Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life in Canada

A very good friend of mine in college who migrated in Winnipeg, Canada five years ago came home this January 4 for a vacation. Just this weekend, along with another friend, we met in a mall to update one other of our lives. I’m very eager and excited to know more about their life in Canada for we have not talked in a while except for few FB messages. The first 2 years was a bit rough for them because they are trying to stand and settle on their own.

During the tough times, they only stayed at the house of her hubby’s sister and they could not even buy a car. Later on, they got their own respective jobs - her hubby is an engineer in a company while she works in a laboratory. With those jobs, they were able to save. Since they also need to drive around the area and go to their work, having a car is really a must.

At first, buying a brand new car is really not an option so they decided to look for used cars for sale in Winnipeg that they can use to drive around the area. There are even a lot of used trucks for sale Winnipeg that they also considered. She even mentioned to me how hard it is to get a license because they are really very strict. With a lot of determination to drive, after 3 takes on the driving exam she finally got the licence to drive. Ahh… how’d I wish I can drive and have my own car too.

I know that she’s a brave and strong woman so driving and acquiring a new car is something that will not scare her. Their newly constructed house last year is also an evident that they are pretty much stable now after 5 years. I’m just so happy for them! I even learned that her eldest son who is my godchild is always on top of his class.

By now, they have arrived back in Winnipeg and they are hoping to come back again after 3 years.

Travel, Places and Me

Oh yes, I made another blog and it is up already! I will not tell you how many blogs I am maintaining right now hehe. 

This is my travel blog:  TRAVEL, PLACES and ME and this is where I will compile all my travels (not that too many though), post all my dream destinations, places here and around the world and talk about traveling and vacation.
(blog header that I made for my travel blog)
A friend bought the domain name for me at Godaddy when they have a .99c domain sale for US and Canada residents only. She bought it for me and just pushed to my account, while another friend is hosting. I need to have a different host because I'm just too afraid to put all my blogs in just one hosting because my other host's account was attacked by malware few weeks ago that made some of my blogs down for a week or so.

With another blog under my care, I just hope that I have a lot of energy to maintain this blog. See you there! 

Sweet 16

I can still recall the “Sixteen Candles” movie of Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall back in 1984. It’s such a sweet and funny movie for teens and I can still remember the giggles that I had while watching that movie. I was also 16 during that time and that kind of movie really appeals to me.

Turning 16 will always be special for teenage girls. Sweet Sixteen is a coming of age and is celebrated mostly with a party in some countries like US and Canada but other countries have adopted it too. I never had my sweet 16 party but I know it was a fun stage for me.

These days, sweet 16 parties are pretty fabulous already. There are various themes that you can choose to make your party grand and unique. With the popularity of themed party set up, more and more stores are offering various decorations that will suit any party there is. Party Pail is offering lots of sweet 16 party ideas and supplies for all girls, co-ed and even just for boys.

Supplies like invitations, decors, tableware, sweets, wearable items and whole lot more can be supplied by party pail. You can either browse their site and look for items that you’ll be needing by category, theme or party favors.

Just some of the sweet 16 party themes are:
1. Zebra print
2. Floral
3. Modern pink and brown
4. Music theme

Actually, you can think of other themes that will suit your personality and budget. Being 16 only comes once in a lifetime, so if you can afford to have a grand party then why not.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Day Out

Sophie and I finally found another way to bond. I decided to go for a long walking/jogging at a nearby village where athletes, walkers, joggers and those that are exercising frequently go to every morning. We usually walk just for few minutes in our village late afternoons or when I feel like it but this time, it's really a serious walking.

We only started walking last Jan. 18 and so far so good. We leave the house at 6:30 am before the sun rises and we're home by 8:00 am. I just decided that we walk 3x a week and that will be M-W-F. We usually go walking/jogging for an hour or 1hour 1/2 and taking breaks in between. I always bring Sophie's water bottle so that she will not get thirsty.

She loves our morning walks for she gets to sniff around and leaver her mark. There are many dogs along the road so I'm very careful that they might get on Sophie. There are some dogs that follow us and that makes me scared so I just carry Sophie until we passed those dogs.

