Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Overflowing Designing Mojo

My digi-scrapping designing mojo was overflowing in the last few weeks so I was able to make 1 digi and 1 still in progress. I was also able to make lots of Artscow templates like photobook, cosmetic cases, etc.

Anyway, you can see my various templates below.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Thoughts on Gloomy Friday

Been overly busy these past few days that’s why I’m not been able to update my blogs all the time. My designing mojo is overflowing once again that’s why I’m busy creating digi-scrapping kits that I sell over at ARTSCOW, where I am one of the digi-designers there. There are even times when my right arm is aching due to over use and my eyes are burning like hell as I focus too much on my monitor. I guess, I have to defocus and exercise my eyes too every now and then.

Health wise, I’m still at my thinnest :( as I weigh only 90lbs. in the last 6 months and still experiencing bouts of fullness/indigestion which is my problem since early this year. If others are thinking about taking diet pills to lose their unwanted weight, I’m thinking on how to gain weight. You see, I’m not  gaining any pound for a while even though I try to eat more.

I’m looking forward on meeting some friends before the month ends and my mini-vacation on Oct. in Legaspi to attend a birthday of my godchild.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Health Risks on Diabetic Patients

I found out just the other week that my aunt came out of the hospital because of some complications brought about by her diabetes. Mom saw her one time at one of our relatives’ gathering and she was shocked to see her so skinny and cannot walk straight. She found out that my aunt could no longer see clearly, as her eyes where affected already by her diabetes, just one of the many complications any diabetic patients can have. It’s so sad to hear about that news and her diabetes must have been uncontrollable perhaps because of lack of medicines to take.

I just hope her children will monitor their blood sugars as well because we all know that diabetes has a genetic component. Diabetic patients can however manage their disease if they are disciplined with their food and lifestyle. There are also medicines that they can take to stabilize their blood sugar but recently a drug called Actos has been found out to cause heart attacks or heart failure and much worst is bladder tumors.

Any medicines that you’ll be taking when you have diabetes should be consulted first to your doctor and just be aware that Actos has dangerous side effects.

Change of Eating Habits

I’ve been bothered by my excess acid in my stomach for many years now and I have already undergone colonoscopy and endoscopy this year and thankfully, there are no tumors found. Right now, although I’m still battling with acidity from time to time, I can say that it has improved because I have changed my eating habits already.

Since March here’s what I have sacrificed and have done:
1. No more coffee for me since coffee can produce more acid in my stomach.
2. I don’t eat or drink much food with too much cheese.
3. No more softdrinks since 2009 but from time to time I cheated haha. Just the other month during my sister’s despedida dinner I had 1 glass of coke hahaha..
4. I also learned to like papaya that can keep my bowel movement good.
5. More water and more veggies in my meal.
6. Eat on time and eat a little bit slow


Yey, for me!!! The fullness, burping and indigestion have been minimized as well and if that will come back again, I’m going to drink the medicine that my doc prescribed to me. So far, so good but I’m still praying that my stomach will be back to normal and not be too sensitive.


Outside my window…I can see lots of greens. Plants that my mom have planted over the years. Actually, I can say that she has a green thumb as all her plants and fruit trees has grown healthy. I can also see my dog Sophie sleeping in the garage and later on it’ll be her lunch time.

I am thinking… of of what digi-kit that I’ll be designing next week. Actually, I’m already looking for a nice color theme and theme so I can start a new one. I also would like to scrap some of our photos as I’m left behind already.

I am thankful for…all the work blessings that I’m still receiving eventhough it’s a little bit slow last month and this month. I’m also thankful to all my online friends that also became my real friends already.

From the kitchen…I’ve already prepared all the ingredients that I’ll be using for I will cook pork afritada for lunch.. Yummo!

I am wearing…my new red duster at home. It’s very comfortable for me to wear such at home.

I am going…to finish some of my online works and perhaps I can also make new digi templates that I can sell at Artscow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Unfortunate Incident

I just heard on the news that a local actor met a car accident last week in one of the dangerous and accident-prone streets in Antipolo. He was bruised, his face swollen and I heard that bones on his cheekbones where smashed. He has gone operations and fortunately, he and his other 4 companions are still alive. I’m very sure that his lawyers will take legal actions about this ill-fated event.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me and Sophie


Meet my pet dog named Sophie. She is now 2 years and 7 months old and I considered her my daughter hehe. She’s a combination of Shihtzu  and Daschund  breed and has white and black fur combination. Actually, my brother is the real owner of Sophie but when they can no longer afford for her vaccinations, I took care of her. Now, she has a complete vaccination and that includes rabbies. Her next doctor’s appointment will be on September for her 6-in1 boost vaccine.

She barks most of the times esp. when she don’t know the person outside our garage but she’s adorable. She’s a good hunter, haha hunting for bugs or cockroaches when she’s left at the garage. She eats both dog food, rice and meat so I have no problem in trying to feed her. We usually play ball or with her little toys during playtime and sometimes we go for a walk in the morning or late afternoon. How’d I wish I was able to teach her many tricks because she only knows inside, up, down and

Once a year, I have her fur full trimmed to keep well groomed but from time to time I trimmed her fur. The only problem when I had her fur trimmed is that she became vulnerable to skin disease and just this year, she developed small lesions or I believe it was a mange near her neck so I had to buy an ointment to cure it. Fortunately, it dried up for few days due to medication. Now, with her fur all grown once again, I’m so sure that she’ll not get it again.

Oh well, just love her to bits and we’ll have another birthday party for her in January as she will  be turning 3 by then.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jewelry Making

It was a log time ago when I had the passion for jewelry making. I even go as far as Quiapo just to buy Swarovski Crystal Bicones, cat's eye and other beads that I can make into bracelets and necklaces. There are times that I sell the jewelries that I made in my store  but most often I created those jewelries for myself and as gifts to my sister and friends.

I’m not sure if I’m going back to this hobby as I’m not interested anymore. My recent hobby is digital scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking kit designing. But who knows?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Muscle Pain

Yay.. been having this pain on my left leg for 2 days already and it’s kinda annoying already. I know it is caused by my prolonged sitting and wrong sitting position and argghh it is painful.

The only remedy that I’m doing is putting a KATINKO, an ointment that can relieve pain eventhough it doesn’t smell good. It will have a cool minty effect on the skin and the pain will subside in about 30 mins or more. I know I can minimize such pain only if I sit good but I guess my new executive chair that I bought last month is also contributing to my wrong posture.. Arghhh…

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dead Old Century Tree Project

We were stunned when we saw a big old dead tree in my brother's backyard last week. It turns out that he bought this dead, believe to be century old dead tree so that he can use it to decorate his backyard. Not everyone is up on the idea since the tree that he bought is expensive considering that it is already dead and old. Mom is even angry and would be happy to see log furniture in the house instead of that dead tree.

Anyway, my bro being stubborn insisted on his so-called project. Not only 2 people but around 6-7 men helped to put it on the ground. It took his workers 2 days to finish the task and now it appears to be nothing on his backyard. We’re just concerned about the money that he spent because it’s not a priority since he just came from the hospital and all. Oh well…..

Hello August!

Wow, I can't believe it's already August now! Where did July go? Time surely flies so fast most especially if you are busy just like me.

I’ve been very busy designing digital scrapbooking kits and templates for Artscow and I’m loving it. Aside from being creative and doing what I love, I also earn from it. Knowing that my blogging opps is not that many these days so this designing thingy is a good help for me.

I’m looking forward for more good things to come this year and I’m ready for it.