Friday, March 30, 2012

The Flashy Sale Signs are Up!

imageOh dear, been seeing SALE signs once again everywhere and I’m tempted to shop or just perhaps window shop this weekend. I know there’s a 3-day sale again that starts today March 30- April 1, 2012 at many malls here in the Metro and I’m sure shoppers will be flocking the malls again.

It’s just sad that there’s a robbery shooting incident that happened yesterday in one of my fave mall Robinson’s Galleria. With that scary event that happen, I’m sure that shoppers will not be afraid to go out and go to the malls esp. there are sale.

Anyway, my nieces and I planned of going out tomorrow. Actually, I don’t have specific thing to buy but I just want to go out for a little break. I wanted to fit some sunglasses, shoes, and some blouses and who knows, I might end up buying something. Oh, I also wanted to look for a drawers for my room.

Oh.. I’m getting excited.. I know there are lots of hot items for sale and I'm sure even the hot tub covers for sale will be a hit to customers. I just hope that I’ll get the best deal.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Draw Something and Me

I don’t usually play games on Facebook and on my iphone. The only games that I played before was the Bejewelled and the Fruit Ninja hehe. I never played the Farmville, Restaurant City, Plants and Zombies, and even the popular Temple Run.
imageI’ve been hearing about Draw Something from friends and they are asking to add them so that they can play. I just curious and one day on March 19th, I downloaded that game on my phone and started to play. At Draw Something there are words that you need to draw and there’s a corresponding points for each. Points accumulated can be used to buy more colors or timebomb. Your opponent needs to guess your drawing by putting the correct letters on the clue box. It was fun and I got addicted for the 1st few days .. hahahaha.

My first opponent was just a random player that I didn’t know and I was laughing how ugly my drawing was.
Here’s my very 1st drawing: Bird Cage hehe.


There’s even an instance where I need to check on my Draw Something while having my breakfast hehe. Now, I’m a little bit busy with work so it’s been days that I have not played but as soon as I’m free I’ll play again!

This game is fun and addicting. You don’t need to have be Picasso to draw because even if you draw like a mess (like me sometimes!), what matters most is the fun!

Here’s my Shrek drawing that I love hehe.

Another Blessing From Heaven

A friend of mine is on the family way once again and just like her first born she and her husband were excited once again. Another blessing up in heaven is given to them and they are more than thankful and feel blessed. How’d I wish the same experience will be given to another friend who’s waiting to be blessed with a child too.

The baby is due before the year ends and right now, she’s busy buying some clothes and other baby stuff. There are handdowns from her 1st baby but she still wants new things for the new baby so she’s up and about looking for things. She mentioned that her mom in the US will also give her a Mountain Buggy Duet stroller and will be sent it via box. I’m sure her mom will not only send a stroller but a box full of baby stuff, which I’m sure will make her one happy momma.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Juan for All, All for Juan


This segment ”Juan for All, All for Juan” from Eat Bulaga, noon time show never fails to give a smile and laughter to me. Actually, this is one of my fave portion in their show apart from the PINOY HENYO.

I just love the chemistry of Jose, Wally and Paolo but Jose is the funniest of them all. They not only they bring gifts and money to the winners of the barangay but they also give laughter to all the viewers like me. We can even get inspirations and lessons from the lives of the people that they picked for the day. Funny.. funny… funny…

A Replacement


We can still remember the day when my niece was heldup by 2 men on her way to her university. One early morning, my niece who was still sleepy because she slept late that night rode the MRT to go to school. She was alerted with a phone call from a classmate and later on she got off the MRT. Minutes later 2 men approached her and held her and asked for her cellphone with a knife pointing at her waist. Scared and still shocked she gave her new phone (Samsung Galaxy) which is still only about 1 month old and a P100 bill from her pocket.

She cried but no one helped. I guess the robbers saw her new phone when she received a call inside the MRT and that instance made her the target. She didn’t went to the police station and didn’t go to her class anymore for she’s too shocked on what happened. Anyway, she learned her lesson. Be more careful and alert while on public places.

