Monday, November 30, 2009

Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 10 Leg 11: Flight Time & Big Easy are Eliminated

It's Amazing Race time once again and here's the Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 10 Leg 11: Brian and Ericka are NOT Eliminated. The games is getting so exciting.

Still at Prague, Czech Republic
SPEEDBUMP- performed only by Brian and Ericka- they drunk Aversinthe at M1Lounge

Here's the team standing: THE FINAL 3 TO RACE AT THE FINALS
Meghan & Cheyne
2. Sam & Dan
3. Brian and Ericka
4. LAST AND ELIMINATED: -Flight Time & Big Easy - had a 4hr penalty bec. they did not finish a task

Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Fun Twitter Thanksgiving Party

Image Hosted by
Last night at 9pm (Pinas time) and 8 am Boston time, all of us twitter friends gather together at Twitter to have our Thanksgiving Party!! It was hosted by GLO where she gave gifts and prize money for winners on raffle and contest. It was a riot as usual and very fun just like Glo's riot online birthday party last Aug. 18.

First, we have to share what are we thankful about and soon after that the party started! Kathy won $20 at the 1st question, while others like Mai, Joy and other bebots (as we call each other) won cash, lotions and more. Litzie won a Coach necklace and New moon book at the raffle and she was so giddy about it. Too bad I didn't win again as usual but I had a blast.

I was alone at out living room last night and in front of my pc and I was laughing alone hahaha. Our friendship online is the best, I never imagine I will meet such friends. I hope we'll have a Christmas/ New Year Twitter party! Can't wait for it.

Some B-day Pics

OK this is a super long overdue post but I'm sharing this anyway. You know sometimes, I'm just too lazy to download pics from my DSLR memory card. Anyway, here are some photos taken on my birthday this month (16th)and I have here my niece and my sister in law in the photos.
Also came to celebrate with me is my bestfriend RACE since we are in second yr. in highschool with her son Josh. It was really a simple b-day celeb.

Timberland Shoe Shopping

Shopping season is here once again and SALE signs are already plastered almost everywhere be it online or off line stores. Shoppers are gearing up for their Christmas shopping and I guess most of you have started already just like me.

For shoe lovers, I know you have all the reason to buy a new pair this season in fact I myself got a new one yesterday. I’m not a shoe aficionado but I love buying a pair or two once in a while. Shoes have become part of our wardrobe that experts say that if you have a good outfit (dress, jeans or whatever) but if your shoes doesn’t match it, then the whole look will be messed up. I agree with that because not all shoes can match all types of outfits.

If you are itching to buy another shoes for yourself, here’s a Timberland Schuhe kaufen (Shoes buy) store online where they sell wide variety of shoes for your liking. To give you a short intro, Timberland Schuhe (shoes) was created by Nathan Swartz in 1973 and was known for waterproof shoes for construction workers. Now they have evolved and expanded and have more shoes to offer with over 50 different styles of shoes and brands that caters for men and women with the same durability and crafstmanship.

You’ll find Timberland Stiefel (Boots), Sneakers, Sandals, Boat shoes, and more at the Boom Shoes. Check them out because they are having some sale, you might find a good deal. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hard Habit To Break

My dad and 2 brothers are smokers and we all hate seeing them puffing those cigarettes. I guess smoking have contributed to my dad's unhealthy lifestyle that resulted to his death. Soooo sad. My 2 brothers are unstoppable, my older bro stopped smoking for months because he was a bit ill because of it. The only sad thing is that he is into his habit once again when he already felt he is fine again.

No one in the family can stop them from doing so. I myself hates the smell of the smoke and we all know that the second hand smoke is also not good. I'm not sure when they will stop, I reckon if I will introduce them to these Acid cigars, there are chances that they will still try them. Oh dear.