I noticed that a lot of dog owners are also walking their dogs now at the village and other runners find it so cute. People usually notice us and there are times that they will ask Sophie's breed and sex. This morning we walked again and unlike other days, it was hot so I guess Sophie got tired that's why we stopped many times.

We'll be walking on Friday again but I'm also planning to join the aero class just near the walking area. Not only I get my exercises but Sophie as well.

Dog owners walk your dogs please! I have seen dogs that are only confined in their cages and at house and it's just sad. Dogs need to go out too!
Sophie busy sniffing around

Moving 101

Moving to a new house or place is never easy! We have experienced that in the past and it is something that we don’t want to do again for it is extremely tiring and time consuming. Just thinking what to purge and bring along is already hard. Sorting out things and packing carefully requires mammoth of time to begin with. It helps if you make a list and also do those tasks from one area or room to another.

When you are done sorting out and already know what to leave and bring then, packing starts. You can buy big boxes or recycle big boxes that you already have. Always make sure to label your boxes so it’ll be easier for you to recognize what’s inside every box. Make sure you pack those fragile things carefully by putting some bubble wraps and wrapping them on layers of papers.

The next step is to find a good friend/s that can take your stuff in your new place. Just in case no one is available or willing to help you out with that tough job then it’s time for you to hire professional movers. Check out several movers and compare their services and prices. Movers like montreal long distance movers not only offers moving but packing services as well if you have no time to pack your stuff esp. those big delicate furniture or instruments. 

If moving to one state to another can be done, moving to another country can be done as well.  Those international moving companies montreal will make sure that your stuff will be moved to your new place with utmost care. Get a quote today if you’re moving to Montreal.

Plan and be systematic for you will never go wrong.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Roofing Project

I guess you already have read on my previous posts that my mom has a home project this coming summer. Our house was built in 1985 and just imagine the 28 long years that we have been living in here. There are minor renovations that has done last years and it includes the re-painting of the walls inside.

The roofing needs to be replaced already as what mom told me. Repairs and putting patches on some holes are not practical thing to do anymore for problem will arise again once the rainy season begins. Our roofing is made of asbestos, which I believe can also pose danger to health that is why we need to get rid of those roofs now. Cracks are evident now while small holes are annoying because leaks are visible during rainy days.

As what I have learned, mom had saved enough for this project and I just wished that the contractor that she can get will do the right job in replacing our roof. This will be messy, dusty and long process but I reckon if the contractors are well-equipped with their tools and professional then, I will see on problem.

Rain and too much heat of the sun can really damage any roof particularly if roof’s age is over 12 years old already as what I have learned. In countries like Canada where not only rain and sun but also snow can damage their roofing it is much more ideal to have your roofing checked by roofing contractor calgary  to make sure that your roofing is still in good condition.

Calling experts like roofer calgary for roofing repair or replacement will be a better thing to do before your roofing problems get worse.
I can wait for our new roof to be installed soon for I know it will be another good investment that mom can do for we are destined to stay for good here in our house.


1. listening - : to 80's music. They keep me inspired and it brings back a lot of memories during my younger days.

2. eating -found myself eating less meat but more of vegetables and fish which are actually good for my body. Less meat means I will not be constipated. I just love papaya, prunes and grapes at the moment.

3. drinking - lots of water. Actually, I drunk lots of water when I had cold few weeks ago and it helped me so much/

4. wearing - nice comfy duster at home but when the temperature is getting cold, I'm on my tights and shirt and sometimes with my cardigan to keep me warm.

5. feeling - quite good because my family walked/jogged this morning for an hour. It keeps our blood circulation going.

6. weather - temperature varies from 21-26 on early mornings and late nights but throughout the day it'll be 26-28. Not that bad!

7. wanting - to join the group morning aerobics near our place

8. needing - to buy Skechers rubber shoes this weekend bec, I need it on my walking/jogging days.

9. thinking -of asking my nephew repeatedly to check and repair my WP blogs.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Psychics Reading Anyone?

