Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things to Do Early 2012.. A must!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas with your family just like me. 2012 is coming in 2 more days and I’m listing down things that I need/ must do in 2012.

1. Go to my dentist. I think I will try the services of my highschool classmate who is a dentist.
2. Anti-cervical cancer injection. I’ve been meaning to have this but been putting off so I badly need this.
3. Hopefully have another stomach check up. My constipation is not going away eventhough I eat papaya almost everyday. I guess I need to increase my fruits and leafy veggies intake as well.
4. Start my Project 365- Photo-a-Day project. It means I need to take photos each day.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas all!


3 more days and it’s Christmas already. May you all have the best Christmas ever together with your families and friends. Even if you don’t have lots of food on the table to share on Christmas  or you don’t have new clothes what matters most is that you’ll spend this special day with your loved ones. Be happy everyone.

Some of our countrymen will have a sad Christmas because of the Sendong tragedy but I’ll pray for them.

Last Shopping Day

I just love Christmas shopping. Seeing all the shoppers at the mall buying gifts for themselves, godchildren and their loved ones makes me more excited as well. I was at the mall yesterday to buy a gift for my niece and I easily found what I think she wanted. She loves makeup and looking for the best eyelash growth product at the beauty section of the mall is quite tiring for there are lots of customers. I didn’t buy her makeup though but I got her something else. I will not tell what I bought because I think she's reading my blog from time to time. I’m pretty sure she will use it all the time. But since she is on vacation overseas she’ll be able to open her gifts on January already.

I guess some of you are not yet finished on shopping and wrapping all your gifts so better hurry up. Don’t forget to hang the Christmas stockings of your kids too so that Santa will stop by and leave his presents hehe..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sad News

I was shocked to read at my Facebook news that my uncle in the US passed away today. He’s been suffering for a long time and his diabetes is the culprit for the numerous complications that he had. It was so sad because Christmas is just 5 more days and his close relatives will be mourning.

He’ll be laid to rest in the US this December 24th. I just pray that uncle will rest in peace now. No more pain and suffering for him. We’ll miss him and eventhough we’ll not be physically present in his wake and burial, our deepest condolences goes to her immediate family.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Movie and Shopping Date


We’ve been meaning to watch Breaking Dawn since it opened on November 18th but with the university schedules of my nieces, it was only last Dec. 7th that we had he chance to watch it. We watched at Robinson’s Galleria theater and I think only 20 people watch it that time hehe.

Eventhough we’re a bit late watching it we still had fun. We love the movie and my nieces even got excited while watching. After movie, we did some shopping. I had a good time bonding with them as I feel young when I’m around them.

Christmas Shopping All Done

Yey, my Christmas shopping is all done today and all I need to do is to wrap all of them tomorrow or the next day. Actually, I have some hard time thinking what gift to give to some people but thankfully after strolling the malls for many days and looking for ideas, I was able to buy the perfect gift. Since my older bro already stopped smoking this year, so that means he will not receive perdomo cigars that his friends normally give each year.

Anyway, my 8 yr. old niece was so excited for Christmas to arrive already. She asked me how many more sleeps before she receive and open her gifts. She also made a letter for Santa and her long list of request was replace with a short one when I told her that she has too many requests hehe.

I hope you finished your Christmas shopping as well.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Shopping


Took my mom, SIL and her daughter for a shopping last weekend and thankfully there’s not much people yet buying. I bet the store will be full by mid December esp. when they already have their Christmas bonuses.

I’m still thinking of what else to give to my mom. Actually, she doesn’t need expensive or lavish gifts. Since she loves gardening, I think it’s also nice to give her some wind spinners that she can decorate her small garden, I’m sure she’ll love that aside from other gardening stuff.

We strolled the mall and buy some items for myself and for them and I guess mom also got tired walking in and out of the stores aside from feeling cold. It was raining the whole Sunday but that doesn’t stop us from shopping.

PBB House

I’ve been watching Pinoy Big Brother since it started so I was happy when I was able to have pictures at the façade of the PBB house in Quezon City on Dec. 3. We just came from a Christening occasion and at a friend’s house nearby when I asked a friend to take us there before we go home.

Here’s a photo that afternoon.

Ashley’s Christening

Attended the Christening of a friend’s daughter on Dec. 3. I wasn't able to come to the church so I just made it at the reception at Max’s in Sct. Tuason.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

She's Got a Green Thumb

One of the many places that my mom enjoys is our front yard. Every morning, I could already hear her working there. Toiling the soil, watering the plants and even plating some flowery or fruit trees are just some of the things she enjoys doing. There are even times when I told her not to work so hard for she is not allowed to get too tired for she might end up with high blood once again. She always keeps on telling us that she loves what she is doing and it makes her livelier than just sitting and doing nothing. Oh well, she has the point but she needs to slow down a bit I reckon.

Just yesterday, she managed to trim off some of the dead branches on her plants and thinking of planting new plants soon. Her green thumb is evident for we also have fruit trees in the backyard: a mango tree, atis tree and calamansi plant. Since we love papaya, mom wanted to plant 1 or 2 in her small garden or if not on the vacant lot beside our house.

I reckon it would also be nice to add more garden furniture where we can sit and relax on the wing set and the garden bench that I found online whilst browsing Deals Direct and that made me more excited to have them as our next home project. There’s no doubt, my mom would be thrilled to know my future project and knowing her she’ll be the one to arrange them.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Clean and Neat

I was cleaning my room this morning and I can’t help myself to be frustrated on the way it looks. Sad to say that I’m not keeping it neat these past few days so I’m thinking of having it somewhat renovated in summer. First, I want the walls to be re-painted and have the bed and the drawers on their new place for a new look. I wanted the old pale pink turned into immaculate white paint. White paint will make it more look wider, neat and clean. I also need to de-clutter and remove some of the stuff I don’t need anymore but I’m afraid I can chuck some of my stuff for sentimental reasons hehe.

Anyway, if only I can have a room something like on the photo. A white drawer and room look so delicate and elegant. I was browsing online for ideas and the white bedroom furniture uk  that I saw at The White Company makes me drool and want my room to be like that. Oh well, I better need to start purging and organizing my room for it badly needs a makeover.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mom Turns 79


This is a very delayed post already.

Anyway, mom turned 79 on Oct. 18th and we gave her a simple yet fun birthday lunch on Oct. 16th at our home. It was just a family affair and as you can see she had a purple/violet theme on her birthday.

Actually, it was only last minute when I decided to ask my nieces and nephews to wear violet shirts that’s why not all are wearing the same color. It was so fun and not even those mothers rings can beat the happiness that we had during her birthday for almost all her godchildren are present to celebrate with her.

