Thursday, November 28, 2013

Early Christmas Shopping

I'm actually so excited for Christmas this year to come for I know it will be so memorable and fun. Since Christmas is just around the corner, I'm pretty much on the go for Christmas shopping already.

I started my Christmas shopping for gifts by mid November and I'm so glad that I did that for I know I will be spared from the long lines on the counter and fitting rooms during the peak season of Christmas shopping. Right now, I'm almost done.

This year, I have bought some special gifts for my family and for my godchildren. A godchild of mine which is around 7 years old loves cars so much that I bought him another car that will be added to his collection.

During holidays, there's no doubt that we'll be taking lots of photos too so be sure to ready your cameras. I suggest that you also buy spare batteries so you'll not end up not being alble to take more pictures because your battery is dead already. If you're using Kodak cam, check out kodak camera batteries for spare ones. I'm using Canon digi-camand I already bought an extra battery that I can use. I don;t want to miss any moment so I'm making sure that I have extra battery.

I'm still going to the mall this weekend to finish my Christmas shopping so I can already wrap them and place my gifts under the Christmas tree, which I still need to put up this coming week too.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ceelin Plus Syrup for Kids

Few days ago, I received these CEELIN PLUS vitamin samples from UNILAB for my 10-yr. old niece to try. Actually, she's already drinking Ceelin vitamins for quite a while now so these are not really new to her.

Growing kids need a lot of nutritious foods but at times they don't get all the nutrients that they need to help them grow more and help protect them from diseases. This is where injections and vitamins come in to keep them healthy and active all the time. Just last October, the kids and I had our flu shots and it can help us from acquiring influenza especially during cold or when weather is erratic and changing from time-to-time.

Drinking vitamins like this Ceelin Plus syrup is a must for kids for it can help them to have stronger immune system and it will give them added supplement of Vitamin C and Zinc.
"Ceelin Plus uses the unique ZincPlusTM technology that combines Vitamin C and Zinc in a liquid format with improved vitamin C stability thus making Ceelin® Plus the only Vitamin C plus Zinc in liquid format containing stabilized Vitamin C. Such combination results in a dual immunity boosting action and a stronger immune system."

The lil' girl had her dose (1-2 tsp. since she's already 10 yrs. old) and she's taking it every night. No wonder she is growing taller and I guess later on she'll outgrow me since she's only around 4 inches shorter than me now.. yay!
Thanks Unilab! She loves it!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) Hits Philippines

In the last 2 days our weather bureau PAG-ASA has been telling that a super typhoon names YOLANDA with an international name of HAIYAN will  hit our country today Nov. 8 and it will directly hit Visayan region. All the local government are advised to tell their constituents about this typhoon and to advise them to evacuate if possible because it has strong winds.

Just last night, a lot of provinces that will be directly affected or not have announced no classes on some levels to avoid possible casualty. Our own province is under storm signal no. 2 this morning and classes on all levels are suspended.

True enough, this morning the center of the typhoon hits Tacloban City and I saw in the news at how strong the winds are. The rain floods also rose in half hour or so. There are many families living in near seaside and they are forced to evacuate.

As of this writing, Yolanda has moved or landed in Metro Manila and I can hear the gusty winds right now. I'm praying for all the safety of my countrymen because this is believed to be the STRONGEST STORM in the world.

God Bless us and hope the typhoon will pass with not much destruction.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Exercised My Right to Vote

Actually, I should have posted this last week when our nation had another national holiday because of election.

It was on October 28th when a Barangay election was held all over the Philippines except for some parts of of our nation like Bohol, Cebu and Zamboanga because they are affected by the 7.2 earthquake and civil war respectively.

Barangay is the smallest political unit of the government and it was headed by the so-called Barangay Kapitan along with Kagawad that will make Barangay ordinances and laws. Some of my family members voted in the morning while me, my mom, bro and his wife voted in the afternoon.

Upon arrival at the local elementary school where we always vote, we asked for our precinct numbers and it took only few minutes to know because it's computerized. Voting is a breeze and it only takes 5 mins or so to vote. I voted for 1 Kapitan and only 3 Kagawads.

That night, we already heard loud fireworks and it signals that there are already winners. In the morning, there is are motorcades of winners. It was festive, noisy and a lot of merry making. I am most sure that those politicians that won had party and or get together with drum, lyre , guitars playing to celebrate.

Oh BTW, the Barangay Captain that I voted won! While the 3 Kagawads didn't make it .. awwww..I just hope that he'll do good in his position which I know he will.