Monday, March 28, 2011

Appetite is Back

Please excuse me if I talk about my health here most of the times. I'm just happy with what is happening after being sick last month. I'm truly glad that I don't feel any severe bloating and dyspepsia anymore except when I really overeat hehe. Like what I've mentioned in my previous posts, I have given up lots of things when it comes to food and drinks so I guess that's the reason why I'm feeling much better these days and also the medicine that my doctor prescribed (that I believe has side effects) also helped.

I'm still taking it slow eating sour fruits as I don't want to bombard myself with too much acid in my stomach once again. I hate to see myself sick once again. Lately, my appetite is back once again and I'm loving it. I can eat well now but of course I need to watch out not to overeat. Also, I'm thankful that I don't have any eating disorder or something or I might end up in one of those eating disorders treatment centers that can help many that suffers such ailment.

I'm praying that I'll be completely healed.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Missing my Dad

Today is my dad's birthday and if he's alive today he'd be 77 years already and of course retired as a civil engineer.

We'll just offer a mass for him tomorrow and we'll have a special family lunch in memory of him.I'm sure he'll be happy to know that we're remembering him. Mom even dreamed of him and her deceased mom last night and I believe that they are just reminding mom of my dad's birthday today. It's unusual because I didn't dream of him days before his birthday unlike the previous years when I can see him in front of bedroom room door watching me.

How'd I wish dad was still with us. I can still remember the days when he helps me with my math problems when I was in college. These days, for sure he can give me a hand with our computer networking and teach me about network cable tester and other stuff. Too bad he hasn't seen his grandchildren that are all grown up now.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Apple Mangoes: Ready for Picking

It's summer once again and our mango tree is in bloom once again. The 5+ year old mango tree in our front yard is bearing apple mangoes and it's a sight to behold. There's even an instance when some of the kids wants to pick them without asking a permission but thankfully I was at home and told them they are not ripe yet hehe.

I love mangoes but I don't like this variety. Mom loves to eat it when it's already yellow and I'm sure mom will ask my bro to pick some of the yellowish mangoes already soon.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Healthy Choices

Veggies, Tofu, Fish and Fruits
Lately, I've found myself eating veggies and fish almost everyday. I reckon this is a healthy choice that I have done after having been sick for a while. I've been scouring the net for veggie recipes and fortunately I found some that were just easy to cook. Also, eating veggies and fish etc. and less meat like pork, beef and chicken, I feel that they are much lighter in the stomach and I know they can be digested quite easily.

Eating Habits
I'm also heeding my doctor's advice on changing my bad eating style and habits if I want to eliminate my stomach discomfort. I'm following her advices but there are times that I still overeat especially if I love the dish that I cooked. I don't drink any medicine if I felt some discomfort but instead I just try to sooth my stomach with my ever reliable katinko (chinese mint ointment). It helped most of the times but I need to keep in mind that I must not over-stuff my stomach!

No Coffee, No Softdrinks
Aside from eliminating softdrinks in my diet, which I have already done since Oct. of 2009 and up to now (sorry, but I have cheated sipping once or twice), I also have successfully removed coffee in my morning ritual. Actually it's not very hard for me to do that and it's almost 1 month now that I have not sipped any coffee. Yey for that!

Every morning, I make it a point to exercise. I don't mean strenuous exercise like lifting weights or going to the gym. I have so many choices: A morning walk with my dog Sophie for 30-45 mins. is good enough and afterwards if I'm still hyped up, I'll do a 30. min aero exercise in the house by following a very simple routine at Youtube. I know with these kind of exercises that I'm doing, I don't ever need pink magic supplement to lose some weight. In fact, I'm already thin and planning to put extra pounds on my weight.

Aside from that, I purchased a bicycle that I can use to bike around our village. I can also play badminton if I want. I just hope that with all the healthy choices that I've chosen lately, I can minimize if not eliminate getting sick and my trip to the doctor.

What about you, what are your healthy choices?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Better Now

Thank God, I feel better already..

I'm not drinking any medicines anymore. I'm eating veggies and fish almost everyday for a healthier me. I also decided not to think coffee event hough there are times I'm craving for it. I know removing it form my diet will minimize the formation of more acid in my stomach. I've been exercising regularly, this is one of the good weight loss tips that I can share. I try to walk with my dog Sophie at the village and do my aero exercise at home. I planned of buying a bicycle so I can bike around the village every morning.

I don't feel dizzy and numbness on my hands (hope it'll not come back again!!!). I try to eat slowly, eat on time but there are times that I feel bloating in my stomach again due to overeating (need to minimize this!). Aside from that, I'm feeling better now!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rushed to the Hospital

March 10, 2011 (Thursday) evening

At around 10 pm while using my laptop, I could feel that I could not breathe and I have an aching shoulders. I went to my bed and watch American Idol on TV but later on at around 11:00 pm I started to breathe heavily and I'm feeling different already.

I'm trying to be calm but I guess I got nervous so I started to dress up and ready my bag just in case. I woke my SIL and bro at around 11:30pm and told them to drive me to the nearest hospital because I could not breathe, getting weak and started to chill already.