I’m just praying about mom’s health and that she will not be hospitalized or will not undergo surgery anymore soon because of her gallstones. Next year, when she turns 80, there’ll be a big party already.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Garage Sale / Ukay-Ukay

My sister overseas sent numerous boxes containing old clothes and other stuff to be sold in our garage. Our garage sale/ukay-ukay started on Nov. 18 and as usual when the gate opens at around 9 am, there where lots of people from nearby who came to see what they can find and buy. We have jeans, shirts, blouses, shoes, old toys, bags and more. Customers keep on coming till 7 pm.

Many customers are looking for old toys but we only got few, a woman even asked if we have corsetts but we don't have lingerie. We closed our garage sale last Sunday Nov. 20, 2011 and will resume next weekend again. We’re hoping that we’ll have more sales before Christmas.

Another Year Older

Celebrated my birthday last Wednesday, the 16th and I still feel young despite my age. I went out alone to shop. Went to Greenhills around lunch time and I was overwhelmed with all of the stuff for sale there. I strolled the mall and bought 4 pairs of shoes and hopefully those will not hurt  my feet anymore. Been looking for close shoes that I can wear when going out shopping or to travel.

Had late lunch only at Just ate chicken joy and fries and surprisingly, I loved it again. Have not eaten them for quite a while so it satisfied my hunger.  Bought a blouse at Plains and Prints and wanting more but my petite size hinders me from purchasing new styles.. arghh.. sayang… Stopped for a while at the chapel and said my birthday prayers. I had other loots and wished I purchased more. Oh well, I’ll be back there next time.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Diabetes and Actos

Just about 2 weeks ago my aunt succumbed to her death due to complications of her diabetes. It was so sad to see someone suffer from a disease. I reckon her blood sugar levels was already uncontrollable because she became so weak and made her almost completely blind. I also blame the lack of finances to control and maintain sugar and other diseases that diabetes brought to her.

This made me recall about a diabetes drug that I once read because instead of making the patient well, Actos drug can make the patients suffer more because of the serious side effects it can bring. Blood in the urine, heart failure/attacks, liver damage and even cancer of the bladder are found out to some of the effects of Actos. As a result, the drug was pulled out of the market and lawsuits are filed. If you acquired cancer of the bladder due to taking actos, hire the services of lawyers to represent you legally in court for you can be compensated for the damage it has caused you.

Pre- Birthday Lunch with Family

I’ll be celebrating my birthday again tomorrow (Nov. 16th) and as a tradition I always prepare and celebrate my birthday with a simple lunch with my family or friends. year, I have 2 celebrations (one for family and one for friends) but this year I just opted to have one for my family. I’ll just go out alone on my birthday itself and shop till I shop hehe.. Let’s see if my plans will push through.

My SIL and I cooked sumptuous dishes last Sunday and they all loved them. I also loved my cake! I saw a design at the internet and had it copied and I love the result.

On and Off Internet Connection

It’s been a week already that my internet connection was on and off here in our house. There are times that I’m getting impatient with Smart for I can’t browse or even submit my works properly and fast due to poor and loosing connection.

I know I can report the problem to their technical support but sometimes it’s also a hassle to call them for it will take be about 30mins on the phone just to talk to an operator. Arghhh.. Now, Í’ll just wait for my connection to become stable and if not I’ll call them already.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dangerous Side Effects

I often hear from some friends that they have high cholesterol levels in their blood and I presumed that it was brought by eating too fatty foods. Mom was also known to have high cholesterol levels and her doctor prescribed some medicines to help reduce it. It was maintained but the bad thing is that it gave her some bad side effects. Aside from that, she was found out to have gallstones maybe brought about my drinking medicines for quite number of years already.

Fortunately she was not given a Crestor drug that can also help reduce high cholesterol levels and triglycerides on her blood for it was known that Crestor can cause serious ide effects, Some side effects are heart failure and heart attack. If you’ve been a victim of Crestor drug, file lawsuit against the manufacturer so you can get compensation for the damages it has done to your health.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Say I'm Sorry

We all make mistakes because we are only humans that are not perfect in this world. There are times it's hard for us to accept we are at fault and much worst it's hard to say our sorry straight out. However, there are people that can go straight to a person, admit that their wrong doings and say their sorry but for others they just send out gifts that say "im sorry" if they want to be more creative or shy.

Anyone can give out flowers, chocolates, cookies, basket full of fruits, etc. with a meaningful card along with it. I’m pretty sure if you do that nice gesture, you’ll easily be forgiven but make sure when you say your sorry, you should be sincere.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Away from Home

Two of my sisters are away from home. One is working overseas while the other one is already living with her family in Sydney. I'm pretty sure they always miss home and to keep them away from home sickness, we made it a point to call, text or send messages to each other. Since they are away, I'm always on the lookout for other conference calling service that can help keep in touch.  Thanks to technology for bringing relatives closer to each other and for making communication faster and easier.

Now, I think I have to chat with my sisters again to know what they are up to.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Thinking of Having my Hair Cut Short

I had those days when I simply hate my hair. Why not? It's thick, coarse and unmanageable at time plus my white hairs appear every month after my hair color started to fade. But there are times that I love it when I conditioned it well and it falls nicely on my shoulders without even having it blow dried. Just few weeks ago, I'm contemplating of having a short hair just like in my highschool days where I sport a Princess Diana kind of hair cut or back in college while I'm still wearing my medical uniforms and having only a shoulder length hair.

I even approach the owner and stylish of the salon that I always had my hair done and asked for his opinion. He looked at my hair and he said if I want to have my hair cut short it will be really short- short because he will layer it to suit my face and the texture of my hair. I was afraid at the moment when he showed me the style that she wanted me to have. A Halle Berry- Rhianna kind of shirt hair cut was his choice and oh boy now I’m having second thoughts. Will that style suit my thin face and my coarse hair? Yay!

I’m not sure if I’ll have it done that way but still I wanted a change in my looks since I’m stuck having this long layered haircut for over a decade now.. Sad smile

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shopping, shopping, shopping..

Finally, after being stuck in the house for over a month since my mother got sick, I got the chance to go out, shop and had lunch at the mall. I bought vouchers for Tender Bobs about 2 months ago and it was only last Friday when I was able to use it. I told my nieces that I'll treat them for lunch in Greenhills but unfortunately Kath wasn't able to come for she was hurrying up a project in the university. Too bad for her hehe..

Anyway, Kukay and I strolled the mall, bought some few things and just looking up on the items for sale there. We're in awe to see lots of iPhones, Samsung Transformer Tablet TF101, Ipads and lots of gadgets at the cellphone section of the mall. Wish I had my iPhone already so I can pick up one of those stylish iPhone cases that available there. If only I knew that iPhones are everywhere in Greenhills then I should have bought there instead.

