Monday, May 31, 2010

Wyler Watch Replica

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Luvin' My Work

Busy.. busy.. busy.. I can hardly breath hehe. I'm luvin' my work eventhough it's exhausting at times but everytime I think about the moolah that will be rolling at my pp acct., it makes me so excited and inspired.

I'm going stay up late tonight, bec. I still have pending works. I got too lazy a while ago so I stopped. Hopefully I still have energy till midnight.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eat While You Still Can

Lately we became worried again about my mom’s health, her blood pressure is kinda up and down once again and it’s not real good because it’s making her sick. She’s been taking lots of medicines right now and actually she’s whining about it already. I told her that it’s much better to drink medicines than to get sick.

Heeding what her doctor advised her to do so; she’s now a good patient because she’s not forgetting to take her medicines and following doc’s instructions. Mom also bought lots of fruits in the market today and told me that it’s better to eat and eat while she can still do so. I guess she will not also worry about weight loss pills in the future because her weight is just alright.

The Passion for Beauty

All of us have passion in life and I guess you already have found yours. There are those who have the passion for music, art, painting, and more, while others have the passion for beauty. We often hear from others that we should follow our passion and what our hearts desire because it will bring a different euphoria in us. Those are keen on making others beautiful, going to a beauty school the fulfillment of their dreams because they can enhance their skills and talents there. They are guided with skilled instructors using top of the line and modern facilities of Regency Beauty.


Look who's sneaking at my laptop? Hehe.

That's my niece Reign trying to play restaurant city in her facebook account. She did however asked for permission to use my laptop when she saw me resting for a while. My only concern is that she might saw the website of the best weight loss pill reviews that I'm reading and she might ask a lot of questions. You know how curious kids are these days, they will ask anything and everything and they will not stop not until their curiosity is answered.

Now that classes will start in June 15th, for sure her mom will limit her computer use in their house so that it will not distract her from her studies.

School Supplies Shopping

Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a great Sunday!

It's another hot hot day but despite the weather that doesn't stop us from going out. I promised my niece and nephew that i'll buy her school supplies so off we went to the nearby SM mall after reading hydroxycut advanced reviews and other stuff online. It was a relief when we got inside the mall because its cold there.

I bought her and her bro notebooks, pen and more because another school year starts this June. She was so excited to buy notebooks and wanted a Sakura cartoon character in it but too bad it was not available so she just settled for Powerpuff and barbie covered notebooks. I saw her eyes lit up when she's picking her notebooks.

There were long lines at the National Bookstore and it was a bit boring and tiresome to wait for our turn at the cashier. I just hope that the bookstore opened more cashiers in these times where lots of customers are buying school supplies. For sure next week, it's still be jam-packed.


So what are you are up to these days? I guess most of us are thinking of many ways on how to decrease our spending and increase our income and probably investing  in gold also have crossed our minds. Why now? We all know the great value of gold in our society so I see no reason why some investors are turning their way at investing in gold. Though the economy is not yet good and stable there are still people who risk their money to invest. If you’re interested you can read more about ways of how to buy gold coins or bullion.

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Mom's Health

I heard mom calling me so early this morning. I could not understand what she was saying so I told her to come inside my room and to my surprise she told that's she feels dizzy. Still, sleepy I jumped out of my bed to check on her and took her blood pressure. Still not in my senses because I'm sleepy, I couldn't get her BP right so I took it several times and I got 160/70, which is too high already for her. Now wonder she's a bit dizzy.

She took her medicine right after I got her BP then she took a rest. We also decided that I'll take her to her doctor to have her checked. So at around 12 noon we visited her doctor and she was given a new prescription.

Her blood pressure was 130/70 when I took it after dinner time and I hope it will stable already in the coming days.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cool Weather This Morning

Good morning peeps, I'm kinda early today because I was awakened by the loud sounds of firetrucks and it seems another fire struck our place. True enough, my SIL told me that a part of the dry goods section of our public market is on blaze since last night. Ahhh this is an unfortunately fate for stall owners who lost their goods because of the fire. As of this writing, I could still hear sirens and probably the fire is not totally yet.

Anyway, I also woke up raining and wow it's a blessing. It's been months already where we are experiencing too much heat and a lot of people have already suffered due to due. The sticky and humid weather is not good for those that are sick most especially kids with asthma where they need allergy relief fast. Old folks are not spared as well, they are vulnerable to high blood pressure and heat strike as well.

Anyway, the rain stopped already but it's a bit cool. I just hope the rest of the day will remain this way. Yay, American Idol finals is on NOW, live via satellite!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swamped With Work

Yebah! I'm dancing, clapping and just rejoicing!!

I'm so happy that online works are pouring like sweet gifts from heaven. It's like crazy and actually I need to jot down all of them so I can schedule what to start so that I can submit them just right in time. I was reading about insurance quotes when they came so I set it aside and go ahead with my works from 1 blog to another. Good thing is that I have numerous blogs (not saying how many hehe, it's a that's why opps are distributed.

