Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taho for Breakfast


I can’t remember when was the last time I ate taho for breakfast. Last. January 19th, I heard the taho man in our street so I immediately called him. I bought once small cup of taho that costs only P5.00 with those yummy sago and oh boy it was delicious. My niece and nephew upon hearing the taho man, hurriedly went out of the house to buy too. Look, I think my dog wants some
I think this is a delicious and healthy meal since it is made of soya, which is rich in calcium. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Little Bit Dangerous

My older brother owns a small electronics shop in our neighborhood for many years now. He started fixing our own television, DVD players and our other appliance but soon he realized that he could actually get money out of that. Later on, he opened an electronics shop where he is the only one fixing but when his customers got plenty, he eventually employed 2 more to lend a hand.

I’m just a little bit worried sometimes, everytime I see him using the lead wires in soldering the parts. I know that lead is poisonous and can eventually harm him and his technicians. I wish they’ll use lead free solders and solder paste soon for the sake of their own health.

My Dog Sophie Turns 3

Sophie turned 3 yrs.old on Jan. 15th so as her “mom”(owner), I gave her a very simple celebration. I just bought a cake from Red Ribbon and had a simple lunch with the family. We took a lot of photos and of course Sophie has lots of photos too as I intend of making another photobook for her.

Sophie is a mix dachshund and shitzu. She has short-legs and long-body features and that is what she inherited from her dachshund father while the long hair is from her shitzu mom. She’s got a hot temper when she sees other dogs or people she has not known outside our gate making her a good guard dog. She is also sweet and would immediately wag her tail when she sees you coming home. She loves to lay down and get patted. I love her so much!

Her injections are all complete, she has anti-rabies, anti-ticks/pleas, anti-intestinal parasites. She also has a multi-vitamins. With all that she is a health dog and I hope she’ll live with us for many years.

Need to Take Omeprazole Again


I thought I’m already ok but I guess I’m not. Early January, I can feel that my stomach is getting “sour” again eventhough I’m not drinking softdrinks or coffee anymore. I’m not even eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach but my feeling is kinda different once again. I can feel the bloating once in a while and a little bit pain. Nothing major though,

I remember my doctor prescribed me this medicine when I consulted her and after my colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures. I took it for 2 weeks and I felt much better.

Now I took this on Jan 11 for 5 days only and I guess it helped a lot once a again.

Doximity: Changing the Way Doctors Communicate

Our doctors is our ally if we are in pain, or need some medications for our ailments or disease. It’s always necessary to communicate with them openly so doctors can have a good diagnosis on what we are feeling.

If there’s a doctor-patient relationship, physicians also communicate well with their fellow colleagues in the medical field. Aside from attending various seminars, studies and conferences to keep them aware of the latest medical news and inventions, physicians need to have more referrals from other doctors. Thanks to Doximity, for they can communicate, exchange numbers or ideas etc. It’s their private networking available in the web, iPhone and Androids for free. Doctors like Peter Youssef MD
and other doctors who are member can be searched easily. It has changed the way doctors communicate.

So Kikay

Every other 2 weeks, my SIL and I have a manicure or pedicure scheduled. SIL’s SIL is a manicurist so ít’s so easy to ask for home service. Everytime, my niece saw us having our nails done, she will also ask permission if she can have her nails done too. Yay!

This is what she had 2 weeks ago.image

At the Operating Room Soon

I was talking to mom this morning and told her that we'll be going to her doctor again tomorrow for her health clearance and to schedule her operation. I guess she is already prepared to be operated but I know she is still afraid but she has no choice but to have her gallbladder removed already. She's been moving the schedule all the time and I wish before the month ends she is done already. Even if she's not feeling any pain in her stomach area, her doctor still advised her to get rid of the gallbladder already for we never know if the stones will get out of it and go to other organs. If that will happen, she'll be operated again and it will incur more expenses and pain for her.

Even if she hates to see the hospital, nurses, the  medication carts and the medicines or the needles that will be injected to her, there’s no other choice. I just hope all procedures will be fine.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Be Beautified

My niece who happens to be only 8 years old but turning 9 this May is showing some signs that she really enjoys dressing up and keeping herself look nice all the time. I guess there’s nothing wrong about that as long as she will not grow up buying too much make up or clothes if she can’t afford it. Anyway, since I don’t have any kid of my own, I really love to buy some clothes for her sometimes if I go shopping.

These days, she already picks the clothes that she will wear and sometimes ask for my opinion if the one the she picked is nice or coordinated. He mom is already complaining for she can’t insists anymore on what she wants her daughter to wear. Oh well, I guess my niece is not the only kid trying to be independent. I will not wonder anymore if one day, she’ll be putting make-up as well, but of course we’ll not allow her to do that at such a young age.

Anyway, I know many people who studied in a cosmetology school to hone their skills and to learn more about the industry. Sometimes experience is not only the thing you need to become professional, trained and specialist in beauty treatment but you also need to learn more inside a classroom.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Random Thoughts on New Year

Hello everyone.. I'm bad.. this is my 1st blog post for this year on this blog and I'm kinda sorry for neglecting this blog for a while. Promise, I'll update from time to time if I have more time. You see, things have been crazy for the last few days in my neck of the woods so excuse me for that.

Anyway, as usual we had a great Christmas and New Year celebration with my family and I'll post some pics even it's a bit late. This 2012, I have lots of things to achieve/do and I have posted some of them on my last post before 2011 ends. I’ve been saving for I want a new sofa and our living room badly needs re-painting. I even wanted a samsung home theatre system but it looks like that my budget for this year will not permit that so it’ll go on my wish list instead. 

Aside from that, mom will be operated soon so money will be tight a bit for sure but I know with the grace of our Lord, things will work out fine. I hope you’re all having a good start of the year.