I got excited to see lots of blouses, bags and other accessories there in GH but thankfully I got control of myself from buying unnecessary things. I’’ll got buy some next month before my birthday.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bluehost Reseller Web Hosting

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You can check out sites like MangoOrange that provide best web hosting resources, providers and reviews. They offer the best web hosting options that will help you pick the host that will deliver the best service for your required specifications. Now those who are dreaming to have their own hosting company can also avail reseller hosting platform with the help of bluehost reseller plans which allow reseller to have hosting plans for only $19.99 and up. Those who always wanted to have their own hosting company can start immediately with this reliable and affordable reseller platform from Bluehost, one of the best web hosting providers in the world. They will be able to resell without worrying about the server maintenance and customer service because Bluehost will take care of everything.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ohhh… Where’s September now?

Wow, it’s been a long time since I have updated this blog of mine. Sorry for that. September passed away so quickly that I didn’t have enough time to post all the occasions and events that had happen that month. Actually, I was very busy with a lot of things. First, I guess you already have read that I’’ve been taking care of my sick mom and that made me stay at home for a month for she can’t do things all by herself at that time.

I also made use of that time to design some digital scrapbooking kits and would you believe that I made about 4 kits in 2-3 weeks plus tons of photobook and other templates? I also finished 3 personal photobooks of mine that I already ordered at Artscow. So basically, September was a very busy month for me.

Anyway, it’s October already and it seems it’s moving a little bit fast once again and I hope I can catch up with my blogging here. I’m also planning of not posting personal or family photos of mine for I have found out that some of my photos where used on other forum even it has watermarks and I’m not comfortable with that.

I'm looking forward for lots of wonderful things this last quarter of the year and I also hope that one of my nephew will get a job soon. We’re not expecting he’d get one of those Database Administrator Jobs, anything would be fine (I guess) as long as he’ll earn money for himself and his family. He’s been jobless for a year now and that is not good!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Awake at 2:00 AM

Mom has been sick for about 3 weeks now and I have been taking care of her at the house since then. Fortunately, my SIL was just next door so I have a hand in taking care of mom. SIL has been running errands back and forth to the market everytime mom craves for something.

I’ve been sleeping at the floor at my mom’s room for about 2 weeks but since she can already walk a bit, she asked me to go back to my own room. Even if I’m at my own room, I’m still sleeping at the floor so I can hear her when she needs me just like today.

At around 2:00 am, I heard mom calling me and amazingly I heard her. She asked me to her blood pressure as she is not feeling good. It was 150/70 and that is already high. Every after 30 mins. I'm taking her BP and right after this post, I’ll check on her again.

To keep me awake, I decided to open my computer and make this post. Now it’s past 4:00 am and I’m still awake. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sleeping all

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New HP Desktop for Me

Yey! Love it!

Been using my Dell laptop for 2 years now at the house and I already find it too small and slow for my computer needs so I decided to buy another HP desktop just like what I’m using at my shop. Actually, I wanted a bigger monitor so it’ll be more comfortable when I’m designing digi kits and digi-scrapping.

It was on Aug. 30 when I purchased this HP p6290d desktop pc at TCA computer shop in Greenhills. There are several HP desktop with different specs and I’m having a hard time what to choose when the salesman showed me this model and thought the specs is great for my computing needs. It’s much faster and has wireless keyboard and mouse plus it’s already wifi ready so I got this.


HP p6290d desktopIMG_0934

HP p6290d desktopI just love TCA Greenhills for they have different brands of desktops, laptop, computer monitors, and other gadgets/accessories. I’m looking forward on purchasing more gadgets on their store in the future. Now, with my new desktop I’m more productive and inspired to work. Yay, I need to open my laptop from time to time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Finally, I’m a Phil Health Member

phil healthI’ve been encouraged by friends and relatives to become a member of PHIL HEALTH for the longest time already but I’m just too lazy to go to the nearest branch and file my application. I also don’t want to go to that office for I hate long lines and waiting.

I’m being stubborn and lazy and I regret it ! If only I have applied long time ago, I should have had discounts when I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy at Medical City on February. I should also have used that to get more discounts when my mom was confined 2x in the hospital last year and just 2 weeks ago. I hate myself for that!

Finally, my sister-in-law brought my application and hers too at the Phil health office and voila only just after 45 mins. or so she already got our Phil Health IDs! Wow that was just easy and I should have known that. I need a slap on my butt for not doing it much early.

Anyway, at least my SIL and I are already members now. I paid the whole year (July 2011- June 2012) which is only P1,200 (100/ month) and soon I can  already use it to get discounts when my mom and I will have some health problems.

Now that I have a Phil Health card, the option to compare life insurance quotes is my next agenda and if ever I can afford to have such then I’ll get one.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Career in Beauty

All of us have a different career path that we want to take. Just find your strength and your passion, for sure you’ll go places. If your have a knack for beauty and wanted a career in cosmetology, there are many beauty schools where you can enroll.

One of the leading beauty schools in the US is Regency Beauty and they’ve been in the business for over 50 years. They are continuously expanding, in fact, more branches of their cosmetology school is now open for students to what to study and hone more of their skills.They have state-of-the art facilities, high quality standard of teaching and accredited faculty members who are ready to help you learn more techniques about cosmetology that you can use when you set up your own salon.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sickie Mom

Mom had fever last Wednesday afternoon and complained about her throat and dry cough. We just her paracetamol and it helped a bit. It was only on Friday morning when I accompanied her to the doctor because it was getting worst. The doctor gave her some medicines and some instructions. Saturday, her condition is not improving much and she’s throwing up most of the times and I think it is because of her dry cough.

Thinking that she’ll become more weak and dehydrated so my bro and I brought her to the emergency room on Sunday 12:30 am because she can’t sleep due to her cough too. The doctor advised us that she’ll be confined because they’ll administer dextrose on her.

I arranged the room for her and she was confined at a private room of the Manila East Hospital. Her main complaint was the nagging pain on her stomach and the doctor ruled it was acute gastritis. There are lots of medicines that she’s taking and even though she didn’t want to take them she has no choice. She stayed for 1 1/2 days at the hospital and eventhough she still feels pain in her stomach, mom asked her doctor let her go home. We were out by 7 pm of Monday, Sept. 5, 2011.

Sis Beng and Joy from overseas called and checked on our mom. Now, mom is recuperating in the house, taking lots of medicines for her acute gastritis, upper respiratory infection and also on her hypertension.

She’s scheduled for an ultrasound of hepatobiliary tree on Friday and another visit to her doctor. most of t times she complained about the medicines that she’s taking.. Ang dami naman kasi eh. 4-5 medicines/ each meal .. grabe! but she need them  to get well.

