Monday, August 30, 2010

Feelin' So Much Better

I really thought that I was already well after I posted about it last Wednesday. I was ok that day but fell ill again the next day with colds. But now, I'm feeling much better and I'm so happy that I've recuperated .

Actually, eating lots of vegetables and my frequent resting and sleeping really helped a lot in my recovery. I just hope that my health will continue to get better because it's really hard to get sick.

Bro.'s Collections

My oldest brother is into collecting old LP records, old vintage bottles, magazines, photos, old s, stamps, and whole lots more. He has this small gallery in their house where he showcases his small but well-loved collections. At some point, there are people who are coming to his house to buy and even sell whatever old items that they have.

Funny this is that we sometimes tell my brother that he is like a junk shop already because of the enormous collection of old items that he has. I know he can sell them too at a good price in the future.

New Curtains and Bedding

My bedroom is my haven and after the hard days work, it's always the place where I love to rest and even watch TV. I recently had put fresh new curtains that I ordered from a friend who is sewing different curtains and bedding. I just picked a neutral beige color for my room so that my room will look fresh and neat.

I also wanted to have another set of bedding and I heard that matouk linens are one of the best. I'm going to drop by the home section at the nearby mall next weekend and I'll look for some bedding. Good thing is that there's a sale ongoing right now.

Chat with Sis at YM

It's been a while since my sister Joy and I talked over at YM and it was a pure delight that we have talked the other morning. We have discussed quite a lot of things since we have not spoken for a while because we are both too busy. She's actually busy with their house being constructed in Sydney and it was actually almost half way done and I saw some photos in her facebook account about the developments of their house.

It look real big and I know they are really excited to transfer there if God permits by December. I also wished of coming there in the coming years so I can help her with the cleaning and decorations in the house. I'm so glad that their dream house will finally come to reality soon.

Something to Consider

I've been reading some good articles lately about business ventures and if my sister is around I know she'll once again look into these. She's actually a business woman in her own right and she loves entering into any kind business when she sees it practical to enter into. I learned that buying gold coins and is one way of preserving our wealth and purchasing power and sis for sure will consider this. I guess if anyone really wanted to invest in these precious metals, just like any other business, we should carefully learn the ins and outs of this industry so we'll be more successful in this field.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank God, I'm Well Now

I'm back.. Just got sick last Sunday afternoon till Monday night with flu.

It was so hard getting sick and I hate it most especially I have high fever. I took care of myself by drinking medicines and eating. I hope I will not get sick once again.:( Now. I'm back and ready to work once again.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Little Blog Make-Over

Ok so I decided to tweak the color theme and the header of my blog today and I came up with this simple design. I just feel like having it simple and neat, though not much difference from my previous header.

Anyway, I've been designing graphics and digital elements these past few days and I hope to get some compensation for that. I also made another 8 x8 20page photobook in jst 2 days and I already had it printed over at artscow. Yey!

No More Orders

It's been how many months already since I got an order to make invitations from my local customers here in my shop. My desktop publishing is not that lucrative anymore ever since some of the photo developing shops offered them as well. I guess some customers already have their own pc to do it on their own.

Aside from that, they can already order birthday, wedding, and baptismal invitations etc. online at lower cost and faster shipping. Oh well, that's how business is, sometimes you'll have lots of order then there's a decline too.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Health is my Wealth

If there is one thing that I’m carefully monitoring these days is my health. Just like what I’ve written on my recent post, I’m in pursuit for healthier me and I think I’m slowing doing good. Aside from removing softdrinks from my diet, canned goods and processed foods are some foods that I’m getting rid as well because I know it only contains lots of salt and preservatives that are very harmful to our bodies.

Although I can’t remove eating pork and other lean meats on my diet, I just have to make sure that I’ll always eat vegetables along with it or if not will have a veggie meal the next day or so. I also have some problems with my digestion so I guess a detoxification
method can probably help me in a way.

Sites and blogs that promote health and nutrition appeals to me lately and honestly I’ve been to sites where I can get healthy recipes and read more about improving quality of life through yoga, exercise and just being happy and contented. I guess with my feverish desire to be healthy, I can conquer my goal in no time and I just have to be determined and focus in doing that.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Life's Sweet Fudge

Just in case you didn't know I have a not so new blog and it's Life's Sweet Fudge. Don't ask me how many blogs that I have already because your hand fingers are not enough. I decided to come up with a blog where I can talk about food, (food recipes etc), nutrition, health, fitness, home, home ideas and other life's sweet fudge.

Hope you can take a peek and even share some of your thoughts. See you there.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Broken Van Sucks

Mom and bro are kinda bothered these days as our van is not on its top performance. Mom bought it just last Oct. 2009 and we really didn’t have a clue that this almost new van will give us some headaches after few months. Though there are still plastic covers on the walls when we got the van, I guess my bro and the technician failed to check the engine carefully before buying the van.

Oh well, that’s the consequence of buying a second hand or used vehicle, you’ll never know the real condition of it after few months that you’re using it. My brother will need to bring it to the auto repair that can check the engine’s status. These days, our van sometimes will just stop in the middle of our trip and the aircon is not working as well.

