Monday, August 31, 2009

The Amazing Race 15 Coming This September 2009

Wahoooo my favorite award winning reality Tv show The Amazing Race 15 will be coming this September. Actually it will be aired in the US on Sunday Sept 27, 2009 and here on Sept. 28, 2009 at 8:00 am live via satellite over at Channel 23 and just now I am excited wahoooo..

I've been watching THE AMAZING RACE for years now and it never fails to excite me. I learned that The Amazing Race season 15will feature several teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world and this will be fun.

So you'll be seeing updates of teams eliminated here soon. Yay I can't wait! I found this video at You tube (where else) where they took a video of the actual race. Makes me more excited!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Snapshots: Meeting with former Highschool Classmates

Project 365: Meeting with HS classmates
It was last Saturday when we, my former highschool classmates gather for our monthly meeting at our alma mater's place. We actually had a meeting because of our 25th (Silver) Reunion this December 19, 2009. It was always fun to see some of them and reminisce our high school days. I even brought our highschool class photos and that made some more interesting chats.

Anyway, the date and place of our reunion is set already and we just need to get let our other batchmates know about this event so we went to some of our classmates' houses who are just living nearby. We'll have another meeting next month and I will try my best to attend once again.
with my friend in 4th yr. Helen
with my bestfriend RACE

This is my entry for , come join us!

A Reason to Celebrate

I guess most of us enjoy attending a party. Whether it be Christmas or birthday party there’s always a reason to celebrate. How much more when a new addition to the family will be welcomed soon? Parents will surely be ecstatic and as a guest you’ll be sharing with their joys.

These days, friends or relatives of mothers-to-be have been organizing baby shower parties. Why not? It’s a fun way to welcome the babies’ coming while gathering and even playing games and it’s always nice to have a nice themed party. The net is full of info and ideas that you can get and can incorporate in your own baby shower. Match it with your invitations baby shower and you are all set.

There are tons of Baby Shower Invitation at Card-411. I am confident that you’ll find printable baby shower invitations that will suit your taste. Well in the event that you can find one can even make an exclusive design just for you. Cool huh? Adding a logo or even a photo is not a problem plus shipping is a bonus. You can also have 10 free baby shower invitations within your order. Just remember, order ahead so you can send them to your guest early too.

My On and OFF Internet Connection

It was around 8 pm when I got back home from a meeting last night. I was out with my highschool classmates since 4 pm and it's a good thing because I have a little break from all my works.

I went online again before 10 pm but my net connection is on and off and that litterally made me mad because I was suppose to be doing something on my laptop. The connection will be on for about a minute or so then it will be gone after that. It will return back after 15 minutes and that sucks. How can you work properly when your connection is like that?

I already asked my nephew to turn off the power of our Linksys router and then turn it back on but still it is like that. I guess it must be the gloomy weather and the rains. The cloudy skies must be blocking our Smart's satellite to get a signal from it's base. I also am asking my mom to have our helper to cut a banana tree besides our lot because it must be also blocking the signal.

Now I am too afraid to go home and do my works there because of the connection so instead I stayed here at my shop to finish my work since the connection here is stable. I am lucky I have a back up connection or else I have no choice but to go to a net cafe to finish my work and that will be a great hassle for me.

Image from

I Can't Sign in at My Twitter Account

Booo I can't sign in at my Twitter account since this morning because this is the message that is appearing at my Twitterfox:
Authentication failed with user "my account name"

I've tried to edit my account name and even deleted it and add account again but the same message appears. What could be the problem? Yay! I tried signing in at the same account using teh web but it says I have the wrong username..

Holy moly!! is my account hacked? Wahhh I'm praying that it is not because I have friends where theor accounts are hacked andthe hacker was senting maliciuous links on their accounts!a

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Best Web Host for My Sites

I started having my own site 4 years ago and I was very excited then that I have a site where I can place my digiscrap designs, my family and friends’ pictures and everything that I want to share. I entered the world of blogging, share my digiscrap designs, meet plenty of online friends and came to love all of it. It gave me an outlet to share the real me. Of course not all people know about this thing so when they heard about it they keep asking questions that puzzles their minds. I started in a free web hosting but when I knew about having your own domain name I searched for some popular web-hosts to choose from.

At first I didn’t know what to choose and because there are various providers it’s not an easy task to do. There are some guidelines and tips to follow when choosing a webhost and you should be aware of them before selecting. Well I got my own domain and was very satisfied with my host. If you’re interested to search for one you can visit WpDesigner to help you familiarize with some of web hosts’ reliability, customer support, price, control panel, server-up-time and ease-of-use. They provide a list of selected top 10 web hosts and give details on their capacities. Of course my current hosts are included in their list. I checked on their list regularly to ensure that I got one of the best web host for my blogs. Who wouldn’t want the best for their sites?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Photohunt: Surprise

Image Hosted by
Ohhh kids love toys eventhough they already have a lot. My nephew wished he'll got a Bionicles toy for Christmas and his eyes lit when he saw the surprise gift from her Tita (Aunt) Joy from Australia.