Today, she ate quite well during lunch and her meryenda and hoping she’ll recover soon with the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Overflowing Designing Mojo

My digi-scrapping designing mojo was overflowing in the last few weeks so I was able to make 1 digi and 1 still in progress. I was also able to make lots of Artscow templates like photobook, cosmetic cases, etc.

Anyway, you can see my various templates below.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Thoughts on Gloomy Friday

Been overly busy these past few days that’s why I’m not been able to update my blogs all the time. My designing mojo is overflowing once again that’s why I’m busy creating digi-scrapping kits that I sell over at ARTSCOW, where I am one of the digi-designers there. There are even times when my right arm is aching due to over use and my eyes are burning like hell as I focus too much on my monitor. I guess, I have to defocus and exercise my eyes too every now and then.

Health wise, I’m still at my thinnest :( as I weigh only 90lbs. in the last 6 months and still experiencing bouts of fullness/indigestion which is my problem since early this year. If others are thinking about taking diet pills to lose their unwanted weight, I’m thinking on how to gain weight. You see, I’m not  gaining any pound for a while even though I try to eat more.

I’m looking forward on meeting some friends before the month ends and my mini-vacation on Oct. in Legaspi to attend a birthday of my godchild.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Health Risks on Diabetic Patients

I found out just the other week that my aunt came out of the hospital because of some complications brought about by her diabetes. Mom saw her one time at one of our relatives’ gathering and she was shocked to see her so skinny and cannot walk straight. She found out that my aunt could no longer see clearly, as her eyes where affected already by her diabetes, just one of the many complications any diabetic patients can have. It’s so sad to hear about that news and her diabetes must have been uncontrollable perhaps because of lack of medicines to take.

I just hope her children will monitor their blood sugars as well because we all know that diabetes has a genetic component. Diabetic patients can however manage their disease if they are disciplined with their food and lifestyle. There are also medicines that they can take to stabilize their blood sugar but recently a drug called Actos has been found out to cause heart attacks or heart failure and much worst is bladder tumors.

Any medicines that you’ll be taking when you have diabetes should be consulted first to your doctor and just be aware that Actos has dangerous side effects.

Change of Eating Habits

I’ve been bothered by my excess acid in my stomach for many years now and I have already undergone colonoscopy and endoscopy this year and thankfully, there are no tumors found. Right now, although I’m still battling with acidity from time to time, I can say that it has improved because I have changed my eating habits already.

Since March here’s what I have sacrificed and have done:
1. No more coffee for me since coffee can produce more acid in my stomach.
2. I don’t eat or drink much food with too much cheese.
3. No more softdrinks since 2009 but from time to time I cheated haha. Just the other month during my sister’s despedida dinner I had 1 glass of coke hahaha..
4. I also learned to like papaya that can keep my bowel movement good.
5. More water and more veggies in my meal.
6. Eat on time and eat a little bit slow


Yey, for me!!! The fullness, burping and indigestion have been minimized as well and if that will come back again, I’m going to drink the medicine that my doc prescribed to me. So far, so good but I’m still praying that my stomach will be back to normal and not be too sensitive.


Outside my window…I can see lots of greens. Plants that my mom have planted over the years. Actually, I can say that she has a green thumb as all her plants and fruit trees has grown healthy. I can also see my dog Sophie sleeping in the garage and later on it’ll be her lunch time.

I am thinking… of of what digi-kit that I’ll be designing next week. Actually, I’m already looking for a nice color theme and theme so I can start a new one. I also would like to scrap some of our photos as I’m left behind already.

I am thankful for…all the work blessings that I’m still receiving eventhough it’s a little bit slow last month and this month. I’m also thankful to all my online friends that also became my real friends already.

From the kitchen…I’ve already prepared all the ingredients that I’ll be using for I will cook pork afritada for lunch.. Yummo!

I am wearing…my new red duster at home. It’s very comfortable for me to wear such at home.

I am going…to finish some of my online works and perhaps I can also make new digi templates that I can sell at Artscow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Unfortunate Incident

I just heard on the news that a local actor met a car accident last week in one of the dangerous and accident-prone streets in Antipolo. He was bruised, his face swollen and I heard that bones on his cheekbones where smashed. He has gone operations and fortunately, he and his other 4 companions are still alive. I’m very sure that his lawyers will take legal actions about this ill-fated event.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me and Sophie


Meet my pet dog named Sophie. She is now 2 years and 7 months old and I considered her my daughter hehe. She’s a combination of Shihtzu  and Daschund  breed and has white and black fur combination. Actually, my brother is the real owner of Sophie but when they can no longer afford for her vaccinations, I took care of her. Now, she has a complete vaccination and that includes rabbies. Her next doctor’s appointment will be on September for her 6-in1 boost vaccine.

She barks most of the times esp. when she don’t know the person outside our garage but she’s adorable. She’s a good hunter, haha hunting for bugs or cockroaches when she’s left at the garage. She eats both dog food, rice and meat so I have no problem in trying to feed her. We usually play ball or with her little toys during playtime and sometimes we go for a walk in the morning or late afternoon. How’d I wish I was able to teach her many tricks because she only knows inside, up, down and

Once a year, I have her fur full trimmed to keep well groomed but from time to time I trimmed her fur. The only problem when I had her fur trimmed is that she became vulnerable to skin disease and just this year, she developed small lesions or I believe it was a mange near her neck so I had to buy an ointment to cure it. Fortunately, it dried up for few days due to medication. Now, with her fur all grown once again, I’m so sure that she’ll not get it again.

Oh well, just love her to bits and we’ll have another birthday party for her in January as she will  be turning 3 by then.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jewelry Making

It was a log time ago when I had the passion for jewelry making. I even go as far as Quiapo just to buy Swarovski Crystal Bicones, cat's eye and other beads that I can make into bracelets and necklaces. There are times that I sell the jewelries that I made in my store  but most often I created those jewelries for myself and as gifts to my sister and friends.

I’m not sure if I’m going back to this hobby as I’m not interested anymore. My recent hobby is digital scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking kit designing. But who knows?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Muscle Pain

Yay.. been having this pain on my left leg for 2 days already and it’s kinda annoying already. I know it is caused by my prolonged sitting and wrong sitting position and argghh it is painful.

The only remedy that I’m doing is putting a KATINKO, an ointment that can relieve pain eventhough it doesn’t smell good. It will have a cool minty effect on the skin and the pain will subside in about 30 mins or more. I know I can minimize such pain only if I sit good but I guess my new executive chair that I bought last month is also contributing to my wrong posture.. Arghhh…

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dead Old Century Tree Project

We were stunned when we saw a big old dead tree in my brother's backyard last week. It turns out that he bought this dead, believe to be century old dead tree so that he can use it to decorate his backyard. Not everyone is up on the idea since the tree that he bought is expensive considering that it is already dead and old. Mom is even angry and would be happy to see log furniture in the house instead of that dead tree.