Actually, mom is already convinced that we really need to replace the vehicle. It’s nice to have a Toyota Camry just like what my sis have but with the size of our family, I reckon another van is just right for us. I’m pretty sure that mom will ask every one of us to give some share so that we can buy another vehicle. Yay!. I hope this time the van that we’ll get will stay for a long time and bro don't need to check the breaks more often just like our Toyota Tamaraw that’s been serving us since 2002.

Lens Error

I love taking photos and I actually have a Canon DLSR and point and shoot cameras. I love my DLSR when I'm taking creative photography and when I'm on vacation bec. it can take real good quality photos. I'm also using a point and shoot camera for everyday shooting and I bring it when I need a camera that can easily fit my bag. There are times that I don't want to carry big camera so this p&s cam is perfect.

I decided to use my p&s cam this morning and when I opened it the zoom lens is kinda stuck. I tried to on and off it but this error appears: LENS ERROR, RESTART CAMERA. Wahhhhhh..

It's also making a sound which I believe is due to the lens being stuck. Oh my goodness, this only means that I need to have it fix or just replace it. It's already 3 yrs.old and it's only now that it was broken. Oh dear, as of the moment I don;t want to shell out money to buy another new camera. Wahhhh.

Hobby and Passion

I saw my brother arranging and taking photos of his collections that he can post at his Facebook account. Actually he collects old LP records, vintage bottles, old photos of local celebrities, magazines, coins, stamps and lots more. He has this small gallery at his house where he displays it.

There are times that LP collectors are contacting him because he buys and sell such. I’m not sure if he is interested in gold coins
but if ever I know where to show him where to get some. He loves collecting anything vintage, it is his hobby and passion aside from being a visual artist and photographer.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Message From God

On this day of your life, Jen, we believe God wants you to know ... that prayer is real only when done with your whole heart.

Reserve the sound of your voice for other people. God hears only what's in your heart.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Call from a Dear Friend

My SIL knocked on my bedroom door around 7 am this morning and told me that I have a phone call. I asked the name and I could not recall who it was bec. she misheard her name. Anyway, it was a call from my long lost bestfriend way back in college.

It was Erly who's a friend of mine when I was in 3rd yr. Med. Tech course in college. She's in New York already with her family and still working as a Medical Technologist in one of the hospital there along with her husband. She found me at Facebook and she messaged me over there that's why she was able to get my contact no.

It's always nice to talk to a friend that you've not seen and talked for many many years already. I'm sure that we'll be keeping in touch more bec. of Facebook etc.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I guess by just reading my post title you can already recognize who I'm talking about. There are lots of people criticizing Lady Gaga's way of dressing but her out-of-the-world fashion makes her even more unique and noticeable, thus making her more talk of the town. Not only her outrageous fashion sense makes her on the limelight but her type of of music.

Her songs are very danceable and very catchy, even kids can sing her songs like Bad Romance, and the famous Poker face and lots more. No wonder she sold lots of records and also lots of lady gaga tickets for her concerts. I guess Lady Gaga is here to stay as long as her fans will love her music.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cold Feet, Literally

My hormones are jumbled once again and as usual I'm moody and feels bloated, achy and difficult to deal with. Aside from that I have cold feet and having some muscle cramps. A trip to the restroom is also called for and I have to wear my jacket and socks for I feel cold. In this kind of situation, how'd I wish we have a furnace eventhough it'll need furnace filters when used for a long time to keep me warm. Anyway, I feel much better today.

The weather last night was cold and perfect to sleep. My net connection was cut off around 10pm so I just opened my Photoshop to design some elements for my digi-kit. When my eyes got tired that is when I decided to sleep.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dinner with Balikbayan Cousin

It was last month when we're able to meet my cousin Bobby and her wife once again after many years. They came from the US for a quick vacation and we're thankful that they visited us here in our place even though he's under the weather that time.

As a way to welcome them, my sister organized a dinner at my brother's place and we had wuite a lot of food that night. We had BBQ pork, fish and chicken plus there's mango with bagoong that they all enjoyed.

We also had a videoke where my cousin and his wife game-fully sung for us. It was a fun night and nice to meet my cousin once again.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Pursuit to Healthier Me

I’m not getting any younger so I promised myself to be healthy these days. To get me started on my mission, I already removed eating canned goods in my diet and processed food because I know these will not do good in my health. And I’m so proud of myself to be able to stop drinking any softdrinks since September of 2009. I’m not craving for it anymore, nor I’m tempted to drink it. I’ll give myself a tap on the shoulder for having been able to do that bec. I used to drink 1bottle of softdrinks a day for snack or lunch.

One thing I lack these days is regular exercise, but when I felt guilty I do some stretching or I’m going up and down on our stairs. Before I use to play badminton but I got lazy afterwards. I hope I can get back to that routine.

Though I’m trying to be healthy, I’m still noticing some few changes on my health. I have some problems with my digestion and I’m just too afraid to develop colon cancer and other related stomach conditions. I just need to discipline myself eating veggies and fruits, drink more water and sleep on time. Right now, I’m reading health forums and even started food and health blog so I can keep on watching my health condition.