I also not find appealing to see women smoking, much worst is when I saw a pregnant woman smoking despite her condition. Too bad for her and her baby, but that's her decision and who am I to stop her. Maybe if she'll become ill then who knows she will stop.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Efren Peñaflorida of the Phils. CNN Hero of the Year 2009

After Manny Pacquaio here comes Efren Peñaflorida giving honors to our country!. Efren Peñaflorida was named the CNN Hero of the Year 2009 and as usual we are proud of him and my vote didn't put to waste. Watch his touching acceptance speech at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood and more details about him at CNN.
Image Hosted by

Guilt-Free Marty's Cracklin' !!??

Image Hosted by
Awwww who can resist Marty's Cracklin'?? The 1st time I tasted this, I can't stop munching' it. I brought some when we went at the cemetery last Nov. and oh boy my nieces and nephews can't get enough of it, the 3 packs are not enough. They even paired it with Coke while I settled with water.

Is Marty's Cracklin' really guilt-free eventhough it's not real pork chicaron? Does munching eat will spare me and those that love it from having Stimerex ES in the future? One night time, while blogging I can't stop eating it but still feel guilty about it because I know it contains salt and other preservatives. Salt can make us bloat as far as I know but maybe if we don't eat this everyday and every now and then, I guess it's just OK to give in to some junk foods once in a while.

Each 90 g pack costs about Php15.00 and just yesterday my mom wanted to buy some but it's not available at the grocery. The saleslady said it's always sold out.

Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 9 Leg10: Brian and Ericka are NOT Eliminated

It's Amazing Race time once again and I'm already excited because finals is nearing here's the Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 9 Leg 10: Brian and Ericka are NOT Eliminated.

From ESTONIA they flew to Prague, Czech Republic
FAST & FURIOUS -kayak at their man-made
white water rafting
SLOW & STEADY - do the aerial rope coarse
ROABLOCK: Find the miniature MANDOLIN
PITSTOP: Prague Castle
Here's the team standing
Meghan & Cheyne
2. Sam & Dan
3. Flight Time & Big Easy
4. LAST but NOT ELIMINATED: -Brian and Ericka

Wow the race is really ON!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Looking at the Sky : Field of Dreams

(This is my 1st time to join Looking at the Sky) Wow I never thought that these photos will turn out good because I took this using only my point and shoot camera inside our van on our way home lastSunday afternoon. I thought it will come out blurred because I was inside a moving vehicle and my bro is driving fast.

This is actually at a rice field but it was destroyed by typhoon Ondoy last Sept. that's why there's still water there. Anyway, I love the formation of the clouds.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Kids' Christmas Wish

I've already asked Reign what she wants for Christmas and time and again she always told me that she wants Barbie Mariposa. I'm not sure if Santa will give her that this year as she has too many Barbie dolls already. Oh well, girls will always want that no matter how many Barbie they already had. There's even one instance when Reign pulled me at the Barbie section and showed me these.

My 2 nephews however are different, they are at this age where they always love to play games on the computer and sometimes at their PSP. Last year they wanted an xbox 360 but this year I'm not sure yet. They are actually getting hooked on Farmville at Facebook as they enjoy the planting and the harvesting times.

For Top Performance Cars

Men love their cars on top of its performance always as they love speed and precision. My brother always tries to find time to check on our vehicles and see to it that they will be working good when he drives it. Just the other weekend he is checking on the engines of our vans because we are going to use it to fetch my niece at the airport soon and we don’t want any trouble in travelling long distance.

For those that have luxury or high-end cars, double care is needed to maintain it well. Some may even customize their cars to their liking, putting different mug wheels and other accessories that make their cars more superior and to stand out from the rest of the pack.. I know some men who will put or invest more money and spend more time to tinker with their cars. After all, these cars are worth showing off for they exude elegance and superiority.

There are actually aftermarket auto parts that you can find online at ISG (In Sixth Gear). They offer top brands on wheels, custom car body kits, brakes, vertical doors, grills, exhausts, turbo kits and lots more. I know men would also love to have a great sound system inside their cars and ISG also offers audio and video systems for a complete car make over.