Anyway, my bro being stubborn insisted on his so-called project. Not only 2 people but around 6-7 men helped to put it on the ground. It took his workers 2 days to finish the task and now it appears to be nothing on his backyard. We’re just concerned about the money that he spent because it’s not a priority since he just came from the hospital and all. Oh well…..

Hello August!

Wow, I can't believe it's already August now! Where did July go? Time surely flies so fast most especially if you are busy just like me.

I’ve been very busy designing digital scrapbooking kits and templates for Artscow and I’m loving it. Aside from being creative and doing what I love, I also earn from it. Knowing that my blogging opps is not that many these days so this designing thingy is a good help for me.

I’m looking forward for more good things to come this year and I’m ready for it.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stay Fit and Healthy Even While Traveling

While traveling can be so much fun, it presents a challenge to health buffs out there and that is to maintain weight even with the presence of amazing foods. Now if you are thinking about traveling, you often wonder if working out is possible even while on the road. Yes, it is possible to lose weight and maintain your figure even while on a foreign place.

When booking for a hotel accommodation, check if the place has a fitness center. Most hotels offer this and it doesn’t matter if they have state of the art equipment or just the basic treadmill all you need is one that can help you sweat a little during your free time.

Check the areas around and see if there are any walking trails that you can take every morning. Another good and easy thing to do is opt to walk rather than catching a bus or taxi cab. Exploring a city by foot is a fun and healthy adventure. Take a few pauses and rest on a park.

You can also bring your favorite workout DVD with you when you travel. There are also some lightweight exercise accessories such as yoga mats, resistance chords and Pilates band that can fit easily inside your luggage. If you are finding it hard to sweat those pounds, you can put in more effort towards your food choices.

Joanne is a freelance content writer is also fond of traveling and outdoor adventures.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bye Juaning

Since Tuesday, tropical storm Juaning has been affecting the whole country with her heavy wind and rain. Monday, classes were suspended when the students are already in their classes making parents more worried. Tuesday, more schools declared class suspension due to floods and rains.

Today, in our place, students are back to school. No more rain and I can see mr. sun outside. Some parts of the country though are still under storm signals and hope there’s not much destruction.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wazz Up?

Wow, I have not blogged on this blog for a while now and I must admit that I feel guilty about it. Been too busy blogging on my other blogs as they have more opps recently.

I’m also making new digital scrapbooking kits on the side that’s why I’m a little bit busy. In fact, I just finished another digi kit that I’m already uploading at Artscow.

Nothing much has happened lately, except that I’m been burying myself at home because my stomach pains and problem is attacking once again. I don;t want any major embarrassment or discomfort when I on the road or out that’s why I’m not going out lately. I’m missing a lot of fun but how can I go out when I have stomach concerns all the time? Poor me.. I don’t know what to do, I guess I need to drink meds again or get a second opinion about what I’m feeling right now because it’s not normal anymore.

Anyway, I’m still hoping for good things to come to me with regards to my health.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trying to be Healthy

Recently, my bro had a mild heart attack and he was confined for 3 days in the hospital. I hope he’d already stop smoking, eating too much pork/fats and staying up late that really put toll on his health. Now, he is recovering at their house and I hope he’d change his eating habits for good. I took his blood pressure today and it’s only 110/70, already getting better after having a 180/120 bp on Tuesday.

I also learned from my sis Joy that her husband is also into medication for having high cholesterol and also to stop him from smoking. It seems the medication is doing great for him as he is not smoking anymore. I diet rich in veggies and fruits is what BIL have been eating these days and for sure in no time, he’ll be back into playing golf once again every weekend. Who knows he might even get a golf cart gps systems to be used on his games.

Oh well, I hope my brother and BIL will keep in mind that they need to be healthy not just for themselves but for their families as well.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Craving for Sugar Free Chocolate Berries

sugar free chocolate strawberries

Thankfully, I’m not diabetic nor dieting because I’m craving for lots of sweets these days. I always get a dose of sweet leche flan (caramel custard) every now and then for dessert. There are times that I also buy cakes at Red Ribbon or order cakes/pastries at our local neighborhood delicacy shops just to satisfy my sweet cravings. In fact, I wanted to order cream puffs once again as I’ve been longing for it’s taste once again. Too bad my sister who can also bake cakes, cuppies, and pop cakes is in Sydney, if they are not far away there’s no doubt she’ll be baking cakes for us too.

A friend wanted me to try those sugar free chocolate strawberries and I have to say that they all look so delicious. The good thing about it is that, it’s sugar free and I guess even if I’ll load myself with those sweets, there’s not much harm in it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Shopping Therapy

Thought of buying a new chair that I can use when I work at home. So after lunch time and before heading home, I asked my brother that we’ll be going to SM to buy one. After buying the chair, they headed home and I spent my time in the mall. As usual it was fun trying some shoes and fitting clothes.

Actually, I was looking for comfy flat shoes but could not find the right one, I’ve fitted several styles but nothing fit my feet well. I ended up buying nothing. My feet led me to the jeans section and I got excited when I saw that Lee Pipes and Jag jeggings are on sale. I love jeggings so much because it’s very comfortable to wear. I was able to purchased 2 jeggings and new blouses.. yey! Fortunately, I’m still able to control myself from buying t-shirts and underwear.

It took me about 4 hours shopping and just roaming around the mall, how’d I wish I have unlimited money so I can buy all the stuff that I want.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

They All Had So Much Fun in Davao

My sis and her husband arrived from overseas for their vacation here. They’ve been going to many places already such as Batangas, Tagaytay and also Davao. Fortunately, their vacation was blessed with good weather and safe trip and they all enjoyed their vacation. They arrived from their Davao trip last night and they are all tired but carrying good memories and laughter that they all shared to those that were not able to come with them.

I’m particularly happy for my mom because she’s still fit to fly and go to so many places eventhough she got some leg cramps on the last night of their vacation and this morning. I reckon that their Davao adventure was the most memorable as they were able to go river rafting at Davao river. My BIL, nephews and niece braved the waves as they paddle along the river and upon seeing their photos made salute them.

They all stayed at the house of my sister’s friend and that saves them a lot since checking in a hotel can be expensive especially if you’ll stay for 4 days. They can easily roam around because they had service vehicle along with the driver that can take them whenever they go. It would be nice if we have an RV but we could not afford to have one and sometimes the rv repair can be expensive as well.

