Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Photos of Typhoon Ondoy's Fury

I'm sure you have seen tons of photos of Typhoon Ondoy's destruction and it is really overwhelming and for all of us that has been affected the memories of its fury will never be erased from us. Our place are still lucky eventhough we are at a town in Rizal province where it is badly hit as well. It is still heartbreaking to watch the news on TV seeing people holding on to ropes, industrial handles, making makeshift rafts, cleaning up the big mess, dead people on the roads and other heartbreaking scenes.

Here are some images that my nephew took last Saturday on our street. We are still fortunate that the waters on the main road is only that high but some places are not lucky enough.

Right now we have fully recovered from it, no more floods and telephone lines are also back.

Thank God.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Result of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 1: ERIC & LISA, Garrett & Jessica are Eliminated

Result of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 1: ERIC & LISA , Garrett & Jessica are Eliminated
The Premiere episode was so quick and even before teams reach TOKYO, JAPAN they already eliminated one team bec. they failed to find the correct license plate: ERIC and LISA are Eliminated early.

Here's the result of the 1st part
Team no.
1. Meghan & Cheyne 2. Zev & Justin 3. Lance & Keri 4. Marcy & Ron 5. Flight Time & Big Easy 6. Brian & Ericka 7. Gary & Matt 8. Garrett & Jessica 9. Sam & Dan 10. Mika & Canaan 11. LAST Maria & Tiffany
2 hr penalty but NOT eliminated did the SPEED BUMP

---- The game continues in VIETNAM-----
1. Gary & Matt
2. Sam & Dan
3. Flight Time & Big Easy
4. Lance & Keri
5. Zev & Justin
6. Meghan & Cheyne
7. Maria & Tiffany
8. Mika & Canaan
9. Marcy & Ron
10. Brian & Ericka
LAST and ELIMINATED: Garrett & Jessica

I am so happy that Amazing Race 15 was here again and today it aired here this morning at Studio 23 from 8 am till 9:30 am andI was able to watch it. The 12 teams made their way in Tokyo where they were greeted with tasks and like I said one team was eliminated so early on the game.

They went over to Vietnam and gosh the game was so intense and I was laughing when they need to get the mud to the tree and lead the ducks to their "cage". The game was intense and so tiring and teams need not take diet pills to make them fit bec. they tasks alone will make you lose weight. I will definitely follow the coming episodes of THE AMAZING RACE 15, so see more results here.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Left Our Place Flooded

I have a very unforgettable experience today bec. of Typhoon Ondoy. It was raining already since last night and this morning my family and I boarded our vehicle to go to our net cafe. The rain is still tamed that time and when we went out of our subdivision we already saw floods on the area. We still continued to drive hoping we can pass the floods but the routes are already blocked and it was traffic already so we went back only to find out that the floods has gone up already.

We stopped at a nearby fastfood chain and parked our car but I told mom that I want to go home by foot so me and my niece braved the thigh high floods along the way. I enjoyed walking at first but all of a sudden big waves of floods greeted us along the way and it was scary.

I even asked men to hold us for a while walking because I am scared that we might be washed away by the floods. If only I have photos and video of my experience then you'll see how scary it was.

When we got home, we saw our garage flooded already and the floods keeps on getting high and worst when I saw the water coming inside of our house it was then when I panicked. My niece and I had to put some of the furniture up to keep it from wetting.

Here are some Phone Cam photos that I took while we are on board our vehicle. This is the worst flooding that we have experienced!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A Different Experience

Eventhough typhoon Ondoy is wreaking havoc in our province right now, we are positive that this calamity will end in no time. We are all praying that not many families will be affected because just seeing all the flood videos on TV is already heartbreaking. Every family don’t deserve this calamity but rather to have a well deserved family vacation like what Karisma hotels have been offering as everyone needs a break.

Right now, I keep on tuning in to the news and heard there are many families left homeless already while others are still stranded. Though we have experienced floods in our area too, it's nothign compared to those that have floods up to the roofs of their houses.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Bebots/Twitter Christmas Exchange Gift Wish List

It's my 3rd time to join the Bebots/Twitter Christmas Exchange gift and it's actually lot of fun. Like I said on my previous post about our online Christmas bunutan for our Christmas Exchange Gift, we should post our wish list so that our "mommy" will know what to buy for us.

Anyway, here is my wish list and I hope my mommy will not have a hard time with my picks.
1. Clinique Happy (30ml) perfume. "Mommy", I saw one at e-bay phils. and they accept paypal and it is Pinas based so the shipping is cheap lang. If you are here in Pinas na you can also opt to buy at the mall na lang and ship it to me para sure.

I know this perfume exceeded our $30 limit a little bit so, I am willing to pay the excess. This is my priority, I'd appreciate so much if I will have this.

2. Old Navy Mock-Neck Track Jacket - Size M, Color: Mole $15 so kindly get the #3 as well

This one you can have it shipped at Faye's addy, I already have e-mailed her about this.
She will be sending a box this Oct. so pwede pasabay.

3. Old Navy Polo Shirt Size Small, Color: watermelon
These 2 ON are on sale. $15

If this color is not available upon your order, just get the Teal. Thanks.