He got what he wanted last Christmas and now I now I wonder what he is wishing for this year. I hope it will not be too hard to give hehe. Join us at PHOTOHUNT.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Twins Are Coming !!

I guess you have already read about the pregnancy of my cousin’s wife that I posted here few weeks ago. As much as they were so excited because they are having twins their excitement was doubled when they also learned that the twins were actually a girl and a boy. Perfect! They already have a 5 yr. old daughter and this addition to the family once again will prove to be a great one. I reckon it would be a little difficult if the twins will be boys and a bit disappointing if they are both girls.

I have yet to talk to my cousin if they are having a baby shower where her female friends and relatives can come and shower her gifts for the babies.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lack of Updates

Hello guys... sorry for lack of updates here. I've been pretty busy with my other blogs that's why. I have lots of photos for the past week that I wanted to share but lack of time hinders me from putting watermarks on them.

Online blessings just poured lately so I need to savor that moment and do all my best to satisfy all my advertisers. I'm pretty lucky that an advertiser loved my works that I have done for him in the past and now he has contacted me once again for a series of works and that is definitely a great news.

I blog hop sometimes while Ec dropping and adgitizing so I can still read your other post. For now I apologize for my lack of updates here but I'm sure I'll be back full swing.

Monday, August 24, 2009

On Demand File Server for Small and Medium Scale Business

For an ordinary computing we can immediately access our files through our hard disc and other sources but when our files reaches to a max that these storage can only hold we find ways to hold our files. For individuals with business and have multiple files that is needed to be accessed anywhere and everywhere, an ordinary local server or data storage will prove to be of little help. Just think about the hassle it can bring when you’re in an out of town business meeting or sort and you need to send a important file but can’t access it because it is on your other storage. A deal or a meeting can be delayed by that and it’ll be a major loss to you company.

Thanks to Egnyte’s cloud computing where small to medium scale businesses can have a quick and cost-effective online data storage for their ever growing files. Engyte Company has been helping financial services firms, marketing firms, web design firms, accountants, consultants and more with their local cloud solutions where they can access their files even offline, large files and local copy of files thereby increasing work productivity and efficiency. Their safe and secure on-demand file server proved to be very helpful bec. they can access their files even they are out of the country, that means global access.

Home Improvements

I’ve been watching re-runs of reality TV shows on home make-over these past few weeks and I must say I enjoyed watching every minute of it. From getting rid of their clutter, shopping for furniture and decorating their homes are always delight for home owners. Every couple would love to own a dream house out of their own hard earned money and once it is built it’s just a pure bliss.

I’m still living with mom and as much as I wanted to replace our old home furniture and redecorate it, money is still needed since it is no joke to have a house renovated or just simply uplifting it. Maybe if money will not be a problem then I’ll be more than glad to have our house particularly our living room modernized. I want a neat, less clutter and earth toned home frunshings as decorations. I know there are many online deals available as the net is a great source for anything. There are times I just wish I won the home make-over on TV for free and juts let those amazing designers do their thing but for now I reckon I’ll just be contented at what we have. In fact, not all people have a home that can call on their own.

And the Rain Just Poured

Holy Moly.. it looks like a typhoon and a tornado just passed today because of its strength.

It was oh so hot and humid before lunch and soon the sky became gloomy and all of the sudden the rain dropped for few minutes. The sun rose again and oh dear it rained again with all it's might turning the streets a bit flooded with rain waters. I could see the people without umbrella hurrying up to a shade while motorists try to slow down as the road become not so visible.

I can't blame why some people are sick these days because of the heat and the ever changing temperatures. I just hope if it'll rain, it'll also wash away all the bad spirits, if ever there is hehe.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh She's Getting Addict at Pet Society!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
I was laughing yesterday because my 6 year old niece's got a Facebook account already and she beats me on that.. LOL. I've been encouraged so many times by online friends to join Facebook but I am not signing up till now as I don't feel like it.

Her cousin made her an account and thought her how to play at Pet Society and now she is hooked into it. Yesterday, she was asking me to open the game for her but I hav eno Facebook acct so I don't know how, the she started getting mad at me... LOL

Right now, as I am writing this she's playing these games again. Well at least it looks like fun for kids but I can see some adults play them too .. Yay!

Business and Accounting

I have heard lots of comments from friends that they wanted to engage in business. After having work in a company so many years and being “slave” by the company there came a time in their lives that they wanted to be their own boss. It sure is rewarding to have your own business that you can take care but there’s a lot of work in it. You need to be passionate about your business and must know that ins and outs of it so that you’ll have a big chance of making it successful.