Do you want to know your future?

Have you tried going to a psychic, clairvoyant, fortune tellers or the likes? How’s your experience? I had experience going to a tarot card reader once when I was younger. Out of curiosity and wanting to know what would be my future attracted me to seek one. I was hesitant and even shy to go because of what people might think of me. I was more than glad with the readings that the reader told me and there are some things that she said that really happened.
Everyone of us surely has some curiosity and inclination towards knowing what lies ahead that’s why some of us are drawn to going to psychics and all. There are some individuals who are born with psychic abilities or with higher consciousness. They can develop it further by rigorous learning so that they have the best abilities to answer and “feel” every person's question about their lives. Some believe in them while others don’t. We all have our own choices and beliefs so we need to respect those that have the faith in them.

Those psychic readings can provide us insights to the world beyond and to all the questions that need some answers. Who cares if you want to know your future? We can use those readings as a guide and not solely rely on it. God still holds our fate but we can make it better. 

These days, psychics are not only can be reached through telephone or personally going to their place for readings as they are now can be available online. Some use crystal balls, cards, and other medium to get their readings. So whether you believe or not, there’s no harm in knowing something about your future as long as you know your limits or boundaries in using their services. 

The Green Choice

Living in a tropical country like ours, installing a carpet in our homes is not advisable since it’s already and always warm all year long (except these days when we are experiencing cold spell). Apart from that, dust is always present so it’s impossible for us to maintain it. 

Anyway, for those that have carpets in the house, having them provides a lot of comfort for the family especially when it is winter time. Walking barefoot in a tiled floor during wintertime can make you feel more cold but when you have warm and soft carpet, then it’s pretty fine. 

Kids can also enjoy playing in carpeted floors that can make them more comfy and safe. However, carpets can become dirty when kids spill foods and other items. If you also have pets, they can add up to the messiness. Cleaning the carpet is a must but using vacuum cleaners can’t clean them thoroughly and some cleaning agents that you can use are harmful and harsh when it come contact to your skin. 
Calling professional carpet cleaners once in a while like Green Choice to do the general and thorough cleaning of your carpet, mattress, leather etc. can greatly help. The dirt and stains that can’t be removed by normal cleaning will be cleaned meticulously using only organic and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Click Here to know more about their services and their task not only to make our carpets clean but also to help the environment.

Temperature's Droppin'

I woke up early today at 5 am but didn't do walking with Sophie because we are scheduled to walk MWF. It was cold and I guess it was even lower than 21C around that time. There are lots of trees and vacant lot surrounding our house so we can really feel the coldness of the weather. I wore my tights, cardigan and wrapped with a fleece blanket and even opened one window to keep warm but still it's cold. Yay! but it's bearable anyway. I'm sure this cool/cold weather will  not last for long so we might as well enjoy it.

I got sick last week with cold and fever but thankfully I recovered after I stopped drinking cold medicine as per my SIL's advice. I just drink lots of water, eat fruits and veggies all the time and it helped.

Pretty sure, all of us love and hate this cold weather but it's a nice change! It's like we're in HK on wintertime or in Australia's fall season, which I miss! So just bundle up, curl up in bed, sip your coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy the cool weather!

World's Top Triathlon Competitors in 2012

The world’s top triathlon competitors are expected to push the sport to new levels in 2013 after their 2012 performance. These leaders were recognized by the Olympics and other organizations in the world. Review what these top athletes did in 2012 to impress the triathlon community.

1. Chris McCormack Also Known As “Macca” (Australia)

Chris McCormack is one of the most impressive triathletes. He is from Australia and has won the Ironman World Championship twice, the International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Cup Series in 1997 and the Triathlon World Championships in 1997. He was the first male triathlete to win both titles in a single year and was ranked number one by ITU World for 26 months. For three years and 33 triathlon races, he held one of the top ranking positions. McCormack became the first man in history to ever win the ITU World Championships and the ITU World Cup series in a single season. He was also ranked number one in the World during that same season. McCormack is impressive because he was one of the first triathletes to win the U.S. Triple Crown, the USA Professional Championship Title, and the USA Sprint Course Title. He continues to compete in triathlons around the world. In 2012, the two-time world ironman champion, McCormack won the triathlon crown. He was not chosen for the 2012 Olympics, but he is an impressive athlete.