4. ALDO Heidrick Bag, Cognac Color . It's on sale din.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Fossil jeans belt, I want a leather braided jeans belt like this sana. 32" long and 1" thick
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

5. GC's at
Robinson's store or CMG (Celine) GC (i hope pwede sa Robinson's Galleria ha)

I hope you can grant my wish "mommy", pa birthday (Nov.) mo na rin sa kin hehe. Thanks in advance and I hope it will not be too hard for you!! Mwah mwah!! Can't wait for any of these gifts!(Kulang na lang shoes at jeans oh complete wardrobe ito haha)..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Christmas Online Exchange Gift "Bunutan"

My co-Bebots (digi-scrappers) and co-twitters are having yet another Christmas Exchange gift. It was our 3rd time to do this and it's actually fun. We are are group of ladies who met online around 2006 via our hobby digital scrapbooking and since then we became friends up to now. I already met most of them in person and in fact we had our big EB or get together last April. This year we already started picked(raffled) our "baby" via online (DZOI made a great website for it ) where we get to register and just the other day, I already know who is my "BABY".
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
We need to make our wishlist and post it on our blogs so that our "MOMMY" will know what we want. We started this early so we have a lot of time in purchasing the gifts so that we all can receive it early or on time. You know how it is during the holidays, there'll be delays in shipping and we don;t want that to happen again just like last year where our member got her gift January already.

Right now I am still thinking what gifts do I want for our exchange gift. I will just post it here once I am done. This is exciting! I wonder who is "mommy" !!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There Is Hope

One major problem in our society and all over the world is drug addiction, how many lives have we known to have gone nowhere because of this abuse. High-end celebrities, politicians and just about ordinary people are vulnerable to this abuse. We certainly don’t want our kids or loved ones to go on this path bec. living that kind of life can be hell. Thanks to many gov’t., non-gov’t or private institutions who are willing to help these drug abusers of cocaine, shabu etc. bec. they are given a chance to cleanse themselves and get out of it.

I know it’ll be hard for any user to subject themselves to treatment and to be in a drug rehab center the 1st time but in the long run I know it is for their own good. Just letting you all know that there is hope and treatment for them.Every government also has health and drug free awareness.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Intermittent / On and Off Internet Connection

Oh dear I'm getting piqued with my Smart bro internet connection since Friday because it has intermittent or on and off net connection. It was around 5 pm when my net connection at my shop got busted and yesterday it went off again at 7 pm. I already called their customer service and unfortunately he told me that there is a problem with the base in which I am connected. Argghhh. it was only this noon that the service got back!

I was only relived because I have connection here at home to continue my work BUT holy cow my connection right now is ON and OFF as well !!!! I have to blame the heavy rains because I noticed that after the rains my connection will be on and off already.

Oh I can see my net is on now, i have to publish this now!

Friday, September 18, 2009

She Wants To Be a Blogger too!

A former highschool classmate of mine called on the phone last week while I was home working. I thought she will talk about our meeting but it turned out to be that she was interesting in blogging because she overheard about it on our last meeting. She asked me if I can teach her on how to start her own blog so I told her sure.

She’s really interested on being a blogger so last Tuesday she went to my shop and we had a blogger 101 lessons. We already made a blog for her but till now she hasn’t updated it yet .lol… I hope she remembered all the pointers that I gave her and I even told her that she should have passion or at least a desire to write and update. Good luck to her, I’ll be monitoring her new blog if she’s updating.

That Thing Called Gold

Investing in something valuable is always good. We sometimes think of how we can earn extra aside from our current salary. It’s never wrong to have a sideline or extra jobs if that will double our profits. I’ve been thinking on what to invest but it seems daunting bec. I don’t know where to start esp. I don’t have that big capital to start with. I reckon that gold is great investment. Why not? Aside from being one of the precious metals, they never wear and tear through the years and their value never seems to depreciate. Those big time investors even buy or sell gold though Monex.com either as coins or bullions.

Long Weekend Once Again

It'll be a long weekend once again here like 2 weeks ago bec. Sept. 21, 2009 was declared a non-working holiday by the palace few weeks back bec. Sept. 21 (MONDAY) is the end of Eid ul-Fitr, the end of Muslim Holiday (Ramadan, which is the Islamic holy month of fasting).

So there will be lots of bonding times for the family this weekend from Sat. - Monday (Sept. 19-21) and some of you might go on a mini-vacation somewhere or some will just stay at home. No matter what you will do this long weekend, I hope it is fun and worthwhile. What's your plans this long weekend?

COKE Free For a While

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I've been drinking Coke for many years now and how can how I resist this quench thristing sofdrinks? I am adddicted to it somehow I guess and it got to the point that I drink one small bottle (Coke solo) each time I have my snack in the afternoon everyday. I know it's not good but I can;t resist the temptation.

Anyway, finally one day, I came to realize that my belly is getting bigger and always bloated and I am guessing it is also due to my frequent drinking of Coke aside of course from my constant sitting for too long and lack of exercise. I hate to see myself like pregnant and my belly sticking out too much so slowly I'm managing to stay away from it. Right now I am Coke free for 3 weeks now! wahoooo!! That makes me happy and I felt that I am less bloated as if my belly fat has been gone since I don't it as well. I hope I will be able to continues this for a long time but I know I will drink or sip again in no time. Arghhh..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Little Break For Me!

Oh dear, I've been working hard these couple of weeks already that there are times that I need to sleep so late because of that. Nope I'm not complaining, in fact, I am so grateful for that like I said before not all bloggers are given the same privilege as I got.

Now that I have finished my hectic and bulk jobs, it's my time to rest a bit. Just like yesterday, I went home from work and after dinner, all I did was to relax and imagine I was at one of those cheap Orlando hotels hehe. I also had time to play with my pet dog Sophie, watch TV till midnight and didn't open my laptop. Doing so made me watch tons of TV shows last night that I missed for weeks already.

I'm a bit sad that one of the company that gave bulk orders stopped sending for a while but I was more than happy to see another company poured so much blessings yesterday to me and my other friends and we couldn't be happier. Thank God for all of these especially that my birthday is coming very soon wahooo, so I have some savings to give myself a treat plus Christmas and our Hongkong trip is coming as well so I needed some moolah as well.