Should you need total transformation or top performance and quality parts on your cars, is the place to go. ISG’s well trained and have a know how on this industry will no doubt can assist you with all your car queries. Automotive enthusiasts will find ISG as a one-stop resource for car accessories aftermarket performance parts online.

Not only that, luxury cars fanatic will find ISG the place for read the latest automotive news, view luxury car photos and lots more.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Pre-Birthday Lunch

Last Sunday, instead of dining out I just decided to treat my family with a sumptuous lunch at my brother's house to save. I just asked my brother to cook bbq spare ribs, chicken and fish tilapia. We also had pork nilaga and some salad.
pre b-day sunday lunch
pre b-day sunday lunch 2jen42_1
The celebration was just so simple and it's just only a family affair. You know when you are turning old (I turned 42) you'd settle for a simple family celebration already. I will just have a big b-day bash once again in my 50th bday on 2017, so 8 more years to go hehe. I'm thanking the Lord for another year he has given me,

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

D-I-Y Home Improvements

I guess you have read about my previous post about my sis Joy who just recently sold their house and now they are renting an apartment. They sold the house so that they can build their dream house soon and for sure it’s gonna be in 2010. I always talk to my sis Joy over at YM and they have already had a picture of what kind of house they want to be in their minds.

Knowing my sis and her choice of styling their house before, there’s no chance that she will opt for clutter and too busy decorations. A clean and neat look would always be her preference and actually she is already scouring home improvements blogs or site to get new ideas for their house project. If I where in her shoes, I’ll be as giddy as her. Why not? A house that you dream all these years will finally come true.

I guess not all can build a house of their own or make a brand new one so all we can do is just make home improvements or renovations, which many of you are doing or have done so. Actually we are in the process of repainting the walls in the living room to make it more appealing during the holidays.

We can also be a little bit experimental and creative in our homes. Just take a look at your hallways or doorways, we always often see square corners, right? We can turn them into beautiful arched shaped corners on our own by using fabricated drywall arch. has this creative corners arches/styles that you can choose like: partial arch, full arch, eyebrow arch and step arch that you can easily d-i-y in 4 easy steps. Here's the sample of the before and after.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Even your husband can do it and no need to hire professional handyman to do it for you. These fabricated arches come in a kit and easy instructions and starting from $54.95 per opening . For more info you can check out

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's My Birthday

It's my special day today! I turned 42 today and I feel like I'm only 24 hehe. We just had a nice family lunch yesterday and later today my SIL will just cook spaghetti and I will just buy cakes. Nothing major celebration because I'm not that young anymore, I have passed that stage already, maybe if it's my golden year then I'll have a big bash once again.

Later guys, going to the salon now for a much needed beauty treatment. Sorry no birthday contest as well like the previous years.

Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 8 Leg 9: Gary & Matt are Eliminated

It's Amazing Race time once again and if you are a fan just like me, here's the Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 9: Gary & Matt are Eliminated. The race is becoming exciting each week. Wow I can't wait who will be on top 3.

From Stockholm, Sweden they flew to ESTONIA
SPEEDBUMP: done my Matt and Gary
ROABLOCK: SOLVE SECRET MESSAGE: read message on the blank scroll

SERVE- mud volleyball
SLING - they need to hot the target with bunch of small veggies to get their next clue

Here's the team standing
Meghan & Cheyne
2. Sam & Dan
3.Flight Time & Big Easy
4. Brian and Ericka
5. LAST and ELIMINATED: -Gary & Matt-

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Manny Pacquiao Won Again vs Miguel Cotto by TKO

Pinoys and the whole world waited for the much awaited boxing event of the year. Our very own Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico at Las Vegas for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Welterweight class. I am not really a fan of boxing but of course Manny is the one fight so we all can't help but to watch him fight on the ring.
Image Hosted by
Around noon time I was already tuned online to watch the live streaming of the boxing but with thousands of fans watching on the site the video became too lag and too slow that we'rent able to see the blow by blow account. We just listened to the radio and it was so exciting.