You also need to have someone that will take care of your finances in ‘black and white’ for your accounting purposes and that is where accounting firms like Las Vegas Accounting Firm comes to the picture. It is good sometimes that you hire professionals to work hand in hand with you.

Trendy Converse Rubber Shoes

Project 365: Converse
My sister and her husband is in Riyadh while 2 of her kids are here in Pinas studying in college. My sis is working in a hospital and from time to time they also get to go back home for a vacation. She never fails to send something for her kids like this trendy Converse rubber shoes for her oldest son. I am sure he will love this.

Unconscious Mutterings

Hey everyone, it's Sunday once again and I feel like staying home bec. of some works and I don't feel like going out.

1. Disguised :: mask
2. Big wheel :: tractors at the farm
3. Irritating :: when I can't think of anything to write just like now as if my brain is dead lol
4. Care :: takign our dog for a walk
5. Grandpa :: old and sickly
6. Shooting :: can be deadly
7. Sunglasses :: protection for my eyes, my eyes are light sensitive
8. Stampede :: people screaming and hiding
9. Painstakingly :: meticulous
10. Terrible position :: sitting for over 12 hours
Join us at Unconscious Mutterings

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Great Way to Learn About Beauty

I love watching those reality shows where the contestants will be given tasks like creating a hairstyle for a certain era. There’s even an instance where stylists are challenged to ask someone on the street that they can cut the hair and color it. There’ll be time constraints so they will be pressured to do the task in a swift manner.

This is a great on-hand experience that they accomplish but going to the actual school where beauty from hairstyling, coloring and more will be taught is also a good learning ground for any aspiring beauticians. Inquire and browse all Regency Beauty Institute's campuses and start your beauty career.

Lost of Words

Oh dear I have so many thoughts in my mind right now but I can’t seem to organize them to make it into a nice post. Is my mind cluttered or it has too many thoughts that it wanted to burst, hehe?? I know you might have experience this once in your life as a blogger when you want to blog something but you seem lost of words.

Oh well, I hope my thoughts will be flowing once again or else I will not finish all my tasks. Boo!

Sound Tripping: Love of my Life by Jim Brickman

It's time to break for a while and time for my sound tripping once again. I've been in a roll once again this morning after blessings poured once again.

Anyway, I listened to this old song: Love of my Life, written by Jim Brickman and here in the video is sung by Danny Osmond. I always love Jim Brickman and this song is truly heartwarming.

Acai Berry, is it really a Wonder Fruit?

I just recently heard about this Acai Berry as a wonder fruit and I can only wonder if it is really true. Acai Berry, as I came to know is a small purple fruit that came from Acai palm and can be harvested in the Amazon jungles. It is known to have lots of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids in it. It is said to boosts your energy, digestion, improve sleep just to name a few. Entrepreneurs saw the goodness and the potential in this fruits so they made it into juices, tablets and even Acai Berry Energy Supplement. Though it has no truly verified claims about the health benefits it has been giving it is now sold as dietary supplement.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Food Friday: Yummy Buffalo Wings

Food Friday: Buffalo Wings
Hmmm.. lately, I've been inspired to cook, dunno why hehe. I must be just tired of the old sinigang or adobo dish that we always had so I craved for something different. I treated my family with a sumptuous meal last Sunday and I cooked crabs aside from this buffalo wings. I cooked this last Sunday and this is an easy dish to make.

Try this at your homes. I also posted the
Buffalo Wings Recipe at my recipe blog.

Join us at Food Friday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shopping Thoughts

My online friends are going ga-ga over their loots at causeway the past week and I only knew about it when I read their messages on twitter. I was tempted to order some nice blouse but I really told myself that I need to save some money for my upcoming HK trip and there maybe I can splurge shopping with my sisters. I just can’t wait for December to come so that we can shop at the different factory outlets there like Esprit and more. I hope I can still discipline myself from not shopping here but with the looks of it, I’ll be shopping soon since my birthday is coming as well.

I found myself looking for something to give myself as a birthday gift online. I am thinking of getting watch(es) and bag once again as I know I deserve it. I just hope I can really grab the Cole Haan leather bag that I am eyeing but thinking about the price makes me want to back out.

Anyway, my online friends would drool to see some of classic and sophisticated dresses of vera wang. I know Kathy would love her pieces, I only thought that Vera Wang only make nice gowns but I learned through that she also makes dresses and recently wedding invitations as well.

Glo's Riot Online Birthday Party!

just have to blur the screenshot of our YM conference

It was the birthday of our online friend GLO (who is in the US) last August 18 and we all stayed up late for her online party. I'm glad I've been invited. Everyone was so excited and it was around 11 pm (Pinas time) when Glo invited us for the YM conference and one by one entered and greeted her Happy Birthday.