Anyway, I am happy with what I am doing it's just that I need to give myself a break sometimes. Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sophie's 1st Doctor's Appointment

It was our delight to have a pet dog just this year. We got Sophie last March and it was only this month that my bro and sil brought her to the veterinarian last Sept. 3 because she got a flea infection. We are so worried that it might spread further to her and to our surroundings so it's better to have her treated. The vet gave her an injection that will eventually "kill" or minimize the fleas and that the fleas will fall off from her. The doc said that there'll be 2 treatments.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The vet gave this special soap and shampoo for her and within 2 weeks of treatment we noticed that her fleas were suddenly dying and slowly disappearing. Tomorrow is her appointment and injection once again. Having a pet is like having a child .. yay bec. there's a doc appointment and all.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
look at her dog book, she's like a baby

Baby Shower for a Mother-to-be

What a very joyous moment when a couple learned that they will have a new bundle of joy coming soon. Whether it be a first born or another addition to your family, having a baby at home adds more light and hope for your future as a family. It’s always a delight to hand over a baby shower invites to your friends and relatives.

You can order your baby shower invites at http://www.birth-cards.com and aside from having nice designs, their invites are affordable as well. Free shipping and 10 free cards and no extra cost for modifications are also given by Births-Cards and just think about how much you will save for that. It doesn’t have to be expensive all the time to have baby showers.

Why Do Men Love Cars?

Sure… men love cars! I can see a lot of men whose reading this nodding their heads and smiling from ear to ear. If men love cars then women bags, shoes and shopping and that what makes us different. So why do men love cars? I can still remember my brothers when we were just kids, mom used to buy them plastic toy cars and my bro then would jump for joy playing with them. As they grow older they still love cars and this time not just plastic but those metal cars like the Hot Wheels.

These days eventhough they have kids of their own they still from time to time collect toys like this Ferrari toy cars that one of my bro is collecting. He said eventhough it’s not a real one because he can’t afford to buy one in the first place, his love for luxury and high performance car will never cease.

I know a lot of guys who are into real cars and would you believe they even talk about it over and over again, bragging about it. It is their cherish possession, the extension of their selves and one piece of a topic that they will never get tired of talking about. How much more if they have those luxury and expensive cars, chances are they will be maintaining it or taking care of it more than usual. Guys will also go crazy with car enhancements, whether it be from simple putting new stereo to adding car body kits, i know they will not stop until they can see their machines “manly” with high attitude and performance. And oh btw, they love speed.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Keeping in Touch Online

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
It was about 2 Sundays ago when I buzzed my sister JOY who is in Sydney with her family at YM. It's been a while since we did see each other at the webcam so I thought it's a perfect time to do this since some of my nephews and nieces were also present so they can see them as well.

We also had the chance to see her 2 growing kids Bianca and Braiden but unfortunately Micah was not there at that time since she was working during the weekend. We all had a nice chat eventhough the voice connection sucks at Yahoo Messenger. We should have used SKYPE where the voice's clarity is much better and the video is much clearer and not freezing.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Here you'll see my mom was talking to her grandchildren. Funny thing is that she can't clearly hear the kids answer bec. it is choppy and aside from that we all know that Australian English is way too different from American English. I myself have a hard time understanding it as well when I was in Australia. Hahaha they have a different accent and form of words.

Anyway, we had a grand time chatting with them and we are too excited to see them (whole family) in December when they will have a vacation here.

On the Lookout for a New Second Hand Van

We just sold our vehicle few months back and now brother is looking for a replacement. Nope we are not eyeing for a brand new one since we have only a limited budget for it. Bro already looked at Sulit website for second hand vans and cars and have actually physically seen some for sale but they have not purchased any yet since he is looking for a van with a nice body still and not much repair needed on it.

My bro and his friends were talking about the engines and other vehicle stuff and if my eavesdropping is correct they must see to it that the chassis no. and body no. should be indicated properly in the vehicle’s papers before they can buy it. These days you know there are lots of carnapped cars where parts from other vehicles are put together to form a new one. We can’t hide the fact that this modus operandi of crooks really happens and we should be careful about it. We don’t want to end up buying a carnap vehicle anyway.

My brother also is seeing to it as much as possible not much repairs on the vehicle is needed as it is hard to maintain vehicles these days as parts and repair fee have gone up as well. For those with money and have luxury cars like Lexus, they need to maintain it really well and some have even get a job design body kit from ISG just to make them look more in style and with high performance.

Monday, September 14, 2009

E-mail Marketing or Direct Marketing

It always got me thinking on how those big named companies was able to expand and build more customers. Owning a very small shop like mine has been quite a challenge already and I am sure big time companies had a lot too but for sure they have lots of advisers and they continue to study and learn the ins and outs of their business.

Marketing strategy will play an important role too and with the stiff competition among businesses owners will always put a step forward on how to maintain their customers or attract more. Aside from marketing gimmick as you may call it, e-mail marketing is evolving and continuously used by business owners as well. Whether you have small or large company, reaching out to tour customers through e-mails has proven to be beneficial. Sending product promotions, tips or simply enticing your customers to try a product or services that you are offering. They may have even used email marketing software like 1-2All that can help them.

Advantages are the easiness of use, low cost or t no monthly fees. It is also web-based and technical expertise is not needed. There’s a disadvantage however because some companies may have abused using this and they become spammy already.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day!!

Today September 13th is the Grandparents Day and has been popular in the US and Canada but we have adopted it here too. Sad to say that I don't have any grandparents anymore both on my mom and dad's side.

It was an ordinary Sunday for us here, didn't celebrate it with a party or something but we just had a nice lunch. Just wanted to share a photo of my mom together with some of her "apos" (Grand children) taken in 2008. Though it's not taken today during Grandparents day but this photo is special for mom as she had a photo with my nephews and nieces. It is seldom that they get together because some of them are living in Riyadh and Sydney. I hope they will be complete this year.
They all had fun together with their grandma and when I told them to pose funny, look at what they have come up hahahaha!!! A precious moment to cherish. Happy Grandparents Day!!