Anyway, it was a shock also to her parents on what happened but of course they would not let their child not to have a cellphone again so they bought this new Samsung phone and gave it to her last Christmas.image

There are so many latest cell phones in the market today but she still prefers to own a Samsung. Now, with had happened to her last time, she is now more careful while texting on public places.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tidying Up her Garden

We’re done with the painting inside the house and our gate. Yey. It took 9 days for our workers to finish. There are still paint smell inside the house but not that too strong unlike the 1st few days. It was manageable already but there are times that I need some fresh air.

Anyway, here’s my mom watering her plants in her small garden yesterday. She’s been working hard too since we started our house project last week. She’s not ok with the idea of just sitting around the house for nothing, she’d rather work and be mobile eventhough she’s 79 already. She said it keeps her more lively.

We had a big mango tree there and it’s bearing fruits already. I’ll show photos of them soon. During mornings and late afternoons, it’s really nice to go here for the wind is just cool. I guess it would be nice to have wicker swings in this area so it’ll become a place to relax. I’ll suggest it to mom one time. image

House Re-painting / House Project Day 8 and 9

Day 8:  March 15, 2012 – Thursday
Painting the grill fence and other areas. Our worker has been slow today since he is the only one working today. The other got sick or maybe just got lazy coming to work even though he got vale for 2 days.


Day 9: March 16, 2012 – Friday
Painting the gate etc.. The other painter didn’t work again today and we’re wondering if he’s really sick. Arghhh…. Our painter called another help but it seems the work is still toooooooo slow. Painting the gate and the grills took them a day.! 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

House Re-painting / House Project Day 6 and 7

Day 6:  March 13, 2012 - Tuesday 
Our workers are still doing some finishing touches in the kitchen and some areas. Now, that my room was finished, I gather all my stuff that I put in black garbage bag and returned it into my room. The hard part starts putting them back. Yay!  imageAlso, I had to sort my old clothes to be given away or can be sold on our garage sale soon.

Day 7:

March 14, 2012 – Wednesday
imageMost of the stuff in our living room are still at the garage, I managed to sort our albums. I had to throw away all the old albums that can’t hold pictures because the stickers don’t work anymore. I’m glad I had 2 spare photo albums, which I’ve bought in Sydney couple of years ago and they can hold 360 pictures each. There I was able to transfer some of my old photos and the loose photos too. Wow, it was organized now.

Also, I was able to properly put my bags, shoes, cosmetics and other stuff back in my room. Hooray..

Mom is still cleaning and tidying up while our garage was packed with our things, from books, bike rack like that of kuat bike rack, vases, magazines and other stuff. I got 3 large plastic bags, one is for papers/boards, bottles/plastic containers and the other one for stuff that we can sell or share.

Our place is still messy but we’re almost done with our house project. Yey. It’s a tiring day… It was already 7 pm when I took a bath.

House Re-painting Day 4-5

Day 4:  March 11, 2012 - Sunday
Re-painting of the living room and kitchen. It’s Sunday but still our workers wanted to work so they’ll have extra money. We’re all full force, all of us helped in putting away stuff and cleaning a lot of mess. Yay, I’ll tell you it was messy. We’re at the garage sorting out papers, decors and more. imageDay 5:

March 12, 2012 - Monday

Some finishing touches on some areas.