Arrived at the Manila East, nurse took my bp and it was normal. I'm chilling and was on the bed and nurse opened the light bulb that can give me warmth. I'm chilling and cold. A small brown paper bag was put on my mouth so as to contain my breathing and was instructed to breath slowly and not gasp for air.

They took some blood sample for my electrolytes and I had my ECG. The ECG is normal while I have a bit low potassium so my doc prescribed a potassium supplement for 3days to drink and banana to eat.

I was released after an hour even though I still feel weak. Oh dear, this is my VERY FIRST time to be rushed to the hospital and I hope the last. It's hard to be sick.

~~~Been eating banana and veggies almost everyday and thankfully I'm getting better.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Blood Tests

My doctor requested yet another blood tests to make sure and this time it's FBS (fasting blood sugar), FT3, FT4 and TSH tests (for thyroid). So last March 9, 2011 at 7:00 am, I went to the nearest laboratory and the medical technologists took my blood sample.

I got the result after few hours and my FBS, FT3 and FT4 are normal while TSH is a bit high. Showed it to my doctor and it says it's not significant and nothing to worry about. That's a good news.

The Result of my Endoscopy and Colonoscopy Tests

Here's the result of my Endoscopy and Colonoscopy examination that was done on me on February 28, 2011. After, I recovered at the recovery room, eventhough I'm still groggy my SIL and I went to my doctor's clinic. My doc told me the prognosis and I was happy with the result. No tumor was found in my stomach or intestine but I had few erosions on my anthrum: part of my stomach (konting gasgas daw as my doctor told me).

Doc told me it was just mild and I don't need to worry much about it because it will be healed when I took the medicines. She prescribed 20mg Omeprazole (Omepron) that I'll take only 1/day before meal in morning for 2 weeks.

I also need to change my eating habits as much as possible.

- eat on time
- eat slowly
- don't overeat
- minimize or eliminate coffee, tea and softdrinks intake
- change my water source for a while
- don't eat citrus fruits with an empty stomach

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Now I Learned the Importance of Medical Insurance

I guess you have read my previous posts about my recent health problems. I’ve been having some digestive problems for many years now but I’m just too afraid to see a doctor. Lately, a friend’s story about her brother’s stomach pains and hospitalization prompted me to see my own doctor asap so I can address my problems as well. The thought of knowing that I’m sick and have problems hindered me more from consulting a doctor and I know that is not a good thinking.

I consulted an Enterologist and my doc advised me to undergo some series of tests like endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound, fecalysis and lots more to really know what’s happening inside my stomach. The diagnosis revealed that I have mild antral erosion of my stomach due to too much acidity and I was given medicines for 2 weeks. I was so glad that I have no tumor or cancer (which all along I thought I have) in my stomach or rectal area.

The tests went well as I didn’t feel anything since I’m under medication. The only thing that made me a little bit worried is the medical fees because I don’t have any PhilHealth or any medical insurance to cover my medical expenses. I could have saved on my medical bills. I can only blame myself for not getting one all these years. Now, I can see the importance of these medical insurances. I planned of getting one asap and I hope it’s not yet too late.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Ultrasound, Colonoscopy and Endoscopy Tests

Here's the continuation of my story about what I went through last Sunday and Monday (Feb. 28, 2011). Warning.. this is a LONG STORY.. I just need to put it in writing for my reference.

Feb. 28, 2011
7:40 am -
We arrived at Medical City, my SIL and I proceed immediately at the ULTRASOUND section. There's a line of patients getting an appointment so we waited for a while. I'm too thirsty at this time since I have not drink since 12 midnight. After a while, the receptionists handed me a form that I filled out and later on V paid for the procedure at the cashier. Later on, a nurse called me and led me to the Ultra sound room.

I'm cold so I put on my socks. Still on my adult diaper hahaha. Just too afraid that laxative might still on effect, so to be sure I didn't remove it yet. The nurse did some procedures and I've been asking question about what organ is she testing. She left and told me that the doctor will come later on. I was left for few minutes in the room and after a while the doctor came and did the ultrasound asking me to be on my side.

By the way, the ultrasound is for my pancreas, liver and kidney. I was done at 8: 30 am or so. My schedule for my endoscopy and colonoscopy was at 10 am so just imagine I still have to wait for that time. I'm SO THIRSTY and SO HUNGRY already!!! I have not eaten for 1 day already!!

9:30 am
Violy and I proceeded to the endoscopy and colonoscopy section and again the nurse handed me some forms to fill out. We waited at the waiting room and at this time, I'm so cold and a bit nervous.

Later on, a cute tall nurse called me and asked me to wear the hospital gown. Too bad we didn't have a cam that time (argghh. can't find the memory card), I should have taken a photo of myself with the hospital gown for the 1st time. I'm tooooooo cold that time so my hands are shaking and my veins are not visible. Anyway, the nurse put something on my right hand (forgot what it's called) and oh dear my blood flowed outside tsk tsk tsk..