I have yet to watch all their videos and see the other photos especially when they are eating the famous durian fruit. I’ve heard so much funny stories about their experience with Durian and not all of them liked the taste and smell.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

At Last It's Summer

Relatives and friends in the US are enjoying their summer this year. Gone are the days when they are confined wearing thick and layered clothing just to make themselves warm or turning their heaters on. Not to mention that hard time travelling on the snow road where they sometimes need to put tire chains on their wheels while they drive on the thick snow.

Now, I can see tank top, shorts and bikinis for they can now soak in the sun and the beach to enjoy. I bet they waited this season for so long because winter can sometimes make them bored and sad.

Meanwhile, here in our part of the world, summer is over as rainy season is on since June already. We already experienced lots of typhoons and there are still more to come.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PR Update

Oh dear, Google had a pr (page rank) update again. Upon reading the tweet of a friend, I checked all the prs of my blogs and voila, most of them went 1 notch down and others went up. The bad part is that I lost another pr3, which is very very sad to know and if you’re a blogger who is monetizing a blog, then you’d know why it is important to have a pr3 blog.

All of my twitters friends were all dismayed over this g update and we’re just hoping that in few months time our pr will get higher, a pr3 is always great. Anyway, hoping for more good things to come. It’s not the end of the world anyway hehe.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Scrapped!

Typhoon Falcon made me oh so lazy to cook our lunch today so I just asked my bro to buy viands. The weather was cold and very conducive to sleeping and lazing around.

Thankfully, our place didn’t have any floods but sad to hear and see at the news about some people staying at evacuation centers.


I managed to do some digi-scrapping layouts but so lazy to blog. Right now, it’s already past midnight and I’m still awake. Uploading my layouts at Artscow so I can have it printed. Yey! Tomorrow, hope to work on my online assignments.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Colds Be Gone

Hachuu!! Sorry, please excuse me :(.

I have a cold since the other day and I can feel that it is getting a little bit worst today. The weather has been crazy for the past few days and I guess that is the culprit. How can you not get sick when the weather will be hot and very humid in the morning till afternoon then later on, the rain will just fall making it more humid and sticky.

I need to take my cold medicine already tonight or else I’ll be sicker. Sad part is, I have no health plan that can cover when I get hospitalized.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tangled Time

IMG_0475 IMG_0477
Since there are lots of appliances that were on sale at SM from Samsung, Sony and lg lcd tv brands and more, I bought a new Samsung LCD TV last April. Finally our old Sharp TV was replaced already and we’re so happy.

Only few days after I bought it, it was last summer vacation where my nieces and nephews gather at our house to watch movies and here they are watching Tangled eventhough they have seen it in the theater already. It seems that they can’t get enough of this movie esp. my little niece.

Adding a Plug-In at My Windows Live Writer

I just love using Windows LiveWriter these days as it makes my blogging a lot more easier and faster than before. Actually, I started using this in 2008 for few days only because my blog theme is kinda messed that time when I used it. Now, I’m back using a newer version and fortunately it has improved. I have a little problem with the split post though using a blogger blog because it’s not available at Live Writer at the moment.

I know I would not settle just like that so I searched online and voila, I found a plugin for the blogger excerpt that I can use here. It’s just easy to download and insert here at my livewriter and when I need it, I already know what to do.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Badly Needs a Haircut

Well, it’s been 3 months ago since I had my haircut and color and I guess this it’s already time to hit the salon once again. I’m having bad hair days all the time and that is a sure sign that I need to have it trimmed because it’s already becoming unmanageable. My coarse, thick and long hair needs the caress of my hairstylist and 3 inches off the length seems good enough.My white hairs are showing up also and it’s kinda unsightly to see them especially when I tie my hair up high.

Crazy Over 2-NE-1 and other Korean Singers

image My teenage niece can’t help to giggle and be giddy everytime K-Pop groups came to the country for their concerts. Just last week, she asked permission (actually she didn’t hehe) to go out at night for she and her friends will watch 2-NE-1 concert at the Araneta Coliseum. I just saw her all clad up and I asked her where she is going and there she told me she’s going to watch the concert.

Oh dear, she came home aboard a taxi (which I found very scary) at around midnight after the concert. heir friends will be going out for a drink after the event but she decided not to come with them so she went home with a friend.

Anyway, I have seen her bought some CD of their album and even ordered online some 2-NE-1 posters. Yay, she’s getting over heels with these Korean pop group. Ok well, I can understand her anyway because when I was a teenager, I was crazy over Puerto Rican grp. named MENUDO in the 80’s hahaha..

Sister’s Lolly and Dessert Table Set Up Business

Sweet Home Parties

My sister finally had her own business. She’s been thinking of what business to put up for while and I’m happy for her that she found what she loves doing. She’s setting up up lolly and dessert table for themed parties in their area in Sydney and with the looks of it, she’s enjoying and earning from it. Apart from that she can make themed cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies to match your party.

She’s just starting out and I hope she’ll get more clients. I’ve been doing design layouts for her tags, invitations, bunting, cake toppers and more. I also made a simple website/blog for her and there are still have more work to be done there. In the meantime, you can check out their Facebook page first, SWEET HOME PARTIES.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Minor Road Accident

Just the other day, my brother witnessed a minor road accident in front of his store. A motorbike that he believes to be running very fast accidentally slipped in the road. It was raining that day and how could anyone drive so fast? His turned over motorbike even injured a kid walking in the street.. Tsk tsk..

Seeing the accident, my brother and other people rushed to the scene to check them. The kid can’t move and still conscious while the driver is in pain as well. They called our local emergency hosp. and the police and soon after, they are transported to the nearby hospital. Such accident is something that we don’t wish to happen in us and to our family but we really can’t predict when will an accident will occur.

In this case, the kid’s parent should file a claim for the injury that their son got. There are many lawyers that can assist clients with personal injuries such as the Austin Personal Injury Lawyer
in Texas area. I’m just hoping both the motorbike rider and the kid are in good condition already.

Nail Art

nail art nail art

My sister has been jumping from one hobby to another and last year she got hooked to nail art. She’s been doing it on her nails and on her 2 daughters and I’m sure they are having fun while their mom fix them up with cute and beautiful nails.

She can make flowers, fruit images and more on  nails depending on  her mood. I got these photos on her FB acct. but right now she’s not been making some nail arts as she became busy with some other craft and hobbies.

Of Digi-Scrapping and Designing

If I have time, I’m still digi-scrapping and designing, They are my current hobbies right now and sure it is fun. In fact, I have done about 15 simple multiple photo layouts last week when my internet was down. I still need to finish some more layouts to complete 2 photobooks that I wanted to order at ARTSCOW.