Swish Embassy Online Store

Online shopping has become one of the favorites of shop-aholics as sometimes it is where we can find rare pieces that we don’t normally find on a regular store, plus the fact that we can find almost anything online by just merely taking the time to scour all the shopping stores.

I myself have been hooked on some online stores that are US or Hongkong based and have been also to several local sellers doing business at Multiply sites. I must say that it is always tempting to buy especially since my birthday and Christmas is coming very soon.

It was also interestingly to know that there’s also an online store that specifically caters for gay community. Swish Embassy, is an online store based in Canada which is owned and operated by a gay, has been offering casual humor tees, flirty and dirty tees, premium tees and even accessories and undergarments. Gay T-Shirts are fun, is often suggestive but not too vulgar and can be perfect piece of would-be conversation. Gay shirts have gained popularity in countries like the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Ireland and the Netherlands and who knows it might be in your country as well. Their t-shirt prices ranges from $22.95 up and they on-going sale right now. Should you be interested just browse their online gallery.

Throwing a Baby Shower Party

What a very momentous news when you finally learned that you are having a baby again or for the first time. I know all the couples out there want to jump for joy when they learned that they are both blessed with a baby soon. Keeping the news to yourselves is not exciting so you must tell to your loved ones how excited the both of you and wish that someone will organize a baby shower for them. You got the hint and the 1st thing that comes to your mind was the baby invitations, venue and the food.

You wanted to volunteer but need some help from others. Organizing can be tough but with the aid of your other girl friends the party will be a hit and that’s for sure. Start by ordering baby shower invitations and let it know that they are tons of unique designs at http://www.birth-cards.com. Your baby shower invitation will be emailed to you within an hour and you can view it using Birth-Card’s patented instant preview features. Shipping is free so there’s not much hassle. Oops before I forget you’ll get 10 Free cards on your order. Great deal huh?

Typo Errors

I want to type as fast as I can usigng teh keyboard and here's the result when I am not very careful about it. Tehere are times when I was able to publish a post and later on found out that I have tons of typo errors such as these or sometimes I wasn't able to see it. (I have selected my errors here).

I have tons of typo errors especially while I'm chatting with my friends and I have to apologize myself for that but I know they can still read what I haev written or if not they just ask ... what??? haha My bestfriend RACE also make it a point to correct my mistakes and I know she will laugh when she'll this..LOL Arghhhh....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Full Day Of Blogging

I was blessed with continues work online as not all bloggers are given this opportunity and I am so very thankful for it. It was in 2007 when I started venturing into this and up to now it has become one of my major source of moolah eventhough I still have my net cafe. Others find me a bit strange when they see me always infront of my computer, maybe they just thought I am just loitering online playing games, sending messages on Facebook or Friendster or just having a non-sense chat.

Little did they know that my mind is always working and that is equivalent to a compensation. Funny thing is that a net cafe customer of mine once asked.
"Aren't you getting bored bec. you are always using your pc?"
"Why are you always seem so busy? What are you doing?"
"Aren't your eyes getting blurred when you are in front of your computer?"
Hahaha silly questions!! There are times when I need to tell them that I earn while I'm sitting down and in front of my computer just to make them stop asking, lol.

Anyway, I had to stay at home yesterday because I have tons as in tons of works. Thanks to my sis-in law who opened my shop for me while I am working hard at home. This is my very 1st time to have blogged from 9am till 12 midnight on almost all my blogs. Eventhough it was tiring but just thinking about the end result soon makes me want to jump for joy!!.

What's Your Weekend Plans?

Weekend plans are on its way and I am thinking of going out for a quick shopping at the mall tomorrow cease my boredom and to buy a new computer chair that I will use in my shop. I will then get the old one and bring it at home as there are nights where I also work there so I needed a more comfy chair to sit on.

All of us have different plans for the weekend and while some of you will be bonding with your family or friends by watching a movie or just stroll on the mall some guys venture in their hobbies. Cars easily came to my mind but there are guys who enjoyed a weekend of fun playing airsoft. You know guys have this manly thing in them that they feel esp. when they carry an aeg airsoft rifle and feels like they are Rambo..lol. It has become popular over the years and in fact, you can airsoft stuff online at ZephyrAirsoft.com. Hey guys just make sure you are having a clean fun, ok.! Have a great weekend everyone!

Project 365: Moss

Took these photos few weeks back at our backyard and take a loook at those thick and green moss that has accumulated because of the continues rains here in our place. A perfect place for this little creature that caught my eyes.

It's still raining and with the looks of it the it'll be the same till tomorrow or early Monday but I am hoping the sun will peek so I can do my laundry.

Sound Tripping: In The Arms Of an Angel - Sarah McLaughlin

Good Saturday morning everyone! It's still gloomy and raining on our side and another chilly day to get by. It's a good morning and I wanted to start it off by Sound Tripping and before I sink my teeth in again on my online works. This morning i'd pick In The Arms Of an Angel - Sarah McLaughlin. Enjoy and have a great morning!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Wish I May, I Wish I Might.....

I have had those days when I got so piqued every time an old friend, relatives or even just an acquaintance ask me about when will I get married. I know they are all concerned about me or not really hehe. There’s even an instance when I got emotional about it and thought I am less of a woman. Though there are some days when I am like that but these days, I learned how to just shrug and tell them I am ok.
Oh well that’s life and maybe this is where God wants to be in eventhough there are times I wish I had another fate. Thoughts of having a family and have a baby now at my age seem a bit gloomy but it would also be nice if someday I will be sending out invites too

A Soon To be Blogger

I’ve been blogging for 4 ½ years already and along the way, I’ve been to a lot blogs with different niches, web designs and more. Aside from that I gained a lot of online friends and have helped some of them with the redirection of their blogger blogs to their domains. It was also heart warming to know that there are still people thanking me for what I did eventhough I just shared them my little knowledge. I am just sharing what others have shared to me as well.