2. Alistair Brownlee

Brownlee finished in twelfth place in the 2008 Summer Olympics, but in 2012, he redeemed himself and won first place in triathlon. His brother won third place in this competition. In 2009, he won ITU Triathlon World Championship. He also won races in Madrid, London and Washington D.C. This British athlete is one to watch in 2013.

3. Francisco Javier Gomez Noya

In the 2012, Olympics, Gomez finished second to Alistair, and in 2008, he finished second to Jan Frodeno of Germany. Despite his loss in 2012, pundits felt that Gomez won the race overall. He finished only 11 seconds behind Alistair Brownlee. His performance was impressive, and he is expected to be a top competitor in 2013. He has competed with leaders such as Bevan Docherty.

More To Come From the World’s Top Triathlon Competitors

Not only can fans expect to see more from these competitors, but they can also expect to see more from others such as New Zealand’s Bevan Docherty, Britain’s Jonathan Brownlee, and Matt “Boom Boom” Reed. This is a labor intensive sport that requires incredible endurance and intensive training. As we move further into 2013, we can expect to view more from these incredible athletes as they train on their triathlon bicycles and improve their skill level.

Written by Kelly Holmes / Image source:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sophie Turns 4

My dog Sophie turned 4 years old this January. Actually, we really don't know the exact date of her birthday because my brother( the 1st owner of Sophie) failed to ask the seller what is her exact b-day when we got her in 2009. I still want to celebrate her birthday so I just give her a celebration every 2nd or 3rd week of January.

Just like last year, she had her cake and we cooked a special lunch for us to share. I already regarded Sophie as my "daughter" just like what other dog lovers would do. She's been my source of happiness and companion through these years and I don't have any reason to become lonely at all.

She's a spoiled furry baby I must say. All her vaccinations are complete and also have multi-vitamins that she's taking. How'd I wish she'll live longer so she can bring more happiness not just to me but to my family.

Too bad, I wasn't able to give her a 1st birthday bash in 2010. Tsk.
Her 2nd birthday celebration in 2011.
Her 3rd birthday celebration in 2012.

Need to Know Precautions while Shopping for Men’s Underwear

So ladies your husband has come up to you with another responsibility which is “shopping for men’s underwear.” It must be an annoying job for women, but your hubby busy schedule needs helping hands for shopping. Being a loving wife of your husband, you should step out for his underwear shopping. There a few precautions you need to bear in mind to make your shopping easier.

The topmost is size of underwear.  Like women’s underwear, men also find uncomfortable to wear wrong size underclothes. So before you step out, it is necessary to take precautions for the right size. Use a measuring tap to figure out the correct size. Remember, both women and men use a similar method to know the size of underclothes.

Ask your husband to give you a few minutes to measure the size of his waistline. It’s better to measure just a little bit lower from the waistline. Note down the measurement.

Now you need to consider the style he usually wears. You don’t need worry for that. Just open the wardrobe and check out the underwear he wears most. You can also ask him about his choice. There are different types of underwear for men. If you wish to give him a different type of underwear, it’s better to flip some pages of fashion magazines for men to know about it. You can take help from the internet.

For your kind information, briefs are one of the most comfortable undies for males. They are also known as “tighty-whities” as the undergarment is small and often white. Boxer shorts for men are basically shorts, allow a large amount of movement and are very comfortable. Men often like to wear a boxer at night to get a sound sleep. Thongs for men are a naughty choice. You can think to gift a thong to your husband on your marriage anniversary. It would be a hot gift to steam up your married life.

