Monday, March 7, 2016

My Fur Baby Turns 7

It was March of 2009 when my brother decided to buy a puppy for their home. So he went to a breeder near by and saw this cute brown puppy but it was already reserved for someone. Went home broken hearted, my bro and niece went back again after few weeks with hopes of getting one.

There they saw this hairy black and white puppy and their hearts melted. They purchased this mix breed dog that we named SOPHIE in 2009. She is half shitzu/daschund breed that don't shed that much. At first, my mom is not ok with the idea of having a dog in the house for she thougth that it might just make a mess with her poo and wee, but she was wrong.

Sophie was quite a handful in her 1st 2 years but she behaved later on and become our darling. Actually, I adopted Sophie from my brother who is having difficulty diving time with her.. Later on she became my baby up to now.

Actually, we didn't know when is her exact date of birth but we just gave her birthday every January each year. Now she's 7! and oh wow she is old now but still loved!

I was out of the country last January so my bro wasn't able to throw a party for her. So when I arrived last Feb 21 from Australia, I gave her a party!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

When is it Time to Update the Bathroom?

The bathroom is one space that you look at on a daily basis. Showering, washing your hands and performing other tasks distracts you from the overall appearance of the space, however. It's time to take a focused look at your bathroom and contemplate if it's time to update it or not.

Impending Home Sale

A bathroom update is definitely necessary if you're anticipating a home sale. In fact, the space may not need a major investment either. Replace some of the simple items that make a big impact. Replace the cabinet hardware, towel holders and shower curtain, for example. These basic changes will draw the buyers' eyes away from older fixtures and make them excited about the space. The new homeowners can always update other bathroom items as they desire.

Declining Caulk Around Bathtub

An obvious sign of bathroom aging is peeling caulk. Surrounding your bathtub's rim is caulk. This material is simply a filler that creates a watertight seal between the tub and wall section. Ideally, you should peel this old caulk off and apply new caulk after a few years of use. This project is considered an update because it truly transforms the space. An old shower and tub enclosure can quickly look brand-new with quality caulk.

Aging Bathtub Finish

Some bathtubs have seen a lot of action over the years. Dingy appearances and gouged acrylic might be part of your bathtub's aesthetic right now. Consider bathtub refinishing Augusta GA. A refinished tub is stripped of its top material layers which allows professionals to add brand-new ones. As a result, your tub will look like it's straight out of a factory's inventory. Bathtubs as old as 10 or 15 years old can easily be refinished.

Leaking Fixtures

A bathroom update is also necessary when you notice fixtures actively leaking. Faucets, knobs and shower heads shouldn't leak any water after you shut off the supply. These leaks will cost you money on water bills, and the fixtures will quickly wear down too. Allow a professional to fix these fixtures for the best results.

Although many bathroom updates can be DIY projects, you may not feel comfortable with those tasks. Hiring a professional is always a smart idea when you're unsure of the remodeling situation. You'll pay for the materials and labor that keep your home as beautiful as possible. As a result, the bathroom will have a clean look that's ready for a sale or household visitors.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Flight Back Home

So I flew back home in Pinas with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart last Feb. 21st.At first, I was not crying and all and not feeling so sad but when I'm at the departure's gate and about to say my final goodbyes to my sitster and her family, my tears bursted.. wahhh.. I felt so sad because I will miss Australia, the 2 doggies and of course my sister and her family.

It's been a good and long 3-month stay in Sydney and I have to say that this is the most memorable vacation that I have in Australia. Being there for 4 times already have made me appreciate the country more, their culture, their food, their people and nice places. I will surely miss Australia and I hope there will come a time again in the future to visit the country once again.

I flew via Cebu Pacific and wow I my luggage was overweight I was only allowed 20-23 kilos but paid for the 4 kilos excess and wow it was AU$45/kilo so my bro in law paid $180 for the 4 kilos excess. Oh well that is part of flying for some including me that can never pack light as I have tons of pasalubongs or gifts.

The flight took around 8 hours. We left Sydney at past 1 pm Aussie time and arrived at 6pm Phil. Time (9:00 pm Australia Time). The flight is long and I have no seatmates so the 3 seats are all mine! haha..

Stopped by the Duty Free store to grab a bag of chocolates. Costs P1,800.. for M'&M and snickers and more...

Ahh... back in Pinas!

Mixing alcohol and better health

Few people would argue, and no one would successfully argue, that alcohol is a particularly healthy beverage if it's consumed on a more than moderate level. Alcohol is one of those necessary evils for some people. Now that more and more people are realizing the value of moderation or even very light drinking as opposed to drunkenness and a "party" mentality toward alcohol, there are conservative mixers out there meant to add a touch of health to a dose of alcohol. While these mixers in no way make alcohol a safe beverage to consume a lot of, they do make alcohol a lesser evil for folks who enjoy to have a good mixed drink now and again. The menu of mixers for alcohol has grown strong over the years with low carb beverages for the weight conscious and hydration mixers for those who want to feel less weighed down when drinking.

What are hydration mixers?

One of the things that alcohol does to the body is quickly dehydrate it. Add to this the fact that many people skip meals when they're drinking and you have a recipe for feeling terrible a day after drinking. Some folks begin to feel weighed down and dehydrated even while they're still enjoying a spirit or two. What hydration mixers do is give drinkers a lot of electrolytes to ward off dehydration and make them feel better during and after drinking than they normally would. These drinks are something that many folks swear by.

Keep it moderate

No matter how many hydration mixers you throw into the mix, you're still going to feel terrible the next day if you overdo it. Don't mistake healthy mixers as something that make alcohol healthy. They don't. What they do is give you the opportunity to skip out on some of the carbs and bad things that lead to feeling physically bad after drinking. They keep you hydrated and let you enjoy alcohol in a way that doesn't cause quite as much discomfort as a normal beer or two would. Many of these mixers are also great tasting. For those who have a problem with the taste of alcohol, the mixers really do a lot to drown out that taste and turn alcohol into something that for once can truly be enjoyed without the pesky stomach upset. That's only if you keep it moderate

I'm Back!!

I'm back in Pinas after my 3-month long vacation in Australia. Wow time sure flies so fast.! I flew last Nov. 22 and back in Feb 21 and I felt like it went away so fast becasue I enjoyed it so much. I stayed at my sister's house with her family and we have been to a lot of places that I have not been before.

It was such a great experience to be at the Land Down Under for the 4th time. I'm still overwhelmed every time i get to visit there. Every place that I went to was just beautiful. I have lots of photos and stories to tell and I will blog them soon here.