The riot begins.....We are about 20 who are online that time and just imagine how hard it is to read each one's messages. Some are really so kulit and wacky, even making their fonts bigger and bold. LOL. It was a bit interrupted when some got disconnected on the chat so we just continued at twitter.

The contest begins that makes everyone more excited because the prizes are just awesome. Glo gave questions about her or things that she like and we need to answer it. It was just soooo fun. I didn't win but I had so much fun!

I just envy the winners like Peachy who got the best price.. an authentic Coach bag for doing the last task. (drawing a pig , taking a photo of it and putting it on Glo's facebook wall). Others won makeup stuff and more. We all had a great time and I think it was around 1 am when the party finished. Glo was so generous, it's her birthday but she's the one who gave us lotsa gifts. Happy birthday again Glo, may God continue to shower you with more blessings!!

Life is Too Short

Our relative called on the phone yesterday and we are stunned about the news she relayed to us. She told us that her brother (my distant cousin) died of a heart attack the other day so I immediately called my other relative to relay the same news. Tonight we'll be going to the wake. I also noticed that there is a wake on our neighborhood and it turned out that man killed himself by hanging.. Awwww poor thing, I just hope they left something for their family. With the news like that we can't but to think of even getting a cheap insurance so that we can leave something behind. Life is too short really. We'll never know when's out time to go.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Just Need It

Lately, I’m on the look out for an executive chair and it brought me scouring at some of our local neighborhood furniture store to look for one but nothing is available. I have yet to go to he nearest mall and home and office store and for sure many styles are available. With the looks of it an executive chair will cost me about P3,500 pesos depending on the quality and durability of it.

You might be wondering why I am looking for that kind of chair, it is because I want to use it on my shop to replace my old computer chair. This time I wanted a more comfortable chair where I can also rest my back at ease while doing all my online and online works. I am guessing I can also find a decent second hand or discounted executive chair online just like the discount avaya definity telephone systems that I found at Primelec. I wish I can have one soon because I will bring the old chair in the house to use while surfing the net too. If I am not lazy enough this weekend I might go to Megamall or Robinsons to check on it.

Ahhhh What Lucky Day!

Project 365: Ahh .. what a lucky day
I was still disgusted with the blouse that disappeared in my closet so I thought of looking for it again in my closet. I removed all the clothes that I have so as to justify that it was not really in my closet anymore.

Look what I found last Saturday under files of my clothes, a P500 bill.. and oh boy I was lucky LOL! I added this money for my grocery because I cooked special lunch last Sunday.

It's good to stash money sometimes. I didn't even realized and would not even remember when did I put this 500 bill there. Lucky me, I found Ninoy in my closet hehe!

My CC is Here

Finally my very 1st credit card arrived few weeks ago from my bank. Actually I did not applied for a credit card because I don’t really need it and I just don’t want to have a reason to shop even if I don’t have any cash. Anyway, they still sent me one; they said it’s a privilege bec. it’s a bit hard to apply and get approved to get one. They also waived my 1st year registration and all I need to do is just use it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will not use unnecessarily.

I am just a bit apprehensive about that little plastic money because we already heard the stories about stolen credit cards are sometimes being used successfully by criminals leaving the victim with massive pending payments. I hope a lot of merchant companies should become Visa PCI compliant quickly to avoid any problems with regards to credit cards of their clients. The bottom line is that they need to provide us with some kind of protection too so that when our card are stolen there’s no way for the criminals to use it even if they know all the info of the owner.

Getting Their Life Back

It’s my routine every morning and before going to bed to watch news to keep me abreast with what's happening around me. While having my morning breakfast it’s sad sometimes to hear all the news about accidents, hostage taking and teens caught in a ramble and other crimes. It's also heartending that teens are trapped in using prohibited drugs that made them do things out of their will. I reckon their parents should immediately rehabilitate them substance abuse treatment so that they get back their normal life.

It’s really hard for any family to have someone who is abusing any substance as this only creates a lot of problem financially, emotionally and physically. It’s never too late for someone to be rehabbed and the time is now especially for teens. They should be kept away from any unsafe environment to avoid early teen pregnancies as well. Their own family and environment has the major influences in molding their character.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RT & WW:

for RT &WW
for RT &WW
Ssw this blooming bromeliad flower in my brother's garden.

So You Want To Be a Call Center Agent?

It's been how many years since the call center services here in our country boomed and became one of the most sought after jobs especially by the yuppies because of the high pay it is giving.I have known a lot of people and some of my friends and neighbors are working in a call center agent and since they can't find any other job that is actually related to their course, they still opted to stick to this job bec. of the compensation.

