Friday, December 9, 2016

No Cook Overnight Oatmeal Chia Honey Breakfast Pudding

Few years back, I used to eat rice with egg or hotdog for breakfast then shifted to cereals with milk. The rice was too heavy for a breakfast for me so I stopped eating them.. then cereals came to the picture. I love honey and Oats by Kellogs with low fat milk almost everyday but sometimes i eat bread with spread.

I later found out a new delicious and healthy breakfast that was taught by my online friend. This no-cook oatmeal with chia and honey breakfast pudding was sooooo good that I have been eating it for over 2 weeks now almost everyday. I just changed the fruits that I use and oh boy it is really good. You need to try this.

Preparing it is just so simple. No need to cook and the ratio really depends on you .. no exact measurement. You just need to combine all of them, put in the fridge overnight and voila you'll have a filling breakfast the next day. The oats and chia seeds will absorb the milk and the concoction will turn to a pudding like consistency in the morning.

whole rolled oats
chia seeds- you can also use flax seeds
fruits that you like
milk ( low fat- almond, soya or coconut milk whatever you prefer)
honey - or maple syrup (but this can be skipped as most fruits are already sweet)

I usually put mine on mason jar but you can use any glass bottle you have.
I already made using grapes, banana, apple and mango, which is my fave.
You need to try this because it is so delicious and healthy!

Health benefits of OATS

  • rich in fiber, 
  • regulates bowel movement
  • good for the heart
  • controls blood sugar 
  • lower risk of hypertension
Health benefits of CHIA SEEDS
  • rich in fiber
  • helps treat diabetes
  • rich in antioxidants

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Home Preparation Tips For a Worry-Free Vacation

Let's face it, a vacation can be a stressful event if you don't make plans and reservations in advance. You might want to leave your itinerary flexible so as not to stifle your spirit of adventure, but you don't want to experience stress when it comes to things like finding a place to stay, renting a car or having tickets for events you want to attend. In order for your vacation to be a pleasurable experience, you also need to make preparations around your home. You can't fully enjoy your vacation experience if you're worried about your home or pets.

Home preparation
There are a few simple steps you can take to help eliminate worries about your home and make your return a more pleasant experience. Before you leave for vacation, unplug as many electronics as possible. Remove food from the refrigerator that will spoil before you return. A thorough cleaning of your home prior to leaving will assure that you won't have a lengthy chore list when you get home. You should also mow the lawn before you leave.

Home security
You can help assure that your home and its contents remain safe while you're are away by stopping newspaper and mail delivery and putting lights on a timer. Install motion sensor lights outside your home. A security system is a great way to protect your home while you're on vacation and anytime you're away from home. Leave your car in the garage. Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway occasionally so that it appears there is activity going on and someone is home. Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home and to inform you or the proper authorities of any unusual activity.

Leaving pets behind can be stressful. When you're making those travel plans in advance, add "find luxury cat boarding facilities" to your list of things to do. A boarding facility that lets you customize your cat's meal plan and provide extra perks such as private play time, special treats and toys for your cat is ideal. If your cat is extra playful, a little laid back or a curious kitty that would love a room with a view, knowing that you have made boarding arrangements that match their personality will give you peace of mind while you're away.

It is well worth the investment of time and possibly some extra expense to make home and pet care preparations that will enable you to enjoy your vacation without worrying about things at home. Returning home from vacation to find a clean home and a satisfied cat is a bonus feature to your vacation.

Slowly Healing "Murdered" Toenail

It's always feel great when you have clean nails on your hand and feet but when your pedicurist hurts you then it's another story arghhh..

My vacationing niece from Sydney asked me to accompany her to the nail salon to get her much needed manicure. So we went to this nail salon at the nearby mall, at first i told her to have her nails done at the other salon but she insisted it there.. Ok fine.... the salon is clean and cozy anyway.

Not wanting to wait for her for about an hour or so, I decided to have foot spa with pedicure while my niece got a relaxing hand massage with manicure. The foot spa was nice as well especially when the warm water where my feet are dipped is making my feet relaxed. I have few dead feet skin as what the pedicurist told me. Awesome! She didn't have troubles in my feet i guess.. haha..

I picked a nice red nailpolish for my toenails and it makes my feet look nice. The cleaning at first was ok, she is even asking me if it hurts and I said no. When the cleaning was on my big toe on my right foot, she accidentally hurt it and I blurted out that it hurts.. arghhhh.. She continued to clean it or cut the sides of the nails and oh God it hurts more. After the session, the toe is not hurting much but after a week, the toenail become swollen and pus are accumulating already wahhh.. OUCH!

I decided to put some betadine on my wound and asked my doctor friend to prescribe an antibiotic for me to drink. She prescribed this Dalacin C  (Clindamycin) 300 mg  2/day for 7 days. It is quite expensive, costs P 95.25 each since it is branded. I guess it's much cheaper if I got the generic one.

Anway, i have been drinking this for 3 days now and thankfully, my wound is starting to heal. There is less pain and swelling and the pus are coming out slowly. At first, I have no intention of drinking antibiotic but the swelling is becoming so uncomfortable already so I had to take them now.

Lesson learned. I will not have my nails done for now at the salon. I will just do it by myself now. For sure it will take me years to have it done by someone since this experience is just so unbearable.