I also few blogs in different blog formats( bravejournal, blogspot and wordpress) and servers that I am keeping these days. To tell you the truth it’s really hard to maintain all of them but it is where I earn so I have to do my very best to keep them updated. Just this afternoon a highschool classmate of mine called me on the phone telling me that she is interested in setting up her own blog too since she knows that I am into it.

She then asked me a favor if I can teach and guide her in the 1st few steps. Of course I said yes and I just told her that she should have a passion or if not is interested in writing. I have to encourage her to start with free blog hosting first then later on she can purchase a domain or have her blog hosted by webhost companies. I need to give her this bluehost review site where she can also have an insight on how domain and hosting works. I know in no time she’ll find her way quickly on the world of blogging and more.

Typhoon Maring is Here esp. in Luzon and in the Visayas

My bed is calling me right now to have a nap eventhough I have not eaten my lunch yet. As I look outside, gloomy skies appear before me. The rains have fallen tremendously and the street is almost visibility. Typhoon Maring is hitting our country again leaving countless homeless and submerge in floods.

The weather bureau PAG_ASA says that it will still be rainy still be rainy till Sunday and will still hit LUZON and Visaya area. All sea vessels and air craft are not advised to have operations to avoid problems. We are very fortunate here in our province that we are not that affected.

Super Ferry 9 Survivors Tell Their Stories

I can't imagine the agony, pain and trauma of the survivors of the SUPER FERRY 9 ship that sunk at Zamboanga few days ago. It's really a major sea mishap eventhough there are 900 survivors while have died. They are really lucky that they didn't all perish and that there are other ships that helped them.

Here are just some of the stories of the survivors, makes me chill.

Health Issues

There are a lot of issues that we are all encountering in our daily lives, from politics, weather, social issues and even medical issues. The treat of AH1N1 has kept us all at the edge of our seats and medical professionals are really doing their best to help stop the spread of it. The incurable AIDS and other diseases have left scientists and other medical experts a hard time in finding a good solutions or treatments to it.

I was so shock to even know that the prohibited marijuana leaves that are often abused by addicts are being thought to cure some aliments. It’s even called Medical Marijuana and you can even read in a forum discussing about it. I think there are still some debates over it and I hope experts should really test this and research more about it before approving as it is scary.

Home Alone

It's raining, cool and I'm home alone. Perfect!

I decided not to go to my shop today for I have tons of online works to deal with. It doesn't happen to all bloggers and it doesn't happen all the time so I might as well savor this moment that God has blessed me in the last couple of weeks. I am so much thankful, really!!! God must have been sense that I am really saving up for the upcoming expenses in the next months. Lots of things will happen soon.

Plus my birthday is coming and I am not sure if I will have another birthday contest here on my blog like last year. We'll see..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Photobook In Order

Just in case you didn't know I'm a digital scrapbooker for many years now and I am loving this hobby of mine. I have a separate blog as well for some cool freebie digi-scrapping kits and some of my digi-photos and other scrap related. You can view here at my SCRAPS & SHOTS blog.

I am also doing my Project 365 photo layouts and actually I am updated now since 1st week of September. I'm really excited to finish my Proj. 365 for this year and have it printed over at ARTSCOW, it is where I ordered my other Photobooks.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(layout that I made at Photoshop)
The other day, I really finished this new set of photobook that I started last February. I became busy so it was set aside. What makes me try to finish this set is because I wanted to avail the coupon code where I can have this Photobook for FREE.

It was yesterday that I finally ordered a 36-pages 8x8 photobook using the Artscow coupon code. Would you believe I only paid $11.99 and that is only the shipping. I should have paid $31. (photobook and shipping) I will just share the photobook once it is delivered.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today is 09-09-09 !

Today is a very special day because it is Sept. 09, 2009, (09-09-09), a very rare day and I want to document it so I printed the date on the paper and asked my nephew to take a photo of me. Remember that lucky 9 is a lucky no.
Silly me, I even asked my mom to pose with me. When I also saw my 2 other nephews came home from their school (look, they have not put down their bags yet), I told them to pose for a while and it seems they are baffled why on earth I want them to hold that piece of paper..LOL
Anyway, I woke up a bit early and work on some online works already. I was so inspired to write this morning so I decided to stay at home to do more works. I am very productive because I have no destruction as I am home alone. It was only around 1:30 pm when I decided to stop and head over here at my shop.

I had a very late lunch at around 2:30 pm, passed by Jollibee to buy chicken and there I was so hungry having a very late lunch. Happy 9-9-9 everyone. Hope it's lucky for yah.

Choosing Your Web Host

I guess it’s pretty obvious to you that I have multiple blogs with different niches that I am currently keeping. I am trying my very best to update each of them as much as I can and as much as I want to add another one, it seems that my brain and my time can’t afford it already. I am fortunate as well as all of my blogs have not given me any headaches in terms of my domain servers. Although there are some minor glitches from time to time especially when my servers are upgrading, a little down time can be experienced but that is understandable.

Speaking of blog or web hosts, all of us web owners would always want our site to be “live” always, experiencing down time (when you see server now found or site is not available) is always our nightmare! How can our readers or clients ( for those that have online business) will come back if your site is always not accessible all the time?

If you decide to have an site online just make sure you'll get the best host ever. But how? Research, research, research, ok I maybe exaggerating it a bit. Ask a friend, read reviews like here at webhostingchoice.com, peruse the company’s offer and make your best judgment. Good luck!

