Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wonderful Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas just like what our family had.

It was mid morning when my nephews and niece arrived from their dorm to spend Christmas with us. Their parents are working overseas that's why they are with us. My SIL cooked spaghetti while I make fruit salad.  My nephew bought 2 boxes of pizza, 2 buckets of fried chicken and since it was my nephew's 20th birthday, he bought her own cake. It was just a simple Noche Buena feast for all of us.

It was our family tradition to hear mass on Christmas Eve at 9:30 pm so we had an early dinner so we'll not get hungry most especially the kids. The mass took about 2 hours and we got home at 11:30 pm where we eat again.

On Christmas morning, my 9 yr-old niece opened her gift from Santa in their house and just like what she wished on her letter to Santa, she got the toy kitchen that she loved. It was early at 7am where kids (even if we don't know them) knocked on our door to ask for Christmas gift where we usually give money.

Later on, it's our time to drop my niece and nephew to their godparents where they also receive their Christmas presents.We then proceeded at my brother's place in the morning where my relatives and other kids are waiting for us. Aside from money, I also handed some candies and chocolates to kids and they always love them.

Our Christmas lunch was sumptuous as we all ate delicious foods cooked by me and my SILs. Oh BTW, my family and even our guests love my delicious fruit salad. In the afternoon, we went to relatives houses to visit them to give and receive our presents.

We always exchange and open gifts at night of Christmas day after we had our dinner. We put all our gifts on one big table and I call each one to open their gifts.

Finding the Best Australian and Asian Cruises

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Letter to Santa

Three more days and it's Christmas day already and my dear 9 year-old niece has already made a letter to Santa Claus that she inserted on her Christmas stocking only just yesterday. Actually,she already have many gifts in mind long time ago but since she's still contemplating on what gift to write to Santa that is why it took a while for her to make a letter.

Anyway, here's her very short letter telling Santa what she wants for Christmas. She did not enumerate the gifts that she wanted, instead she browse the internet and took some photos, printed it on paper. She told me that it's much easier for Santa to know what she likes when there is a picture hehe. I guess Santa will not have a hard time getting her gift this year.

BTW, here's the list of what she wants.
1. Play kitchen set
2. Microphone
3.My Little Pony toys

Time to Unwind and be Inspired

Holidays are here and everyone are very busy with their Christmas shopping and grocery. Thankfully, I was done shopping before November ends that's why I didn't feel the Christmas rush this year. I'm planning of doing this again next year to avoid stress in shopping. I was only rushed wrapping all the gifts 2 days ago, other than that my Christmas shopping is a breeze.

I still have works before the year end and I'm planning of doing them even before the deadline so that I will have ample time to focus and prepare for our New Year's eve celebration. I've been blessed this year and I'm so thankful for that. I also worked hard and I reckon I deserve a pat on my shoulder for a job well done.

With all the dedication and lots of time that I have poured in my work, I might have neglected some aspects in my life. I also wanted to slow down a bit and give myself  chance to unwind and be inspired. I have not seen many movies and have not read any book this year. I might try listening to audio books and I'm positive that I'll enjoy listening to them. Here are just some of the top audiobooks
that I found and wanted to try.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective PeopleThe PowerThe Magic of Thinking Big

Meet Up with College Friends

This year will not end without me sharing some photos from my recent meet up with college friends on December 2 at MOA.

It was only last year when we gathered again after more than 10 years or so and it’s truly heartwarming to see them again this year. These are my college friends when we are taking up our Medical Technology course in FEU. Three (3) of them continued to study medicine after graduation and now they are doctors already. One is an internist and 2 are pedia doctors and I’m so proud of what they have accomplished. 

Our over 7 hours of chit-chat is not enough to share and listen to our own life and love stories. Also, I didn’t have a voice that time due to sore throat but still I’ve tried to interact with them even if I’m having a hard time talking. One friend even shared all the wonderful blessings that our Lord is giving to her family and we’re all in awe while hearing all the miracles that is happening to their family.

I’m so happy to have them as friends and even though it was only yearly that we’re able to meet each other, our hearts are surely intertwined. With God’s grace, hope I’ll meet them Nov. or Dec of 2013.

Addressing our Mouth Problems

A smile is worth thousand words but what if we can’t smile because we have bad teeth or in pain because of canker sores or even misaligned jaw/teeth? Awwww.. that would be dreadful.  Just this year alone, I have not been confident to smile because of my bad teeth. It was last quarter of the year 2011 when I noticed that my front denture is kinda misaligned already with the rest of my teeth. It became more visible this year and I thought it was unsightly too see.