Now, you must be thinking of the best shopping destination for underwear for men. There is no need to prod your mind much for that. There is no doubt that you can feel hesitation to buy it from your local stores. If it is so, it’s better to move to the online shopping. Here you will find several stores for this essential wear for men. The interesting thing is that you will easily find a shop offering discounts on branded underwear. Try to find a reputed online store to make your shopping pleasant. Sign up to the site to make your purchase. Don’t forget to read the product descriptions before adding it to your shopping cart. Use your credit card to make shopping safer.

So, it’s quite easy, isn’t it?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Volkswagen Appeal

Our family owns 2 vehicles that we use alternately and they are very useful when we need to go our business stores, out of town, or just little errands. My older brother is the one who maintains them and I have to say that he is already having a headache. The second-hand van that we bought in 2009 has been having problems lately with the machine and its air-conditioning system. Repair has been done but it looks like the more it was repaired the more troubles are showing up.

Mom also has decided to give it up soon and we’re planning to get yet another second –hand or pre-loved vehicle for we can’t afford a brand new one. Bro just need to inspect the vehicle thoroughly and not buy in haste just like what happened with the last van that we had.

Toyota, Suzuki, Kia, Honda and even Volkswagen are some of the brands that we are considering. I can still remember the old Beetle Volkswagen and Volkswagen Van that became famous in the 60’s if I’m not mistaken as they look cool and classic if you still have them in your garage.

These days, Volkswagen has come up with more modern and different models that anyone can choose depending on your need and budget. I have to say that my heart always skip every time I see photos of Beetle convertible. If you’re thinking of getting your own Volkswagen vehicle and you are in Minnesota area then it’s pretty much good for you to check out Burnsville Volkswagen in your area. Their pre-owned and new VW inventories can make you say wow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When Malware Attacks!

My blogs are all important to me!!!. Not only it is where I can share all my experiences, life's happenings, tips, desires and internet finds, my blogs are also great source of income for me and many other bloggers out there.

We always want to make sure that they are always "live" on the web for our readers to read and appreciate that's why we need a good web host for our blogs. However, things can't actually operate smoothly as they will always be glitches and downtime for anything. I have experienced downtime, 404 error and other minor problems on my blogs but not until last week where I experienced my blogs being blocked on the web.

When I saw this warning THREAT IS BLOCKED! message when I opened 4 of my Wordpress blogs hosted by Bluehost and maintained by my nephew, I know there is something wrong. I immediately called the attention of my nephew and told him about this. Not sure how he fixed the problem but my blogs are accessible for few days again.
All along I though that my blogs are ok already but when my friend Race told me that some of my blogs appeared blank, I was shocked to see it was real blank! I contacted my nephew and he said he'll look into this and he got a word from Bluehost that the account was attacked by MALWARE! How could a big hosting company can be vulnerable and attacked by those pesky malware argghh..

Now, I am left with hopes that my blogs will be intact once it's back. It's already been 2 days now since they are down and I'm getting impatient already since I have some opps for those blogs.

I'm sure it's every blogger's nightmare to see their blog/s down for over 24 hrs. !!Wish me and my blogs luck! I'm not sure if I will be alright if the files and posts will gone!!

We Can't Stop Aging

Now that I’m getting older each day, lines on my face are visible already. The laugh lines and the crow’s feet (wrinkle in the skin at the outer corner of my eyes) cannot be hide anymore when I smile or laugh but that doesn’t bother me so much as I know it really comes with aging. There are also creams and non- surgical treatments that anyone that can use or undergo to lessen the appearance of those lines on the face.

As of the moment, I am still contented with the way I look even though the lines are there. I may not have flawless skin but as long as I am happy then I don’t need to bother myself thinking of ways to correct what aging can do. For those that are vain and really wanted to look beautiful, small flaw in their skin can be bothersome. Not only some people undergo treatments just to be beautiful but because they need to correct certain problems because of accident or birth defect. It may give them sense of pride or for some they can gain their confidence back. 

These days, more people are considering Botox, where injectable or fillers are used to correct facial wrinkles. Know that there’s botox montreal that can help you with your wrinkles problems. This has reminded me that a lot of celebrities have been undergoing such procedures without us knowing that they did for they look fresh, rejuvenated and flawless.