One of the downsides of working in a call center is that your body clock is greatly change because you get to work at midnight till early mornings as their clients are mostly in US or UK which has different time zone from us.

Monday, August 17, 2009

5 Memorable ThingsThat I Have Done Before

1. Snorkeling at the THE GREAT BARRIER Reef in Australia, a once in lifetime adventure to be there.
Image Hosted by
2. Rode a roller coaster ride (Scooby Doo) unknowingly, my niece tricked me on this one. I almost faint bec. I have fear of heights and any ride that goes up and down. Arghhh.. poor me!
3. Swam at what I thought was shallow pool water and I almost die drowning while vacationing in Australia. My angel (broinlaw) saved me.
4. Close encounters with kangaroos, emu, camel and more.
Image Hosted by
5. Went sailing on a boat during a bad weather. Our boat was already tilting to the sides but our captain kept us cool and he made it safely back to shore. Quite scary but fun as well.
Image Hosted by
I am many other memorable things that I have done but that's it for now. This is a fun meme. Come join us at Give Me Five.

From Working Mom to WAHM

My bestfriend RACE finally resigned from her work at a company she worked for over 16 years (wow!). She wanted this for so long and now she finally have the freedom to do the things at her own phase and time. I am guessing that it is only a little over a month now that she's not hurrying up to dress up early for work.

Now that she is a wahm she has all the time to devote to her house, husband and most especially the kids. There are times she'd say that she's busy with her kids' school activities but I know she enjoys every minute of it. I even teased her that she became busier when she resigned from work because of all the household and other matters that she needs to attend. I am not sure if she also needs to deal with finding the best diet pills for her.. Hahaha. I don't think she'll need that yet, (wink). Right now, I presume that she has adjusted from being a career woman to a wahm (work at home mom).

WS: The Cook

Project 365: The Cook

Yesterday, I am the cook. It is very as in very seldom that I cook for our meal but this time is different because I decided to cook a very special meal for my family.

Instead of going out to eat somewhere where it will cost me more, I decided that I will cook instead. Last night (sat.) , I already prepared my special FRUIT (buko) salad that my whole family loves.

I also cooked BUFFALO WINGS, CRAB WITH OYSTER SAUCE, AND CHILI CRAB. I will share some photos later with their recipes.

Here, I am showing the crab that I fried. Excuse my look here, I look messy as it is so hot in the kitchen that time.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It Can Be Your Option

I just recently paid our July bills and oh boy it was high than usual. I know I have been keeping an eye on the way we consume especially on the electricity but with the hot weather we are experiencing over here, there are times that I can’t stop using the AC. It was darn hot particularly in the afternoon around 5 pm and what makes it worst is when clouds get gloomy but the rains would not fall.

Anyway, we are still lucky because we can still pay our bills on time and no services were cut off. What about those that are struggling with their finances these days. We all know that there’s an economic crunch that has taken many countries getting a cash advance maybe one of their options to make things little bit better. Those that are still working can apply for payday loans but they need to be sure that they can still pay them back so that they will not be in debt.

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

That's is what I am doing right now, if you know what I mean hehe..

I've been jumping and posting from one blog to another so that I can finish all of my online works. I don't want to cram especially if it is deadline already because sometimes I can't think much when I am pressured or under stress. Right now, blessings are pouring once again and I am very thankful to the Lord that she is showering not only me but my other blogger friends as well.

Like they say "pag walang tyaga, walang nilga!!". I am also taking advantage of my present PR (page rank), i know it will not stay that long so I need to work a bit harder and write more articles if needed. If you are patient and works hard you'll reap in the end and that what makes us happy.

Photohunt: Artificial

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Just how nice these artificial flowers from my sister's house can make a simple nook look nice. At least these flowers will last for a long time as long as you clean it but fresh flowers would be great too but they wilt and die after few days.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My To Do List

Here's my to do list for this week and I hope I can accomplish all of them before next week.

1. Finish my 39 page photobook so that I can have it printed over at Artscow. There's a discount freebie coupon so I want to avail that.
2. Update and upload my Project 365 photos on my Flickr account
3. I promised my family that I will treat them for a nice lunch on Sunday once again because I’m pretty lucky with my continues online works so I need to research for an Asian shrimp or crab recipe that I will cook.
4. Our water is not potable here so I need to look into this ukf7003axx water filter that once came across.
5. Need to go to a couturier and ask how much a gown will cost these days. My niece will be celebrating her 18th (debut) party in October so she needs that.
6. Pay some other bills left.

It's Gonna be Twins!