It was then finally announced that Pacman won against Cotto at 12th round via TKO the referee stopped the fight. Later on a delayed telecast was shown over at ch7 but it has too many commercials. It was an exciting fight and Cotto was so pitiful bec. his face is so bruised and battered.

Hooray for Pacman! We are so proud of you! He is the best pound for pound king of the world having won 7 different titles of diff. weight division.

My Shopping Mode

I’m in my shopping mode lately. As you might have read on my last post I was able to buy myself some birthday gifts for myself last week and I am still itching to buy more. In fact, the other day when I went to the grocery, there’s this small booth of Lee and RRJ jeans at the entrance, I looked over at some shirts, jeans and polo blouses that they have on display because it’s 50% off and oh dear I end up buying a polo shirt that I will be using on my birthday.

Aside from that my sister in law and I have been to Divisoria 2 weeks ago to buy some Christmas gifts and of course I didn’t forget myself hehe. November and December are the months that I always overspend because of my birthday and Christmas and spending is really not really avoidable. Good thing is that I have control on my spending on the 1st few quarters of the year so I have some savings.

I still have birthday and Christmas material wishes and that includes a watch. I ordered a leather DKNY watch from Faye from unfortunately the style that I wanted was not available. I still want a leather watch and I’m not sure if I can get this here or just buy one when we to Hongkong this December.

I don’t know about you but I really love watches but I still can’t afford those highly expensive ones. It just so happen than these days we can find some knock off watches that are replicas of the originals. You can find lots of Swiss replica watches at just in case you care looking for one. These watches are made with quality and much affordable.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Image Hosted by
Credits: all fr. Danny Mogstad, flower by Michelle Coleman

Change of Schedule

Lately I found myself staying at home in the morning and just go to my net cafe after lunch or so.

I made this decision when my online works have flourished and when I need more time to be alone in peace so I can make lots of good quality post. Everytime I'm here a my net cafe and do some opps, I find it hard to concentrate because of too much noise and disturbances. Not that I have net games but because my niece and mom watch TV with high volume that sometimes I tell them to turn the volume down. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't.

I am irritable when I want to concentrate but there are noises and disturbances, my mind just wants to explode. I have little patience over that. So to end my whining about not being able to work properly I usually stayed in the morning to do some works. If I have tons of works to do and my SIL is availble to stay at my net cafe then I will stay at home and she will take care of the cafe.

Accounting Stuff

I just paid my monthly business tax once again and it’s a never ending process as long as I have this small business of mine. Well at least I am paying my taxes unlike others who are not. How much more those that have big companies, for sure their accountants are doing a massive work for them. Sometimes getting an accountant can be a little tricky but this Las Vegas accounting firm can be a good source for all your accounting, business and financial woes. Next April is the tax season once again and hopefully you’ll have some to manage the accounting part of your business.

Sticky Hot

Oh dear, it's hot and humid again today, it's even become worst after a strong rain. The weather was so erratic lately, after having experienced strong typhoons like Ondoy and Santi now we've been experiencing hot weather again even though from time to time it is raining. I think there'll be more typhoons coming till the end of the year.

Now, I have to keep my aircon on all the time but I'm afraid that my electric bill will gone up.

Things to Blog About

I saw this idea at Mai's blog and I thought I'd make my own list since I also have lots of stories and photos to share but since I have limited time to do so and me being lazy at times, I end up forgetting about it.

Here's my list and I hope I can blog them soon.
1. Kukay's 18th birthday party
2. My shopping at Divisoria
3. Chat with sissy and family
4. Birthday preps
5. Reign's new stuff
6. Updates on Sophie
7. Prize from Chikai

Ok now I forgot some of them already.. Yay!