Becoming more conscious when smiling, I decided to set an appointment with my dentist to solve my problem. My dentist told me that my gums and other teeth already receded and that makes the denture not on its place already. My dentist made a new one for me and after a week or so, I have my new teeth and that gained back my confidence to smile. I regretted not having been to her clinic much sooner but at least now, I can smile any time without hesitation.

There are practically many teeth or mouth problems that anyone can experience and all we need is the help of our dentist to resolve them. I also learned that TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome also known as “bad bite” can affect some people. It appears that the joint near jaw connected to the skull is inflamed and can cause severe pain, popping sound, chewing or biting discomfort, dizziness and many more symptoms.

A lot of factors can contribute to this kind of syndrome and having a misaligned or missing teeth are just some of them. I got scared for a while because maybe if I have not addressed my own problem probably it can lead to that if it became worst. We really need to aware of the health of our mouth and seeing our doctor from time to time just like a Fort Langley TMJ dentist if you suspect or already have TMJ can be beneficial.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gifts are Wrapped

Sorry for not updating this blog for while now because I've been busy with a lot of things because Christmas is coming in few days. I'm also battling may lazy mode syndrome for few days now that's why I'm quite not inspired in writing posts at the moment. I guess the holiday mode is creeping into me now that's why.

Finally, I was able to wrap all the gifts that I will give this Christmas. It took me about 2 hours wrapping all of them and now our mini-tree got lots of Christmas gifts under it now. My 9 yr old niece is all set and excited for Christmas now for she already wants to know what Santa will give to her. I'm also happy that she knows what is Christmas and what are we celebrating.

I bet she'll be giddy to open lots of gifts on Christmas day for our family's tradition is to have exchange gifts on Christmas day. I even have a gift for my dog Sophie and I know she'll love it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Moving Made Easy

Moving from one place to another is never an easy thing. You have to deal with sorting out things to be brought to you new place, packing them carefully, cleaning and other stuff that needs to be done.

The key to successful move?
Planning and getting help.

Yeah right, it’s easier said that done for many but when you sit down and make a list of all the things that need to be done, I don’t think that you can go wrong when you have done that. It’s like making a grocery list but it’s a harder task.

When you have done that, you need to sort out and purge things that you will bring and will not to your new place. Chuck out or donate other things that you think you will not use in your new place. Doing so will make your move easier and you’ll create more space for the new things. Always put labels on your boxes for easier identification. We have done that in the past and it really helps a lot when you’re unpacking already.

Ask for help. Friends and family can always lend a helping hand but if you’re moving long distance or if you have tons of stuff that requires a big truck then hiring a moving specialist is always a good option. Thankfully, there are moving professionals that can help you with all your moving or relocation needs. If you’re in Montreal area, Martell Express, a demenageur montreal company offers commercial, residential and long distance moving. Asking for a quote and knowing more about what they can do will definitely make your moving on the right track.

Relocation is a daunting task but if properly planned and aided by professionals, I reckon our burden will greatly diminished.

Of Being Forgetful

It’s been how many months now that I wasn’t able to man our internet café because I opted to stay at home to work full time online. It gives me peace and more time to blog and do my online works at home. My sister-in-law and another helper are usually managing the shop while I only visit the place from time to time.

My SIL is always the one closing our internet café during at night and there are already many instances when she’s been locking the door only to find out the next morning that she lost the keys. With my thorough search, it was believed that she forgot the keys inside the store. We have no other option but to bring the duplicate keys just to open the door and true enough the keys are inside the store. Fortunately, duplicate keys are still around, if not, locksmith will be our only last resort to have it opened.

Really there are times when we become forgetful in locking our car or house and leaving the keys inside. Thankfully, locksmiths like Locksmith calgary AB can save our day for they have special skills and instruments to do the job right. Sure, we can open our doorknobs if we try hard but most of the times, our locks become damage that we end up replacing the whole doorknob itself.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's 12.12.12

I was fortunate to capture the 12.12.12 at 12:12 pm date and time on my iPhone and it's a very rare occurrence and not very sure when it will happen again. They said that the date 12.12.12 was lucky so there's a lot of  couples who got married today. Those that are delivering a baby via caesarian section chose to gave birth this day hoping that this day will bring them luck.

