Wednesday, March 2, 2022

My Printed BTS Permission to Dance CInemaTicket

Finally, got my ticket printed at SM Cinema Taytay yesterday. There’s no problem with my purchased BTS PTD Live Streaming on March 12, 2022. The ticket was printed in a swift after showing the email confirmation, QR code with booking or reference no. at iPay88 email and valid ID. The lady told me that a physical ticket is really need to enter the cinema. 

 Here are some advice that the lady in the ticket counter said: 

1. Avoid the ticket to get wet, lost or crumpled because they can only print that only ONCE. 

2. As much as possible, try to have the ticket printed much earlier before 12th at the cinema branch where you bought it online to avoid long lines and hassle. Although you can have it printed on March 12th, but expect long lines. Try to be there early if you are far because it’s a pain if your are still in the line when the streaming is starting already. Yay! 

 3. If you did not receive any QR code but you are billed, and especially you have no seat number, quickly go to the branch to confirm if you got the slot. They will also help you to fix any problem you have with your online booking.

 4. If you have QR code but don’t have the reference no. or booking ID then it’s also a problem. 

 Ok ARMYs, I hope you have your physical tickets now and see you at the cinema. I only got the 8:45 pm slot but it’s ok . better than nothing! So excited to watch our boys on big screen!