Following Your Passion

I have always believe that following your passion or what’s in your heart will put you ahead and will bring out the best in you. If your work requires you to do something that you didn’t like and against your will, you’ll always end up with a heavy heart and a sloppy job. I have once experienced that and I always end up nagging about the work that I am doing because I am not happy but if you love what you are doing it will not be a work anymore.

I will not find it strange to see some people who are in beauty business or field. I am sure it’s their passion and their calling. Those that excel in this field are really zealous on what they are doing that is why they master their craft already. Not all are born with natural talent though that is why they are still going to a school like a beauty school to gain more knowledge and skills.

Follow your passion and soar high.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday Gifts to Myself

It's my birthday once again on Monday (16th) and like what I always do each year, I went to the mall last week on a shopping spree for my birthday gifts. Last year, I gave myself a new Canon 18-200mm lens and a new 6 Million dollar Crumpler bag as gifts.

This year here are some of the things that I bought when I went to Robinson's Galleria. I bought 3 bags and a wallet 2 of which are everyday bags and the other one is a Nine West bag. I also got Lee jeans, a polo shirt and more.

I just love this Nine West bag and wallet that I bought at Nine West outlet at Robinson's Galleria bec. the size is perfect and the bag is soft. Actually I ordered a leather Coach Zoe bag from Faye but I'm having 2nd thoughts about it bec. I am guessing it was too big for me. Let's see if the bag arrives on Dec. if I will get it.

Sports Minded

My niece Micah who happens to be a highschool student in Sydney became athletic ever since she migrated there and up to now. She loves sports and other extra curricular activities; in fact, she is into dancing and theatre as well. I think she wants to be in activities where can be active.

I remember she’s even their school representative at the cross-country running and sports carnival winning 1st places and we are so proud of her. I even had the chance to watch a running event where she participated and won. She’s also into swimming, football and cricket (where she endured an injury at one game) and she loves that. Students in Australia are encouraged to go into sports and it’s one of their major priorities in school.

We all can encourage kids to be active most especially in sports because as we can see more kids these days are geared on playing computer games where they are stuck there for several hours. Getting active and mobile once in a while can be good for their health that is why they need to play outside as well.

To let them get started you can install a basketball or football set in your own playground where they can practice and play in their spare time. To make them even more excited if they love NFL, why not give them a uniform of their fave team? I’m sure they will love that. NFL Merchandise can be purchased at and can be a great source of NFL uniforms, accessories and more.

A uniform consists of jersey, pants and helmet and costs $39.99, just choose among the different NFL teams. An NFL locker is also available for only $59.99 which was originally priced at $129.99.

*This is a sponsored post

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So Little Time

Oh dear, I have tons of photos and stories to share but I have so little time to upload them. Sometimes my lazy mode strikes and that contributes to that.

I am just a little bit busy these days, please bear with me....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Blogging Like Crazy

Image Hosted by
Did it ever occur to you when you just want to blog because your thoughts are just free flowing and you are just so inspired to make blog posts? While there are times when I feel so lazy and not want to blog today is an exception. It’s my routine every morning to check on my mails and to blog up until lunch time. After that it’s my time to go to my net café till evening.

It was already almost 3 pm today when I finished my online works here at home when I felt the urge not to go to my shop anymore. I just spent the whole day at the house doing some household chores, playing with my dog and of course blogging. It’s a very productive day for me today as I have accomplished almost all my tasks that's needed to be done.

I just hope I can blog like crazy in the coming days and my mojo will not slip away. Now my eyes are hurting. Good night!

Optimizing Our Blogs/Sites for Search Engines

I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now and I guess I have gained quite a number of readers on some of my blogs due to my persistence and patience to get more traffic. At first I never really thought about that bec. all I want is to write and share all my thoughts and experiences. I have come to a point when I realized that if no one is reading my blog then I guess my posts are somewhat a waste or useless so I looked for some ways.