When I captured the date and time today, I didn't wish for anything, I was just excited to have seen the same numbers all at once.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

7 Unique Gifts for this Christmas

Are you sick of buying the same boring Christmas presents each year? Take a look at our list below for some unique gift ideas to suit the whole family.

1. Gift for Mum

Depending on how many children mum has, you can purchase these gorgeous sterling silver rings that come in single, double or triple entwined. Each child has their name embossed onto them and there is also a variety that allows for your Swarovski birthstone to be set into the ring.

2. Gift for Dad

So Dad enjoys sipping on a cool beverage from time to time wishing that he could play his old records…but instead the music comes from an iPod. Why not buy him a set of 6 coasters that have a cool, retro feel as they are made from original LP records. They are very unique and make a quirky gift for any Dad wanting to be transported back in time.

3.Gift for Big Kids and Tweens

Your ‘big kid’ will love their own digital camera with HD video as well. Stick to the tough models that can be used under water to 3m, shockproof when dropped from 1.5 metres and are also snow resistant in temperatures that goes as low as -10 degrees. They come in cool colours like metallic red and blue and have some great additional features to turn ordinary photos into works of art.

4. Gift for Babies and Toddlers

What little kid (and big kid) doesn’t like bubbles? A bubble machine is the perfect gift to keep your little ones amused and in awe of such a pretty sight. With a carry handle for easy transportation, you will be able to take it everywhere you go. No more messy bubble solution as it is all contained in this battery operated machine.

5. Gift for Girlfriend

All girls love to be romanced, especially at Christmas time. For something really special and unexpected take your girlfriend on a sunset hot air balloon ride. With a champagne in hand, it will be a very special moment to remember.

6. Gift for Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is a music buff, you can’t go past a set of Beats by Dr Dre headphones. They come in really cool colours to suit any taste and they’re among the most comfortable and lightweight headphones on the market. They also fold away for easy storage and have exceptional sound quality.

7. Gift for Teacher

Teachers can be difficult to buy for as you don’t always get to know them very well. This is where personalised mugs make it easy to buy for your child’s teacher. Printing ‘World’s Best Teacher’ or ‘Class of 2012’ will suit all teachers of every age group and subject. They will drink from it proudly and think of your kids every time they take a sip. With Christmas around the corner, there isn’t long to find that perfect gift. Use the ideas we have given you to set yourself on the right track this year.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pacquiao Knocked Out by Marquez

We didn’t have cable to watch the live match of Pacquiao-Marquez 4 but we just relied on radio. We were on our way home and was at Mercury drugstore when my bro overheard from the store that Manny lost and got knocked out at 6th round. We’re shocked and of course we always wanted Manny to win the fight. Also read from my friend’s tweet that Manny lost.

It was only when we got home when we saw the delayed telecast of the match at GMA channel 7. I already know the result but I still wanted to see the action and the whole fight that ended Pacquiao.

I was screaming while watching on TV and could not believe my eyes. Marquez has a nice body form but Pacquaio is also mobile and quick but a sad turn of events happened.

The whole Philippines was shocked yesterday, Dec. 9th when our very own Manny Pacquiao was knocked out in the last few seconds of round 6 by Manuel Marquez. Their historical fight at Las Vegas Dec. 8th was unbelievable when Manny went down 1st at 3rd round while Marquez also went done in another round.

Here is end of 6th round where Manny Pacquaio was knocked out, almost lifeless. Arghhh.. thankfully he is ok now.

pacquiao marquezImage from Yahoo Sports

I admire Pacquaio for saying that he became over confident and he didn’t see the punch coming! Even if he lost he is still a champion for he has shown humility and accepts defeat. Too bad he’s still under contract and might have to go trainings and fight again soon. I hope he’ll just retire soon but with this kind of defeat, I ‘m sure he will not hang his gloves yet.

There’s no doubt that Pacquaio has brought so much pride in our country and he still deserves to be honored like a true hero!!

For us, you’re still a hero PACQUAIO! Not every fight you’ll win.

To Buy List

Gifts for my siblings - check!
Gifts for my SILs- check!
Gifts for my nieces/nephew - check!
Gifts for my mom - check!
Gifts for my godchildren - partly check!

I'm so thankful that I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping this year. It's really good to have shopped early for I really hate Christmas rush where everyone is rushing to the stores to find a gift. I was in a rush last year so I end up buying some gifts that I really don't intend to buy because the gift that I really wanted was out of stock already. I still have few more godchildren that I wanted to by some gifts and since one is into baseball I guess checking out for baseball gifts will help.