I bumped into my cousin again few weeks ago and I asked him what month his wife will give birth and he told me that it’ll be around October. Wow that is so exciting! What makes it more thrilling is that they are having twins. Oh dear I forgot to ask if they already know the gender of the babies because the last time if spoke to them is that the ultra sound didn’t reveal the sex of the babies because of the position. Anyway, I am sure they are hoping that it’ll be boys or a boy and a girl since they already have a daughter who is 5 yrs. old already.

I am pretty sure that we’ll be going to attend the baptismal maybe around this year so I need to prepare a gift to give. I already have an idea in mind when I saw cute baby bedding sets online at whilst browsing last night. The set includes 12 pieces and it includes a quilt, window valances, fitted sheet, a skirt, bumper, toy organizer, decorative pillows and more. Price starts at $59.98 and made out of real cotton. I know this will be a perfect gift. I browsed their different collection of styles and colors and they have a boy, girl and unisex baby bedding. Here’s just one sample that I find so real cute. Mommies out there you can also upgrade your baby bedding.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Case of My Missing Blouse and Swarovski Bracelet

Can I rant for while?

It's been how many days, probably it's been a month already when a blouse of mine that I bought in Australia and a Swarovski bracelet suddenly disappeared. I am trying my best to think who got it and how will it vanish in my room just like that.

One Sunday, I thought of wearing this teal tunic blouse that I will partnered with a black leggings but oh boy it was gone in my closet. I asked every one in the house if they saw it but no one said they got it. I looked every where, in my closet in other closet, ask my other nieces if they got it without permission but oh boy it was gone in the wilderness. I am sure I have not worn it for a long time but I am pretty sure it is there in my closet. I asked our laundry woman and she said she hasn;t seen it (yeah bec. I haven't worn it again). Ok so I was so mad bec. the hanger where the blouse was hanging is there but the blouse is gone.. poooffff...

Another day, I was looking for my Swarovski Bracelet to match it with my silver watch but it was not in my drawer too !!!! Arggghhh agian .. no one is telling me that they got it..

Until now, the blouse and the bracelet has not surfaced yet!! grrrr...

Durability is Always the Best

The kids are in school for 2 months already in this side of the world and one of the particular things every parent see to it complete is their school supplies and other stuff. If budget is not a problem most parents try to buy them as early as possible to avoid hassle and flock of customers at the bookstore to buy their supplies. It would be best to invest in good quality notebooks and other supplies so that it will last them the whole school year then you have saved as well.

Another thing is their school uniform; you don’t need to buy every year since they can still use the old once just as long as it has no tears. School bags are also very important for the students. Buy them a durable one and for sure they will serve them well. My nieces and nephews once had cheap bags but it was not durable so they end up buying again. Their parents learned that buying a quality one will always last. Just in case you need to purchase school bags, there are school backpacks perfect for any students that you can purchase online at There are many different styles to choose from. Here is just one example.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adgitize and Entrecard: Hitting Two Birds at the Same Time

I guess most bloggers have already signed up at ENTRECARD and if you have not, you might be missing traffic to your blog. As you can see a 125 x125 banner on my side which says DROP on all my blogs and those bloggers that have EC account can "drop" their EC to earn points that can be cash out (that is if you are approved.) I have also heard that they will stop the cashout system, so I hurrriedly cashed out mine. It's not many but it's still money but I have not received my payment yet haha.

I have also joined Adgitize last weekend after reading good reviews from bloggers. What makes me join as well is that I can drop my EC and then adgitize other blogs as well. I hope I can do good at this because they pay everytime $10, not that much but money is money. You can read more about how I joined adgitize as a publisher and an advertiser.

You know, you'll do everything to get traffic to your blogs. Trust me it helps.

What’s Your Skin Care Regimen?

I am at an age where wrinkles and fine lines are already showing up. I am not ashamed to say that I am in my early 40’s but if I can uplift myself a little bit here, many told me that I don’t look my age. Ahhh thanks for that super great compliment and that makes me younger more but I can’t hide the fact that lines are already there and my skin is already not at its best anymore. I have many days wishing I have a flawless skin as I am bothered by my oily t-zone in the face. I could get all the products in the world just to make it ok but our skin can only permit certain types of products that are suited on our face or else our skin will just rebel on too much products that we plastered in it.

Browsing for skin care products, tips and info can greatly help. It is where we can find new products emerging in the market today and women will not be left behind, Stylehive can be that place. I can say I just have a very simple skin care regimen, just washing my face with water and a cleaning solution and that’s it though I think I might need some wrinkle creams soon, yay!

Starting Her New Adventure

A great conversation with a friend recently put me on hold as I try to digest all the wonderful things that she had in the past years. It would be a great time for me to whine and envy her so much but I was so happy for her and her accomplishments. Things may not favor me on some ways but I am still thankful for my own little undertakings since not all of us will have the same fate anyway. Thinking aloud had me say that every person has its own life path and no one can ever lead to the same direction.