Blog hopping and commenting on other blogger’s posts while leaving my blog’s URL are just some of the obvious ways to gain blog’s reader or traffic bec. there are chances that there will be someone that will click my link. I have also joined Entrecard and lately Adgitize that really helps boost my traffic plus I know that Stumble Upon, Digg and others will have an impact on traffic as well. I also have those days where I try to optimize my posts by using relevant keywords and I have proven it helps in the search engines but sometimes with lack of time or being lax I forgot about it.

For those that have business or professional sites being on top of the search engine is always on top of their priorities. With the stiff competition these days landing on the 1st page of the search engines is harder to achieve in most cases so you gotta know how to play the game. Not everyone knows how to do it so a professional seo consultants like Globe Runner SEO comes to the picture. They provide an array of seo services that can help your business on the road of success. Why do it on your own by hit and miss when you can rely on experts? If you want your business on top then you’ve got to check them out.

What are your thoughts about this? Care to share?

Shopping Season is Here Again!

Hey all, it’s a brand new week for all of us and I hope that you are starting it with a big smile on your face and a lot of enthusiasm like I do. Why not? My birthday is coming next week (wahoo!) and eventhough I’m not a teenager or just a budding lady I have always the reason to rejoice because it’s a celebration of life.

Just in case you didn’t know I already have shopped for my birthday presents for myself just last Friday, I will make a separate post on that one with photos as well.

There are many reasons why we should be giddy these coming days because we all know that shopping season is here once again and for a lot of shoppers we always try to save a little on anything that we purchase. Coupons are always a great help especially on online shopping. If you are itching to save and shop these days for Christmas gifts or whatever reason that you might have, a newegg coupon code can help you slash down on your purchase.

Just take a look at this Logitech MX Air Cordless Laser Rechargeable Air Mouse, you can get 40$ off on this when you use a coupon. Sounds a great deal huh!
Image Hosted by

Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 8: Gary and Matt are last but NOT Eliminated

It's Amazing Race time once again and if you are a fan just like me, here's the Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 8: Gary and Matt last but are NOT Eliminated. The race is becoming exciting each week.

From Amsterdam, Netherlands they flew to Stockholm, Sweden
NOBLE DYNAMITE- unearth a clue by blasting
VIKING ALPHABET - they need to decode a message using viking alphabet (no one did this task)

ROABLOCK: HAY BALES- unrolled hay bales and look for the flag. Pretty hard task to do.

Here's the team standing
Flight Time & Big Easy
2. Meghan & Cheyne
3. Brian and Ericka
4. Sam & Dan
5. LAST and but NOT ELIMINATED: -Gary & Matt-

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Will be Home Decorating For my Sis' Arrival from Sydney

How many more days and my sis Joy and her family in Sydney will be coming home for their holidays and we are all giddy about it. When a visitor or someone special coming to your house we see to it that our place is presentable and neat. As soon as we got the confirmation that they are really coming home and when the month of November stepped in, mom and I already thought of having their place clean and furnished as well.

They’ll be staying in a 2 bedroom place that my mom owns complete with aircon and all. It’s actually a small house that we use to have for rent and since they are coming over they will stay there for couple of weeks instead of staying in a hotel that will cost too much. It’s practical that they will not stay in the hotel because aside from being closer to us the money that they will pay in the hotel will be saved for other good use.

I’ve already got the Christmas tree and trimmings out of the box that they sent and probably around end of this month, I can already start decorating the place that they will be staying in also as per my sis Joy’s instructions. I still need to get some neat table cloth probably with a Christmas design and put some throw pillows as well.

I’m excited to decorate the place this early and I hope I can do justice to it. Decorative Throw Pillows can be a great accent as well in the house. If you happen to be looking for a place where you can have your throw pillows personalized then you can check out What makes it interesting is that they can make it for you according to your desired size, color and fabric style.