Oh btw, with all the strong paint smell inside the house, my mom and I had to sleep at my bro’s house that is actually just beside us. I could not breathe while mom was coughing at times.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

House Re-painting Day 2 and 3

Day 2: March 9, 2011- Friday
It’s my mom’s room turn. I helped in putting out of most of my mom’s stuff and it was overwhelming. It’s been so many years that we have not done this re-painting and major cleaning so we’re overwhelmed at how many stuff have been accumulated all those years. Our workers are swift and past, one is repainting the walls while the other one is painting the cabinets.
Day 3:

March 10, 2011- Saturday

Re-painting the spare room. This room also serves as a storage room so more stuff are here. It is also where my niece and nephews stay when they go home from their dorm.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

House Re-Painting Starts Today


It’s a busy day for me and our workers for today I let them start painting inside of our house. Early this morning, I took all (almost) of my stuff in my room to make way for the cleaning and painting. Oh boy, I got a lot of stuff accumulated and I was overwhelmed with all of them. Good thing, my SIL also helped me in putting some of my stuff on big black plastics to avoid dust and dirt. I have to make sure that my bags are neatly kept hehe.

I also took some of my clothes in my closet and have it painted as well. I think it was 10+ years ago when I had my room repainted so I was kinda excited. Today, my room was done, the only left that needs to be re-painted are my dresser, table and the sidings of my ceiling.


I think I will not put some of my decors and stuff in my room so it will  not be too crowded. Tomorrow, our workers will paint my table, door and dresser then it’s my mom’s room next.

imageAhh.. I can’t wait for this project of mine to be done bec. our house will be neat once again. I just hope mom will let me trash all the unnecessary stuff in our house.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Grand Family Reunion

It was last Feb. 26 when we had a grand family reunion (mother side) at the covered court in our area. After many months of meeting and preparations, finally our get together after 5 years happened once again. My aunts have been so active in the preps and I salute them for the smooth and organized celebration.

We’re at the venue at 10:30 am for registration. Our clan’s color theme was ORANGE and we’re assigned to bring friend tilapia, sweet and sour sauce plus atsarang bukid.

Foods are overflowing. Some of the balikbayans contributed 2 lechon and other foods as well.

The highlight of the party was the game time and my mom even danced the teach me how to dougie but unfortunately she didn;t win but it was fun experience for her. It was a day of fun, laughter, eating and most of all bonding time with all my relatives. Actually, I didn’t know all of them for our clan is just big.

I’m hoping that in 2014, we’ll have another reunion for it’ll bring us more close to one another.image

What’s Happening Smart?


Smart’s signal is down for almost 24hrs the other day and I’m a little piqued with that. Up to now signal is on and off most of the times. I thought that my iPhone is having some troubles so I had to reset it a couple of times but it’s still the same. I heard my SIL and bro complaining too and that made me realized that maybe Smart is down for a while.

Oh well, I have it will not happen all the time for it’s really hard when there’s no service.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

House Re-painting and more Soon

Yay, it's March already but I'm not yet finished posting some of our Feb. photos here. Anyway, I'm sure March will be a busy month for us as I'm already scheduling the house-repainting soon. My mom is contacting the laborers already so the work will be start as soon as possible. I want it to be done now because rainy days might come soon and it will be hard for us.

Aside from re-painting, which is my project, mom will also try to have our roofs and gutters fix. There are many things to be fixed at home so we’ll be going to an industrial supply store as well to get some tools and supplies.

I know this home project of ours will be messy and of course needs a budget and I’m preparing myself for that.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello March!

Wow, time surely flies so fast eh!

I have not done posting all the photos and events that happened to us on February and here’s March already.. yay! Hoping that this month brings more blessings for me and my family.  It’s been hot and cool these past few days and I think the weather is just crazy. Hoping that you’ll all have a good start of March.

A Not so Good Night Sleep

Lately, I've been having a slight issue with my mattress and my pillows. It seems that they don't give me comfort that I needed. There are times that I have some back and neck problems when I wake in the morning and the pain is still bearable but I'm sure it's not good for my health. I'm guessing that I have a bad posture due to my mattress and hard pillows while sleeping and that can eventually lead to more health problems in the future.

With the concern that I have, I went online and did some research. I've been reading reviews about how Tempur-Pedic mattresses compare to Sleep number beds and it’s giving more info on what to purchase when I’m ready to buy a new mattress. I’m just hoping that I can still sleep soundly in my bed eventhough I had some issues.