Past 10 am
The nurse led me to the endoscopy and colonoscopy room. The anesthesiologist was there and he asked some questions and explained what he's going to do. Later on, my doctor (wholl perform the procedures) finally came and asked me if I'm ready.. yay!

My anesthesiologist sprayed anesthesia on my mouth and it became numbed after few minutes. I was given a sedative and I even said that my I'm getting dizzy. The last thing that I remembered was my lady doctor asked me where's the result of my ecg and fecalysis.

The procedures started while I'm asleep. Of course I don;t know what happened that time as I'm sedated.

***Later on I was awake, I didn't even know I was at the recovery room already. A guy nurse asked me if I'm alright but I said no because I feel like going to poo. He said it's normal because of the effect of the procedure.

Another doctor came and removed my oxygen and asked me if I'm ok. I was already awake but still groggy, I remember calling the nurse again asking him to look for my SIL to get my diaper just in case but she's not at the waiting room.

10:55 am
I was getting better and later on the guy nurse gave me some prescriptions and papers given by my doctor and accompanied me to the waiting room where I met my SIL who's been waiting for me. I looked at the clock at it was almost 11:00 am. I figured that the 2 procedures where done quite fast and I recovered fast as well. THANKS GOD!

We went to my doctor's office where she told me what happened at the procedures. She also told me her prognosis and it turned out that I have some minor "antral erosion" on my stomach and it's nothing really major. Finally felt relieved knowing that I don't have tumor or cancer!

She prescribed a medicine that i'll drink for 2 weeks. She also advised me to eat on time, eat slowly, change my drinking water source and if I can stop drinking coffee or tea for the meantime.

Yey, finally I already drink water but before going home my stomach started to growl so went to the CR. Wore another adult diaper just in case Rode taxi and head home.
1:O0 pm
Drunk my medicine and waited for SIL for our lunch. Finally I had something to eat. Just ate noodles from Chowking, didn't want to overload my stomach yet so I didn't so much.

Took some rest..... Thank God, it's over! Thanks to SIL for accompanying and waiting for me.!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Castor Oil and More....

I just need to post about what I went through while I'm preparing for my colonoscopy, endoscopy and ultrasound.

-Feb. 27, 2011- Sunday

12:00 noon
My fasting started during lunch time. No solid foods, only liquids. I had soup for lunch. Drunk plenty of water and Gatorade from time to time to keep me hydrated and not too hungry. Gatorade also gave me some energy up until the night. I just spent the day at home and had some rest. I was getting a bit nervous because I'm thinking about the laxative that I'm going to drink.
I get up from my bed and prepared the laxative, water, and some tissue on my side. Started to drink the 60ml (60 cc) of CASTOR OIL. My doctor prescribed this 60 cc Castor Oil (Laxatrol)laxative (Meyers) that I have to take at 4 and 11 pm. YAY!
It has orange flavor and I thought it's not that bad to drink but when I had 1 tbsp. of it, yikes the TASTE IS JUST TOO BAD.. yikes.

I took a teaspoon instead and little by little I drink it, with water at times. Oh dear, it was too bad but I have to do it. There are times that i need to pinch my nose so I can't taste it but it's making it more difficult for me so I stopped doing it.
I finished drinking it in 1 HOUR !!!!! Ewwwww...

I rested in my room and my stomach started to growl after an hour or so and anytime soon I'll be heading the comfort room. At 7:30 it started and oh dear it was non-stop till about 10 pm. I think I went back and forth for 4 times. I just drowned myself with water and gatorade.

11:00 pm
Oh dear not again! I thought I'll be fine since I finished the 1st bottle at 5pm but when I had my 1st teaspoon the taste was even worst! Argghhh.. So what I did was after drinking 1-2 teaspoons, I'll drink water. This method made me drink it much faster as it only took me about 1/2 an hour. I drink plenty of water.

12 midnight
NO MORE WATER or any liquid. The suffering begins hehehe. I wasn't able to sleep because from time to time I'm at the comfort room. Worst is that, I can't drink any water. Just imagine the torture, you're moving and losing fluids on your body yet you can't drink!

-Feb. 28, 2011- Monday

5:00 am

The last time I went to comfort room and I felt a little bit shaky but still alert and need no assistance at all. I rested and tried not go to sleep anymore.

6:00 am
Took a bath and prepared my things that I need to bring to the hospital. I weighed myself and wow I'm only
90lbs. I also took my measurement because I lost my PUSON.. lol
waist- 26" (normally I'm 28") hips- 31 (normally it's 34")

Wow i'm sexy hahaha. Lost all the food and stuff on my stomach. Anyway, feeling scared that I might suddenly need to go to the cr while we're traveling, I wore an adult diaper, which I find it very funny haha. I just wore a non fitting jeans because the diaper is bulky.

6:30 am
We're on our way to Medical City. I'm a bit nervous and cold. It was traffic on our way but I'm trying to be cool and relax inside our van. Finally we reached Medical City at 7:40 am, perfect for my 8:00 am schedule time.

to be continued...... >> read  My colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures at the Medical City