What a sweet gift, all we have to do is work hard and later on we can see moolah rolling on payday. Blessed and so thankful!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Sorry for not blogging here for almost a week. Been busy posting on my other blogs, scrapping and kit designing these days that's why.

I'll be back next week for more.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Heart Faces: Faces & Flowers

This week's challenge is about “Faces & Flowers”. My niece with a KALACHUCHI flower. Also known as Frangipani or Temple Flower.
(no cropping)
click image to view it bigger
More entries at

Friday, May 14, 2010

Just Random Thoughts

My former highschool classmates are gathering almost every Friday to play badminton and I'm always invited to join them. Just last night and this morning L texted me and asked me if I'm joining them for tonight's game. Since I'm feeling crap and lazy today because of my pms, I replied that I can't make it today.

Poor me, I have not had any routine exercise just like badminton or on any fitness equipment for about 2 years now and I started to think that I need to have one. Been feeling sluggish lately ever since I started to work at home. Ahhh I need to break this routine. I promised that by June, I'm going back to my old routine of going to my net cafe in the morning, work there as well and go home at night already. Felt that I'm stuck when I'm staying at home all the time. :(

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Happened to Our Electric Bill??

I was shocked when I received our electric bill in the house for the month of April because it doubled! We are only paying about Php 1,300 and the most is 1,500 but look it soared to P2,716+ eventhough the kilowatt consumption is the same! We don't even have an aircon or we are not even an electronics shop or store that can consume lots of electricity.

Anyway, I've been hearing from friends, news and reading on some blogs that their bills got high as well. There's even a protest happened wanting Meralco to look into this.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Phils.' 1st Automated National Election

Hooray, I'm a certified voter, here's the proof, my thumb still in black and indelible ink on my right point finger
My mom, bro and sil went to vote early in the morning but I opted to stay bec. I have something to do and told them that I'll vote after lunch. Fortunately, I didn't come with them because they told me that they have waited in line for about 2 hours before they voted. However my mom being a senior citizen was allowed to vote once she came to the precinct.
On our way to the public elementary school where we are assigned to vote, we saw lots of election paraphernalia hanging everywhere, a usual sight whenever we have elections here. My bro and I went out to vote at around 1:30 pm and we are lucky that not many voters are lining up on our precinct.
My bro and I looking for our names on the list of voters, a man assisted us in finding our names so that it will be fast. First we need to sign at the voters list then the BEI (board of election inspector) gave me a ballot. With the pen provided by the Comelec, and a list of names that I will vote, I shaded the oval (which is a bit small) carefully and I was finished after 45 minutes. I noticed that the ink almost blotted at the back of my ballot paper.

I returned my ballot to the BEI and she signed it BUT she is the one who put it on the PCOS machine, Yay! but I was in front of the machine when she did it and saw the msg on the machine that my ballot has been accepted . Yehey! It was very easy and simple process this year.
Happy to have voted at the 1st Automated National Election here in our country and I hope my bets will win.

Home Improvement Solutions

Are you the type of a person that most likely when you enter someone else’s house for the 1st time, your eyes are already wandering? You might immediately notice how neat or untidy it was when you are in the living room and you had already make your first impression on the household owner by the way they keep their house. I once read that you can know the personality of the person on the way she maintains her whole house and it can be true.

We also often find ourselves to be cleaning our bathrooms properly if we are expecting visitors for bathrooms are also a place most often visited and silently scrutinized by your guests. If you have noticed there are many contemporary bathroom designs and fixture these days. I had the time to drop by a home depot few weeks ago and I was amazed on the sleek designs that we can put now on our bathrooms. I even wished I can renovate ours since it also badly needed a new make-over as some times are cracking already.

Wickes Bathrooms if you have seen their website online can be a good place to find wide array of fixture for your bathroom. Whether you are looking for taps, shower enclosures/cabins and more, for sure you’ll find something that will match your style and taste.

Conducting Meetings and more

Every company hold meetings from time to time for brainstorming or reports about their products/services. It’s also a time to update their employees about certain policies, new rules and more but I’ve learned that most of the employees find meeting to be long and boring most of the times. You’ll also have to endure the convention when the ones conducting the said meeting are not effective in capturing the attention of the attendees.

Meetings should have a straight agenda, concrete points and be done in proper venues. Many meetings are conducted in conference rooms mostly in hotels where executives, employees, stockholders can attend. Meetings, I reckon is a good and powerful way to exchange ideas, communicate and solve problems in the company. Planning a meeting can be a stressful and finding a place to hold is even tougher. If you are in UK and in Ireland, you’ll find Holiday Inn to be perfect place for any meeting, corporate events, training/workshops for they have about numerous conference rooms to accommodate your every need. Conference room are well equipped with facilities that you’ll need. You can check out their site for more info. Should you need any assistance or quotes, your queries for sure will be handled professionally by their staff.