It’s great news when she told me that she is leaving for US last year with her family and that it was so sudden when their visa came right in time. I was happy for her and knowing her being so spiritual, I had no doubt in my mind that her dreams will come true. I only wish we had spent more time before she left but I know her hands are full since they will moving out of the country.

No Power and later NO Net

Project 365 : NO Net
August-8 (SAT) Day-220

I heard a loud explosion while working on my pc and I was astonished to hear that. After that there was no power and I have unfortunately my customers can't surf the net. We went outside and we saw that there's an explosion on one of the Meralco post.

The power went back after an hour when but when I opened my computer there is NO NET. Argghhhhhh....I called up SMART bro and reported it and too bad there is a problem on their end. Fortunately, the service went back about a little over an hour or else I could have gone insane.. LOL

M&M Chocolates Overload!

Project 365 : Choco Overload
Last Friday, a friend of my sister called on the phone informing us that my sister who is in Riyadh sent us something. My sister in law and bro went to their house and got this plastic full of M&M chocolates (plain and peanuts) that also include a free microphone toy and some other items.

Of course what do you expect if you have a chocoholic family, these chocolates are already gone in just a matter of days..LOL

Tying the Knot!

Oooops that’s not me, maybe it’s you! A couple came to my shop last week and was scouting for wedding invitations. I showed them the album that I have but looks like they found nothing because I have neglected to update all the invites that I have. Anyways, they are going to tie the knot this December and they are in process of completing their plans. Wish I have more invites to offer them.

Just in case you are tying the knot and dream of having a destination wedding, then you need to browse Karisma Hotels and resort. They have different packages on destination weddings that will suit your taste and budget. Perfect for a once in lifetime experience to cherish.

Proj. 365: My Cross-stitched Frog Prince :)

Project 365: My Frog Prince
Finally, after looooonnnggggg 9 years this frog prince of mine was finally framed. I actually cross-stitched this frog on year 2000 and I have been meaning to have it framed for a long time. I was cleaning my drawer last week and this once again and thought that I really need to have it framed becaused it is already collecting dust so one rainy afternoon I went to the frame shop.

This is my last cross-stitched project that I have done and I don't think that I will be able to get my hand in cross-stitching once again. I am glad he is already hanging on the wall.

Proj. 365: Yellow Ribbon

This may seem so late already haha. I wasn't able to post this on time on Tita Cory's burial last Aug. 5.

Anyway, just thought of sharing you all that I have tied an itty bitty ribbon on one of our plants here.

Brings Back Memories

A college friend of mine called last week while she’s at work and I could not stop laughing while we are reminiscing all our college friends, escapades and the hospitals where we use to train while we are still on our internship as Med. Tech. It brought a lot of memories and I clearly remember when we use to buy medical equipments that we need. How’d I wish there is an online store like Allegro Medical ( back in the 80’s so that we’ll not have a hard time looking for medical supplies like syringes and many more. They are specializing in medical equipments and home health care supplies.

No Blogging For MeYesterday

Oh yes.. i did not make any post on any of my blogs yesterday. I had a blog vacation for a day

I guess I must have been burned out for the past week as I literally am posting from one blog to another non-stop and that is tiring but rewarding. Yesterday I was able to blog hop on many blogs while dropping EC as well and it's my very first time to have dropped 300 for my other blog and few drops for my other blog as well. I hope it can generate traffic when I did that.

My blog holiday yesterday also gave me the chance to update my Project 365 layouts and also to edit some of my photos.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Time Magazine (Pres. Cory Aquino) and 1986 People Power Commemorative Coin Collection of my bro

I was looking for something to photograph last Monday (August 3, 2009) when my oldest bro told me that it is fitting to showcase this Time Magazine where was on the cover and this 1986 People Power Commemorative Coin that my brother has collected since 1986. He had this framed and was displayed on his art gallery since 1986 we reckon that it is already a great collection that we have.

We didn't had the chance to go to the wake at LaSalle or at the Manila Cathedral and even during the burial but we are monitoring it on TV. I was actually crying when Kris Aquino had her eulogy at the last mass for Pres. Cory Aquino. Funny thing is that I am wearing yellow when I had this photo taken.

Time magazine and 1986 People Power Commemorative Coin.
Time magazine and 1986 People Power Commemorative Coin

I can buy replica Gucci Purses anytime :)

I love watching re-runs of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style TV show on our local TV with his new co-host Gretta. I mean a complete wardrobe and style make over was just awesome. Ahh how’d I wish I will be give a make over too hehe. Most of the times, they get to give designer clothes and bags and not forget jewelries to one having a style make-over. Love that!