Sen. Noynoy Aquino will be running for President in 2010

I woke up early and when I turned on the TV there's a live telecast on TV waiting for Sen. Noynoy's announcement. After long introductions finally Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino declared that he will be running for President on 2010.

He announced his candidacy for President today Sept. 09, 09 (09-09-09) at Club Filipino, infront of his co-LP members and the Filipino people. He made the decision after going on a retreat for few days or so and after much deep thinking and now he is ready to take the challenge. Many Filipinos and politicians have been asking him to run more so when Sen. Mar Roxas decided to step down on his Presidential Candidacy to give way for him. Such a very gentlemanly gesture of Sen. Roxas. He also said he is doing this for the Filipino people.

This is going to be a great competition for the Presidency and I just hope that with his declaration now and if ever he will win at the next year's election, we all wish that he'll continue the fight that his mom (Pres. Cory Aquino) and dad (Sen. Ninoy Aquino) had started and turn our country into a more progressive one.

BTW, we'll see who will be his running mate? Will it be Sen. Mar Roxas? We'll all see......

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Car Allowance for Employees

A friend of mine who happens to be a med-rep or medical representative is always on the go. She’s working for a big pharmaceutical company here in Manila for over a decade now. When she was just starting out, she find it hard to commute and deliver all the medicines to doctor’s clinics from one town to another. She learned to love her work and soon find herself staying there for good. She actually mastered her work and eventually given by the company a car allowance so that she will no longer commute and as part of an incentive.

She is now driving a company’s car that she can readily use anywhere she is destined to deliver and she’ll just reimburse to the company the expenses that she incurred for a day or sometimes weekly.

Just one of the many incentives that companies can give to their mobile employers are Car allowance program and for sure it will bring more productivity as employers will be more inspired to work. Some companies who are implementing such can seek the help of a management consulting company like The Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. They have this customizable method where you as an employer can track every individual employee’s reimbursements.

Why do the hard work? Just let experts (CRS) do the reimbursements tasks for you.

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

It's Mama Mary's Birthday today and yet I didn't hear a mass. Blame it on my laziness but I know there shouldn't be any reason not to.

Anyway, it's another rainy day since yesterday and with this kind of weather what do you expect from people? It's a perfect day to sip a coffee, laze around and curl up in bed and wish we have no work to do.

I started off my day a bit piqued because my niece who just came from her pre-school at 10 am started to watch TV once again and it was a bit loud and would not have it toned down. I know I can't work properly with that kind of noise so all I have to do is to wait her to get bored watching so I can start my online works.

Good thing is that she behaved for a while so I was able to finish quite a few. I also did managed to finish some digi-scrapping that I have started in February and I am hoping that I can have it printed already. I will share a snapshot of it later.

It's another busy day for me and a bit stressful too. I hope you all are having a great day. I'm off now here as I'll have to order my photobook at Artscow, oh I'll have to make few touches on my layouts first.

It’s Gonna be a Creepy Night

Can you feel the chilly nights ahead? When I was a kid I think about Halloween as a time where ghouls, witches, Frankenstein, dead coming out of their graves and other creepy creatures ready to eat me during the night hahaha. I was so scared back then but lately Halloween is not just about scary stuff but it can be fun as well. Modern day Halloween Invitations
are also sent for a night of games, drinking, Halloween costume contest and more.

Those that are organizing a party will not find it hard to think where to get their Halloween Party Invitations as they are easily available. It will help you if you browse their gallery for different kinds of designs. Before buying your Halloween Invitation, preview it using Invitation-Shoppe's patented preview feature. Don’t worry about shipping because all your Invitations Halloween will be shipped for free. Just wait till the witches knocked at your door and hand your order.

My Blogging Through The Years

It was in 2005 when I first started to have my own blog out of curiosity. It was still in bravejournal, a free blog hosting format and for your info it was still live and I am still blogging there from time to time. A friend then introduced me to blogger and in Jan. of 2007 I set up an account there and it was more user-friendly and has nicer widgets. Aside from that I was able to tweak some settings, put widgets and other codes that I can’t normally do at bravejournal. Slowly I have been upgrading my blog format through the years while I became more engrossed with blogging.

By mid- June of the same year, I have learned that I can have my own domain with my name or any title of my choice that I can call my own. I was ecstatic so I finally bought a domain and researched and asked a friend to redirect my blogspot blog to its new domain and in no time after having a stressful and difficult time I have redirected it.

From then on my blogs have sprouted like mushrooms and have been using blogger and Wordpress as my blog formats. You can check out my other blogs if you want, links are at my sidebar.
I have also made sure that I have a good web host to back up all my domains because if not I 'll be whining and I don’t want to have my site down all the time.

If you are planning to set up your blog or any site whether for personal and or for business you must then first know what blog format you’ll be using and do some research. There are
affordable dedicated hosting and you might want to try Single Hop that can host your sites as they have improved quad core servers right now.

Start your own blog or site now and be not left behind. Good luck!

RT & WW: Red Balloon

My niece and nephew playing with the red balloon one afternoon.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Sunday Thoughts and Wants

It’s weekend once again and actually it’s a long weekend for us since Pres. Gloria announced that it’s a non-working holiday tomorrow bec. of the burial of INC’s leader. It’ still raining I am guessing it is brought about by the last typhoon that entered here in our country. It’s wet and gloomy outside and eventhough I wanted to go to the mall to have a little time out from work, I just can’t as I am too lazy. The weather has been holding back my desire to go out but it is ok, at least I will not spend any today.

I’d just stay home to finish some online works. I am also keen on browsing the net later on to find some items that I will buy for my birthday soon. Just in case you don’t know I’ve been giving myself treat each year on my birthday. I have already had a DLSR and long lens so I might just consider on buying some nice jewelries this year for a change, although I still want to own another prime lens.