Speaking of ARTSCOW, I’m designing for them but lately I have not made a new kit since there are times that I’m too busy with my online works. Check out my gallery and hoping you can use it on your projects.
my artscow gallery of kits my artscow gallery of kits

Migraine and Topamax

There are times when I experienced severe migraines when my period is coming, too tired or when the weather is just too hot & humid to bear. Often times, I tried not to drink any medicine but instead just put some this Chinese Katinko ointment on my nape, forehead and temples to relieve the pain. Sometimes it worked but when it’s so severe, I have no choice but to drink my Ibuprofen medicine that will take effect after 30 mins. or so.

I learned that there’s also a drug that can treat migraine and that is Topamax drug which is also given to patients with epilepsy. Though it can cure such ailments, it was recently found out that this drug can cause birth defects on babies when you took this drug when you are pregnant. Wow, such a tragic circumstance. Now, you can file a Topamax lawsuit if you’ve been a victim of this drug.

The Rain Has Stopped

Good day everyone. Now, that the storm has passed, I’m hoping that Mr. Sun will give you some smile in your faces. Last Wednesday, I’ve been curling up in our sofa and in my bed when the rain has been non-stop. It was indeed a bed weather and if only I can still drink coffee, a hot mug of it will surely warms my stomach. I just had delicious champorado paired with fried dilis that was cooked by mom.

Today, I woke with a sunshine peeking at my room and I know for sure that this will be a nice day. I’m just hoping that it will not be too hot once again as I have tons of work that I need to finish.

Anyway, students are back to school (in our area) and I guess mommies can already do their laundry hehe.. Matutuyo yan .

Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet Up with My Co-Blogger/ DigiScrapper Friends

 at Mann Hann with my inaanak CATE at pancake House

no meet up should end without  a grp. picture

I wasn’t suppose to come on the meet up because I had an appointment with my dentist but I could not resist seeing my blogger/digi-scrapper friends once again so I had to come.

It was last Friday, June 3rd where we had lunch at Mann Hann in Trinoma. Actually, that is the first that I was able to go to Trinoma in QC since it’s a bit too far from our place. I rode a jeepney, fx, then finally MRT before I arrived there at around 12:30pm.

I strolled Shangrila Plaza first in Mandaluyong since it’s been ages also since the last time I went there, then after about 30 mins. I decided to proceed t Trinoma. I also strolled the mall first, getting inside some shops with Sale signage firsts hehehe. (Nilubos ang

There we all dined at Mann Hann but sadly, I didn’t enjoy the food. We then all transferred at Pancake House where I ate blueberry pancake. The taste was good, nothing spectacular. We all had laughs and endless chika. We’re noisy at our table but that’s what will happen when you gather all bloggers who have a lot to say hehe..

We then accompanied Diane to do her shopping for her baby (my godchiild Cate) and later on Caryl and I left them at around 5:30 pm where I proceeded at SM Megamall where I bought Tefal cookware. Yay, it was expensive but I know it’ll be durable.

It is seldom that I went shopping at the city, so I decided to drop by Robinson’s Galleria after shopping at SM Megamall. Yay, super laboy ako haha.. Went home too tired but it was fun. Wish to meet these ladies again soon.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Is This the Time to do This?

Oh.. I just love bags. The thought of using one bag from another depending on my mood or what attire that I'm wearing excites me. Lately, I'm leaning towards branded bags, thanks to my online friend in the US for selling us authentic Coach, Kate Spade, Gucci bags and more at a very good price so I was able to purchase some. I'm also dreaming of owning an LV and Gucci but it seems so impossible to own one because they are just too pricey.

Maybe if I have more money I’ll just buy gold bullion as an investment aside from branded bags. If that will be the case, I know that US Gold Bureau is a good source for gold and other precious metals. With all the raves that I’ve been hearing about gold as an investment, there’s a possibility that it’ll be on my wish list.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NO net for 4 days :(

Yay, Smart Bro gave me some headaches last weekend when our net at the house was cut off around mid-afternoon of Friday. It was raining hard that time and the electric went off for few seconds and later on we found out that we don’t have net connection. Thought of troubleshooting it by unplugging all the wires of our router and Smart Bro’s antenna but still it’s the same. I got the chance to call SMART’s technical support and the soft voiced call center agent helped me troubleshoot and soon enough the net is back BUT only for 30 mins ..grrrr… It was so hard not to have a net connection at home since I’m working online.

It was Saturday before lunch when I called again and the tech support told me that there’s an “activity” (there’s a problem) on the base station where I’m connected that’s why I can’t establish a good connection. This means that we’re going to be netless once again. Yay. Fortunately, I have a net connection here at our net cafe so I was able to finish some expiring works.

Last night, I tried to connect online at around 9:30 pm and yey, the net was back. Having no net for few days, I found myself browsing till 12:30 am last night lol

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Visit to the Dentist

The lower, right molar tooth of mine is giving me some pain already and to relieve the hurting, I took some ibuprofen for 1 week. Finally, I decided to visit my dentist the other week to have my aching and swollen molar checked.  My dentist checked it and told me that she can’t extract or have it filled unless the swollen subsides. With her initial findings, it looks like it has to be extracted already but I beg her to save it still. She just prescribed an antibiotic to take for 1 week, sensodyne for my sensitive teeth and pyodontyl for my gums.

I also had light cure treatment on one of my tooth and also had teeth cleaning. With the condition of my gums and teeth, I was on soft diet for 2 days as well. In that case, I will not bite on the new filled tooth and on aching molar. I followed all her advices and tomorrow is my last day of drinking the antibiotic . There’s no more pain and swelling and I hope the molar will not be extracted anymore. I’m set to visit my dentist once again by next week.

Dental hygiene is vey important and we all need to plan our visit regularly to our dentists to save us from further pain in the future.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gone Too Soon

Life is really short..

Just the other day, I received an offline YM message from a HS friend but the message was left by his daughter telling that her dad passed away that day. At first, I was shocked and didn’t know if that was true so I texted my other HS batchmates to confirm the news. Indeed it was true. How sad.

My classmate was suffering from diabetes for many years now and he has too many complications already that led to his death. It was too soon as he was still so young and can still do so many things. On the other hand, it was also good that he is at peace with the Lord right now. No more aches and pains for him. We visited him the other night along with my other batchmates to pay our last respect and he’ll be buried on Friday. Rest in peace, Edwin.

Too Many Expenses

It’s the time of the month once again for school enrollments and parents are again faced with lots of expenses. Almost all school have started their enrollments for the coming school year in June and I have to say that eventhough I don’t have kids that will go to school, I can sense the fears and worries of parents. I can feel it from my brothers and SIL who have more than one child that will go to elementary, highschool and college levels.

