Manila to buy gold jewelries but I declined telling her that I’m not sure if it’s safe to buy jewelries there particularly of gold. However, the place is highly popular to be selling gold but since it’s in Manila and there’s a high risk of buying a fake. We might even be given a lower karat for we have no knowledge on gold’s karats. I just told her that it’s much safer to buy at my sister who is in Riyadh. Gold there are better and there’s so many stores selling good quality designs.

Meanwhile, US Gold Bureau has been known to be a good source of gold coins,gold bars
and other precious metals. I know that gold can be a good investment that’s why many have been investing in it. I hope there’ll come a time where I can also venture into this business.

Pending Photobook Projects

Lately, I’m trying to scrap but since I’m already designing kits for Artscow, I have little time to do so. I really wanted to finish all the photobook projects that are lining up but with the looks of it, it’ll take few more months before I can put more time on them. I have some pre-designed templates at artscow but likewise, I can’t even make a photobook.

Anyway, I have no luck with my PBs right now but I was able to order a calendar, mug, bucket bag, photo prints, cosmetic bag etc and I’m just waiting for their delivery. I’m just happy with all the customized items that Artscow is offering and I’m sure their customers are ordering them as holiday gifts as well. Personalized items have been in demand lately; from stationery, invitations, gift items and even personalized note cards can be ordered online and it has become convenient way for people.

Pizza Treat

We just had our lunch for today but I immediately asked my brother to buy a supreme pizza from Lotsa Pizza at Puregold. Actually, his kids were suppose to go at our net cafe to play games and stay there but when they learned that I'm buying a pizza, they quickly told that they already wants to stay at home hehehe.

They're just staying at the other door and I told them that if they are good and if they will sleep later, they'll have their favorite Hawaian Pizza.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Claims for Injuries

With prices of medicines, doctor’s consultation fees and hospital’s rate going up; it’s no joke being sick. How much burden it is when you already been treated but later found out that the treatment or the medicines that your doctor had given you are the ones that will even make you sicker? Ahhh.. that’s unforgivable.

Just like in the case of those people that have undergone hip replacement done by DePuy Orthopedics. It is found out that those patients that have undergone the surgery between 2005 and 2009 have experienced pain, swelling, dislocation of the implants and more. Due to this, Johnson and Johnson, owner of DePuy Orthopedics have recalled 93,000 units of their hip replacement system known to be defective. Now they are being sued and file with Depuy hip recall lawsuit by patients who had severe side effects due to that.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthday Preps

I’m turning a year older next month and as usual, I’m going to treat my family and relatives to lunch once again. It’s going to be another small get together party and I intend to share my blessings by preparing a sumptuous lunch. Of course, my older bro and my SIL will be the one in charge of cooking and I’ll be preparing my old time favourite buko fruit salad.

Right now, I’m already thinking of the dishes that they can cook and for sure barbequed pork and chicken are already in the list. Three years go, I hired a karaoke machine where we all can sing but this year, I’m skipping that idea since most of them are shy to sing. I know they’ll be excited once I’ll tell them that I’m going to throw a birthday lunch.

Her Hips Won’t Lie

If there’s one person who has a yo-yo kind of dieting then that would be my oldest sister. I just read on her blog that she succumbed once again to food temptations. I can’t blame her though because her 2 kids are on vacation with her in Riyadh and I guess they have been dining out as a family almost every weekend there.

Looks like sis is a loser in maintaining her desired weight and maybe phentermine without prescription can already help her. I already saw her trim down last couple of months but now she’s back sliding once again. Now she vows to exercise and diet anew because her hips won’t lie anymore but I’m pretty sure that this will be another broken promise hehe.

Too Many Preservatives

Hooray, I’m already 1 year softdrinks free!!! (except for one instance at one of our gathering in July where I drunk half cup of Coke because I failed to look for water). I’m just too happy about it and now I’m not even excited to drink when I see any softdrinks.

Aside from not drinking softdrinks anymore, I’m really trying not to eat canned and processed foods for they only contain lots of preservatives. I been eating them almost all my life and I guess it’s now the time to stop it for I’m also having some problems with my digestion right now. Looks like colon cleansing can also help my bowel movement and I think it’s also a good way to detoxify.