Browsing the net all the time had me acquainted with a lot of products that I won’t normally find on my mall shopping. I must say that there are pieces that we can actually get online and that is we search on the net.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Morbid Dream Last Night

I was too tired last night, I was working in our living room till past midnight but got so tired so I lay down on the sofa. Little did I know, I fall asleep and it was around 1:30 am when I got up because I think a mosquito has bitten me. I stood up and went to my room to continue my sleep.

I was in my deep slumber when all of as sudden I woke up and I remember telling myself that thank God it's only a dream. Here's my morbid dream:

I peeped in our window and saw our garage's gate wide open. It was dark and chilly and all of a sudden 2 men entered our garage and going towards my brother's house. I shouted " MAGNANAKAW! MAGNANAKAW!! (ROBBER) while banging our window. I did not went out bec. I was so scared.

I then saw my brother leaving their house and later on he was stabbed by a knife by the man. My brother was in such pain and I could see he was holding his chest full of blood.

Right after that scene, I woke up and was so relieved that it was only a dream. I tried to research about the meaning of this dream but could not find any results. Maybe you can give me any interpretation.

My Adventures Down Under

Ahh what tiring days I’ve been having. I’ve been swamped with work and need to extend my working hours. It’s a long weekend here on our part of the world, while some have gone for a quick vacation here I am still doing lots of stuff. In the US, they also have the Labor Day holiday on Mon. and it seems most of you will be on vacation but not me.

I had my moments when I try to just relax my brain by thinking about vacation particularly the one that I had way back in Australia. I guess you might have read some of my adventures while I was there 3 years ago and just last year. I am not a very adventurous person but when I had my vacation at the Land Down Under I have experienced lots of activities that I don’t and can’t do back here. Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reed, Kayaking, Sailing on a bad weather, long drives and more are just some of the fun things we had. If only I am not that scared for other adventures then probably I had gone on parasailing, walk on the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or even ride the helicopter. I guess my personality is just limited to simpler escapades.

Sept. 7 and 21, 2009 Declared as Non-Working Holiday

Wow I just heard over the news that Sept. 7 and 21, 2009 Declared as Non-Working Holiday thereby making them 2 long weekends soon. The last long weekend was last Aug. 29-31 (Fri-Mon) because of the National Heroes Day.

The palace declared Sept. 7, 2009 (Monday) non-working holiday because of the passing of the leader of the Iglesia ni Cristo and on Monday is the burial of Mr. Erano "Erdy" Manalo . While Sept. 21, 2009 (Monday) was the end of Eid ul-Fitr, the end of Muslim Holiday (Ramadan, which is the Islamic holy month of fasting.

I think I can hear students clapping and rejoicing once again when they heard this hehehe but to think they will have fewer days in school already. Some families will be going for a quick vacation once again but with the weather we have right now I guess it's not that great.

They Want An Uprgrade

My nephews and niece love playing games online and offline. Yeah, we do permit them from time to time as long as they will do all their homeworks and at limited time only. These days more and more kids are nearly inseparable from computer games that sometimes it is already getting in the way their studies.

It's weekend once again so for sure they will bug their moms to play in their computer and PS like that way they bug me for an upgrade to an PS3 this Christmas. I am not sure yet if I will grant their request but my other nephew Dither is really doing good in school, in fact, he has the highest grade in MATH in the whole grade-6 this 1st grading. I know he'll ask for a treat at Jollibee once again hehe.

With regards to the PS3.. hmm we'll see, maybe her aunt in Saudi or Sydney can him that. Paging sisters!!! hehe

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ouchh It Hurts

Oh my goodness, my varicose veins are hurting once again tonight and it's interfering with my work. The pain in my left leg is actually going up that I needed to stand up once in a while. Blame it on my long hours of sitting down in front of my computer but can I do my work requires me to be like that.

Right now I wrapped my left leg with a stretchable bondage haha that's what you'll get when you are getting old and with sedentary lifestyle.. booo.. Oh well at least eventhough I am immobile most of the times I am still productive bec. it's my brain that is working and I am getting paid for it hehe. Anyway, I am just trying to reason out haha.

I know I need to put my feet up when I am resting so that the blood will circulate but geez I'm too lazy to do that but there are times that I am doing that. I am not also wondering why I have these imfalmed varicose veins because it also runs in the family. They say it's hereditary too.

Are You Ready For Halloween?

It’s already September and wow Halloween is coming in no time. I know there’ll be lots of Halloween invitations that will be sent out soon. I know a lot of you would be attending parties and will be showing off your Halloween Costumes. In fact, some of you might be planning their costumes while organizers will become busy with their preparations.
Now is the time to order your invitations Halloween at http://www.holiday-invitations.com. Just browser their gallery and you’ll find lots of unique party invitations Halloween where you can even modify at no extra cost. They have witches, pumpkins, skeletons and other scary invitations Halloween at Holiday-Invitations. For sure you’ll find one that you are looking for and don’t worry shipping is for free.

Staying Up Late

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
cucumber in my eyes will do some wonders
Since I got my laptop and Internet connection at home last June I've been staying up late already. You already know why, hehe.. There are times that I even sleep at around 4 am waiting and waiting for an online work. Most of the times I try to stop working at 11:30 pm so I can still watch late night shows and I am guessing I sleep around 12 midnight or so.

Actually I am used to sleeping late already because I've been working real hard lately. I know it is not good for my body and my skin if will keep on sleeping late. Oh well, just to make my eyes refreshed at most I'm putting cucumbers on them hehe and it's been doing wonders. I know I don't have any other major skin care regimen aside from my astringent and facial wash but I know a night cream will also helps rejuvenate my skin.

