Saturday, July 18, 2015

Musical Companion

I hope you are having a great day today. I started my day with a smile and full of enthusiasm. It's always nice to greet the day with lots of cheers and I hope I can do that everyday. Music also plays an important role in my waking life. Almost everyday, I see to it that I can have my daily dose of music that can also inspire and relaxes me.

Spotify is a gift.. really.! This is where I listen my fave songs and I can even browse all types of music on my desktop and mobile for free.. Yay! Listening is easy eventhough my speaker is not that big or hi-tech but let's me listen quite good. The boss 6 and other big musical accessories are needed anymore for my home listening pleasure. Just wish I have a more update speakers... hmmm... I will save for that and will give myself one on Christmas..yey!

Right now, Jessie J's , Ariana Grande's Bang-Bang is playing and what a bang on my playlist.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

JennyL Designs in Full Swing

I'm so happy that God blessed me with the talent to create. As you all know, I have been making graphic designs particularly digital scrapbooking kit, digital templates, cliparts and more since 2006 and this year my products are in full swing.

Since blogging has come to almost full stop,  I'm so thankful that I still have other ways on how to enjoy what I do and still earn and that is graphic designing. I no by means an expert but I know I can create beautiful and usable background papers and more that anyone including crafters, teachers and more can use. 

You can find my JennyL Designs products at these stores:


Thank you!