As for eating salty junk foods, I try to minimize them but when my period is coming, I’m always craving for some salty foods so eliminating them is something that I don’t think I can do now.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Busy as a Bee

It’s been a busy as in busy week for me. Works are pouring in and I have to take advantage of that. It’s my very first time in my whole blogging career that I’ve stayed at home for one whole week just to finish all my works. Usually, I go to my net cafe everyday but since work became too loaded I opted to just go there 2x-3x (the most) a week. Since my sister-in-law only works in the office 2x a week, she agreed to take care of the shop. So everytime she goes to her work ever Tues. and Thurs., as much as possible I need to go there.

Unfortunately, I can’t work really well when I’m at my shop since it’s noisy and have too many distractions that’s why I like working here at home even I stayed up very late. The dark under eye circles on my face are visible already and that’s a sign that I’ve been working real hard.

I’m guessing that until next week, I’m pretty much overloaded with but I need to go out, catch some sunlight and run some other errands. With all these I’m very thankful for having such work.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ewww.... Pests

Ewwww. I could not imagine sleeping with bed bugs on my mattress. These little pests are minute and annoying. Changing sheets from time to time is necessary and cleaning the room with a disinfectant can also help but when these bugs already spread immensely, all you need to do is call a pest control experts. I remember our old house was infested with termites; the wooden walls became hollow for they have eating all along. We tried to clean or removed them by ourselves but of boy they are just too many so we have no resort but to call an pest control company to do the job for us.

We learned that frequent checking of the house for possible infestation is called for and practical thing to do for we can prevent further damage to our properties. If pests have been uncontrollable, Bulls-Eye Pest & Termite Control, a Houston pest control
company can help in eradicating them. They have well trained staff that can do the job geared with innovative equipments that can do all the work.

If you’re house is infested with termites, rats, cockroaches and other pests, it’s always best to control them right away to stop them from harming not just your homes but your health as well.

25 Years of Blissful Marriage

My older sister and her husband are going to celebrate their 25th (silver) wedding anniversary come May of next year. I have to say that these days, it’s sad to see couples splitting most particularly in Hollywood. Celebrities’ lives are magnified and almost everything that they do will be noticed by anyone and such event in their lives can’t be hidden.

I’m not sure what are the plans of my sister and BIL on their wedding day and I just heard from sister they like to renew their vows in church. Not quite sure if it’s still their plan but if you’re going to ask me it’s not very practical thing to do nowadays as it will require big expenses once again. I guess they can still celebrate this special occasion with just close relatives and for sure they’ll also receive special blessings and lots of sentimental anniversary gifts from all of us.

I have to check out my sister and ask her about it but if I’m not wrong an Asian trip is bound to happen.

A Little Over 90

Oh my goodness, I just weighed myself today and I'm close to 90 lbs. already. I'm not happy with that weight since I'm not trying to lose weight and I'm not even taking apidexin in the first place. You see I'm frequently been bothered with my dyspepsia or indigestion and the result is that I don't eat too much because I feel bloated and already feel full. I just really need to address this problem of mine.

I'm wishing that my normal weight of 95-96 lbs. will be back again and if that happens I'll be very thankful. You see, trying to gain weight and losing weight are both hard as it seems. Yey, I'm feeling hungry right now and just asked our helper to buy pizza at the nearest store right now.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Abundant Blessings

I woke up today with a backache and feeling a bit gloomy but the pain was unnoticeable already when I opened my e-mail and work dashboards. I got more blessings today and I’m so thankful everything I’m receiving. All the blessings are coming right in time because holidays and other occasions are coming up.

I also need to save a little bit for myself and probably invest not just on gadgets but I’m also thinking of maybe putting up a new business that I know will be profitable aside from the current one that I have. I also might consider looking into those gold coins
and I know that United States Gold Bureau is a great source of gold and other precious metals. I’ve been reading on some sites and blogs how practical it is as an investment and I have to check it for myself.

Right now, I’m embracing all the wonderful blessings that I’m receiving and will be receiving with open arms. Thank God for all of these.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Excited to Shop

Yearly, I always treat myself for a shopping spree for it's my birthday next month. I was suppose to go out today at the mall but since the weather is not that good I opted just to stay at home and finish my digi designing and online works. I also learned that there's a huge traffic in EDSA area as some malls are having sale. I didn't realize that it was 15th today (payday) and many will be going to the malls to shop. Fortunately I didn't go out.

I'm just too excited to shop now and I guess many shoppers also awaits the Cyber Monday shopping, which is the Monday after Black Friday shopping in the US for it will fall on November 29. This is also the perfect time to shop for Christmas gifts. Anyway, I need to schedule my shopping once again next week and as much as possible I don't want to go out on a weekend to avoid traffic and lots of shopper.

