Saturday, February 25, 2012

Summer Vacation Soon

Only 1 more or so month and it will be summer vacation for the kids again. My 8 yr.old niece even asked me if we're going to a resort to swim on their summer holiday. I was quick to reply yes and her eyes lighted and jumped for joy. Yay.. now I need to keep my promise for saying so. Every summer she keeps on bugging me about swimming and I reckon I need to grant her request this year.

Summer vacation is also the time for kids to do a lot of playing or doing other activities to keep them busy and productive. I just hope they will not just be contented on playing the playstation and games at the computer but they need to do something else.

My teenage nephew wants to learn how to play the guitar and since his cousins already know how to play, I’m sure they’ll happily teach him. In the future, I will not wonder anymore if he’d ask for a guitar to his parents.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blank Paper, Black Paper or Black Pepper??


My 8 yr-old niece came rushing at our house one evening telling me something. At first I could not understand her because she’s still “Bubol” at her At first I thought she was asking me for a “blank paper”so I asked her long or short paper?

She was laughing and uttered the word that her mom told her. “Black Paper”.. that’s what I heard next. I told her I have no black paper but she insisted

She then run to towards the kitchen and that is when I realized that she is asking for a BLACK PEPPER!! Hahahahha..

She Loves to Draw


My niece Reign loves to draw and few weeks ago she was rushing to our house to show me this drawing of her on the illustration board. She is really good at it! She inherited her love for drawing from her father who is also a visual artist along with my other older brother.

Reign is only 8 yrs. old and id I’m not mistaken she started to doodle when she was 4 or 5. We encouraged her to hone her talent so we give her some drawing stuff at times. Most of the times I can see her drawing on piece of paper or in notebooks and I have to say she really loves to draw. I can see her making paintings/drawings till she grows up.

Good job Reign!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Anything Online

I'm so tempted to shop again online just like what I have done last year. E-bay, multiply and other sites offer lots of goodies. The seller of some items that I wanted to buy are from overseas and that hinders me from ordering. Maybe before Christmas, I can shop online (local sellers only) again to give as gifts just like last year.

I have tried ordering for shoes, wallets, jewelry and clothing but I would not order any gadgets for it’s a bit risky.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Blog Header Make-Over

I’ve been tweaking my blog since yesterday. I decided to change my blog header and color theme. Actually, I made it into light red but didn’t like it too much so I tried gray and yellow and I love it.

I still want it simple and clean so there’s not much change on the layout and the header. Hope you all like it!

From this  


to this…………………. love it!

header jennytalks9 copy

Monday, February 6, 2012

Plastic Containers to Minimize Use of Plastic Bags

Every Sunday, my SIL is the one going to the market to buy our supply for the whole week. I just make a list of the things that I want her to buy and leave some money on the table Saturday night so by Sunday morning she can get it. While I’m still sleeping, she’ll be on the market buying all the chicken, pork, veggies and meat. She already know what to buy for me so I don’t need to instruct her much.

Since the government is already asking people to lessen or not use plastic bags anymore, SIL is already bringing some plastic containers where the fish, meat and seafoods will be placed. The veggies are usually still put in plastic bags but I guess it should be put in a bag instead soon. I really like this way as we can minimize the use of plastic bags that can clog our esteros and they will take hundred or so years to melt.

I think there are many cities or municipalities that are implementing this no plastic. What about you, what do you do to lessen the use of plastic bags?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ewww.. Cockroach!

I always eat lunch here at the house before going to our computer shop and I'm also the one who is cooking our meal for lunch and dinner. Just this morning, when I'm about to get some rice to be cooked I got the surprise of my life when a small cockroach suddenly crawled out of our rice container. I could not help but so shout and with shock the cover fell. It was disgusting and I immediately let the roach out and kill it. I guess there's more inside the cabinet and I need to clean to get rid of them.

Cockroaches are just disgusting as they carry lots of dirt and bacteria in their body. I just hope we can control and eliminate the cockroaches in the kitchen for it is not healthy at all. For areas that are really invested by cockroaches, it is best to get the help of the professionals that can rid not only cockroaches but also other pests.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

From iPhone to Blackberry

Few months ago, I just read some shoutouts from BIL's Facebook that he hates his iPhone4. I was thinking why and I almost comment and tell him that if doesn't want I'm open arms to have it I think he has some issues with the phone and little did I know, he already bought a Blackberry phone and gave his iPhone4 to my sis.. I think he loved his new phone for I heard he bought a blackberry case and other stuff.

I have an iPhone3Gs and would be happy to have an iPhone4S but don’t have any budget to upgrade. How’d I wish Apple products are more affordable :)