Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review: Rejuvenating Set by Dr. Alvin of Professional Skin Care Formula

A friend of mine has been encouraging me to use this Rejuvenating Set by Dr. Alvin of Professional Skin Care Formula (PSCF) because she has used it. In fairness, now, she has glowing and almost flawless face.

After so much thought and courage, I decided to try it this year. Bought a new rejuvenating set for Php 300.00 from my aunt who's also bugging me to try it. Ok, fine....

Rejuvenating Set Includes:
1  Kojic Soap
1 Rejuvenating Toner
1 Rejuvenating Cream
1 Sunblock - SPF 15 PA++

 NOTE: BEWARE OF FAKES. ! Only buy at reputable sellers and dealers. The products must have seals and logos of PSCF. I will show you in details in photos.

Seals and logo. Look for expiration date at the bottom of the bottles while on tubes and soap it is printed.

Morning - Wash face and neck with Kojic Soap. Leave for about a minute or so (pero pag mag matagal mo na ginagamit sandali na lang kasi medyo mahapdi).
- Apply Rejuvenating Toner on face. Let it dry. What I did was to put about 4 or 5 drops on cotton pads or balls then slightly wipe it on my face.  Don;t rub too hard!
~ Apply sunblock especially when you go out. You can opt to use a sunblock with much higher SPF 40-50 since the sunblock that was included has only SPF 15.

Night - Wash Face and Neck (don't forget) with Kojic.
~ Apply Toner
~ Apply Rejuvenating Cream

Avoid the eye area..

NOTE: Do not use if you are pregnant, lactating or if you're under 12 years old. If too much irritation or allergies, stop using it.

Use the Rejuvenating toner for ONLY 30 DAYS! The 1st 2 Weeks are crucial, I mean "TIIS GANDA" talaga but at the end the pains are all worth it.

WARNING: This is a detailed post of my experience:
DAY 1 (Sept. 27, 2015)  - I started at night. Light stinging.
DAY 2 - Light stinging. Mahapdi ng konti
DAY 3 - My face is slightly red
DAY 4 - Woke up with an itchy chin. Face feels hot.
DAY 5 - Micro peeling already. Slight reddish face.
           ~ Lips "burning" - sensitive kasi ang lips ko pag nag dadry. (though hindi lalagyan ang lips ha!)
          - I stopped using the toner bec. it's a little uncomfortable for me na.
DAY  6 - more micro peeling
DAY 7 - More peeling on face, nose, forehead. Face feels magaspang (of course bec. of the peeling)
DAY 8 - Itchiness on neck area.. Small rashes on neck area.. yay.. Bearable naman.
           - Shiny face bec. of the toner.
DAY 9 - shiny face but not oily
DAY 10 - peeling pa more
DAY 11 - Woke up with a slight red patch on my lower right cheek. Face slightly mahapdi.
              -Medyo maantak ang neck area, sweating too on face bec. it's hot that day. To relieve the hotness and pain, I washed my face with water.
             - Dead skin washed off from my neck area.

DAY 12 - Woke up with "maantak" face and chin area but bearable. More dead skin are washed off.
DAY 13 - Woke up with a red scratch mark from my face probably due to rubbing of my face on my pillow or I accidentally scratch it when I'm asleep.
DAY 14 - Tight face but feels soft !! Slight peeling
DAY 15 - Skin smooth to touch especially after washing the face. Less shiny.
DAY 16 - Acne marks on my chin are still visible. My niece noticed my nice skin.. naks!
DAY 17 - Smooth but my T-zone is still oily. My blackheads became less.
   - Note: Be careful when wiping or touching face bec. your face is sensitive at this time. I had a few scratch my neck and face though.

DAY 18 - I can let kojic soap stay on my face for about 1 min. now.. Less stinging. New acne appears on my chin area.
DAY 19 - micro peeling on mouth area . Tight feeling after taking a bath. Parang binanat hehe.
DAY 20 - same "tight"or dry face. Some areas are itchy.
DAY 21 - new fresh acne on my chin area.. yay!

----- I STOPPED USING THE REJUV SET FOR 2 DAYS bec. I was at the hospital not because of using it but bec. of my vertigo . Anyway, I just resumed it afterwards.

DAY 22 - more dead skin are being washed off.. Yey! Skin is clearer!
DAY 23 - reddish face again (but not too red!)
DAY 24 - shiny face
DAY 25 - face feels dry. Peeling near mouth area.
DAY 26 - more dead skin washed off
DAY 27 -dry face but skin looks nice
DAY 28 - tight face. Acne on chin still there
DAY 29 - tight face feeling but it will go away when sunblock is used
DAY 30 (Sept. 28, 2015) -  Not all of my blackheads are removed. Acne marks on chin are less visible. Smoother face, glowing skin and clearer face.

~ The smell of the toner is not that strong. It's painful when applied (of course! ) that's when you  know it's working. You can place an electric fan in front of you while applying or you can skip naman if you want if you think your skin can't take it any longer.

~ We all have different skin types so we'll experience different side effects. It's your own discretion if you want to continue or not when redness or rashes appears.

~Don't use any other product while under the treatment. I don''t use any even powder.

~Overall, the result was good on my face. My relatives saw the difference. They noticed that my skin looks "brighter" and fairer. Personally, I loved the effect on my skin.

~My skin face is not that bad to start with, I just wanted dead skin to peel off and made my skin softer and glowing and end result is ok naman.

~I can recommend this product to anyone with blemishes, dark spots and acne marks etc.

~I just bought CLARIFYING SET yesterday and will use it soon. Will do a review too once I'm done. I just wanted a maintenance set kasi sayang pag bumalik sa dati face ko.. but my aunt gave me this clarifying set.

NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought the product myself.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Three Tips That Will Put You On The Path To Optimal Wellness

While most people say they want to look and feel their best, the majority of us do not take the steps necessary to obtain optimal wellness. Yet if you realize that great health is your birthright, you can start implementing strategies that will put you on the path to enhanced vitality right now. Here are three tips that can help you obtain optimal levels of wellness:

1. Determine Whether You Have Any Serious Health Issues.

While an occasional cold or periodic headache are minor health issues that you can handle on your own, chronic illnesses and diseases need to be taken seriously. If you are experiencing symptoms which indicate that a serious condition is in place, it's a good idea to obtain rapid diagnostic tests which can tell you exactly which disease is wreaking havoc on your body and mind. Online companies like Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. are pleased to offer clients a wide range of testing kits.

2. Invest In Massage Therapy.

If you're serious about living in a disease-free body, be sure to invest in massage therapy. Research studies have proven that getting massages on a regular basis is a wonderful way to counteract stress, and this is just one of the many health benefits that results from the activity. Here are some of the other ways that a massage can help maximize wellness:

• boosts immunity
• relieves headaches
• enhances sleep quality
• alleviates symptoms of depression
• eases muscle tension

3. Make Daily Meditation A Must.

Meditation is a simple, effective strategy you can use to fight disease and pursue health. The trick to optimizing the results of meditation is to make it an integral component of your daily life. Also note that the longer you meditate, the more likely you are to see tangible results. For this reason, you may want to start with meditating for five minutes a day and then work your way up to 15 and then 30 minute sessions. Some of the positive results of consistent meditation include:

• better memory
• improved self-esteem
• strengthened cognitive faculties
• enhanced creativity

Get On The Path To Great Health Right Now

Once you're ready to obtain optimal health, all you need to do is access and implement the strategies that will help you attain it. By determining whether you have any serious health issues, investing in massage therapy, and meditating regularly, you can start living at a level of wellness that makes life an extraordinary, beautiful experience!