In the meantime, I still need to stay up late but I see to it that I can get at least 6-8 hours of sleep.

Great Source of Parts Online

I have always been amazed at what the internet has brought to all us. The continued evolution of technology has surpassed our expectations. Who would have really thought that we’ll come to this age where almost all our transactions can be done using the Internet? Paying bills are made easier as well as the online banking. What about the shopping that we all love and the various internet courses that we can take without even going out of our homes? Isn’t it amazing? I could go on and on about the many things that we can do online.

The net is also a great source for ALL information, if I don’t know something, Google is there to help me find what I needed and in just the blink of an eye, results are already there. Not many know that we could also search form manuals, tutorials and even can find spare parts just in case we needed it.

If you happen to be a contractor or those that make or fix air conditioners or furnaces you can actually find HVAC Parts Shop helpful in finding what you need. They actually have big selection of lennox parts for your air conditioner or furnace. You’ll find it easy just typing the parts that you needed at their search box and instantly a result will appear as well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finally I Got to Scrap

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It took me sometime to open my photoshop and scrap my PROJECT 365 (Photo-a-Day) photos once again as I became busy these past few days but this afternoon I got a spare time to do that. I already finished scrapping till Week 4 of August and half of Week 5.

Some of the photos that I took each day were still in the memory card and I have to download them so I can scrap them. Thanks to the template that I am using because it's making my life easy..LOL I must admit that I think I have 2 days that I wasn't able to take a photo so I will just put other photo for that day (konting daya hehe).

I am too busy but it's September already so I don't want to stop it. I know I will make another great Photobook for this.

I Became A Pet Lover

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I can't really recall the year when we had a pet dog. If my memory serves me right it was still in the '80s in my high school days when we have an "askal" dog named brownie. Wow it's been so many years and the reason for that is my mom actually don't like to have a dog around. I can't blame her because sometimes we are just too lazy enough to clean their poo hahaha.

In the photo is SOPHIE, a mix breed of Shitzu and Daschund that my brother bought at a friend. We got her around March this year and now she is around 8 months old. At first, mom didn't approve of having one (but my brother is persistent to have one) but later on she cares for her already that she even bought Sophie her stainless cage.

We don't keep her in the house, though we allow her from time to time (that is if she smells good lol). Sophie made us smile with her little antics but she get real playful most of the times that we sometimes don't approve of. I love it when she wiggles her tails when she sees me in the morning and when I came home at night. I use to play with her alot and they told me it's my baby hahaha.

She surely has captured our hearts and she made me a pet lover!!! I even thought of buying her some toys and this Dog Toys Coupons will be of help. Sad to say though that lately she had some flea infection (yay!) and we don't want that to get out of control so we'll bring her to the vet. I just wish she'll get well soon.

Are you a pet lover and what is your pet? FYI, pet lovers will get great discounts using this
Entirely Pets coupon codes when they shop for their pets online.

Jazzing Up Our Outdoor Place

I remember asking my mom to have a simple renovation at home like moving the old furniture from one area to another but she’s been ignoring my request. Hmmmm… I guess she doesn’t want me to disrupt the look that she has been seeing for oh so many years. I can only sigh and take a deep breath since there are times she just don’t want any change. I hope you can get what I mean.

However, I can sneak some few changes on the decors from time to time especially she is not around and by the time she came it was already there and all she can do is to just take what it is. I reckon most of us want some changes in the way our place looks like and sometimes all we need to do to make our place more inviting and more comfortable is by simply cleaning and upgrading our furniture.

For those that have outdoor furniture where you invite your guests, don’t you know that you can upgrade your cushions and give it a little spice by putting colorful and stylish cushions? You can easily find Custom Cushions.net of help in finding different cushions that will suit your taste. From Ottoman, Bench, Chaise, they have nice fabrics and colors that can invigorate your sleepy outdoor place. Check them and contact them, for sure they will be eager to help you out.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Christmas in September! The "BER" months are here!

Hello everyone, can you believe it it's September already? This officially starts the long and festive Christmas celebration here in the Phils. I am not kidding.

Just this morning when I turned on the TV, 2 morning shows (Unang Hirit and Umagang Kay Ganda) are already playing Christmas songs. Yay! The Unang Hirit hosts even went to Pampanga this morning wearing their Christmas hats talking about Christmas and showing Christmas items. They even gave some Christmas gifts to the residents. Too early huh? but that's the way it is here.

I took some photos of the show using my brother's phone but it didn't turned out clear so I will not share anymore. I am sure they will be putting Christmas countdown once again in their shows like the way they are doing each year.

The "BER" months are here so that means my bday is coming too and shopping galore is ahead!! Wahoo!!

A Reason to Visit San Francisco

When it comes to traveling and vacation nothing is perfect than a relaxing one away from all our worries in the world. It’s always great to have a vacation but with our works and other obligations we always set it aside. The fact that we work hard to earn a decent living, we deserve to have a break.

I reckon it’s not too exaggerated to say that I also wished to travel to the US since I have many relatives there too especially at LA area. If it’s only easy to go there like when I traveled back and forth to Australia then I discern it’ll be wonderful. Why not? The famous Golden Gate Bridge is just one of the tourist attractions and it’s picture perfect. I don’t see any problem if I’ll ever stay there as there are lots of San Francisco hotels downtown to check in.

I guess most of you will try to find a hotel which is just near the city’s major tourists destinations for easy access. Walking distance or an easy drive around Union Square would be great like Larkspur hotel which is famous San Francisco Hotel Union Square. There have so many other great amenities like, bar, free net use, pet friendly, business center and lots more. Should you be heading San Francisco for a vacation, business meeting or any reason there are always Union Square Hotels San Francisco that you can book in.