If I really can't find a gift for my other godchildren, I'll just give money instead. I'm sure they will also like receiving money so that they can buy something that they like.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

One Busy Saturday

Ahhh.. what a busy Saturday for me!

I woke up this morning at 7:00 am again. I think my body clock is already set to that time for I've been waking up at 7 or few minutes after 7. Usually I don't get up easily for I always watch TV first until 8:00 am then I'll have my breakfast.

This morning, I was able to watch the half part of my now favorite reality TV show Undercover Boss, even though the episodes are not that new. Just love this show for CEO of a company will go undercover to see how they employees work at their jobs and if there are more things that they need to repair or improve in their services or products.

I got up after the show and went to see my baby dog Sophie then had suman, a local delicacy for my breakfast. SIL went to the market and I did all the segregation and organization of the meat, fish and vegetable and that took me over an hour or so.

Gave Sophie a bath after walking her out for few minutes.I should have cleaned the garage but since it's becoming late already, I didn't do it anymore. Right after, washed Sophie's cage linen and her towel.

My chore doesn't end from there because, I still need to cook. Yay! It was already 11:30 am when I cooked our lunch. I fried the tilapia fish and cooked "bagoong" (shrimp paste)  the stinky but tasty and salty to go with the eggplant or the tomato. My bro and her family ate at our house today and gladly we had very sumptuous lunch eventhough the meal is just simple. Thankfully, my SIL washed the dishes for I have no more energy to do that and I will not do that anyway hehe..

It was only after around 3 pm when I was able to check on my online stuff but didn't quite on the go to make some work for I have been exhausted the whole morning.

Christmas Shopping Again

I'm still itching to shop soon.!!

I 'm partly done with my Christmas shopping for my loved ones and godchildren but I still need to look for custom womens tees for my 9 yr.old niece. I'm sure she will love to see her name on a shirt. Gave her a personalized bag few years bag with her name and picture on it and this time I thought a t-shirt would be nice. Apart from that, I'm also thinking of what I will wear on Christmas day. Yeah, I want new clothes every Christmas!

There are lots of Christmas bazaars and tiangge already and I wanted to go to Greenshills soon for it's also one of my fave shopping destinations aside from Divisoria, SM and Robinsons. I just need to go there early in the morning when traffic and shoppers are not that many.

Naughty Sophie

The other week, my mom came up to me asking if I picked all the chili leaves that she planted. She noticed that almost the leaves are gone that she asked me too if I put it on my Tinola dish?

I went out and to her garden and here’s what I saw. Oh my! I didn’t picked the leaves and I know who did it. It was my dog Sophie! I know she’s the one who ate all the leaves because there was once instance where I saw her eating them because she has an upset stomach. yay.

Thankfully, she didn’t eat the chili because for sure she will not like the taste hehe. Now, our chili plant has no more leaves and almost dying hehe.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Is Yoga for me?

I'm not really an exercise buff but from time to time I've been doing my simple Zumba exercise at the comforts of my home, which I really enjoyed doing so. It's not really so physical or strenuous forme because the steps are just simple and easy to follow. It's like you are just dancing and strutting yourself sans exercise equipment. I just turn on the Youtube and off I go to my exercise routine. I can do that for 30 mins. 2-3 times a week but lately I noticed that I have not been it especially that I got colds yay.

A friend of mine is into yoga and she's been encouraging me to try that exercise. It's not strenuous as well but there are lots of stretching and deep breathing which can be good for our body. If the time comes when I'll decided to try Yoda, I can quickly find yogitoes here that I can take to the gym or just use at home. Right now, all I need is a little exercise with no complications at all.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Moviedate

I was only able to watch Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse on DVD because during the times it was shown in theaters I really have no intentions of watching it since I'm not a fan hehe. Been hearing lots about this Twilight series from my nieces and friends and they encouraged me to watch the movie. So with a lot of curiosity, I watched the first series alone at the house and I was impressed and wanted to know more about Bella and Edward already.

Wanting to catch up with the story,  I decided to watched the other series on DVD up until Eclipse then went to see Breaking Dawn part1 in theater already with my nieces last Dec. 2011 and then I got hooked.
Just last November 25, me and my 2 nieces went to watch the last Twilight series: Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas. We've got the 4 pm slot since my nieces came a bit late for the earlier showing. While watching the movie, my niece Kath was really at the edge of her seat while I'm so attentive and trying to enjoy all the fight scenes and all. It was a good movie and too  bad it was the last series already. I never liked watching vampire movies but this one definitely made me watch.