Final Results and the Grand Winner: Dan and Jordan- (Brothers) of the Amazing Race Season 16

Ahhh the race started a bit late in our country to give way for the National Elections :(
Anyway, here's the Final Results and the Grand Winner: Dan and Jordan- (Brothers) of the Amazing Race Season 16

From China they flew to Los Angeles California.

Team Standings:
1. Dan and Jordan- (Brothers)
2. Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys) - ahhh they didn;t win
3. Brent and Caite - (Dating Models)


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

To my mom, and to all the mommies all over the globe, Happy Happy Mother's Day! I'm still grateful that my mom is still with us to celebrate this occasion. She's 77 yrs. old now and still doing great eventhough her blood pressure is not stable sometimes.

We'll just have a simple celebration tomorrow at my bro's place. Have a great weekend everyone!

I'm on a Roll

Wow, I'm pretty busy these days. My online work seems to be flourishing once again and I have to take advantage of that opportunity because it might not happen again.

I'm just soooooo happy and thankful to have this kind of job that lets me do the things at my own phase and time at the comforts of my home. I have quite a lot of blogs on my sleeves that I have to maintain and it's not an easy job. I need to jump from one blog to another writing different topics like travel, technology, health and fitness like this quick weight loss topic that sometimes it makes my brain but with the moolah that I'm getting out of it is just so sweet!

I have lots of photos and stories to share here so please bear with me, I still need to compose them and upload all the photos. Have a great weekend everyone. I need to work and I'm on a roll actually.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RT/WW: Mars Maltesers and Pik-One Chocolates

My entry for
I'm not that huge chocolate fanatic unlike my bro, mom and the rest of my family. They just love to eat chocolates, chocolates, chocolates and they can't have enough! They can eat a whole bar or pack in one sitting while me, I can just take a bite or two. The only chocolate that I just so love is the M&M with peanuts, love it!

Anyway, my sister and BIL who are in Riyadh, occasionally sent us chocolates if they have the chance and here you can see lots of
Mars Maltesers, Pik-One Chocolates and Galaxy Chocolates which is very similar to Cadbury's fruit and nuts chocolate. What about you, do you love chocolates?

Bonding Times

My brother in law came home from Saudi for a quick vacation because his mother's health is not that good. He took an emergency leave from his work in Riyadh to be with his family in the province.

Yesterday, morning, my BIL together with his 3 children and 3 nephews and niece went to the mall for more bonding times before he'll fly back to Riyadh today. They used our Toyota lite ace but only few minutes they called because the aircon is not working. Yay so they just bear the heat inside butt least the engine did not fail. This reminds me of the good sam mechanical breakdown insurance that I got in the mail.

Anyway, they watched a movie and played bowling afterwards and they had a blast. Today is the flight of my BIL to Riyadh and just wished him safe trip back there.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 11: Louie and Michael -(Detectives) last and Eliminated

Ahhh the race is getting exciting..!!!.Here's the Result of The Amazing Race 16 Episode 11: Louie and Michael -(Detectives) last but NOT Eliminated

They are still in Shanghai China. They need to go to Garden Bridge to get their next clue. They need to proceed to LONGHUA Temple.
ROADBLOCK: Count (523) Statues
DETOUR: Pork Chop or Pork Dumplings
SPEED BUMP: COIN TOSS- only Louie and Michael will perform bec. they were saved from elimination last week.

PITSTOP: Riverside Promenade
Team Standings:
1. Brent and Caite - (Dating Models)
2. Jet and Cord - (Brothers/Cowboys) - yey I want them to win the race!
3.Dan and Jordan- (Brothers)
4. Last and Eliminated: - Louie and Michael -(Detectives)


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Busy as a Bee

I'm swamped with work right now that sometimes I already don't know how and what to start. It's such a sweet blessing from the Lord that i will always cherish. He's been giving me more work opportunities to keep on my sleeves. I'm not complaining, I'm just so thankful and feel blessed. I work hard hoping to do good.

I'm also a bit busy with the 7th birthday preparation of my niece Reign tomorrow. I'm helping my sisinlaw today and of course tomorrow. I already arranged the give-away but I still need to put birthday gift tags. More candies and goodies are needed to be put in pabitin and the clay pots for the games tomorrow. Meanwhile, we still need to put new slipcovers and new curtains at my sister's house so that it will be presentable to the guests.

More Work Opportunity

It;s gonna be a busy week again for me as more opps are pouring under my sleeves. God is so good all the time and He never fails to give assistance if it's needed. I'm working hard so that I can finish all the opps that come my way will be finished.

I'm still hoping that my online work will still flourish more and more. My co-bloggers are also getting lots of blessings and we are so happy about it. We are praying that more advertisers will seek our services and will continue to believe in our ability.

Another Opportunity

These days, a lot of people are trying to look for ways on how to lessen their expenses while increasing their profits. Some may find themselves getting another extra job so that the compensation that they will get from that will be added to pay their bills.

Others who are trying their luck and risking a little bit to put up a business, go into real estate or decided buy gold bullion
as added investment. We all know that gold has been used for trading during ancient times and it has always great value eventhough its price goes up and down in the market.