Having 2-3 kids going to private schools at the same time can be a little daunting come enrollment time. Some parents who are working may opt to apply for payday advances if their school budget doesn’t meet the final expenses that they will pay. It sure can alleviate their worry since, some school can’t enroll your kids if you can’t pay or even give a downpayment. Aside from tuition fees, they need to buy new notebooks and books or sometimes new uniforms. The expenses doesn’t stop actually.

Geez, these days, sending kids to school are really expensive. I just hope that kids will do their best to learn what their teachers are teaching them in school and be good in school.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soft Diet

Booo.. I'm on a soft diet for 2 days. Why? My lower right molar is aching, some parts of my gums is swollen and I had a new teeth that was treated with light cure. My dentist advised me not to bite  hard on my teeth so she told me to go on a soft diet for 2 days.

Awww..I started it the other day eating lugaw for dinner, champorado for breakfast, rice loaded with soup and mami soup for dinner last night. Today, I managed to eat banana in sugar for breakfast and nilagang baboy (mashed the veggies and meat) for lunch. Boring isn’t it??? but I have to follow my dentist’s request if I want to be healed.

So for sure I’ll be losing a little weight once again, fortunately it’s only for 2 days. I’m so glad that I don’t even need to read any ripfire reviews because my problem is gaining and not loosing my weight right now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Going Back to School

School year 2011-2012 will start in about three weeks times and my SILs are already preparing their kids. Most of my nieces and nephews are already enrolled and bought their school supplies, books and new uniforms. I guess not all of them are excited and happy to go back to school though.

I’m also assuming that my net café will pick up once again once the school years starts. Right now, I’m already checking the computer video cables, mouse and keyboards if they are all in good condition as I’m expecting students to flock in once again to do their homework and researches online.

My little niece is excited the other day to show off her Barbie bag that she’s going to use this coming school year. It was actually a gift from her uncle when she celebrated her 7th birthday last year. There’s no doubt that a lot of kids would love to have new school items but it’s also nice to be a little thrifty by not buying new ones if they have something old to use.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pregnant Friends

I have lots of online and offline friends who are pregnant right now and there’s a baby boom! I’m so happy for them especially those that are first time to be pregnant. Their prayers are answered and a gift from above upon them. There’s no doubt that they’ve been taking care of themselves by frequently visiting their doctors and not just drinking any medicine especially when they have migraines during pregnancy.

I learned that those pregnant women who took Topamax, a drug that can cure migraine could cause serious birth defects on babies. The result is a cleft lip and palate for babies caused by this drug. Being aware of this drug can prevent mommies to file a Topamax lawsuit.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shopping for School Supplies

It's back to school this coming June and many parents have already enrolled their kids. My niece was already enrolled and she’s going to be grade 2 already while her brother will be in 2nd year in highschool. Since, I have no kids and no one to enroll, I decided to just buy them school supplies.

The little girl was excited upon knowing that we’ll be buying her notebooks and other stuff last Sunday. We went at SM and shop for her things, in fact, she is the one who picks what notebook cover she’ll buy. Of course, she chose barbie and other characters.
Fortunately, National bookstore is not yet jam-packed though there are long lines already. Actually, I was so impatient in the line that I just gave SIL the money and let them pay while I shop for myself. I’m pretty positive that come next weekend and early June, it’ll be hard to buy supplies as buyers will flock the store.
 IMG_1244IMG_1257 IMG_1252IMG_1255 

Back to Workforce

My bestfriend Race worked in a corporate world for many years until she gave it up her job in 2009 to be a WAHM (work-at-home-mom). She enjoyed the time she had with her husband and the kids as she missed being with them all the time due to her 9-5 job. I was more than happy to know that she attend at all her children’s school activities and can still work on her online work at the same time.

It was fulfilling as what she told me because being with her kids and husband is priceless. She earns well eventhough she’s not in the office for her online jobs helped her a lot financial wise. She can shop for her kids and in-fact, she told me one time when they went on a shopping spree with her kids. They’ve been enjoying all what my friend has worked in years.

A great offer from a co-worker before to go back in the office was just to irritable. At first she was hesitant to accept it but later on after asking advice, deep thinking and praying, she thought it was another good opportunity that can help her family. She got the job and right now she’s back in workforce. I know she’s still trying to get back on office mode but knowing her she can do it with flying colors.

I just wish my friend great success and praying that she made the right decision.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Earning Extra while Tutoring

It's still summer vacation for the kids and it only means that students are at home enjoying, playing and making the most of their school break. My niece who is in college found another way to earn little bit of money that can add to her allowance this coming school opening in June. She's been tutoring students who are challenged with their math subjects. Actually, she's been doing this since last year but stopped for a while when she became busy with her studies (film).

Right now, she’s helping an elementary student with her Math subjects and I know for sure when the school opens those that she tutored can use the knowledge that they got from my niece’s tutoring. I’m sure in the future my niece can easily find a job, by looking on columbus jobs advertisements either as a professor/teacher or whatever career she wants to take. I look up to her very much and I know she’ll be successful soon.

Lunch with Balikbayan Relatives



My aunt and uncle came home from LA last April to celebrate the Holy Week here. They visited us once lunch and since they missed Filipino foods so much, they requested for some Pinoy foods.

My SIL and bro cooked them Sinigang na Maya maya in Miso, grilled tilapia and hito fishes, shrimps in coconut and grilled pork. We also had green and ripe mangoes and watermelon fruits that are all sweet and delicious. Oh boy, we’re all stuff after lunch.

My uncle who has not come home for 16 years seemed so excited to come home to their hometown in Tarlac, so bro and mom accompanied them one weekend. The best part of their visit is when we received their “pasalubongs” (gifts) that they brought from LA. Lots of chocolates, canned goods, shirts and more, but no oliva cigars this time for the boys.
IMG_0769 IMG_0772 IMG_0775 IMG_0782

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our LCD TV Shopping

My mom and I have been thinking of buying a new TV for our house

since December. Funny thing is we’ve been entering Abenson almost every week just to take a peek at the LCD TV that was on displayed. Fortunately, we didn’t right away since the price that time was still high.

At first, I asked my sis who is in Riyadh to canvass me a Samsung LCD TV there and indeed it was more cheaper there. Knowing about the price there, I already asked my sis to buy me and bring it when they come home by July or so, but I changed my mind.

I could not wait any longer to have a new TV, so last April 3, I told my mom that we’re going to buy a TV already since it’s also a bit cheaper that time since it was on sale at SM Appliance center.

Here’s mom and bro waiting for our turn to have the TV tested

I wanted to buy a 42” inch but I don’t have a budget for that so we just end up buying 32” Samsung LCD TV, which is actually just perfect for the size our living room. Now, we can enjoy watching TV and movie at a bigger screen and I’m sure mom is very happy with the replacement.