Ah.. how’d I wish I can have flawless skin too!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Can't Read Without It

How'd I wish I still have 20/20 vision so I will not use reading glasses when I have to read and use my computer. If I'm not mistaken I have been using glasses for 5 years now and since it can aid me to clearly view what I am reading I am not really fancy about wearing it as it is just uncomfortable.

About 2 weeks ago at the start of the New Year, there are times that I feel dizzy, out of balance and nauseated. I disregarded it for a while thinking that it will go away but the symptoms keep coming back everyday and it's becoming intense. I had my blood pressure taken and it was 90/70 and I thought that the symptoms that I'm feeling were because I had low blood pressure. I went to my medical doctor and he said that I had normal BP since I got tons of good sleep and eat. He then told me to go to my eye doctor to have my eyes checked. I didn't go to an ophthalmologist anymore for I know he'll just tell me that I need to change my reading glasses.

I went straight to the optometrist where I got my old glasses and there it was found out that my vision of 100 jumped into 175 yay. After I got my new glasses (only ordered the lens) at Ideal Vision and used it for days, the headache and dizziness was gone!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Stress Ball to the Rescue

Life can’t be perfect and often times we are faced with lots of worries and stress in our life. It’s part of life and those problems can make as grow as an individual and learn from every situation that we are into.

The stars in the heaven will not always on our side, so every time I need am stressed or angry this heart shaped stress ball is always on the rescue. This was given to me by my sister who is working at King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh.


I am pretty sure that this stress ball is a promotional give-away from their hospital, which can actually relieve any tension in my hands. Try using one and see if it works for you or better yet find custom stress balls as a giveaway of your company, school or organization.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Not a Good Sign

What a way to start 2013 with a low blood pressure!

It's been days already when I'm feeling a little bit nauseated, had headache and out of balance. At first, I thought I just woke up at the wrong side of the bed or probably had a wrong position while sleeping but when the symptoms are becoming more frequent, I knew it was something unusual.

Since we have a blood pressure gadget at home when I'm taking my mom's bp, I asked a friend who was at the house that time to take my blood pressure. She took it several times and the reading was 90/70 and I knew it was low. I never really imagined that I'll have low bp.

I am guessing that my frequent staying up late almost everyday also contribute to that especially during the holidays. I'm also not taking any supplements at the moment that's why my body will prone to illness.

I'm just too afraid that my condition will get worse, that's why for 3 days now, I see to it that I'll be in my bed at 10pm or before 11pm so that I'll have 8 hours or more than of good night sleep.

Paris in my Dreams and Wrist

I have always been saying to anyone that I want to go to Paris one day!

Why not? I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and see the total beauty of that place. It's every traveler's and shopper's dream to go to Europe. Not just that, it's honeymooner's dream destination that's why we often see a lot of  honeymoon paris packages that entices honeymooners to travel there. Ahhh.. if only going to Paris only worth couple of hundred dollars then there's no doubt that I'll pack my luggage and fly as soon as possible.

I even dreamed that I was in Paris couple of months ago and that I hope won't just stay in my dreams forever. Who knows, I might  be able to win the lottery o I can buy a ticket and have pocket money while shopping, dining and just having a great time at the "City of Light", as what Paris, France is also known for.

For now, I'll just be contented having Eiffel tower in my dreams and wrist for I have a bracelet with the tower and heart for it. This is my fave bracelet at the moment. Cute, isn't it?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Choosing A Hotel to Stay in Indiana

Traveling is an exciting adventure. You get to experience and expose yourself to something new and learn bits and pieces of the places you travel to. Planning a trip is a different thing altogether. You would need to be organized to ensure a hassle-free trip, starting with booking flights, researching which places to visit, booking hotels to stay in and packing for your trip.

Choosing where to stay during the duration of your trip is as important as choosing which tourist attractions to go to. Remember that the hotel you choose to stay in will serve as your “home” throughout the trip so it is important that it has all the factors you want to have in a home too.
While the price of the hotel is a major factor when it comes to choosing which one to book, remember that the quality of accommodations and price are not necessarily correlated. While it is true in some cases that "you get what you pay for" in regards to hotels, higher priced hotels do not always provide a commensurate level of quality.