Afterwards, we ate dinner at Pepper Lunch and strolled the mall for an hour or so before heading home. We had fun and I'm sure my nieces are happier because I paid for the movie tickets and dinner hehe

The Importance of Project Management

Via Flickr by planfund

Project management is a business area that's seen a great deal of growth recently. There's a great need for professionals in project management, and many opportunities for those skilled in this field. If you haven't heard a lot about project management yet, be ready to hear about this business area growing in the future.

The Goals of Project Management

Project management will mean different things in different industries. However, the goal of project management in any company is to offer better results for less money. In some fields, project managers are responsible for overseeing several different departments and ensuring that they communicate well with one other. In other companies, the project manager may work more closely with one small team of professionals.

Increasing Importance of the Field

Putting greater effort into organizing projects upfront is the best way to manage expenses and cut costs. Financial management is becoming increasingly important as more businesses are facing financial hardships and a declining economy. About 60 percent of executives named project management as a top-three priority for their business according to a McKinsey & Co. survey. The value of a good project manager is something that more and more companies are realizing today.

Opportunities for Professionals in Project Management

Project management is a growing field with many great job opportunities. A PMI study indicated that there will be about 1.2 million project management jobs emerging over the course of the next decade. An Economist Intelligence Unit report from October 2009 revealed that a whopping 90 percent of executives believed that project management was critical or somewhat important to their business. Professionals equipped for these fast-paced, detail-oriented positions are sure to experience high demand.

Project Management Majors

If you're just headed off to college and you haven't chosen a major yet, project management could be a great area to pursue. Many colleges offer both a two-year associate's degree and a four-year bachelor's degree in project management. An mba project management specialization is also available for students who want to continue their education. Any MBA is a powerful tool for attaining success in the business world. One with a focus on project management is even better for those who have an interest in this field. Project management is a key phrase that will be heard more and more in important business conversations. Equip yourself for this job now, and you could have great opportunities ahead of you.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Winners of the 1st Sining PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) National Art Competition 2012

I've been meaning to post all the Winners of the 1st Sining PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) National Art Competition 2012 but was too busy to upload the photos.

Anyway, I'm sharing it here because my brother won the 2nd place, Sculpture Category .. teehee! Awards Night was held at Ayala Museum November 9, 2012. I read that PSE received 150 artworks for both painting and sculpture categories.

SiningPSE : 2012 National Art Competition Theme: “Nagkakaisang Pilipino Para sa Maunlad at Masigasig na Kalakalan” (United Filipino People for Progressive and Active Trade)

 1st place: Turning Tables - By Bryan Teves (Oil On Canvas )

2nd Place: Kayod Kalabaw: Pula, Dilaw At Bughaw- By Gerald Mungcal (Oil On Canvas )

3rd Place: The Vision II: Empowered - By Jeffrey Salon (Oil & Acrylic On Canvas )

  1st place: Gear Up Pinoys - By Natalio Alob Jr. ( Baked Terracotta)
2nd Place: Vault - by: Joji Limayo (Wood) - my bro's winning entry!
3rd Place: Luzviminda: Key of Prosperity (Wood) by Julian Almirol

World's Most Luxurious Designers' Home Furniture

The world’s most upscale and grand home furniture comes with an appropriate price tag that can knock your eyeballs out. Of course, if these items weren’t pricey, they wouldn’t be the most splendid and luxurious of all home furnishings. Here, then, are objets d’art fit for kings and captains of industry.

Sub-Zero Pro 48

To properly chill the foie gras and caviar, the sophisticated lady will want a Sub-Zero Pro 48. Priced at $13,800, this side-by-side fridge and freezer features a glass door so that a quick midnight snack of that leftover $400 per pound wagyu beef can be sighted immediately. The Pro 48 has smart microprocessors that will maintain the Chablis at the correct sipping temperature. Should the nanny forget to close this fridge, it will sense the incoming warm air and close the doors.

Archeo Copper Bathtub

For odd but wealthy fellows who need a bathroom centerpiece to float their diamond-encrusted rubber duckies, the Archeo tub is fashioned from solid copper. At more than five feet long and nearly three feet wide, it can seat two individuals who love playing battleship. This $67,557 tub was designed by the master craftsmen who refurbished the torch held by Lady Liberty in New York Harbor.