Monday, October 11, 2010

30-min. Exercise

Looks like that I'm having a sedentary lifestyle lately and I'm not happy about it. There are times that I sit in front of my computer either blogging or whipping up a digi-kit designs for 10-12 hours. Not a good routine to do all the time and that resulted with a backache, strained eyes and worst is my varicose veins inflamed :(.

Not wanting to make it worst, I'm thinking of waking up early in the morning put on my running shorts and top, bring my dog Sophie and walk or run around the village. I wanted to start it today but funny thing is that I woke up already late so I just end up opening Youtube and watching exercise online. I did it for 30 mins. and it was

I hope I can do this everyday before I do my work.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chillax Weekend

Ahhhh .... this weekend is one of the most relaxing that I have unlike my previous weekends where I need to work so hard just to finish the online jobs that I have. I was out at the mall yesterday morning till early afternoon to shop a little bit for myself and to buy gifts for my godchildren twins birthday today. I only did one online opp before I went to sleep last night but the rest of the day was spent watching TV, surfing the net, designing digi kit and just relaxing.

Today, we'll be attending a 1st birthday party and if it's not just few blocks away from our house and if it's not my grandchildren for sure I'll just opt to stay in the house sleeping or relaxing.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Of Gold and Iqama Cards

I recently saw some photos of my sis and BIL in Riyadh with their 2 kids who went there to renew their Iqama cards. They need to do this so that they can fly back and forth in Saudi. It seems that they're all enjoying their bonding times together as a family sans Karlo who was left here studying. I have seen photos of them dining out most of the times and my niece and nephew are taking the advantage of it while they are there.

I heard that that some of the stores are having some sales there and there's no doubt that Kukay will ask her mom for a shopping spree once again. Wish I can also see all the gold stores that my sister use to to tell me for there are myriad of gold jewelries on display to choose from. With all the different styles to choose from, I know I'll have a hard time picking what I want. Since Riyadh is known as gold haven, I bet they are also stores that sells gold bullion
or gold coins for investors or collectors to purchase. If there's none, online is one of the best source to find some.

Anyway, with the delay of the renewal of their Iqama cards, Kukay and Kev will stay in Riyadh for couple of months.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rest Day Sunday

I'm always looking forward every Sunday for it is the day where I can really rest almost the whole day. I can wake up late, can go to church and have lunch at brother's place. It is also the time where I can watch TV in the afternoon and had my afternoon nap without worrying about work. Snack time in the afternoon is usually much awaited by my nephew and niece wherein I can treat them with a pizza, Jollibee or Mcdo but they always love pizza.

The rest of the day will be spent watching TV, late dinner, graphic designing, browsing the internet or do some light work. I had a great sleep last Sunday and yesterday and I guess my body is looking for those much needed rest after working late nights about couple of weeks ago. I don't even need any sleep aid to send me in dream land. Just in case you need one, click here for sleeping pills if you like. I hope I can have a sound sleep again tonight.

Ahhhh.. I can't wait for Sunday again.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gearing Up to Shop

It's been 2 months already since the last time I was able to shop for myself. I'm actually itching to go out and shop once again. I know there'll be lots of sale this month in preparation for the Halloween so the more I know it the more I want to give myself a little treat.

I really wanted to buy another branded leather bag as a birthday gift to myself but my friend who is selling stuff online, don't have bags that I like right now. I just end up buying an Armani watch (yes another watch! hehe) and I can't wait for it to arrive. I hope it'll arrive by November just in time for my birthday. I'm already making a list on what I wanted to buy and I have to schedule my shopping day.

Actually I wanted to shop on a weekday so there is less traffic and less people shopping. I also need to check on the price of the rack mount lcd at the nearby electronic store so I can compare the price that I saw online. Yay.. I can't wait to shop.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Discovered Treasure

As you all know my oldest brother has a collection old stuff and that includes, LP records, celebrity photos, vintage bottles, stamps, old coins, comic books and lots more. Their living room was even converted into a small gallery where he can display all his art works and collection. A good compliment about his stuff always sends him to cloud nine and with all the things that he has, he sometimes sells them to collectors.

About few years back when grandmother died, my bother helped in cleaning the stuff that she left and would you believe that they’ve discovered many local coins in her treasure chest that dates back in the1920’s-1930’s. With the memories of my grandma attached to those coins, my brother vowed not to sell them but instead add them to his collections. It would be perfect if bro also has some gold coins,for we heard that is one of the best investment nowadays.