Try to research as much as possible and talk to hotel personnel and ask what the best rate is that they can give you.

Perhaps this is the most crucial factor when choosing a hotel. You would need to choose a hotel that is close to the area you would want to visit. For example, if you are visiting Indiana State University, the Econo Lodge Hotel in Terre Haute Indiana would be the best and most logical choice for you. The Econo Lodge® hotel is conveniently located off Interstate 70 and U.S. Highway 41, just one mile from the Honey Creek Mall. The Terre Haute hotel is minutes from area points of interest like Turkey Run State Park, Indiana State University, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College and the Covered Bridge Festival, a countywide festival held annually in October.

Location may not be a high priority for some while traveling, but considering location will help you save time and give you easier access to travel routes and/or attractions.


Another factor to consider in choosing a hotel is the amenities available. Hotels offer different varieties – free breakfast, internet capabilities, access to the gym and pool areas, onsite laundry services and more. What is important to some may not be as important for others; some travelers need internet connection all the time while some appreciates the free buffet breakfast included in their hotel bookings.

Hotels offer these extra services to entice travelers to stay there, but it is important to consider whether you want these extras or if you have little time to access them. Depending on your length of stay and level of need when lodging, you may want to consider choosing a hotel that offers these extra services.

Choosing a hotel when traveling can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time to visit in the area. But doing research and looking for feedback from actual customers can really help a lot in choosing which hotel is right for you.

About the Author: A frequent traveler, Martha Blythe loves to try out new hotels to stay in during her trips. She has tried the Econo Lodge Hotel when she visited in Indiana.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013 !!

Happy happy New Year from my family to yours! May 2013 brings us more blessings, love, happiness and good health!

We ended 2012 with a big bang even though our family is not complete because my 2 sisters and their family are overseas. We set up a videoke where most of us sing our hearts out. Reign had her turn singing Disney songs.
I also bought some goodies (foods) for our exciting mini-raffle. We all had fun picking our numbers and getting our prizes. I think we'll do this on next new year celebration for it also keeps us wide awake waiting for the clock to strike 12.
My dog Sophie was so scared when she hears loud sounds of the firecrackers so I have to cuddle her and bring her to dark room so she can relax. I'm just to afraid that she might die because of the stress so I have to make sure that I'm with her all the time. Aww. poor Sophie !

Then the revelry begins!

Just take a look at the smoke from the all the firecrackers that our neighbors used. Our family didn't have firecrackers we only used sparklers and fountain so that we can be safe welcoming 2013.

Cleaning 101 before New Year Starts

What a better way to start the year with a clean house and surroundings. We always make it a point to clean our place before New Year starts so what I did was to give my niece and nephew their chores a day before 2013. My older brother and my nephew were destined to clean our 2 vehicles, 2 motorbikes, and 2 bicycles while I cleaned the garage and the house.

Mom already did some cleaning on her garden while my niece helped me in changing the curtains in the house. It’s not a thorough cleaning but enough to see the house neat and organized before new year starts. I’m not quite sure if other homeowners do the cleaning before the year ends for we believe that when we have a clean house on the start of the year, fresh new blessings will come.

Cleaning the house can be tiring and will really require a day or two to really finish the entire house most especially if you have big houses or mansions. Not all homeowners can also do their own cleaning so they just let their helpers do the hard work. Others even hire the services of professional cleaners if the area required meticulous maintenance already. Thankfully, there are cleaning companies like nettoyage bureau Montréal that offers not just residential cleaning but also office cleaning as well.

Some of the services that they offer are cleaning of rugs waxing of floors, window cleaning, real estate cleaning, office cleaning and more. With all the professional cleaning services that they offer, no house or office should remain untidy or sloppy because professional services are ready to help. 

I just hope that we can keep our place neat and organized all the time for they say that cleanliness is next to godliness.