I guess you read my last post about my RL bag and my rant about not being capable to buy other authentic Coach, Gucci and LV designer bags. I resigned to the fact that I can only buy these replicas in the meantime that look very similar to the original but don't have a hefty price tag in it. A $1,000 or more on handbags is just crazy and only celebrities and rich fashionistas can buy them. If only I am JLo, Paris Hilton then probably those designers are not expensive at all.

Hey, just take a look at these replica Gucci purses, aren’t they cool to have one? They look so similar but mind you it's reasonably priced. If you are not also aware there are tons of these replicas being sold in Greenhills and other places that way too affordable. I even saw foreigners digging some of these bags and they don’t care if it’s only a replica. Take for example this nice Hobo Gucci bag that I personally like, it is being sold for about $125 at and wow that is a steal.

My eyes are feasting over the bags there and wish I can just grab them from my They have LV, Coach, Jimmy Choo, Fendi brands just to name a few. For an ordinary person like me I can always buy one anytime, in fact, I just got one already.. shhhhhh.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finally Got A New Haircut

New HaircutProject 365: New Haircut
Went to the salon last Sunday for a much needed haircut. Medyo gumaan ang feeling ko kasi naputulan ang mahaba at makapal at coarse na hair ko.

Thanks to my niece Kathleen who is patient enough to take photos of me.. I've been instructing her about the angle and the lighting that I want and fortunately she got it.

Just an RL Bag

This is the Ralph Lauren bag that I bought from FAYE few weeks ago and it finally arrived. Love it. Spacious and easy to carry bag. I also bought a DKNY watch rom her as well. I wanted to buy an authentic Coach or even LV bags but gosh I can't afford it or even if I can, still my heart and mind will not permit so. hehe

I am actually dreaming to have this Cole Haan leather bag that I once saw from Faye, it's on sale but oh no it's still pricey from Cole Haan store. I want that bag.. wahhhhhh!

Anyone wants to give me that as a b-day present hehe?? I accept it with open arms :).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Design Your Own Rug

I guess most of us wanted to own a house that is pleasing, neat and comfortable and how many times have we found ourselves stopping at a furniture store trying to look for something chic that we can put in our homes. You might have stared at that chandelier or piece of a vase for so long that you almost wanted to take it home instantly.

There are pretty much ideas online that we can incorporate in our homes, I would dream of having a simple yet clean looking home free from clutter. My sister Joy in Australia whose house in for sale right now have already pictured in her mind what house she and her husband would like to have. If I am not mistaken they already have a sketch of their dream house and that is so exciting.

As of this early sis Joy is already looking for great ideas and furniture pieces online that they put in their future home. I am most sure they will need some elegant rugs as an added accent, though rugs can be functional as well esp. in the winter season. I have yet to tell her that she can even custom-design your own rug at Rug Couture. With their myriad of samples I know it’s not hard for her to choose designs. These days customized or personalized products are the best bec. you can create your own, with the color, pattern and size that you like. 

Wish I Know What I Want

It's raining hard..... I lack sleep... and I don't know what I want !

Shucks hate this feeling! My day is disorientated for a while and wish I knew what I want right away. Must be a sign that I am burned out????

Complete story here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Farewell Tita Cory

I already made a post on my other blog about the death of former Pres. Cory Aquino and as of this writing her body is being transferred at Manila Cathedral from LaSalle Greenhills. There is a massive traffic right now as what I heard on the news, it only shows that many loved her. Just offering this candle for her. Rest in Peace Tita Cory.

Thinking About Christmas

I was cleaning my stuff last night and there I saw the photobook that I made for my niece Micah when she came home for a vacation here in Christmas of 2007. That made me think of Christmas once again and how’d I wish I can pull the days so it’ll be Christmas once again because she and her family will be coming home from Sydney this coming December. Wooot wooot !! I know this will be fun because it’s the 1st time for her siblings to come to the Philippines.

We’ll have a family Christmas party just like what we have been planning already. We even thought of having a mini-program where every family will have a part like singing or This is gonna be a riot without a doubt.
FREE Christmas Invitation

During Christmas I know every family will make it a point to make their holiday a special one. If you are planning of having a Christmas party like what we are having, start planning now and order your Christmas Party Invitations at Invitations Shoppe. I was browsing online and found some nice Christmas Invitation at Your Printable Christmas Invitations can also be printed with your photo or a logo, they ship for free and offer 10 FREE Christmas Invitations if your order by bulk.. You can instantly view your invites via their website as well. You have to check it out.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Photohunt: Bee Entertainment

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
hahaha. I didn't miss the chance to pose with one of the

Photos during the rehearsal of this group at the Aliwan Fiesta at CCP Complex this Apri 2009. These are the Bee entertainers, I forgot what province do they represent but I know they won an award for their great performance. Join us at the Photohunt.