Sometimes being a little bit creative and experimental can actually make our homes more interesting and can be apt to our own personality.

Dead Tired

Hello peeps..

I'm so tired last night, I've been on a shopping spree wahooo. Been out shopping for my birthday and Christmas gift for myself at Robinson's Galleria and my feet are aching. Wish I can soak myself in a warm bath and dream I was in one of those orlando vacations. I have lots of loots and I'll tell more stories and share more pictures later. I still need to download it from my camera. I'm excited with my new bags and all.

Have a great weekend as well!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our All Saint's Day

It's our tradition (Catholics) here in the Phils. every Nov. 1 to visit our dead love ones at the cemetery to pay respect, light some candles and offer prayers. It also became a family reunion and get together for most families and relatives.
It's also our tradition to make our own flower arrangement and I was the one appointed to do that task. Eventhough we can buy an an already arranged flowers, mom always opted to buy just the flowers. I in turn will put it in the baskets and arrange them. Can I pass for a florist? hehe
Image Hosted by
It was around 2 pm when we all decided to go to the cemetery to visit my dad's tomb. Aside from saying a prayer or two, all we did was to eat, chat, pose at the camera, and take photos.

(Me with some of my nephews and nieces goofing around)
There are so many people at the cemetery eventhough it was so hot that day afternoon. More people flock at around 4 pm. We stayed there till 6 pm.

Long Awaited

I remember last year my online digiscrapping friends are just so excited about this Black Friday sale in the US. If I’m not mistaken they asked our friend Glo to them some loots and she sent the goodies through balikbayan box. Now that Black Friday sale will come again this month for sure they are itching to buy some stuff once again. Since circuit city have closed already, i’m pretty sure they can find another good store to purchase their gadgets.

Keep Our Homes Safe

When it comes to our family’s safety we always not hold back as it is one of the most prioritized things in our list. I may sound cynical but these days we can’t be fully trustful to anyone because of the crimes that we always see on the news. Your nanny maybe the best and kind but we didn’t she might be hiding in a mask of her own. The worst thing is that she might be the one that will kidnap or harm your kid/s. This isn’t a fact bec. it really or can happen in real life.

What about a seemingly innocent stranger that will ask for some donations or just a mere question will end up a serial killer or a burglar? Sound scary isn’t it? I have had one of those days when I literally still got some jolts esp. when I remember the day when a gun was poked in my head many years ago. Robbers entered here at my net café and hurriedly got some money and my cellphone in a swift. I was dumbfounded and shaking.

Our house was not also spared by robbers; actually I can’t count how many times our house was almost ransacked by these nasty robbers. Our security back then was so lax so we installed higher fences and put more lights later on and that deter the would be perpetrators.

Not many household owners may not be satisfied by just putting more lights and all that’s why they see a reason to put an alarm for a more techie security. If you are looking for a home security resource you can check out this home security comparison website. The site was informative and I myself had the chance to read all the articles that they have. It’s a must read and it's a place where you can learn more about home security. Be safe everyone!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's November Already!

It's one my fave month of the year and guess what why?

Few more days.. I'm counting... :)

BTW, more stories and photos about yesterday's All Saint's Day at the cemetery

Results of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 7: Maria & Tiffany are Eliminated

Here's the Result of The Amazing Race 15 Episode 7. From Dubai they flew to Amsterdam, Netherlands and went to Martini Toren to get their clue.

ROAD BLOCK: COUNTING BELLS- Need to climb and count all the bells inside the Martini Toren
DETOUR: Farmer's Game or Farmer's Dance-
- they wore native Dutch costume and proceeded on their tasks.

Here's the team standing
Sam & Dan
2. Meghan & Cheyne
3. Flight Time & Big Easy
4. Gary & Matt
5.Brian and Ericka- incurred a 30 min penalty for not riding the bike
6. LAST and ELIMINATED: Maria & Tiffany -was not able finish their last task