How To Start-up A Child Care Business

Image via
Many Australians who have a love of children, and especially those who have a background in childcare or education, consider starting their own childcare business at some point. For some, this is merely a passing thought. Others, however, make the decision to actively make their dream of owning a childcare business come true. By following a few key steps, you can most easily lay the framework for a successful business.

Establish Reasonable Expectations

First, it is important to establish reasonable expectations regarding how your lifestyle may be affected by this business. If you plan to look after children inside your home, you will need to accept children into your home on a regular basis. If you will be the only childcare provider at your childcare centre, it is reasonable to expect that you will need to provide care to the children on a daily basis except for holidays. Others will be relying on you to care for their kids while they are in work. If you take a two week vacation and don’t have a back-up childcare provider available, the parents may be forced to make alternate arrangements. You should also establish reasonable expectations regarding your work hours. Working parents often need access to childcare up to an hour before through an hour after traditional business hours. This provides them with time to visit the childcare centre and complete their commute.

Research the Market

You should also research the market thoroughly to determine what reasonable childcare service rates are in your market. Pay attention to which amenities and services are included with higher rates. You will need to be able to compete against other childcare providers in order to attract customers and to retain their services. This means that your rates need to be competitive, but you also need to create a facility that is equally as enticing or that offers something extra that other centres do not offer. Through this effort, you can see how profitable a childcare centre may be to operate.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sore Throat Be Gone

I had colds since Tuesday last week but didn’t pay much attention to it thinking that it will go away naturally. I just thought of drinking lots of water to wash away the virus that I got somewhere. I think it got worst on Wednesday when we went to Divisoria in Manila to buy some gifts and personal stuff. It was so cold at the new malls that I felt my cold become worse. Thankfully, I bought a cardigan that I used. We're so tired that day and when we got out it was so hot and humid. Coupled it with traffic and bad weather then it’s  no a good day. I guess I got more virus at the crowded mall.

The next day, my cough and cold is becoming worst so I have no option but to drink Neozep. It was so hard for me at night. I was coughing and coughing and there are times that it’s only a dry cough. Come Sunday morning, I lost my voice already and too bad, I had a reunion with my college friends that day.

I still went at the meeting with sore throat and too bad I wasn’t talking that much because of my condition. I took some Strepsils to help relieve my sore throat but still it’s the same.

strepsilsThis morning, I still don’t have a voice but thanks to my ginger tea, strepsils and loads of water, I became better. I hope by tomorrow, I am much better for I hate being sick!


All You Need to Know About RN to MSN Programs

What’s the quickest way to climb the ladder of success in the field of nursing? There is a great demand for nurses across the globe, making it one of the most popular professions in the world. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and becoming a registered nurse, you can easily advance to a new career through bridge programs such as rn to msn. Since competition is stiff in the field of healthcare, a Master’s Degree in Nursing will open many doors to new opportunities. Most students of such programs prefer to take online classes because of the flexibility in scheduling that it provides, allowing nurses to continue with their full-time jobs and pursue higher education.

So how does the transition program work? Since students enrolled in this program are already registered nurses, the bridge program aims to enhance the skills and expertise of the nurses and introduce them to the basics of a MSN program. Compared to normal college coursework, the pace of is faster since the students are already knowledgeable of the subject matter. The first part of the program is often designed to test the learning of the students and their familiarity with the general nursing education.

The next phase of the program involves the practicum courses that will measure the capabilities of graduate students under different situations. This application determines if the students have the capacity to handle a position that requires not only nursing, but managerial skills as well. If you are enrolled in an online class, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and sign up for classes depending on your schedule. It also eliminates the need go to a college campus and career advisers are available online to guide you through the entire experience. 

The requirements for admission may vary depending on the school of your choice. It is best to make inquiries or visit their website to learn about the procedures in applying for admission. The tuition fees and other expenses related to the program may change over the years. Financial aid, scholarships, grants and student loans are also available.

Once you have earned an MSN degree, there are a number of possible careers in the field of nursing that await you. There are some who choose to transfer to the world of academe and become instructors. The educational system is also in need of nursing professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise to aspiring nurses. This profession could be full-time or a part-time and the salary is often based on one’s experience. 

Those who want to continue in the nursing profession can take on different responsibilities such as: a clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, administrator and nurse executive. Pursuing a career in any of these fields is very promising when it comes to monetary gain since salary offers for such positions are usually higher. 

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